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Tastes of a Thickums Food Blogger: bringing Ghana reviews, exploring minimalism & facts in all things food. Budding conservationist.

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This is where it’s at. has to explain Bloody Mary drinks to me. Y’all like drinking spaghetti sauce with vodka?
Retweeted by Mame's TastesIt's what we deserve
Retweeted by Mame's TastesWho doesn't love a fluffy towel?!
Retweeted by Mame's TastesHm. 🤔 @Saraswati__ Wankyyyyy! @omithehomie You’ve been working 5 hours in advance, huh?Imagine waking up at 8:30. On a Saturday. When you’re supposed to be sleeping in. It’s just as well. Let me start…
🍷 @aduks_ 👀We made the famous Kpoo Coladas (top secret recipe) and had a wicked time. Check out our Ahanta adventure here —->>…
Retweeted by Mame's TastesI wish the government would take this thread seriously now as the very thing she's mentioned is what has happened t…
Retweeted by Mame's TastesTONIGHT‼️‼️
Retweeted by Mame's TastesThe Aburi mountains have collapsed at both sides and now we’re stuck in between
Retweeted by Mame's TastesDon't pass the Aviation Road❗❗
Retweeted by Mame's TastesSo yes my old account is currently suspended, apparently I’ve been a bad boy. I really don’t have much to say apart…
Retweeted by Mame's TastesEveryone who comes to Serallio tonight gets a free Jumia shopping voucher. It's on sight! Need we say more?…
Retweeted by Mame's Tastes @dylanSRL 🤣🤣🤣 I got you. @dylanSRL 😂😂😂 you want to go half on a baby?
Foods that keep you full: - apples - almonds - avocado - black beans - cayenne pepper - chia seeds - chickpeas -…
Retweeted by Mame's Tastes🎉🎉🎉 bunch of grapes. A bag of popcorn. A small bag of Minstrels. I’m rather disappointed, cuz this can go in an hour. Smh.I wish Oreos would make a special version without the cream filling
Retweeted by Mame's Tastes @salmabenson 😂😂😂 come through.I need to restock my snack drawer.Rise and shine hoes! On your way to work? Having an early start? We’re plugging our episode all week so you never m…
Retweeted by Mame's TastesMy favvvvvv podcast! I have laughed sooo hard I’m even gonna be late for class!!! AkxjazjakAka Love you girls so…
Retweeted by Mame's Tastes😫😫😫 don’t gooooo! morning to everyone that puts sugar and milk in their grits. Today is your day, stay blessed 💜
Retweeted by Mame's TastesHey guys! Sunscreen update! I finally got my hands on the Hydro Boost. I was nervous to try it, after the nightma…
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Tell dem! 📢📢📢
Retweeted by Mame's Tastes😂 who? @MsBawoni @BabaHPR I would be more than honoured.I got: Ghanaian Jollof Ha! I know that’s right! @BabaHPR I’ll teach you. You’ll be fine.I need this currently. Been thinking about it all day. @MsFu_ What happened?Just tried Kpoo Keke & Sprite. It’s good. But it’s not on Pineapple Juice level. Definitely not on Kpoo Colada levels.Happy #WorldFoodDay. Tag your favorite eateries in Accra. The Saturday kenkey and it's accessories at…
Retweeted by Mame's Tastes @Saraswati__ @Eddy__Marshall 😂😂😂 none of this matters because we love each other despite our differences. Althoug… you eat soft plantain you might as well eat snot. Same texture
Retweeted by Mame's Tastes @FlavaFlavswife 🤣🤣🤣 i hate you so much for this.It's #WorldFoodDay! This year focuses on making healthy diets affordable and accessible to everyone. Know any deli…
Retweeted by Mame's Tastes @Saraswati__ With which accent?When it comes to food, I will honestly spend whatever. It’s my laziness that has prevented my broke-ness. @BribriiSabrina 😫 the joy in my spirit!Ideally, I’d be eating a Shaolin Salad from #SunshineSaladBar, followed by a parfait from @ZenosYoghurt, but…life.Restaurant is looking for a Hostess with at least 2 years in the same/similar role. Must have substantial customer…
Retweeted by Mame's Tastes @BribriiSabrina 👀 when do you get back to Accra again? We need this on the menu.I feel seen. @TrishhMish @question_ansah “Speak American!” 🤣🤣🤣 the funniest day of my life.#WorldFoodDay but Mame still hasn’t eaten. Smh.It’s world food day apparently. Best time to have a cheat day because why tf not?
Retweeted by Mame's Tastes🤣 the accuracy. @Eddy__Marshall Look, this marriage is the greatest thing that happened to me. Bema papa paa!someone discovered shito, another person also discovered tuo zaafi but it is einstein that is the genius????
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@Okornore @FlavaFlavswife The hateration. Smh.WE’RE OPENED DAILY FROM 11AM TILL 10PM....AND ON SUNDAYS FROM 1.30PM TILL 9PM‼️
Retweeted by Mame's Tastes @Okornore I bet you do…👀 @KojoIbadin Close your eyes, you yucky child.The worst food sound ever: Pasta + any thick sauce. That ooshy-gooey sound does my head in. Whew. 🤢Shots fi di road! Well .... not quite. Lol! Listen to us on your way home let’s get you through this fokn Accra tra…
Retweeted by Mame's Tastes @misboxie @Saraswati__ 😂 *takes a bow* One of my finer literary moments.When you’ve been working for 36 hours but your watch has only moved up 5 minutes
Retweeted by Mame's TastesNo be small editing 😂😂. Missed our Ahanta adventure? Catch it all here :
Retweeted by Mame's TastesI'm looking for young African environmentalists or climate change activists to feature in a story. They can be anyw…
Retweeted by Mame's Tastes💃💃💃 #TwistItUp with @volticghlimited's new bottle designed with 7% less plastic!
Retweeted by Mame's TastesFOR YOU COMMUTE 🎧👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾
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How are you sitting a table away from me & I can hear you chewing? Who told you that was ok? 🤢If I mia my eyes, I can walk anywhere I need to this December. So we move
Retweeted by Mame's TastesI had to find this tweet. LOOOOOOOL
Retweeted by Mame's TastesStuck in traffic ? Soz! Last weekend was pretty special at I can’t wait to do it again !
Retweeted by Mame's TastesBack like they never left, it's the first episode of @PodakPurple Season 2 and it's as wild as ever. Jump right int…
Retweeted by Mame's Tastes @Saraswati__ Ok, Americana. @Saraswati__ Yea, you do.THIS IS NOT A DRILL! We’re baaaccckkk🍾 Put down your lunch time tuo zaafi & waakye, let the ianas fill your spirit…
Retweeted by Mame's TastesSo you can have dinner waiting for you at the end.
Retweeted by Mame's TastesHad such a good weekend. I miss it.A WEEKEND AWAY?!? Are we live? via @FlavaFlavswife
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Yo, what in the climate change is going on? It’s raining so hard.Facts.
Retweeted by Mame's TastesThe Lion King to wind down. [with a bag of Haribos] @_nkor_ I am, love. Thank you.It’s been an exceptional day. @Saraswati__ I want one.Fresh Coconuts for the @PodakPurple babes. 📍Busua, Western Region. @fab9db This isn’t even Accra. I’m in Busua right now. But the world is just a wild place now. @fab9db Thanks, mama. Some weirdo was basically chasing us down the beach. KMT. @annertey_ Yes, please. @tee_danielle_ Fiction. It’s about a spirit child. @annertey_ Please do. I’m enjoying ankasa.Every day, Mame’s Tastes will go to the beach & on the way, someone will try to murder her or rob her. Me fiefoɔ… @tee_danielle_
I had such good lobster just now. Ugh. This is what I was looking forward to.Saaaame. @ImaniiMoh 😂 it’ll shock them!