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time is an illusion @MalachiLui a fucking police state

society is irritating. i write about records for analogplanet

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wtffff - 264 trump - 214 emails i ain’t even open - 600oh my fucking god i cannot believe this well okay we all expected this but i’m still in disbelief - 264 trump - 214 knives - 1000biden - 264 trump - 214 yung lean on acid - 711imagine not deleting this tweet already great beatles song performed by musicians who are better than the beatles
Retweeted by time is an illusionthis is kinda cringe tbh
Retweeted by time is an illusionput azealia banks and your birthday into google to see what drama she was in that day what the fuck
Retweeted by time is an illusionwhy does no one ever talk about this song it’s so good
Retweeted by time is an illusionWOAH HOLY SHIT THIS EXISTS links not available in the US :/ know tequila is expensive but... let’s only buy cars from elon musk and nothing else i learned that the original hook for “le freak” was “aaaaaahhhhh FUCK OFF” no wonder it’s such a catchy songJust did the math on stream and I’ve spent the equivalent of 1,558 days staring at pro tools.
Retweeted by time is an illusionwhy would he quit cuz of parkinson’s he’s literally made himself dictator until 2036 @ECCOchuuK you don’t need to apologize for anythingme but with LP spines Girlfriend Doesn’t Even Want You. She Wants Jungkook.
Retweeted by time is an illusionman has emotional breakdown over his breakup means votes against you
You Guys Look Stupid Not Having A Great Chairman And A Government That Lasts Beyond 4 Year Election Cycles 😂
Retweeted by time is an illusionit’s safe to say that this record permanently changed the way i think, in almost every aspect. 10/10, top 10 album… - 253 trump - 214 pacific breeze - japanese city pop, aor and boogie 1976-1986 @BiGMaC0100 @ECCOchuuK oh shit okay lol well scaruffi stan types are weird ppl @BiGMaC0100 @ECCOchuuK what about the 90s alt rock hits played 50 times in a row part @ECCOchuuK i see the effect she tried to go for with the length and tbh i wouldn’t edit the song but it’s too long @ECCOchuuK i like half the songs on NFR, decent record but wayyyyyyyy too long and over the topalmost every artist i listen to most likely cuz everyone gets “cancelled” at some point for things that may or may… to the world of the plastic beach
Retweeted by time is an illusionthe albums crossed out in red are the ones i haven’t heard smh am so out of touch with current trap that i haven’t heard a note of the year’s best selling album Albarn talking to @theneedledrop about 'Aries' and working with @peterhook #Gorillaz
Retweeted by time is an illusioni’ve seen the light. ‘discovery’ is the best daft punk album still love ‘random access memories’ thothat “what are thoooooooose” line in “weston road flows” brings back cringe memories of cringe ppl id much rather f… watch The Jellies if you haven’t. It’s gold
Retweeted by time is an illusion
Retweeted by time is an illusionimagine telling yourself two years ago that arizona’s senators will be a bisexual woman and an astronaut
Retweeted by time is an illusionthey rolling out this election like the life of pablo
Retweeted by time is an illusiondoes anyone know if there are phone banks or ways to reach out to battleground state voters who voted by mail? go…
Retweeted by time is an illusiongen z really cannot get shit huhi'm trying to be patient for all the votes to be counted but this election has been one fucking mess thanks to ever… it once more FUCK CAPITALISM @liamgallagher rate the new gorillaz record on a scale from biblical to shiteBrothers n sisters keep your eyes pealed and your ears open I have a celestial announcement to make on Monday c’mon you know LG x
Retweeted by time is an illusionhow can anyone in their right mind prioritize their stuff, like OBJECTS over someone else's mental wellbeing. i ser… THESE PPL“Fuck capitalism”
Retweeted by time is an illusionbeach life-in-death is rly some next level shit, i prefer the 2018 one but listening to the 2011 one and it’s good @ECCOchuuK i was thinking about the “do you have any crimes that we can do to pass the time” verse of BLID a bit ag… I’m leaving the house right now! Also Nevada:
Retweeted by time is an illusion @ECCOchuuK i will eventually run out of twin fantasy jokes since you mention twin fantasy so much (reasonably so)Kanye’s face here is especially amazing, given the context
Retweeted by time is an illusionLooks like we’ve reached that point in the election when Chris Cuomo is quoting XTC lyrics
Retweeted by time is an illusion @ECCOchuuK my presence on main has become a bit more looser and casual but i still save that insane shit for private【快挙】11月3日付オリコンデイリーアルバムチャートには細野晴臣2タイトルがランクイン! 12位 「omni Sight Seeing」 22位 「MEDICINE COMPILATION」
Retweeted by time is an illusionthe last few albums i’ve ordered... i highly doubt anyone is surprised by this
Retweeted by time is an illusionserious: killer mike (vice president el-p, duh) impossible: president benjamin reichwald (vice president zak arogu… yknow it’s reality y’all, like this is real, it can’t give you the results and it’s showing up late cuz ITS REA… flag burning after the police rolled out. #Elections2020 #Portland #PortlandProtests
Retweeted by time is an illusion @ECCOchuuK eh fair, everything up until the tiktok part i can tolerate but tiktok girls irritate me @ECCOchuuK i gather that you’ve got a phobia of white females?fyi im not advocating for the destruction of smaller more local businesses like tender loving empire or whatever, i… of the protesters, broadly classified as anarchists, don’t want leaders on microphones telling them what to do…
Retweeted by time is an illusionthis song is beautiful and like a warm blanket in the harsh bitter cold what, new age, and experimental
Retweeted by time is an illusionwith this apple appliance, i get way too easily annoyedhosono, sakamoto, takahashi 2 new listens today: hosono’s ‘s-f-x’ and his ‘shoplifters’ soundtrack. decent records, i’m sure they’ll grow on me a bitThe Art Of Not Giving A Fuckwhat’s arguably worse is how many ppl still care about this minor virus
Biden has won 100% of the states Sufjan Stevens wrote albums about!
Retweeted by time is an illusionIf this holds, Detroit did this. Black organizers did this. Let their lives be centered in the policies that result.
Retweeted by time is an illusionInteresting analysis / critique of what may or may not happen with a @JoeBiden Presidency. 🇺🇸
Retweeted by time is an illusionYou got tricked by Borat last week
Retweeted by time is an illusion @BiGMaC0100 i say Not W cuz it’s not an L, rather it’s right in the middle @BiGMaC0100 out of the 13 i know here, only madvillainy is a Not W @ECCOchuuK 305 “good” albums might just barely cover every album haruomi hosono ever worked on...good album and a very important and enduring one but it’s a bit overrated last few albums i’ve ordered... i highly doubt anyone is surprised by this @aniconIiving be yourself, it’s hard as fuck but always most rewarding in the end @aniconIiving bro just be who you naturally are without meds and ppl will want to be around you, meds are part of t… like we won't know how many of the ~45,000 voters who wrote in a candidate put Teressa Raiford's name. The…
Retweeted by time is an illusion @roberthamwriter that ‘a love supreme’ reissue is sublime @Jasgagger @ECCOchuuK i thought she meant WAP‘MEDICINE COMPILATION FROM THE QUIET LODGE’ IS NOW ON STREAMING I REPEAT, ‘MEDICINE COMPILATION’ IS NOW STREAMING!… song is funky as hell North Dakota man who died from the coronavirus last month won a seat in the state legislature.
Retweeted by time is an illusionThe DNC spending the last two elections doing their best to appeal to “moderates” will forever baffle me. Putting u…
Retweeted by time is an illusionFuck Ted Wheeler.
Retweeted by time is an illusionAbsolutely stunning to me that a person with this record of abject failure and a quarter of a million dead American…
Retweeted by time is an illusionyou know you're in deep shit when even BEN SHAPIRO starts spitting facts
Retweeted by time is an illusionif you’re a conservative, you really should know how much you fucked up if ben shapiro calls you “irresponsible”