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This is what hate looks like. 5:09am they poured gasoline on my home while I was I sleeping and set it ablaze.…
Retweeted by mitch major @justasvf industry plant @internetdad69 @anon_thicc lol @internetdad69 ain’t you work from home? @domthuhbalm omfgif there’s one thing im gonna do it’s push my luck @dontdoitdani no but this is pathological!!!! we not tryna have several panic attacks per daythis serve“We’re saying they’re bad kids,” says the judge, who is now retired. “What we should be saying is these kids are cr…
Retweeted by mitch major @Nate_Kiru247 it was perfect ☺️ thank you sweet man
thank you so much for the birthday messages and greetings y’all are too sweet to me it means a lot ◡̈ @rauIed how many calories per serving?happy birthday to the most talented boy @freakmonroe 💞 ily bb @twinkdiariess no but that’s Narnia fr @highluronicacid wish he would @smith__ryan__ BIGBOI TINGZ @rauIed no i’m driving @justasvf next level @rauIed i’m driving 😩 @rauIed omg in ONE (1) muffin?? @MaxRut thanks max ◡̈ @heyjaeee thank youuuuuuuu favThis could literally save a life. Save a family. My god
Retweeted by mitch majorrepeat after me: there is no series of choices that a person could have made that deems them worthy of not having a…
Retweeted by mitch major @cfree94 stop thinking start doing✌🏽
Retweeted by mitch major @jaxxxsonbliss jaxson this is so sweet thank you handsome man!Happy birthday to one of my social media crushes 💗😍🥺
Retweeted by mitch majoromg!!! i miss you, come back @hopresenting thank you sweet man @phagnano thank you nano 😌 @skskskoot nawww that’s rly sweet thank you :) @Jake_it_out aww hey twin! @mcdivoo thanks thanks ☺️ @LangenfurthAdam too kind, thank you! @wavawamp aww thanks so much! i appreciate it @itscvvoo beautiful man, thank you so much! @slutfromthe90z thank you stud @mce1201 so true bestie @Gutter_Spice and now it’s kinda like you post it for my birthday too wow ily bbyGettin back to it
Retweeted by mitch major @justasvf awww BABY BOY 😍 ilysm @anteuzi thank you so much! @jonomorlandx awww now SIR 🥵 @rymfarr does your shirt say “Morr”? @sinkthesun @kylekrieger who’s paying you all to say this 😩 @hopresenting cutest boy @bxxchie thank you monty! @touchmelovely thank you beautifulso many beautiful men in my DM’s and i’m just like @wulfbrain thank you handsomeresisting the urge to request birthday nudes 💆🏽‍♂️ that my bestie
@StevenKodaly sweet man! thank you ☺️ @urboyjoao thank you big guyoomfie got a big bank in his fleet @domthuhbalm @domthuhbalm aw thank you so much beautiful man @sinkthesun lmaaaooooo oh “thanks”. hope this email finds you well. @YoungKouklos thank you big man x @TheSharok love youuuuu 💞 @possse3 thanks! @itboyjonny lol don’t you start @idgajon thanks jon! @tytypiket yay thanks ty! @joeysweetpea joey thank you so much! @mrsolohomo yay bubba @baritonekeith keith! thank you xmy king buns @r33dles the talent @mcdivoo i wouldn’t lie to you 😩 @mce1201 unfortunately it’s true took a selfie and stared at it for so long until it became ugly @Gutter_Spice reproductions @westcoasthomo_ happy birthday bubs ☺️ @rauIed facetune is so fkn corny @reizzla no but actually unhinged tho
the quality of jazmine sullivan’s voice is rly soothing my soul rn @jersey__bounce this is your review isn’t it
Retweeted by mitch major @dankingorb came where 😷 @ericthesauce sounds like a nightmare, i’m in @adrianfburgos adrian 😩 @charbelbous whew 🥵me @ 11:45pm this sunday night @internetdad69 show some animals or something please @sinkthesun @rauIed @justasvf oh oop @internetdad69 literally the most difficult to follow show ever @kipovo speedy recovery friend!One thing Mariah Carey did was REMIX a song!
Retweeted by mitch major @mce1201 you jinxed it, it’s just added verses @chipwrbtmltn @squillbox 🤷🏽‍♂️ that’s not an outcome that registers in my reality sorry @squillbox you willour national treasures 😭🥰
Oakland’s very first black owned plant nursery 🌱 🪴💫
Retweeted by mitch major @victorfox cos they’re a pack of fucks @Mas0nj4r I did one #bigbankchallenge
Retweeted by mitch major @justasvf we’re only 2 weeks in to 2021 can we have some space to BREATHE first before we tackle this topic again 😩 @dankingorb omfg