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Finally watching the Bake Off finale, and I can’t believe Hermine got chopped so Laura could be here and absolutely…“Stop holding sit-ins and marches, Dr. King. It’s costing us congressional seats. We’re on your side, though. It’s… activism and protests happening around this is not about fucking DEMOCRATS. Congress can’t defund state police.… protests all over the country centered around defunding the police are without a doubt a massive reason for the…’m really gonna have to deal with liberals for the rest of my fucking life. Obama is a white liberal of color and I wish y’all would stop listening to him.Somewhere out there was a liberal who said his name 3x in the mirror and now we can’t get rid of him.
Retweeted by PhillipIt’s not about the slogan. If you don’t want to defund the police, I don’t care if you don’t like the slogan becaus…
Retweeted by Phillip“Don’t say ‘Defund The Police’ because it scares white moderate voters” has big “kneeling during the national anthe…
Retweeted by PhillipI wish Obama would leave us the fuck alone.I’m bored. Let me bring back The Tea PartyGay people being told it’s dangerous to go to a stranger’s house at 3AM
Retweeted by Phillipspotify giving the gays their #wrapped2020
Retweeted by PhillipSeems pretty very clear that we’re close enough to a vaccine that there’s no way we end up back in a shutdown. They… he dresses like this...RUN!!!
Retweeted by Phillip @highluronicacid I was listening to praise and worship songs! They better give me a break!!! @ChrisDStedman A classic! @leealvarado101 1470 hours of Lana!!!! Two months of the year shahahshshahahabI’ve been asked if I “parTy” by so many people on the apps that I’m starting to take it personally!!! @lilgayafg A forever bop @CarineK Its WILD.What is wrong with me? would share my year in review but it’s so wild and weird that I’m embarrassed. Like out of my top 10 most liste… @yosoymichael @broiledcrawfish We have it darling, it’s called Apple Replay. @nthonyCarmen I like this!!!!TERFs are the anti-vaxxers/climate change deniers of marginalized communities
Going to the antifa deep state bodega, y’all need anything?JK Rowling seeing Elliot Page trending.’m ready to hit my era where I post photos with “body by domino’s” and get dragged. An important milestone in every himbo’s life.In a PANDEMMY?!? monolith is an alien probe scanning this planet for intelligent life. They keep taking them back because they’re not finding any.Neoliberalism in a nutshell.
Retweeted by Phillip❤️❤️❤️’m so glad Taylor Swift became a legend. I remember when my uncle was like “let’s see where she is in 10 years”, a…
Retweeted by PhillipWhite liberals of color must be stopped.The majority of our Congress doesn’t know how to print a PDF. Carey songs original remix
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Oh I like this
Retweeted by PhillipJane Lynch meme lasted longer than QuibiThe gays are fighting!!!Everyone still using the Jane Lynch meme:’m online looking at coats like I got somewhere to go.Tina Belcher:
Retweeted by PhillipA lot of you have very nice butts!!!!!!The Undoing was the best bad thing Nicole Kidman has ever favorite part about #TheUndoing is that it's 90% Nicole Kidman loudly breathing as she gets bad news
Retweeted by Phillip @marcjordancohen Omggggg yes!!!!Also, no matter who it is. This whole series could’ve been a movieChile, let me watch this The Undoing finale. It’s definitely Lily Rabe!!!!!Signature matching on voting is stupid. I have a different signature based on my mood and based on the device I’m signing on!!!!!My liberal followers when they see me tweet the word Democrat swift album concepts
Retweeted by PhillipWhich season of drag race will bring the first queen named after COVID?
I told this story on stream of the straight man .
Retweeted by PhillipMiley finally making the music we knew she should’ve been making all along.
Retweeted by PhillipI have a Beyoncé joke but it’s only for me, myself and I. are EVERY black auntie
Retweeted by PhillipIM STILL CALLING HIM BABY YODA @Rickyismsss I didn’t tag you cause I didn’t want you to get dragged for being so WRONG, but you’re here doubling down. SMDH.@rihanna’s ‘kiss it better’ x luther vandross’s ‘never too much’. 💞
Retweeted by Phillip @RafiDAngelo Tuck it!Taking this as a sign lemme text him real quick
Retweeted by Phillipi'm a dyke. this is our specialty.
Retweeted by PhillipOh suddenly I can taste blood
Retweeted by PhillipThese have been my most dramatic breakups. I hope I never have to live that live ever again
Retweeted by PhillipInto? Boys in 3” gym shortsNot one of my friends coming for Taylor Swift and saying “she’s singing about meeting boys behind the mall at her a… lot of you have never broken up with someone you weren’t even dating and it shows.Democrats run every part of this state’s government. wandered into liberal tiktok and uh, ew.
Retweeted by Phillip"All the Man That I Need" 1990
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@queersocialism I’m CRYINGGGGGGGrewatching ‘moonlight’ with my family and tell me why my niece had the nerve to pull down my shoulder to tell me so…
Retweeted by Phillip @highluronicacid YES
@nthonyCarmen I know exactly what you mean @appelbomb This sweater sis. I loveHappy thanksgiving
Retweeted by Phillip @sbstryker Happy birthday!!!! @DamianGalan1997 It is my favorite! It and Speak Now, but doesn’t mean they’re her best!!!! @ChristianC1015 Lover has False God it’s that simple @taliavcadet It’s honestly higher than it should be @xanprincess12 I’m aware!!! @NellieBlithe I put it higher than it deserves1989 > Red > Folklore > Speak Now > Fearless > Lover > reputation > Taylor Swift @hmariehunter What are we waiting for?!? @Bentley_Hudgins Every dayHappy Thanksgiving!!! I’m thankful that I’m not ugly! What are y’all thankful for this year? I know it can’t be the same thing as me!Idk why the student loan ppl emailed me today about my payments starting back up In January lol they better reach o…
Retweeted by PhillipIt’s a pandemic. Why was he traveling? @TMurray06 Tim! I holleredMark to Roger & Mimi after Angel dies
Retweeted by PhillipRepresentation matters!
We might have that album of the year Grammy in the bag. I appreciate everyone else’s efforts though. Y’all worked h… didn’t even get a little interview or snippet before Seven cause even SHE knows it’s trash. #folkloreOnDisneyPlusMy Tears Ricochet is nearly All Too Well level and we should have that conversation.Went to see if the vocals from these sessions was gonna be on Apple Music and its already there with deluxe version… @simoncurtis Yeah I just don’t seeing happening for me and that’s ok!!! I can drink and eat foods I like eating anyway!I’m so fucking excited. I love seeing Taylor’s process so much. It’s magnificent every time. #folkloreOnDisneyPlus @simoncurtis I’m very excited. My pharmacist just left