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Justin bieber stole his swag like shit way this was my shit omg insane in this house
Retweeted by 💲🤍 @itskeyon I’ll think about it @thatpotatohater Yea? @challxn Excuse me...ion be having nothing to tweet so boring @saje_bush I dont care for him😭 @dearapriII Working on that rnwait im sad i finished breaking bad wtf ima do now... @featherbang 😭🦦
i fw this omg @iamaaliyahjewel Yea..❤️nourrr its chrew! toothpick changes everythang
Retweeted by 💲🤍Exactly Storm circa. 1996🌐 #art #artist #artwork #artist #drawing #TikTok #pencildrawing #illustration #design
Retweeted by 💲🤍yea❤️é has a degree in architecture
Retweeted by 💲🤍9th wonder ate this production up...omg vs having to be good at everythingok i guess
Retweeted by 💲🤍Everyone went from “essential workers are heroes” to “$15? Fuck that” real quick.
Retweeted by 💲🤍Good morning twitter ur man is an Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces u should dump him
Retweeted by 💲🤍 @Afiarrhea Nah its from some new movie shes in i jumped too hfjsk @yeonjunfication Time is a social constructThese thanksgiving leftovers still bussin🙏🏾🤤 @giopedicelli Yes, its very intense thowell i just finished breaking bad...i have no words SHOW IS SO gawd😭 @NASTYYMEG Shamelessmy toxic favs💗 boutta have a crazy ass dream tonight i just know itMaybe so..i liked it tho it wasnt boring to me got to this episode...not using this gif anymore“Write it down girl” rly the queen of goat❤️ @ANTWTF HELLOOKDJFJDKDK??!me
Retweeted by 💲🤍just knocked my piercing out on accident my gawd @amandaoee_ I want one😭🥺 @AlissaAshley The way im crying plsskdjfjsLOOK AT THIS BABYYY just too good omg... @frankenfemme_ Its bussin omg😭😭😭 @sohosultry I like the one we have now tbh.. @Afiarrhea Mfs so weird on here like....the block button never got clicked quicker tf
Retweeted by 💲🤍Deluxe version...PLEASE did it...yall will see it soon hehe tl to me when i say mint chocolate ice cream is good i caved
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@tylerthomasking LMFAOSKJDSKIts true..its true @featherbang Ur still young u have alot of time to experience it :)Boutta pierce my nose again ❤️’m sick, but I’m trying to get better
Retweeted by 💲🤍Wow. Need @moneyymaya IM SCREAMINGGGOMG.... sister😍 @geminihottie Bored as hell chile, gna re-pierce my nose soon lol. Hey! 🤩 @CupcakKe_rapper Hey bae😍😍 $sparecoinsirNew year . New giveaway RT then reply with yo PayPal or cashapp
Retweeted by 💲🤍I value friendship and camaraderie with other women so so much
Retweeted by 💲🤍 @f0lake Smack cammajority of you don’t actually care how much minimum wage should be you just prefer it stay significantly less than…
Retweeted by 💲🤍 @ANTWTF Dermalogica precleanse🙏🏾FR?! Time is so sick i dont like this omg...!🔮💖 #art #artwork #artist #drawing #WandaVision #illustration #TikTok #pencildrawing #Marvel
Retweeted by 💲🤍?!!($;&;;$:SJJFDKSK deal
Retweeted by 💲🤍 @BarbieTheeStar WHYYY @NiahNiah60 Maybe..., red hair activates my bad bitch
Retweeted by 💲🤍bitterness, even when justified, will rot you
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I know this was white people when they started making black Barbie dolls
Retweeted by 💲🤍All these men doing the buss it challenge and y’all ain’t showing ass?
Retweeted by 💲🤍I told her i said ma’am...No words @aikeaaw Girl right im cherishing this sample i got😭Tom ford lost cherry smells a little TOO good omg... @tinamanhattan OMFGGGG @theesudani Lets go to blasia first friend @calebcorcino Yea..lets wake that up!I wish Ari remixed Nasty with megan instead of 34+35 tbh ☹️ @theesudani Tory lanez...not much more that needs to be saidIs he not singing in tune or is it just me hello?
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Retweeted by 💲🤍Dick game on Alakazam - presto!