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Knitting calms the soul. Wife, mom, grandma. #BidenHarris2020 🇺🇸💙🇺🇸💙 Country over party

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@VickyisGrateful Too funny @fromMA Yup just doing that too!👇🏻 This @charliekirk11 Idol worship much?
@CallMeDavid2020 That’s rough. I’m so sorry. @SurfnFitnes Brett Farve? @fromMA @BeWiseFriends Agreed. @BeWiseFriends My sister had to shut down her bar and grill for a week due to her cook testing positive. He contrac… @fromMA Rebel regardless. @Julius_Kim Same here. I joined for knitting sites. Now I seldom see their tweets. @fromMA Rebel without a cause for sure!! @fromMA I try. Love the bad boy persona! @fromMA Be a real rebel, leave the hand sanitizer home. @BeWiseFriends I’m turkey and wine sleepy.Kathy and I have a lot to be grateful for, including the resilience of the people of this state. Tell us below what…
Retweeted by MamarLivLaughLuvJust the right amount of uncomfortable. Happy Thanksgiving Twitter family! @fromMA Thanksgiving enlightenment! Thank you! @BigDfromCinci They walk among us, well maybe only after dark. @Julius_Kim ~Groans~ @pcbrynn You win the internet for today!!!!! @SanStandee I would throw up it I looked at that too long. @LV_doeshair Thanks. I didn’t want confrontation....but @LV_doeshair BTW, you have a great selections of “butters”. @LV_doeshair Nope. A butter knife works just fine. (Hope this doesn’t turn into a controversy.) @cjsturgis777 @Shannydelic Yes! I knew that too @Shannydelic Forever a mystery.Sounds plausible to me @BeWiseFriends Sing Soft Kitty in your head. All is good @Sand628Sandy @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @GOP 😢💔 @WI_Resistance @repvos @wisgop There’s a reason people are still waiting on UI. @KellieADennis74 Kinda typical, don’t ya think?Hmmm, let’s hope this could come back to bite someone in the ass.
@rabiiies Oops, she can get away with it, I can’t. Pat her on the back for me.Well said, Mr. President-Elect Biden. @TraceyC20373474 He got it in the divorce? 🤷‍♀️ @fromMA Dang Ravens! @FriedliebLes It makes my stomach churn. @LewisWilk59 We made a trip to the store yesterday, WI based grocer. They now have a big sign that says Masks Requi… @JackBear62 OMG!!! @Petz1977 Guess your fingers aren’t quite like that. @Petz1977 Mitts are easy. I have fat fingers, so if I can do it you can too. Easier than socks. @VickyisGrateful Luck you! 40° tops in west central WI. But hey, it’s Nov in WI, that’s balmy.She, cooks, she sews, she’s an amazing US senator! @fromMA @YouTube No words, yet so many. 🤣🤣🤣OMG! That’s interesting! @Petz1977 OMG, that’s so pretty. I’m waiting on yarn for hat for my granddaughter, so I’m doing fingerless mitts an…🤣🤣🤣 all future presidents seeking a second term, never ever say the following. “I take no responsibility”. You’re welcome.
Retweeted by MamarLivLaughLuvMy Pillow Guy, Shitter’s Full Guy, now a Bunny. It just keeps getting better. @Petz1977 Sound awesome. Enjoy!! @Petz1977 Right back atcha! Any cooling knitting projects on the needles.Want to meet a hard working patriot?
Retweeted by MamarLivLaughLuv @TeaRoomBetty Hell to the no! @JackBear62 @HGAaronow Happy to follow! @fromMA You are one loved guy!! @fromMA Or it was, Happy Belated Birthday! @fromMA @fromMA That’s arrhythmia, silly. @kals55 Good morning!What does this mean?🤷🏼‍♀️ up there on the batshit craziness. Kerry, as secretary of state, would take his guitar on some overseas trips. It appears Tony Blinken could resume that practice.
Retweeted by MamarLivLaughLuvWill the feeling of cynicism ever go away?In response to Michael Flynn’s probable pardon. @fromMA Yup, because that ship sailed years ago. Knee socks are now support hose. @fromMA Whatever I can do for the betterment of humanity.Amazing! @fromMA Far from a dick, being a gentleman, right? @fromMA Or cockwomble @KJCollinsGB @jackiebricker @stargiirlXO @GovEvers Thank you. I’m sure I would like her too. @cindycrittenden @LV_doeshair I do know a bit about them. I treated many in a dental office I worked in. Their are… @cindycrittenden @LV_doeshair None of the Amish is my area have running water. When they purchase a farm they rip o… @cindycrittenden @LV_doeshair Not running water or water heaters. They have hand pumps.So great seeing Biden/Harris staffer wiping down the podium between speakers. More hope for the future. @fromMA I have no doubt they would to the letter. @fromMA It’s time for adulting. Wouldn’t that be refreshing. @fromMA Indeed. @fromMA I missed that. @cindycrittenden @LV_doeshair Hygiene is related to the lack of running water I’m sure. @fromMA Are you referring to the comment about Rahm Emanuel? @JustAno43789763 @BeeHarrison5 @SenRonJohnson Gee, I don’t know, perhaps the guy in the WH that has brainwashed the easily persuaded. @cindycrittenden @LV_doeshair Poor hygiene or zippers? @fromMA I had not thought of that, good point. Do you think some of the younger Dems, like AOC will be on board? @fromMA I’ve been pondering your hopes. I think the Dems are mature enough to handle the cabinet picks. I think the… Pillow Guy, Shitter’s Full Guy, I think @realDonaldTrump is on a roll. @HartfordPhoenix @Madtownnative @TaintedSaint2 @CHARLIE9150 @GovEvers Terrible because her mother is independent? 7… @BeeHarrison5 @JustAno43789763 @SenRonJohnson I prefer a president that doesn’t lie about something so serious. You should try it. @GaultMariana @jwalk1229 @SenRonJohnson It was RoJo his credibility is nil, so his “experts” are not. @john57583486 @SenRonJohnson Credible was my request. Nice try thanks for playing. @LV_doeshair @cindycrittenden Um, no. Even winter. I worked at times in a dental office that was run by the Mennoni… @LV_doeshair Hairy arm pits and no deodorant. @fromMA Birds of a feather. He made it acceptable.Will Biden bash Trump once he’s in office? @Madtownnative @TaintedSaint2 @CHARLIE9150 @GovEvers Have fun with your mom, hope she doesn’t become a statistic. I…
@DonaldJTrumpJr Nice emojis Jr.Open letter to the people of WI. @Madtownnative @CHARLIE9150 @GovEvers Nothing is 100%, condoms, seat belts, even masks, but they are used anyway. I… @realDonaldTrump First in COVID, first in hate, first in sore losers? Enlighten us. 🤷🏼‍♀️ @CHARLIE9150 @puddleless @TheRealSteveWI @GovEvers You’re confusing them with facts. Facebook and the… @cookinliberal Not so bad. We inly had about 5 minutes of flakeage.