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allison (XOS bot) @maliciousglee possibly hell but who knows

Buyer for a bookstore. She/her. Queer. Comics stuff. Sword girls. PhD in Himbo Studies. Opinions are my own.

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I'm 8 months into the new year (and what a year) and am still trying to raise a little more than $5000 to cover my…
Retweeted by allison (XOS bot) @LukaNieto @LanTweets there was a press release going aroundevery time xos promotion has betsy /and/ brian on it i grow 5000 times strongerwhen i say i JUST LOST ITI had no idea about this until someone tagged me on Instagram- but Marvels just released the Vol 4 HC of…
Retweeted by allison (XOS bot)We're thrilled to announce BREATHE FIYAH, an upcoming flash fiction anthology in collaboration with @fiyahlitmag!…
Retweeted by allison (XOS bot)the lighthouse behind the scenes pics are so chaotic
Retweeted by allison (XOS bot)‘Wounded siren’🗡🩸✨ a creepy siren who kept all the sea treasures inside of herself until they wounded her. Ig art…
Retweeted by allison (XOS bot)oh jubilee is gonna ruin some lives next week i am readyHere's a brief exclusive look at next week's "Excalibur" #11, written by @TiniHoward with art by @MarcusTo.
Retweeted by allison (XOS bot)good for himwhen i see a rare sub!dimitri piece of dimileth fan art i get wildly excited because THAT is the dynamic @stargatrekwar she can maybe???? MAKE??? a diamond one?speaking of, my callisto art is late, and this specifically is why you should want to keep funding the usps @mturetsky haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacan't wait for callisto to pull out 2 knives in x of swords like "what two stilettos make a sword, bitch"
Retweeted by allison (XOS bot)punchline has tiddy and i still don't like her that's how u know @LucasHarbolt me too me tooReview by @missafayres: 'Big Girls' #1 and the perils of gender essentialism
Retweeted by allison (XOS bot)Before someone gets a PhD we're going to have to start adding 100 hours of horror films to the course requirements.
Retweeted by allison (XOS bot)the silver lining is uh extremely scratch-offable butayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy at least it's not a Punchline SERIES like I thought @amadcartoonist I definitely think it's a good way to keep money from folks who don't dig Krakoa too? like do some… one of my most anticipated (and delayed i think i dunno how time works) titles of the last like year and a… @LanTweets looks like she's in the phoenix shit @Ali_Galactic @feysbian Gideon the Ninth! @feysbian :')dank chuckle Harrow the Ninth, author @tazmuir uses the language of fanfiction to tell -- and retell -- the story... SPOILERS…
Retweeted by allison (XOS bot)GASP YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS dear fuck pls let she-hulk loose from avengers and this phoenix plotlinei hate it bc it seems to be especially (somehow) easy money so get those royalty checks to someone who isn't frank fucking tierigood to see still no one but white dudes can get a crack at death metal one shots and tie-ins besides in antho wor… @_Zeets LOL @_Zeets 😂😂😂😂😂 ok this does have you energy @_Zeets baby u wish @CopperNiteflair jkjkjkhjwell ok Winter rips her carapace off revealing THE MR FREEZE WHO PERMAFROSTS @DigitalCadaver @Blankzilla I so want to not dunk on dc in these trying times but good god @Blankzilla DEATH METAL INFINITE HOUR EXXXTREME BY FRANK TIERII can physically no longer handle dc announcementsLol im sorry lol lol Looooooool exxxtreme fuckkkkkkk lmaoooo @apbattman should hire like Literally any marginalized people to bounce huge initiative ideas offWhen you publish Vernon Lee, who often wore “male” clothes and had female lovers, as Violet Paget, is that an act o…
Retweeted by allison (XOS bot) @karen_xmenfan LOLOLOL @karen_xmenfan LOL I THINK I PUT THOSE EXACT WORDS IN THE REVIEW#Darkseid commission
Retweeted by allison (XOS bot)Lockhart 🖤✨ #FF7 #Tifa
Retweeted by allison (XOS bot)Hey hey it's a new column by @Forrest_txt and @j_partridgeIII dedicated to covering the current run on Venom!!
Retweeted by allison (XOS bot) @Blankzilla The crossovers kinda suck the life out of it a little but otherwise still my fave NM run by a mile @CoriMarie21 I can not wait til u get to certain shit oh my godddddddCori: oh no is this is this new mutants run good Me, scanning brain for time frame: OH OH IT'S WELLS YEAH IT'S ACT… @Blankzilla I am excitedddddddMe @ peter david
Retweeted by allison (XOS bot) @castle_oz @Frostitute4ever I mean technically everyone who dies is a clone anyways 🤷‍♀️ but not in the nefarious way i think ppl implyHnnn.... maybe going to read GL Earth One v 2 in a bit.... @j_partridgeIII JUSTIN @armustdie OH BABY @arrapeachykeen HNNNNNOh man y'all wouldn't be able to HANDLE ME @armustdie @weredawgz ME TOOOOO @j_partridgeIII Yeeeeeessssss @weredawgz Oh my fucking god YOURE SO RIGHT THATS IT @j_partridgeIII A 3 minute slapcut montage explaining jamie @armustdie Fjussuudsujfjdj @j_partridgeIII Same same same @j_partridgeIII Y E S EXACTLY all his fuckin scene cuts oh my god Can you imagen darkly humorous cuts to childhood flashbacks @weredawgz WOULDN'T IT BE WILD AF @armustdie LOL would it be GOOD? who knows but like I WOULD WATCH THE SHIT OUT OF IT @j_partridgeIII LIKE IF UR GONNA INSIST ON HUMOR IN THE MCU JUST LET HIM DO IT @j_partridgeIII JUSTINNNNNN ALL THE TIME FUUUUCK SO CHAOTIC BUT SO WILD AND WEIRD AFMaybe a better fit for union jack but pfaughSee also: letting guy ritchie go wild w an excalibur or captain britain movie lmfaoHELLBLAZER GUY RITCHIE on some merch for the fall ⚔️
Retweeted by allison (XOS bot) that one of my favorite short fiction collections is FINALLY GETTING A PRINT US EDITION NEXT YEAR :')Netflix is definitely convenient but Blockbuster was an EXPERINCE, looking through all the aisles for a movie and p…
Retweeted by allison (XOS bot) @samuli47 Oh yes @StevenOfWonder 😂😂💙 @apbattman i no longer know that name
wait wait Creation is getting a Dauterman variant???fellas i've had it todayDay is done, settling in with this as my evening news. ⁦@saracentury⁩ ⁦@SYFYFANGRRLS⁩
Retweeted by allison (XOS bot)when ppl keep insisting mutants are fascists now and everyone is a clone and/or mind-controlled by charles @Thecafesinister a himbo in life @C0nstantM0tion he's like ...... not dead dead but not really living his best life lmaoHarrow the Ninth made the NYT bestseller list. Write your weird-ass little book, friends. Write your weird little heart out.
Retweeted by allison (XOS bot)Old Tom Bombadil is a merry fellow
Retweeted by allison (XOS bot) @rycady when i first read that theory online i was like subscribe to that "tom bombadil is a dread ancient creature" theory (and also love him) @tazmuir! Harrow the Ninth is a NYTimes Bestseller! 💀💀💀
Retweeted by allison (XOS bot) @CoriMarie21 you'll be there SOONah here it is i have gone fully feralIMMORTAL HULK #36 is Very Good and Very Sad. My review for @Newsarama.
Retweeted by allison (XOS bot) @disasterlaster and I get to call out problematic big boys and shout about slippery skinless fellas
Retweeted by allison (XOS bot)hulk this week 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭