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@nodoughmusic HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @posthuman Tacked on think there's been a kind of mass misunderstanding of the type of thing the word "research" usually refers toJesus man, how man people copying Lauer is enough? None of them are getting close either
@adicarter 3rd one is Dreadful. X2 Is still good though. Was amazing to actually see a proper Super Hero film at th… original X-Men Movies are all love letters to bootcut jeans. All 3 of them.👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀
Retweeted by Man Power @PSBurton @totallywould @porksmith I cans see this isn't going to go the way I want it toDFA RECORDS were the first people I added when I got soundcloud. Now I'm on their soundcloud. This simulation start… @totallywould @porksmith I wished you warned me you'd do this @totallywould , I would have taken some time to tidy… @tiraquon Ah! Excellent! Totally missed the reference, but this is kind of how i see it playing out anyway @tiraquon Im this scenario I also become friends with Doon Mackichen too, so its a decent trade off @tiraquon doesn't have to be a best buddy really. I'd settle to be one of a menagerie of friendshipHow easy do you think it would be for me to become friends with Matt Berry?I’d totally forgotten about what happens to body in the wire and now I’m fucking heartbroken
@BennyMaths Phones - Worryin is a pure wig splitter @BennyMaths TBF its full of hidden treasures, so the post is not a disparaging as it may have been initially conceived to be.Young DJs: in 2035 you can expect to have all your current Neo Garage records on the same part of your shelves as… @phil__cooper You'll know loads of them @phil__cooper Not going to quote anyone direct as its too obvs but most along the lines of "I'm sick of all of thes… @phil__cooper I'm not saying they're not buying, but the amount of whinging posts was huge👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 "scene", May 2020 - "Yay Bandcamp are doing it right, big up all the labels fighting to survive. You have our f…
Check out Daft Punk's new single "Get Lucky" if you get the chance. Sound of the summer.
Retweeted by Man PowerJesus @bryanadams , they're basically saying you're expendable!"I sent a message to the internet but it rejected" Mousse T. feat. Hot 'n' Juicy - Horny '98 Notably none of the a… @annabel_ross You should buy mine. Not even sorry I said this ;) @DFA1976 @AmyDouglasSings Even better! @DFA1976 @AmyDouglasSings Just think of a track. Then another at the same time, and then just the second one. Works for me @DFA1976 @AmyDouglasSings No current plans during the pandemic but always possible if the demand is thereLots of new tracks from DFA on Bandcamp today: new remixes of YACHT & Wolfram + Man Power Ft Amy Douglas.…
Retweeted by Man PowerKiss my (our) face(s)
Maybe its wishful thinking because of my age, but I see the pandemic + online life and work, sending people away fr… commodification of arts has been like boiling a frog. Multi disciplinarian used to mean you were interested in… schism I predicted between the "underground" and the "entertainment industry" side of clubbing is already start… tight jet lag crew. Maybe another random meal will help :/Thank you internet nobody else shocked by the correlation with being a billionaire and being a completely fuckwit? I'm sure I only… @DJHeidiLawden another day another divvy
@BleachingAgent The only surprising thing was how many supposedly purist creators and DJs were quite happy to jump… @BleachingAgent I think once you accept that none of this intense "entertainment industry" end of music is about ac… to the game but fuck me Devs is amazing. Even better with good headphones. Soundtrack is phenomenal. @BodytalkClub you weren’t wrong
@AmyDouglasSings @Man_Power_Music now playing “Flashing Lights” on The All-Nighter on @fbiradio (thanks…
Retweeted by Man Power @BodytalkClub Humphrey Littleton
@tillotsizzle Literally the only possible answer when asked this questionFave Beatles Album? Leaning towards Abbey Road today
Complaining about the state of a music scene based on your perception of the quality of the music made seems redund…
Big respect and all power to @sunilsharpe We need voices of experience, not agents of conformity. 24 year old muck… watched more WARAQ videos than a man of my age should have seen
Using energy saying things are shit < Using energy trying to make things less shitMy @CoughingP choices (6-8) @BrumRadio : @Gavsborg @SpeshRequests @Soundway @jayglassdubs @OptimoMusic
Retweeted by Man PowerPeople from Newcastle, Sunderland or Middlesbrough who delight in seeing unfortunate things happen to either neighb…
Discovering @ToyGalaxyDan's channel on Youtube has returned me to feeling like I did when I was 7 and I was best fr…
@OmenaRecords 70 I have a similar post planned where I just substitute words like “in” and “creativity” with “bladder control”
40 is actually great. Too old to be truly "in" and too old to care about it. Massive freedom to just become yoursel…
@actionzmann Cool. Nothing to do with my point. But cool. @BodytalkClub Totally thought he'd be a Country and Western singer until I googled him
As if an all clear on my Covid test results wasn’t a great thing already, it was just celebrated with the first pro…
"Your daddy loves us very much. He just doesn't want to live with us anymore"
@BodytalkClub @antonydaly ... I will die before I’m your age? @BodytalkClub @antonydaly I’m more on about what Daly’s saying. Frightening possible glimpse in to my future @antonydaly @BodytalkClub Jesus!
Just boarded my final flight and tried to finish the film I was watching by tethering my Mac to my phones 4G. I’m i… @thewavesinside In Bruges for startersComedy Colin Farrell increases the quality of any film he’s in by at least 37%
@posthuman I'd sooner collect Focus Points than "Exposure" @posthuman They're only good at Argos mate. SorryHave things turned in to some computer game where if you take out another bigger DJ you get their "DJ Points""There's nothing like catching pictures of former schoolmates looking crap for you to realise that your'e a shit old bastard too @RockcliffeFiles You should have waited till Wednesday morning at five o'clock As the day begins
@totallywould Bread @totallywould I will say though that it’s stomach related for me, so not sure if it helps joint pain @totallywould It’s changed my life. I feel completely different. I didn’t realise how bad it was until I made it go… @totallywould Ah mate, I feel for you. It may not be applicable, but have you looked in to Monash Uni's work on FOD…
@BodytalkClub “How do you shoot the devil in the back??!?” @lovefingers Urgh, that’s awful. Would prefer people didn’t invoke the term artist if they’re approaching things fr… @lovefingers I never saw any of that. @lovefingers Completely true. Can I ask what’s prompted you to post this though? Is someone in particular being a (… will be playing ‘90s euphorics and current Rexstatic vibes. I’m playing 8pm until @Man_Power_Music kicks me off…
Retweeted by Man PowerIn any cosmic horror story where the description of the monster is left to the reader’s imagination, the author is…
Retweeted by Man PowerIn an airport waiting to fly. First time in 4 months. The time away has made me appreciate how truly mind numbing 9…
Men over 35 in skinny jeans....
Retweeted by Man Power @BodytalkClub Drew?Having a 10 year old daughter is like having a really funny, cool and clever best mate, but even better cos you get… @IanODonovan Season 1 of the Soprano's was amazing, you just end up weighing it against itself, plus every over arc… @IanODonovan It’s too uneven for me. Seasons 3 and 5 aren’t as good as the others. The sopranos is consistently ama…
Sopranos Deffo is the more consistent and objectively better TV show but the Wire Series 4 is better than any single series of Sopranos IMHO @VodafoneUK are you kidding? I have to DL an app so I can work out why your broadband isn't working? and then someh… @DJHeidiLawden Please. We’re looking down the barrel of 8 months apart otherwise and it’s getting beyond the stage… @DJHeidiLawden Really??? UK Nationals?Can someone explain why THE FUCK are there nothing but EU / UK - US flight options on Kayak for me getting to Mexic…
Cannot get over these interviews from Nebraskan television. Here's Elliott Gould having a....great time.
Retweeted by Man Power @BodytalkClub @realDonaldTrump Brilliant @totallywould I know it was rhetorical, but the opening character montage in Magnolia is one of the best i think... @realDonaldTrump Tit @BodytalkClub @realDonaldTrump HAHAHAHAHA
Retweeted by Man PowerThe way he thinks, holds himself, talks and acts is everything i'm proud of with regards to being a Geordie... Res… @BodytalkClub I've told you this before, but I'm almost certain 5 years is my favourite song of all timeNews guy wept when he told us Earth was really dying Cried so much his face was wet Then I knew he was not lying