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I just saw someone write a post about music being their only friend through thick and thing. There goes someone who… interview where I’ve tried to be as open as possible. This time for Ramdom Rave Project. Other than letting…, this is lush. @gillespeterson is a pure legend and I’m totally flattered. Friends tell me he played it Sa… you have to remember is that the Right Wing own the media. When they are calling everything as 50/50-ish wha…
Retweeted by Man PowerThis is ace and you should watch it living in a timeline where because Corbyn's glasses are a bit wonky you're two years away from living in a te…
Retweeted by Man PowerDominoes Pizza sending me so many emails doesn't make me feel shame. It's the fact it always chooses to do so at 15 minutes past midnight.
@nunodostres Unbelievable stuff!I'm at my Grandads and he's watching "Can't Pay? We'll take it away" on 5. There's a bailiff on it who looks like a…
I’m back in big tunes in this months @Mixmag with my new one Night War. Kiss my face @Leftfield I think you’re thinking of 10 11, and Thurman deffo influenced the vibe, so well spotted! I’ve been play… @Leftfield THANKYOU! Hearing that from you feels like a total “take the rest of the day moment”. You’re genuinely o…'m getting predictable here, but fuck me Watchmen is something else! Better every week! @BodytalkClub End up with them bringing back prima nocta instead @redrackem Well played DannyNow we're all convinced he's a total rotten nonce, can we discuss ending the Monarchy properly?
@PaulyBarton Good for everyone else at leastYou can say what you like about @easyJet <message ends>If the #EpsteinCoverup documentary isn't called 'Nonce Upon A Time In America' then really, what's the point of any…
Retweeted by Man Power @terrystuckshop ^^^^^
@lowy72 “THIS” @DJHeidiLawden Fuck me that one was particularly twatful by the end of its tenureGame. Set. Match. feel really bad for kids now. As soon as anyone expresses themselves with how they look, then it’s shared and bec… @redrackem Moaning. Moaning about the music industry definitely about music. So you’re all set ;) :P x @HeathrowAirport BrilliantHeathrow T5 girl She's been living in her Heathrow T5 world I bet she's never had a Heathrow T3 guy I bet her mama never told her whyYou may be black, you may be white; you may be Jew or Gentile, male or female it seems all we really have to look f… @ElliotAdamson Oh, no, you didn’t. I’m the tit @ElliotAdamson Yeah you did you titI shouldn’t encourage this. Someone came up to @ElliotAdamson at a gig we both played recently and commended him fo… @ElliotAdamson Wow, Bath night rolls round quicker and quicker as you get more grows’d upHoping that if I grab an extra hour on this next flight I can stop hating everyone today (you included) @RiotousRockers Which, given the competition, says a lot! (I do like lip gloss a lot too though)Also still terrified by how easy the Spotify algorithm finds it to predict my tastes. Hoping it’s just a sign that I’m open mindedNot gonna romanticise things, cos the 90s spawned some pure shite music too, but Pulp - Babies just started playing… @EmileStrunz Not telling you, you’re a grassStop copying the words and phrases everybody else is using. It’s boring to listen to you and the fact people are a… basement at Soho House Barcelona tonight. Private party, but I have some g list spaces for friends, so DM if you’re in town.
Episode one is flat, but episode 2 of the Mandalorian is an absolute JOY. It's taking cues from silent movies and c… @djmarcogiannini Aye. Dead good @lowy72 @joakim_bouaziz That + lazy + homeless @joakim_bouaziz I can sell you copies of mine...The Toys That Made Us proving I only have the 2nd most fun in job the world... @lukeunabomber and Krill @lukeunabomber TrillI've just spent £30+ on digital versions of @joakim_bouaziz tracks, most of which I already own on wax. They were g… @manueky My friend @drheckstable does the most beautiful acoustic version of this tbf
I'm so lucky... Roxy Music was probably the biggest vocal I've had access to so far, but as much as I love that rec… @superlax I enjoyed it a lot! Also grateful that I can watch it with my daughter too! @keinobjekt The Thing in Greenpoint always gets recommended to me, but I've never made it there yet to confirm @superlax Can’t really tell that off one fairly meh episodeMandalorian feels like a live action version of a Star Wars cartoon. Kind of necessary for the young audience they…
I realise 3.5 hours is a long time, and nobody actually asked me to do such a long mix, but I'm sick of speaking in… Mickey Mouse didn't want me to watch his new space telly show illegally, then he would have made it possible to subscribe in the UK @elroncubs @BorisJohnson WOW!!!! That is so simplistically devious that I feel certain it’s true!not gonna, but has @BorisJohnson deliberately made such that AWFUL 12 questions promo vid because he thinks its soo… over: *sitting on music. *taking advice on how to release things. *trying to play along with accepted… to @Man_Power_Music - his 'Night War' cut from his 'Extended Play' release is number 1 in @beatport 's Pea…
Retweeted by Man Power“@BorisJohnson lied to the public” you know what, fuck that, he lied to ME and that pisses me off and we should all… mean, there's plenty of fucking stupid tattoos kicking about ... but...
I’m not quite ready to pay for any of the Master Class courses they’re bombarding me with since I checked out their…, If you look at @jeremycorbyn in his crap trackie walking to get milk on his day off, and then look at… @annabel_ross The second it figures out how to do a Jesus pose or gun fingers then me and all of my peers are out of a job! @BoilerShopNCL @dj_tennis @Sage_Gateshead Awww you’re all lush! @nubient @Trevor_Horn_ Wow!!! @weare1of100 @TheSteveAClarke Tyres was the best(Typed while enjoying a Belle and Sebastian song I'd never heard that Spotify picked out for me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )Wix Logo Maker / Spotify Discover Playlists / Youtube Algorithms / Automated DJ Mixing Software etc etc etc... Arti… @cwheaney Then I don't want to eat it ever again @schmutzbelfast ... I mean ...Daisy Ridley turns in to Keira Knightly, who becomes Rache Weisz, who morphs in Jennifer Ehle, who transmogrifies i… @PhilipSherburne William “The Refrigerator” Perry got high with Sir Elton and Cuddles the Monkey #chinesewhispers @PhilipSherburne I once furtively watched 2 uniformed refrigeration engineers listen to Rocketman while they came u… know what. All the politicians are cosying up with sections of the public they want to gain votes off, but… tried “Lemon Posset”. Turns out it’s just zingy angel delight @Man_Power_Music sits down for a coffee with @MelodicDiggers - check out their chat and his 'Audiononism' mix now…
Retweeted by Man PowerNobody does E the way they used to (not even me) It was a quasi religious experience back then, and we all thought… the FUCK is “black November”? (Asked in relation to an advert for a fitted kitchen on ITV) @Ripperton Weirdly just started playing this again after years<3
@HeathrowAirport you blatantly always put flights to Newcastle at the back of the queue and it’s a horrible Londonc…’ve finally finished my second proper album. Almost 5 years since finishing my first. That’s how long it’s taken m… vídeo grabado desde un coche que atraviesa un incendio sirve para poner imágenes al tema "10 11" de…
Retweeted by Man PowerMy remix of @Man_Power_Music’s ‘Night War’ is out now via his Me Me Me label 🙌🏻
Retweeted by Man Power#NewVideo Un vídeo grabado desde un coche que atraviesa un incendio sirve para poner imágenes al tema "10 11" de…
Retweeted by Man Power @phil__cooper South Shields finest. The opening fires of Blade Runner were inspired by Billinhgam’s refineriesI think I'm comfortable enough to say @Trevor_Horn_ is my favourite music producer of all time. He's also from the…
I had a sunday roast, and then I finished my friends roast too which brought my Yorkshire pudding total up to 3 (in… @EmileStrunz Ok BoomerLondon remains cool as fuckBest Sunday dinner in Hackney?
@rexthedog1980 @BalearicSocial @steve_kiw @lukesolomon Bulldozed even @BalearicSocial @steve_kiw @lukesolomon Ahhhhh. magic??? Aye that was me on Bastedos. Released as Last Waltz :) @BalearicSocial @steve_kiw @lukesolomon @rexthedog1980 maybe?
@juanmaclean THUS SPAKE SPRAVATO @lee3erry YupI keep on seeing blokes hating on young women for the faces or poses they make on insta. Maybe I’m sensitive cos I… @Upsideyourmind Should be on beatport later today. Will plan vinyl if enough people ask in the coming months
Listen to the new @Man_Power_Music single via Liquid Youth now
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