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@dadthatwrites I am an editor with rage steam coming out of my ears. (In college, I regularly submitted papers that… @docpminister @myeshachou @smiley_jayson Oooh, it looks great! Love the chandeliers! @Wieneraaron The one I was in where I had to pretend a broom was exceptionally difficult to use. It was SO. MUCH. F… @IAmJenMcG @RustCreek @MlawlerDP 🥰wow this new offering from Masterclass looks great
Retweeted by Makeartforlife @SDJohnson515 ❤️ @EveryoneLies17 Oh, I’m so sorry ❤️
@glogirlinc hope I don’t get in trouble for this one but RUST CREEK was rejected by Toronto, Sundance, SXSW & Tribeca (two o…
Retweeted by Makeartforlife @FernetOnTheRock @TerriKopp2it This checks out @braiinsoup Aw! 💗
@IAmJenMcG 🎉 @LauraJedeed Oh I’m so sorry. Glad to hear you’re feeling better and I hope your germ bubble friends stay healthy.
@VoLinxx Hi! @maddieles @ValerieComplex My first thought as well! She’s fantastic! @lesbrains Yes. Especially when it the writer and I’m editing it... @analydiamonaco Felicidades, lady!!! 💗🎉 @fras99 Taught gymnastics classes to offset my tuition starting when I was 9. First formal employee was 16 or 17. @Dave_Horwitz Had an interview to shoot a project. Long and detailed meeting including production logistics. No fol… @jessecase @Dave_Horwitz Wow @pozvibes4u Oh no. Wishing you a fast and full recovery. 💗 @carrie90433808 @blaireerskine Wow, I’m so glad he survived. Sending lots of love to your family. ❤️ @jefffarias @blaireerskine Congratulations!! @KatieDodier @blaireerskine @blaireerskine I realized I actually hate living in LA and decided to stop torturing myself! 🎉 @Home_Halfway Early 30s. Grad school.
@markhughesfilms Ugh. I’m so sorry. @brucewayne5687 @pfeld first lesson, when you're giving notes to a friend or person in the #screenwriting community: you are not the wr…
Retweeted by Makeartforlife @lingerie_addict Oh I am so sorry 💔It is odd to me that a $2000 bicycle is a symbol of bourgeois excess while a $50,000 F150 is universally recognized…
Retweeted by Makeartforlife @emilybest I’ve effectively been told not to look a gift horse in the mouth when saying this. We don’t need more “t… thing white-led institutions don’t want to face is that your “diversity” mentoring programs are racist/sexist.…
Retweeted by Makeartforlife @richardodurrant @TiffanyNoth Score! @TiffanyNoth Dog’s kibble @jennyyangtv Appreciate kindness, extend kindness, embrace private/alone time and your partner’s need to do the sam…
@Crash_Shadow_ @Wieneraaron Yeah, I’d never heard of it but it sounds fantastic! (I obv love dance/choreography. 😋) @TheRachelLeeAnn Just a few I didn’t notice on here Graceland (the whole album, really), Genesis (esp invisible tou… @Crash_Shadow_ @Wieneraaron Oooh, great list! The Lives of Others is also one of my favorite films (in the too ten… @Bleufire35 I’m so sorry ❤️ @ShaulaEvans Most notes are not good notes. @Rebeccayoung94 Big hugs and congratulations to your dad. I’m sorry his coworkers are thoughtless but he sounds lovely. ❤️ @ClaireMPLS @cyrusmelchor @_devojka_ @StevenYasgar Perhaps you’re also performing your songs and OP is not? @Wieneraaron
The earth is not dying. The earth has a way of healing itself. What will die, or at the very least greatly suffer,…
Retweeted by MakeartforlifeOnce again the lawless NYPD harassing folks simply to flex. They behave like a street gang, violate basic constitut…
Retweeted by Makeartforlifehappy black friday! when i worked at old navy on this date almost 10 years ago i had a 103 fever and they said i wo…
Retweeted by Makeartforlife @isadwatson @Amanda_Morin So cool!!! Congrats to your mom!! ❤️🎉Will Betsy DeVos disappear on her own or does someone have to throw a bucket of water on her?
Retweeted by Makeartforlife @jbfan911 I was a gymnast. One day fell on my head from 11-12 feet in the air because I spaced out in the middle of a tumbling pass. 😣 @IAmJenMcG @jbfan911 😮 @amariamontoya 😱 @WhitneyCummings Can you please talk to Navient for me??? 🙏🏽 @JustLaughItsOk @KLGLASS2 Yes!!!
@analydiamonaco Oh no! Praying hard. ❤️❤️❤️ @deirdrestatham @jeffreyhoward33 @AxelleCarolyn I will happily eat at your restaurant! 💗🎉 @HannaPapillon Surely the one Trump runs @deirdrestatham @jeffreyhoward33 @AxelleCarolyn Good for you! I was always a server so didn’t have much control ove… @deirdrestatham @jeffreyhoward33 @AxelleCarolyn 😳 CA restaurants get audits of their staff’s food handler cards. Bu… @deirdrestatham @jeffreyhoward33 @AxelleCarolyn Yeah. Every food service worker in CA has to be certified in food s… @AnnieGabstonH @PopulaCultureTV So good! @AxelleCarolyn @jeffreyhoward33 The back is 😖 @PopulaCultureTV Midnight Train To Georgia @AxelleCarolyn @jeffreyhoward33 Absolutely worse. If I thought too hard about my days working in restaurants, I’d never eat at one again.
@chrissyteigen ❤️Not Thanksgiving but a national day of mourning. While the whites feast today, remember that Native Americans face…
Retweeted by MakeartforlifeHappy Thanksgiving! This morning, @ReverendWarnock and @ossoff helped load cars with food for the holidays with…
Retweeted by Makeartforlife @Connie_Pisces11 Being too critical/not accepting
@DanielleNicki My dog is definitely dudeMy grandmother's neighbor hid her and 5 other Jewish families to save their lives in 1939 and now in 2020 all we ha…
Retweeted by MakeartforlifeThread. A 10 hour meeting about an ICE detention center...still going. Watching.
Retweeted by Makeartforlife @dadthatwrites 😂 I definitely knew Reagan was the worst when I was four 💗Kalief Browder: Black, held at Rikers for 3 years w/ no trial, accused of stealing a backpack, killed himself after…
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True and effective-BLACK FRIDAY VIBES @davidwappel @WorthMore_LA @numberonegem @thedragstate @Today_June_says and effective-BLACK FRIDAY VIBES @davidwappel @WorthMore_LA @numberonegem @thedragstate @Today_June_says this when your mayor tells you they can’t create more housing or provide safer shelter for people experien…
Retweeted by MakeartforlifeWho is a Black woman who has been a Writer's Assistant on a comedy and wants a job? NY preferred.
Retweeted by Makeartforlife🚨BREAKING: More than 750,000 Georgians have requested their ballots for the January 5 runoff elections. Have you? R…
Retweeted by Makeartforlife @Meidas_Kelly Bless you ❤️Learning to process my emotions helped me realize some of my anxiety is actually just rage 😃
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@ArielRelaford want to live in a country where Colin Kaepernick is seen as a hero and Kyle Rittenhouse is seen as a terrorist.
Retweeted by Makeartforlife @c_makeba @Freeyourmindkid at this, no really, look at it
Retweeted by Makeartforlife @ThatRealDani @antijenic Pegged me only in places I’ve never been... @JamieKasara Wishing you a full and speedy recovery ❤️ @beaversnducks Oh my gosh I’m so sorry 💔 @pjbreenphoto Oh I’m so sorry. How awful. ❤️ @jeannegirl326 @smalltwngirl918 Very true. And very scary @ida_skibenes @ThatEricAlper 😱😢 @ThatEricAlper I once broke my foot doing step-up-step-downs in gymnastics conditioning. Stepped down on the side o… just drove by a line of cars four blocks long As we approached the entrance we assumed it was a COVID testing si…
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@analydiamonaco Oh, I’m so sorry, Ana. ❤️ @erinbiba YESI have hated being tickled since I was a kid and I didn’t understand it as a consent issue until a few years ago.…
Retweeted by MakeartforlifePeople keep asking me how I went from 143 followers to 150 in just 6 months. Let me tell you it has been a journey. A thread 👇
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