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Aevee Bee @MammonMachine Washington, USA

I wrote the visual novels WE KNOW THE DEVIL and HEAVEN WILL BE MINE. Narrative Designer @futureclubdev she/her Don't follow me if you

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@Dauragon Also every guilty gear opinion rn is" I can't believe my character doesn't have [thing from xrd or +r]???… @Dauragon there were huge changes between the last beta and release but also don't trust anything anyone says about…
Retweeted by Aevee Beethe most exciting thing about the direct was smt5 protag's long hair and hooves
Retweeted by Aevee Bee @pattheflip @christinelove Nullifying the effect while having the cause remains isn't something you need a stand fo… anyone tell me what country this gundam is from【Gundam Breaker Battlogue Gunpla Lineup】 Limited edition will be released in the USA! ENTRY GRADE RX-78-2[US] GUN…
Retweeted by Aevee Bee @MechaMacGyver whoa kevin smith plays tekken?And the name of the new console is … Wii U!
Retweeted by Aevee BeePlease tell me if the Mushihimesama port is good immediately...Espgaluda II is the only shmup i've 1cced and I want… that SMTV doesn't come out until November but that Gender is available now on all platforms.This is tonight, see you there 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Aevee Bee*Nintendo Direct Voice*: What if Kamen Rider was serving cunt? Find out in Shin Megami Tensei V, coming exclusively… was gonna post more in that thread about FFXIII design analysis but honestly I stand by all of this
Retweeted by Aevee BeeThinking you can stand on top of me on wake up for 1/20th of a second as if I’m not going to throw on wake up…you didn’t play xrd did uReally sorry but one thing has led to another and a friend needs a ride desperately so we’re gonna have to cancel.… will actually be streaming a little bit later (9 pm ish), sorry for the delay! And yeah it’ll be guilty gear.They might nerf Ram but they are not going to nerf you pressing a button when you are COVID-19 distance distance fr… anyone in guilty gear stops running into far slash or blocking high im gonna be in big trouble but I have encoun… problem that comes up when you're developing a game based off a specific reference point or genre is that it can…
Retweeted by Aevee BeeMy goal is to make that love as accessible as possible, and to work with my own strengths, of course. A lot of the…
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Retweeted by Aevee BeeWE WILL be streaming tonight but it'll be a bit later tonight (8:30 PST). What are we going to do? Your guess is as…
@personasama I love type moon so so much exactly for this reason @acosmos Lancer never even hit someone with Gae Bolg in his own game @pattheflip She doesn't even have to do a quarter circle! but she's trans, so she deserves it imo @imnotasandwichh edit of BlazBlue: Central Fiction with @MammonMachine is up! I'm new to BlazBlue, so it was fu…
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@lynnedrum Jami I will fund it
can somebody please tell me what country this character is from is live! Hanging out with @MammonMachine and watching old tournament footage to go through the evolution of…
Retweeted by Aevee Beefromsoftware onion ring
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Arcueid Brunestud is in Weezer!
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We’re in the home stretch…. The time stretch… is tonight the night we beat Quantum Break ? Only way to find out. W…
Retweeted by Aevee Bee @metasynthie Oh man this article is kinda disappointing! I felt we tried to be gentle and supportive and in good fa… game is gonna be so good guys... everyone who has contributed to it is a genius and it just keeps getting bett…
Retweeted by Aevee BeeParty member in a JRPG: The Pope of crystal jesus church has served the land for generations, healing the people...…
FTC: MoviePass invalidated the passwords of the 75k subscribers who used the service most often while falsely claim…
Retweeted by Aevee BeeI don't believe anything anyone says about social media but if you want a direct link to the stream here it is are LIVE NOW...COME WATCH. a two-week hiatus we are streaming again; more men, more hits, and more standing around wondering why everyon…
HI!! After giving it a lot of thought I've decided to make a Patreon to share some pages in progress month to month…
Retweeted by Aevee Bee @CartaMonir lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooo welcome backare you staying hydrated?
Retweeted by Aevee Beethe only cool celebrity aka Carta Monir (@cartamonir) had her account suspended after being mass reported by TERFs,…
Retweeted by Aevee BeeCarta is one of the best people on this site, full stop.
Retweeted by Aevee BeeThis website was popularized by a single, universally unifying activity: clowning on Richard Dawkins. It's a true r…
@austin_walker @More_Civilized Austin it gives me absolutely no pleasure to tweet this but I have absolutely no other choice: Bolla RupaulIf astrology isn't real how come all earth signs universally LOATHE the half a-press videoNot sure if I believe the MHA fighter news but it'd be hype cause that's the only context a girl in that series wil… I see a red squiggly line under a brand name and then click to correct it, thinking I misspelled it, and inste…🌹🔫🌹 #GUILTYGEAR #ギルティギア
Retweeted by Aevee BeeStream is live! uhhh Aevee ditched me this week to go eat burritos with her friends so I'm gonna mash on some Melty…
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@kohquette YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS j.DNew pride flag just dropped! RT if you’re “the reference palette image used for all the rainbows in the UI of the u…
Retweeted by Aevee Beelearning the reason why every viral Tiktok was filmed in a empty mcmansion behind an impossibly huge kitchen island…"dog names" 10/?
Retweeted by Aevee BeeLive now with pre-show, live proper in about 15 minutes!! Join @mightyatom @MammonMachine @tonitonirocca & I as we…
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86. Being 28 this is now my Facebook feed
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@CBThorburn @coyotewags I didn't like the other Umbrella one so I made me own
Retweeted by Aevee Beefor pride month here is my new, better trans flag. imo it really represents us and our struggle 🙏
Retweeted by Aevee Bee @MammonMachine @christinelove
Retweeted by Aevee BeeThis month I want to express my support for the BTS (Bisexual, Transgender, Straight) community @Dacidbro @christinelove WAGNER LITERALLY SAYS THISwhich is it.
Retweeted by Aevee Bee @Dacidbro @christinelove knives out is state of mind. are you ready to face life knives out? or will you keep your…
"dog names" 1/8
Retweeted by Aevee BeeNo stream today! It's memorial day, Fern is recovering from a cross-country trip, and we've only got the rest of th… opposite handle is @ Gabriel Organics. I want it known how much research I did to make this accurate to catholic esoterica.
@lynnedrum CUUUTE???? Also you playin fix now??👀👀👀👀
@pattheflip Thank you for the reminder to play garouI drew a lot of RE8 for patreon this month. I haven’t posted for May yet, I just wanted to share this drawing of th…
Retweeted by Aevee BeeWould hate to be the person who runs the “Liminal Spaces” account, every day like “I need to find more liminal spaces”
Retweeted by Aevee Bee @kinucakes So cuuuuuuuuute T_T
"A long lost genre at its absolute peak" High praise for Ninja Saviors, so why not check it out now? 40% off now o…
Retweeted by Aevee Bee @Papapishu I don't actually mind hitching myself to a chrono trigger reference because "Mammon Machine" is every da…📌Hi! Some posts+RTs are NSFW⚠️ I do TV animation work and make queer F/F ⚢ comics: ROADQUEEN (T+):…
Retweeted by Aevee BeeGenuinely miss the days before twitter became a psychic damage world news feed and every viral post was just someon…
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This month is the 10th anniversary of me creating Bug Boys and drawing their first story. I wrote a little about ho…
Retweeted by Aevee BeeGoing live now with pre-show, live proper in about 15 minutes! I'll be joined by @MammonMachine @mightyatom as we e…
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It’s Quantum Break time baby!!! Tonight I continue to explore the Remedy FMV game which Microsoft owns the heart an…
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Retweeted by Aevee Bee @Papapishu @jetgreguar holy shit @jetgreguar Listen to me Ethan why dont you just help me with my shovel IM CALLING THE CITY OF POLICE TO HAVE YOU ARRESTED AND PUT IN JAIL @jetgreguar Ethan delivers EVERY line of dialogue like one of the guys getting so mad he mixes up a three cliche wo… @acosmos need on pc...cry
My new Artists Beware video "NFTs (are worse than you thought)" is live! ✨ I dive deep into the shady aspects of th…
Retweeted by Aevee Bee“I stumbled on your profile” well maybe you should pay more attention
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Retweeted by Aevee BeeI had written and drawn this out when it was very fresh. there’s still more from that time I want to say. it’s emba…
Retweeted by Aevee BeeNo stream today; @tenderfern has to fly back home to see family and we are recovering after the memorial for our fr…
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Retweeted by Aevee BeeTry topping me in real life and not online and see what happens.oh
Retweeted by Aevee BeeStream is live! Come through for Xrd Rev2 with @MammonMachine! it'll be a real cool time <3
Retweeted by Aevee Bee @BooDooPerson Happy to let the marketplace of ideas settle this @BooDooPerson I want to be absolutely unequivocal in my language: this you being bodied like this absolutely owns and Amanda is a queen
@christinelove oh i get this one all the time lol! No, there is never release @christinelove Hi Christine, always happy to discuss the creative process with a fan! This little jape is based on…