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What is wonderful? Are these porcupines wonderful? Are they significant? Are they what I need? Comics and shit at

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King Penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus)🐦🦜🕊️🐧🎵🐤❤️🐤
Retweeted by Christopher M @atothe_d @doctopmary @LindaFelcher @puiupo I swear to god the more depressed I get the bigger the animals I look for @atothe_d @doctopmary @LindaFelcher @puiupo this is us, get ready @atothe_d @doctopmary @LindaFelcher @puiupo my big dog will be so charismatic they will charm your dogs into follow… @doctopmary @atothe_d @LindaFelcher @puiupo I wanna be there but with one big dog who will slowly lure away Alex Degen's dogsgonna do this once I'm vaccinated have spent four years talking about fighting fascists and two hundred years before that licking the boots…
@atothe_d @britney_spheres holy shitting christ, every word in that more painful than the last
Retweeted by Christopher MAt least once a week there's a story like "New Study Reveals Killing Everything In The World May Be Bad For You" an… scorpion/frog business doesn’t add up, what’s the scorpion doing in the frog’s swamp anyway, that’s not his bi…
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Retweeted by Christopher Meverybody stop holding up big frogs to show how big they are, they don’t like it, it pisses them off how 72 billion terrestrial nonhuman animals and 1 trillion aquatic nonhuman animals are sacrificed to this death machine a year
Retweeted by Christopher MMoments in the history of science (fragment)
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Retweeted by Christopher MThey’ll refuse to let you back into your own country and then pick off what’s useful the bones from your corpse (RI…
Retweeted by Christopher MWe must heal as a nation, we must go back to when we were United, back to when half of the country owned the other… rewatching the trailer for the upcoming Marmaduke series on Disney+ to uncover new hints and revelations… commentary on local wild birds
Retweeted by Christopher Mend all borders, love all birdsfuckin bird cops almost killed an innocent bird to enforce their fucked up bird borders @svvampvvorship gonna spend all my energy getting pissed off at poor people instead of at their landlords- Man I wish this workday was over - Man I wish this week was over - Man I wish I could retire - Oops I have died
Retweeted by Christopher Minfested... with love don't know if I want his pillow anymore, to be honest @InternetHippo I respect his campaign for openly displaying his corpse under the banner BIDEN 2020: SOMETIMES DEAD IS BETTER
Retweeted by Christopher M @eelfriend I like bossy beautiful animals @eelfriend that's a beautiful goativy the goat
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@atothe_d this is the first time I saw that the Q people have a bunny flag, it actually looks kind of cool and part… night from the twilight pigs @gatheredremains I am definitely sadly giving the shotsAustralians came halfway across the planet to colonize another continent and massacred everyone and everything that… @doctopmary why, do you want to buy any of my coffee mugs, I have one with the sleepytime tea bear on itlisten, there are presidents that have owned slaves, and committed genocide, and incinerated entire cities with nuc… Capitol protesters will be found in a burned up car with bullet wounds in the back of their head because the Fed…
Retweeted by Christopher M📢 new pod alert 📢 THICK LINES: a comics podcast by sally madden & me. first episode up now:
Retweeted by Christopher Mme reading your subtweets
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@halfdesertrat can't wait for impoverished gig workers to give me my covid shot inbetween grocery shopping for tech… you're thinking "Chris, I vaguely recall your job involves being screamed at by old men because their grocery co… to announce that within weeks or a month or something (don't know when) I will be drafted into giving people… // huge beautiful cicada out tonight
Retweeted by Christopher Mfuck it, we’re goose twitter now, hashtag goosetwitter I gonna have to be goose twitter, is that what this comes down tohow have I managed to accidentally find Catholic Twitter and Knife Collector Twitter multiple times but have never found Goose Twitter
at the point where "hope" means "maybe we'll go extinct before we kill off literally everything else"[as children get locked up in concentration camps] well look it's hard but he is the president, what can you do [as…
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Retweeted by Christopher M @AFriendAMA but does it answer the most important question: do geese like mehey motherfuckers check this shit out
Retweeted by Christopher Mwatching birds perch on telephone wires and getting depressed realizing they're supposed to be perching in a treetrying to sleep but my pets keep waking me up
Retweeted by Christopher M @BatEveryHour @atothe_d excellent ears, thank you for thisgood day for geese @svvampvvorship the only crime is being anti-manateewhat
Suck it, libs. it may be JANUARY but the police can still, in fact, GET FUCKED
Retweeted by Christopher Mprestige television is when old violent Italian men ask to speak to my managermy contribution to this minute's Sopranos discourse is that everyone on the Sopranos looks and acts like my custome… @atothe_d mine are just stacked in weird places and I've always wanted to ask what real people do with them but I'm… pretty fucked up that politicians have to visit each others' offices to shoot each other when they should… @atothe_d serious question, how do you store your original pages?scene report
Retweeted by Christopher M @bensears punished... by severe abdominal cramps, pain and bloatingLove this promoted tweet
Retweeted by Christopher Ma quarter of the world's governments commit to burning only 70% of the world"treason" isn't real because the government is a tyrannical engine of misery undeserving of loyalty or obedience. w…
Retweeted by Christopher Msome stuff from 2017
Retweeted by Christopher Mhoney!!! it's time to look at depressing maps illustrating ongoing ecological collapse due to industrialization!!!
Retweeted by Christopher MI know she looks distressed here but that’s because I just gave her a giant chunk of bell pepper but hadn’t given h… pig tonight Environment: weird niche issue for nerds and hippies, who cares The Economy: very important, everyone believe…
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Here's a comic I made in 2014, it was in the FELONY comics anthology (now out of print) and was in Best American co…
Retweeted by Christopher M @imtakingabath @sh_wnee every damn day I could be a trilobite[as children get locked up in concentration camps] well look it's hard but he is the president, what can you do [as… can't go extinct fast enough the record there’s nothing wrong with a good insurrection, or even a little high quality sedition. It’s fascism that’s the problem.
Retweeted by Christopher MOne of the positive things that might have come out of extended self-isolation is that when Instagram recommends I…
Retweeted by Christopher M @atothe_d hot damnwhy listen to dumb humans like a loser when I can get all my advice from this wise and beatific ungulate fun running around calling everything a terrorist and calling the FBI on everybody, things which have never ended badly
Girls need to stick together, which is why I'm giving every woman in the world express permission to use my selfies for catfishing.
Retweeted by Christopher Mshe’s pretty chill today with the panda rat on a Sunday afternoon @elisabethnicula has nextdoor discovered the nufrank?Kaiju anatomical illustrations by Shoji Ohtomo
Retweeted by Christopher M @monasticliving podium manufacturersme, traveling back in time forty years: it's a bunch of computers stuck together, people are on it all the time, ye…
Retweeted by Christopher Mmore liberals wept and moaned about broken glass in an ugly old building this week than ever gave a shit about thou…
Retweeted by Christopher M @KenzHames @worldbirds32 @Delicious_Tacos happy to hear that the bear got delicious honey and almond butterno gods no masters
Retweeted by Christopher Mpatting myself on the back for bravely speaking truth to power a week before power leaves office and is replaced by… I was little I wanted to be that grasshopper that fucks off all summer and then mooches off the ant in the win…
Retweeted by Christopher M @ecophresh officerdown.gifFURRIES: what if you were a tiger ME: that sounds cool FURRIES: a tiger with a shirt and a tie and a real dumb hair…
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