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im the guy who makes up guys ♡ main @makeupaguyguy ♡ he/him ♡ catguy ♡ ♡ dm main for paid promo ♡ submissions in DM's ♡ Kong wins

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guy who gets low with shawtyinb4 someone @GimmickAccsOOC @trvisXX if you see this I need you to know that the batman costume you wore was sick. it looked so cool on you
Retweeted by make up a guy @trvisXX if you see this I need you to know that the batman costume you wore was sick. it looked so cool on youguy who is built different @pilgrimshadow92guy who always has a quarter in case they need to play an arcade gamecredit @pilgrimshadow92guy who doesn’t say poggers because it’s too formalcredit @pilgrimshadow92guy who is gay but lives like they're straight “for tax purposes”
@Starch_tuber homie has to blip! what are we gonna do! @antitractionist :/ @Jay_On_Switch just retweeted itguy lore: a thread
Retweeted by make up a guy @Jay_On_Switch it's from my old guy lore threadcredit @frendazonedguy who does as many worthless nft transaction as possible to cause enviormental damage for no reason @bg_boi yeah. they just keep switching off with the same 2 cups of watercredit @jarjarjacobsguy who cooks pasta in bong water VS guy who uses pasta water for their bong @ConfusedLilyPog oh that makes some sense @nellucnhoj oh! thanks for providing me with this info. I looked into it before making one but none of the sources… @BizarreCreature @Foervraengd lmfao @BizarreCreature @Foervraengd good take @ConfusedLilyPog I'm sorry I could not understand past the first one. I am stupidcredit @grrrl_leviathanguys bein dudesI dont know what blockchain means. I'm stupid.guy who deletes his @MakeUpAGuy account on twitter because he feels like he's being invaded
Retweeted by make up a guyguy who thinks when they are mean to people online with large audiences then the person with a large audience will never see it @Foervraengd I did, actually. no where did it say these things about it being horrible for the environment. this sucks. I feel bad nowfuck twitter for making this if it's so ecologically dangerous. what's the point. why can't I just sell funny ass tweet in peaceguy who doesn't know what an nft is, doesn't understand anything about cryptocurrency, but thought it would be funn… @EricSwaggySwoop I've now learned that fact @SSBLumen oh thank you for apparently the funny tweet sell thing dumps oil into the ocean according to the comments. idfk. dril did it and… @nellucnhoj wtf oili don't actually plan on someone buying it. is just memeidk how the selling thing works. I just saw dril do it and it seems funny @TheyStation wait but Jack did it @makeupaguy Guy who eats apples with these things
Retweeted by make up a guy @anzasquiddles because it's funnythe tweet is for sale btw. that's the linkcredit @poopooharryguy who eats apples with two handsgreatsword guy @meeatsack please do notcredit @ham_exeguy who puts their full address in their bio @Michiru_0513 guy who thinks relationships are like Persona confidants
Retweeted by make up a guycredit @chelseaprest9guy who refers to quality one on one time as 1v1 irl
Retweeted by make up a guybazingx
Retweeted by make up a guyDiscovered a new type of Guy
Retweeted by make up a guyguy who enjoys getting emails saying your friend liked your funny venmo payment memowishin it were meguy that wakes up as a little frog :) this blew up follow my SoundCloud who describes their political ideology as "anarchy through bitcoin"
credit @FatesWrightguy who leaves a call with their significant other because they accidently kissed the 'leave call' buttoncredit @pilgrimshadow92guy who is a white woman and has been randomly searched by tsa beforecredit @LykaLykoiguy whose trait description is entirely too long to fit within the twitter character limit but believe me it would be very funny if it did @amarteur_hour @cooItop this is a new type of guy for sureguy who thinks the united states congress is capable of literally anything other than being uselesscredit @dino_boy7guy who washes their baked beans with water before eating themcredit @dino_boy7 @sigurdlovebot @makeupaguy Guy who has a really strong opinion on the articles of confederation
Retweeted by make up a guycredit @underscorevixguy who attempts to learn a different language every week but never makes progress @siIver_wind thank you for that bit of wisdomcredit @FatesWrightguy who's been each individual letter of lgbtq at one pointGuy who's a drawing
Retweeted by make up a guyguy who views life as a series of top ten lists
Retweeted by make up a guycredit @csd_was_takenguy who has no strong feelings one way or the other regarding the controversy @fasteronfire525 @yourpalchauncey @radiantbutch seems like a guyguy who thinks cow udders are the cows penis
credit @SourceLocatorguy who has a separate YouTube channel for their apology videoscredit @MarisMolotovguy that thinks Terf Rhetoric is an athlete's name @gaylittlecherry this is how ADHD feels sometimesguy who says this is their favorite song @Snail_Lord_Neonguy who says "I remember my first beer" every time they see a drunk personcredit @Snail_Lord_Neonguy who has no strong opinion on AOCcredit @FatesWrightguy who doesn't use ctrl+z while drawing digitallycredit @FatesWrightguy who eats paper for enrichmentI expect very little of my core following to understand this joke but I promise it's funny