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lyn @MAMETCHl she/her

🎮 creator of Wireland 🎀… ✨ Live2D art + rigging 👾 🏝 🌸 icon @pockicchi 🐰❣️🦁

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@lytnnn oh??????? 👀 @punimelt Me neitherrr omg 😭❤️ @Ray_Yatsuhiko 😂😂😂😂 @Ray_Yatsuhiko HAHAHA HST is how you know you're a true among us pro @Krazzberries THANK u i took like an hour trying to think of a format that wasn't buttholes to understand😭😭😭the things i do for among us
SRY this is so embarrassing after i said yesterday i'd stream today but i woke up with a migraine so i will push it… @trigiformes I tried googling if other ppl saw the ppl in the sky but i guess it's not a common occurrence lol. You… @ToonyofLoon thank you toon q-q ilysm too ... ❤️❤️❤️ @supernovalesIie NOT JUST HIM BUT CR1TIKAL AND POKIMANE?????before today i've never banned anyone on my stream even if they broke rules, because i was afraid of upsetting peop… was crying 2 nights ago because of an invasive, obsessed and manipulative follower. i should've taken the initiat…
@trigiformes Finally a stream that i can maybe be in the whole time 😭😭😭 @punimelt Thanks michy i'm ok!! I was shaken up yesterday and this morning but feeling safer after blocking them ev… @linzb0t Just taking some time off and i blocked the offending party everywhere so hopefully that's the last of the… @MadMurderz Just for reference i was always kind to him and when he told me about his troubles i listened and even… @MadMurderz He did things like privately message my bf just to send him youtube music when i told him not to, tried… @ichigogoooooooo Thank you christy 🥺❤️ Seriously you are so nice and friendly to everyone and idk how you do it!!!… @xiulphur Thank you kiki ily 🥺❤️❤️❤️ @KitKatTheMochi1 There's a link in the tweet @BastardPudding NOoOOOOo @BastardPudding That sounds good but also i can see it being cursed as well @BastardPudding What was the flavor omg @Krazzberries AGDJDHDJSH BENNNNN LOLrun a dog adoption agency
@jupy314 november's my birth month too! 😂 i was even thinking of making 6 cuz of that. hope you can get one!!! @xoccxi Not etsy a company that directly worked with me but haha etsy sucks tooidc if this is unprofessional to tweet and i won't say who it is. But like wow companies rly think they know what t… funny when companies who take 80% of your earnings are like "oh but you must keep working with us! You need us t… @lv4hypocrite SAME!!!!!!!!!!!
@Krazzberries Ben ai the somnium files is so good and aiba is the best character also half the time she is in this… @Sweet_StrokesSt I like madeon too! @SNAKECHARMZ in his latest music video he has a vtuber avatar!!! it was even rigged by Brian Tsui who's like one of… @Ajsannaooj51 how much money do you need? @RetroUpgrade i used to listen to sad machine like while walking to class in art school lmfao so that's all i can a… love porter robinson... the madman was like i have the power of god and anime on my side and just put it into all… @puppiesandanime OMG 😭❤️❤️❤️ I LOVE...... i like just started getting more into holostars and i'm obsessed..... @supernovalesIie BORUTO IS GOOD
@supernovalesIie LOLLLLLL i had to edit it in for the first half cuz i forgot to actually put it there for the stre… my stream highlights video of my minecraft stream with @supernovalesIie last night yayyayayay full video… @CarolineDirectr CAROLINE IM SO OBSESSED W YOUR KORONE ANIMATIONS ... 😭😭😭 THE MOVEMENTS AND EXPRESSIONS @lllMaddycms Ok thank you! ❤️ @TravelLust23 @shukolat I use the paid version. The free version is ok for learning how to use the program but the amount of para… @90sSpooderman OMG ITS LIKE MUKBANGER AND MUKNYANi'm doing a thursday stream today 🤯 will be playing minecraft with @supernovalesIie collab/minecraft starting at… shit tweet work nowhello????????!!!!!
justin timberlake's melon-like head @CarolineDirectr ty caroline 🥺❤️ @wysteir LMFAOOOO I KNOW 😂timelapse of when i did my re-rig + halloween costume in live2D. it's sped up 90x ❤️ 30x speed ver:… @EmTheToaster It's ok! I try to laugh abt it so it's not so serious. Thank you kindly!! ❤️❤️❤️ @marikyuunn The reposting without credit i've more or less gotten used to, kinda just accepted it haha. What's more… @Moosatronic Yeah i read the original manga as well. The sequel to the original manga is called yugioh duelist (whe… @BestFriendLewd Oh is that for real? Lame 😭 @JEnder77 Lolll yeah it blew up for a while and everyone was using it @zombeamik Yeah earlier this year just search lyn mametchi maker on picrew ❤️ @JEnder77 Just search lyn mametchi maker on picrew hahaThings i've seen after i made my picrew 😂 -ppl use it, post their pic uncredited and say "made by me do not steal"…
@wakazhi OMG LOLhiking Yum from today's stream of party cannon from today's stream @eizenhowell it's an official translation by viz/shounen jump sotoday's stream i'll just be doodling and maybe a scary game after...... MAYBE. maybe. sry my stream was 30 mins lat… @TheDuckGod he puts it on kaiba's duel disc and then has the key up on a glass building so that the only way kaiba… everyone makes jokes about characters wearing bdsm clothes in yugioh buy they rly actually have bdsm stuff in…'s wednesday stream might be delayed since there's maintenance ppl coming to our apartment ❤️ @jupy314 If you use vograce they let you make just 1 charm. I've done it to make gift charms for friends bdays and stuff like that @BeryldeRF Oh i see. There's sliders to manually adjust sensitivity for eyes and such in prpr as well. But you may… @BeryldeRF Physics and eye tracking have to be rigged onto your model. It's not the face tracking software that does those things @puppiesandanime BDR is rly rly good!!!!!! When i tested it i was like super amazed at the detail of everything and…
@Smolmum makes sense!! i was wondering how vtubers who use vts on ipad would even stream with a big ol ipad in the way haha. @Smolmum i actually haven't tried prpr with glasses yet but it was always a problem for me that i had to stream w/o… a small facerig vs prprlive comparison video ❤️ i'm a big advocate for prprlive for live2D models if you don'… @charlotte_vt she's a dog ^^ a pomeranian-chihuahua. thank you!now owned by @Ray_Yatsuhiko ^^custom sippypup ☕️
@AryzenI I have some speedpaint videos on my youtube, they're all sped up though. You're welcome to come to my twit… @MintMania2DX Facerig is the only face tracking software that needs a "license" which is an incessant cashgrab. Prp… @MoltarTheGreat They're a fairly new company and a lot of their info is in chinese on bilibili. My guess is it's fr… @KagedBird21 Yes prprlive tracks eye movement well especially with the gameanimoji dlc
i can confirm the trick where you pretend to crop your picture on twitter before posting but go back without actual… of Yum from today's stream 🧡🍊 @TokyollRin yes the steam version is in english @Travicado but kamina's hair doesn't even look like galo's besides being blue LOLjust woke up and tried to sign in and panicked cuz it was saying my password was wrong and i was like DID I GET HAC… @RueryDoesStuff The company said og facerig would continue to be available until 2021 then they'd pull it from stea… @ChelCGrin No it's for live2D models @AryzenI I made a whole game where you play as a boy character lol @Pockicchi OHHH YEAH OMG I LITERALLY BLOCKED THAT PERSON OUT OF MY MEMORY LMFAOOO 😭😭😭 omg the audacity LOL..... @Pockicchi OMG.... 😭 ok for real if i got a dollar for every person who doesn't credit me and their bio says "icon…'ll make another picrew at some point. Looking at my first one it looks so bad and i see it Everywhere lol Only s… @Aries_GA2003 i bought it too 🥺 @DrawingDumpling it's easy to use. if you need help just lmk
@evilaminals 😭😭😭😭 I WILL CHERISH THIS SWEET BABY TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!! @evilaminals hello are these 1 per person, if so may i pls adopt this sweet homicidal child @HyenaCh_ it may be your model's rigging itself. i imported my model directly into prprlive and it moves smoother t… @suulore_vt yes ^^ vts is my endgame haha, just gotta save up a lot to get a new phone when my current one dies @HypnoPilotA1 it's a face tracking software, all it does is track face movements through a webcam to correspond to…