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Maker Faire @makerfaire San Francisco, CA

A celebration of invention, creativity and curiosity inspiring the future. A global Maker Movement with over 200 Faires across the world.

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Maker Faire Rochester is THIS Saturday! Come experience the 200+ new and exciting Maker exhibits in person on Novem…
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Did you know that we will have a whole new puppetry area this year! You'll get to meet incredible Makers like Kreut…
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Congrats on a great show!
Just 1 more day to Maker Faire Shenzhen 2019! Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow! Date: 9-10 November 2019 Locatio…
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Are you a cosplayer or prop maker? Then you should enter our inaugural cosplay and prop contest! It will be run by…
Retweeted by Maker FaireJust 2 more days to Maker Faire Shenzhen 2019! We're excited to see you there! @makerfaire @chaihuomaker Date: 9…
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#Makerfairehyd #Workshops Explore the amazing world of IoT using Arduino and its fascinating applications at the Ar…
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Un nuovo amico a quattro zampe! @Societing_SC @makerfaire @MiurSocial #MFR19 #societing #MakerFaireRome #innovation
Retweeted by Maker FaireThe Fredonia Mini Maker Faire is today! We'll be there with a handful of new projects. We love meeting amazing Make…
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Here’s what you can expect from Arduino at @MakerFaireRome: #MFR19
Retweeted by Maker FaireThis is a great addition! close to showtime! The MFR team has outdone their selves. #MFR19 #make #makecommunity #makers
Did you see REACT's Roving Taniwha at least year's Maker Faire Wellington? We can't wait to see what colourful visi…
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Today is the last day for Call for Makers for #mfbio19 make sure to get your application in.'re super close to having 100 makers signed up! Fill out your maker applications today!
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@RonZawora @MakerFaireRome They are still all over the states The team is exploring all possible options. @RonZawora @MakerFaireRome Let's make it happen!Come and see what the #MFR19's #Robotics Area has in store for you! Plenty or #robots to serve any purpose await yo…
Retweeted by Maker FaireThis weekend’s BIGGEST spectacle is BIG! A 25-foot #GiantApplianceRobot that talks, shoots fire and—with the help o…
Retweeted by Maker FaireIf you are in the area go check it out! @MakerFaireLou is opening in a few hours. @firstbuild's Giant Robot will be there to greet you. Check out their b… @graybright thinking of you! @EHVMMF is the place for you!
We cannot thank our attendees, makers, sponsors, and producer enough. One of our patrons made this for me and we m…
We think you can! Happy Early Birthday you are in NY, VT, PA, NJ, CT, you should plan to check out @MakerFaireRoc. Early Bird Tickets are on sale now!…
High voltage coin shrinking at @MkeMakerFaire !
Retweeted by Maker FaireCheck out this awesome remote control giraffe from @tinkeringguy ! Seen at @MkeMakerFaire
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@MakerFaireSZ Call For Makers is closing soon! This is a great show and tell to be a part of.…
Last Day for Early Bird tickets @MakerFaireRome. This is an amazing showcase of Makers. #makerfaire #MFR19 #makers all performers!
There are great! We can't wait to see what else is in store! are gearing up for the Baton Rouge Mini Maker Faire on October 19th! Our laser cutter is hard at work today maki…
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Check out this great video from last week at @MakerFaireTokyo . Maker @jugbounce's Scramble Crossing. It was a gre…
Hey #Michigan there sure are a lot of @Prusa Printers around the state. Come by #MakerFaireDetroit and say hi in ou…
Retweeted by Maker FaireTrekkies are in luck @makerfairedetroit! Next Generation alum @levarburton will be the Maker Faire “geek emcee” tod… 10th Maker Faire Detroit opens tomorrow at The Henry Ford in Dearborn. Big show with 1500+ makers. See you ther…
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@mutanthumb @make It is an annual fee. Thanks
@jaymisgoertz @make Subscriptions will be honored and transfer. Thank you!
Way to take things into your own hands as you always do @SimoneGiertz !
We remain committed to growing, expanding, and building the Philly maker community. We are moving forward. We have no plans on stopping now!
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@makerfaire made our list of the Top 100 Events in San Fransisco! #BizBash #BizBashSF
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The Call for Makers is open if you are in the Ozarks' Area or just want a reason to go!
This was a "Sunday Sermon" for the books for sure!
A lot of things we one FIRE at #MFBA19! Spoiler Alert, @JimmyDiResta was not harmed in the making of this photo.
Thanks for the recap!
We had so much fun with all customers who came to see us @makerfaire bay area last week 😊 Thank you so much for you…
Retweeted by Maker FaireAnnual Maker Faire Bay Area, San Mateo, CA, USA - Video - @makerfaire @aplatestnews
Retweeted by Maker FaireThank you to everyone at the @BAR2Builders who talked me through some of my obstacles at @makerfaire My R2-D2 bu…
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Flashback to last Sunday and @donttrythis's inspiring Sunday Sermon—in the 🌧️ at #mfba19! Respect to Adam for bravi… AMAZING Fantasy Metal Creatures of #PerkunasDesignStudio #mfba19
Retweeted by Maker Faire @makeandfake @estefanniegg @BarbMakesThings @ShawnHymel @BlitzCityDIY Great job! Thanks for sharing!An excerpt of @donttrythis' book, via @Gizmodo
Retweeted by Maker Faire @EvanAndKatelyn Great advice!One thing we realized reading the comments about our marble resin is we were being too hard on ourselves 😅 We're lu…
Retweeted by Maker FaireLook what I saw at Maker Faire Bay Area: @MagicWheelchair is a non-profit that turns kids' wheelchairs into costume…
Retweeted by Maker FairePlease enjoy my very professional @makerfaire recap: Special thanks to @estefanniegg
Retweeted by Maker Faire🧱⚙️🔬 I created a new #lego compatible #3dprinted structure with twice the holding power of real Lego. This is just…
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👗🐲It was awesome meeting up @estefanniegg at @makerfaire @fillamentum Rapunzel Silver #3dprintedfashion #cosplay
Retweeted by Maker FaireCan we please go back in time to last weekend? We miss all of your brilliant, smiling faces already! #mfba19 podcast we recorded at @makerfaire is now live! Go check out @HowDoesSocial!
Retweeted by Maker FaireOn our new Mini Episode we talk about @makerfaire, upcoming monthly themes & interviews, and we answer YOUR questio…
Retweeted by Maker Faire @DianaRohini @dalepd Love this picture! Please tell her we think she ROCKS! ❤️Pues me he comprado por fin una impresora 3D (el finde en el @makerfaire nos dejó con las ganas) A ver ahora cuánd…
Retweeted by Maker FaireCome to the Eastern Long Island Mini Maker Faire on June 8th in @PortJeffersonNY to create amazing cardboard creat…
Retweeted by Maker FaireIt's @RuPaulsDragCon weekend! So of course I had to put together and play with these fab shades i assembled from a…
Retweeted by Maker FaireI think I got distracted and forgot to send this out during @makerfaire . Such a good time! #mfba19
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@NotABombBunkE @RobotMakerGirl @EMSL @makerfaire This is a super important point! Don't be afraid to reach out when…
Retweeted by Maker FaireBay Area #MakerEd folks! Join me on June 8 for an awesome & free #professionaldevelopment conference @OfficialCCSF!…
Retweeted by Maker Faire @ddhedder @Google Hooray! We have a bunch of cool kits in the Maker Shed too: Ari did some soldering at @makerfaire Bay Area and is hooked... Any kits or projects one might recommended? T…
Retweeted by Maker FaireOof! This is what happened when a unicorn went up against a robot @makerfaire. Don't worry, no unicorns were harmed…
Retweeted by Maker FaireCan you imagine if @1lenore of @EMSL hadn’t written back to @NotABombBunkE ? Would she have been a guest on MythBus…
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What a treat it was to debut my first badge this past weekend at the Bay Area Maker Faire! Thanks to everyone for…
Retweeted by Maker FaireLos @MoonMakers estuvieron en la Maker Faire Berlin, @electronicats y @elgaragehub en la @makerfaire Bay Area en Sa…
Retweeted by Maker FaireEVA Foam armor tips and tricks with KamuiCosplay
Retweeted by Maker FaireThe Cadillac Rocket Car MK3 by Justin Gray was truly a sight to behold at @makerfaire! ——————— #mfba19
Retweeted by Maker FaireIt was great to talk to the amazing @calebkraft. I wish my voice wasn't completely gone. So many things to ask abou…
Retweeted by Maker FaireOf course the Digi-Key Team had to pose for the cover of @make while at @makerfaire.
Retweeted by Maker FaireMy daughter was inconsolable about missing ⁦@makerfaire⁩ 2019 in #SanMateo. She has attended the past 8 years & phy…
Retweeted by Maker Faire @DianaRohini @dalepd Awwww, we're so sorry you had to miss it this year! We missed you! Please don't be sad. Make l… @itsmiss_char @jinxbotworks and me @shoreydesigns at @makerfaire #3dprintedfabrics #3dprintedfashion #cosplay
Retweeted by Maker Faire @NavajoTech @AOborne Amazing! Congrats! 👏👏👏 @AOborne @makerfaire Awesome! We recently held our first maker faire to the theme of the Evolution of the Diné Make…
Retweeted by Maker FaireWatching @NavajoTech at @makerfaire explain making solar micro grids for tribal members on remote parts of the rese…
Retweeted by Maker Faire @testedcom @donttrythis Thanks for sharing! And big love to @dontrythis for inspiring us once again!PRESENTED IN FULL: @donttrythis' @makerfaire "Sunday Sermon" talk and Q&A! [PREMIUM] #mfba19
Retweeted by Maker FaireIntroducing the Sling Bot, which is a prototype for a seed dispersion robot to help plants grow. The kids decorated…
Retweeted by Maker FaireWhat better chance will we get than a #throwbackthursday to think back to @makerfaire Bay Area last weekend. The OK…
Retweeted by Maker FaireCheck out this amazing photo of Prosthesis (@racing_mech) after the rain at Maker Faire Bay Area! Beautiful capture… Geeksmithing soldered her first project while at Maker Faire Bay Area! I have been waiting for her to show an…
Retweeted by Maker FaireBye Makey See You 2020!!! From Seoul @makerfaire
Retweeted by Maker Faire @shoreydesigns @Fillamentum @SeeMeCNC @adskFusion360 So cool! 👏🐲 👗My new Epic #dragonscales with my #polypanel #3dprinted dress at @makerfaire Bay Area I am using #fusion360 &…
Retweeted by Maker FaireOur computer science students had a fantastic time at the Bay Area @makerfaire last weekend! They presented their m…
Retweeted by Maker FaireParticulate Matter (PM10) and Carbon Dioxide concentration measurements taken while roaming @makerfaire on Friday.…
Retweeted by Maker FaireAs seen at @MakerFaire: Step up your steampunk style with @Odd_Jayy's gear bracelet!
Retweeted by Maker FaireWe saw these little programmable robots doing work @makerfaire. How do they move on their own? You guessed it; thro…
Retweeted by Maker FaireMassimo @mBanzi's State of @Arduino address at @makerfaire Bay Area was full of announcements and updates. If you…
Retweeted by Maker FaireDid you miss our friend @sophywong's talk at @makerfaire last weekend? No fear; here it is! #mfba19
Retweeted by Maker FaireI updated my Maker Faire video with clips from all three days: @makerfaire #makerfaire #makerfairebayarea
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