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NERD HELP NEEDED! I need to repurchase the Korg Legacy collection but it appears they don’t do the legacy cell as p… imagine Moby’s new tattoo produced similar eye rolls by his fellow vegans to the ones produced in most of Newcast…’s great that the internet means “the kidz” are growing up with such “self actualising wisdom” (TM) courtesy of t… @mrrichardshort No mames gueyNo more pretend DJ videos of mixing a Gas Hob or EQing a vodka bottle please. To quote The Smith’s “That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore”
“I decided this afternoon to go back to Mexico tomorrow cos I’ve got a weekend off for once” Who the fuck do I even think I am these days?Huge thanks to @nemonemetaxas for supporting @Man_Power_Music remix of 'Hunting Grounds' on her @BBC6Music show la…
Retweeted by Man PowerOooh. Twitter just told me I got a Been play via @nemonemetaxas on @BBC6Music :D a nervous tick from all these management-prescribed awkward video messages, that I keep seeing people I kno… you to @beatport for featuring Me Me Me for their latest HYPE label spotlight. Track is Club Tularosa - Starl…
@PadzoChambers (And I’m totally doing this to excuse me for ignoring anyone else who tries this approach) @PadzoChambers Nice you asked man! Most come straight in to my pms with a lubeless “hey bro”. Send it for sure. Wil…“Moby Mo Problems”
@phil__cooper Fuck me! Some lineup! @trisgallagher #topknackingRA says "Moodymann teams up with New Era for Detroit-inspired clothing collection" Would all those hating on Pegg…'d think there was a limit to how many legal proceedings could be taken out against someone before they decided…
@audiocarousel I’m more considering that maybe I respond better to working things out myself than being mentally sc… taught me any of the things I’m told I’m good at, but I had lessons for plenty of the stuff that I do terrib… @bearmanagement To be fair I’m crap with anything when you get past scotch cornerListen to the @marvinandguy remix of Club Tularosa on the @Man_Power_Music owned Now Now Now
Retweeted by Man PowerSince quitting my FB profile this morning I’ve managed to get through all my tasks by midday, fix my 90 yr old gran…’ve left Facebook and now I’m re learning how to Google like im translating the scrolls of some forbidden dark art @coupdestace_ They have and it’s amazing
having one of those moments where you discover some new (to me at least) music that just blows your head off on bot… got @dj_tennis to come to Newcastle. Finally got ourselves in to @Sage_Gateshead to do a party. Bigness is brilliant
Thanks to @lukesolomon for playing, Newcastle in general for dancing, and Prefab Sprout for gifting me with such be…’s 4am in Wallsend and my oldest friend, Big Keith (who I’ve known for 32 years) has made a big deal until we put…
I had a 2hr chat with the @beatport folks talking about everything from the Music Industry, the Rave Scene, my fami…
#11 Stop conflating celebrity with artistic merit. Desire or support either or both, but you’re on thin ice when you confuse or combine them#10 Stop overcharging your allies. Everybody’s got to eat.#9 Stop selling yourself cheap. You’re worth more than you know#8 Representing a cause or a movement as a vehicle to drive your sales and profile. It’s a fine line, but when you… @DJHeidiLawden I also favour Stu’s B - Side “I Told A Fib” for the Dekmantel crowd#7 thinking if people do like your music it must be good#6 Thinking if people don’t like your music it must be bad#5 Listening to people like me! What the fuck do I know. EVERYBODY is making this up as they go along. You can work… being mean about other people trying to get by in the same thing as you. The struggle actually IS real. You thin… doing a tape release... when you don’t even have a tape player at home#2 Doing all your “digging” on YouTube and then looking down on Digital LabelsSo, in no particular order, here’s some unnecessary BULLSHIT which isn’t about music that many of us are guilty of… @alhandgun Loved those!How daft is this venue tho! 🚂😂🙌 Audio Obscura x Trick w/ @Patrick_Topping at Lil' Central Station w/ @KrystalKlear
Retweeted by Man Power @lowy72 It's all about those early influences maaaaaan @djmarcogiannini Brilliant"My New EP which Channels my Earliest Influences of Roland Rat - The Rat Rap, Stu Francis - Ooh I could Crush A Gra…"This new Electro EP represents the sounds I was surrounded by as a child" How come your early shit nobody listene…
no one: me on the metra when that @juanmaclean @Man_Power_Music EP comes on:
Retweeted by Man Power @melodysenemy Dance music that you'll never ever ever ever hear in a club for starters @dannyrodgerss That seems so odd to meI wasn't able to wrap my head around a bunch of Techno and House trends recently... ...until literally just now wh… first remixer of @SannaLaFleur , Hunting Grounds is Me Me Me head honcho, @Man_Power_Music. Man Power is known…
Retweeted by Man PowerMillennials aren’t humourless, or “snowflakes”. They’ve just been born in to a world where the internet has polaris…
We can call ourselves “DJs” or “producers” but unless we (me included) accept that the world has changed and those…“Dance like nobodies watching” went out the window pretty quick after the advent of camera phones and video streaming @BorisJohnson , even though closing parliament may well fail in letting you circumvent their assent for a no deal,… STALLONE IS "MURDER MAN" in "MURDER MAN 10. THIS TIME I'LL KILL THEM MORE"
@posthuman As well as a towering aerobic achievement @posthuman Apparently it lead directly on to Four Tet inventing AfricaWe did it. Buy them here. Sorry if its triggered some folks (I'm lying. Totally not sorry.)
Being a step parent is mental, but great. I feel lucky I was raised by people who weren't my parents too, as I thin…
The only time in my life where I’ve been able to cheer myself up by google searching the words “Boris Johnson” or “Conservative Party
It’s weird watching people younger than me get oldCongratulations to Memes for turning the internet, the most sophisticated and fulsome communication medium in the h… @MartinWO Nice one man. Good to hear of some positive benefits too
delicious scenes from Nicholas Soames
Retweeted by Man Power @trisgallagher Piss off “gabba grandad”Nothing like checking Instagram as soon as you wake up, to stoke your feelings of inadequacy, jealousy, despair and… has changed my life to the degree I now say things like “the BA strikes mean I may be stuck in LA till Wednes…
@DavideMartine Last match I went to was in the mid 90s. Feels like I made the smart move. Just wish it was as easy… political results will probably go back to being rotten again soon enough, but so far I've learned 2 things...… @blackmadonnachi You up to speed now, or would you like me to PM a breakdown?
at the risk of romanticising things, today has been possibly the most significant day in parliament during my lifet… it goes how I want, I actually don't think the delays are sign of UK democracy failing, but actually the op… this is happening... mean, it may ultimately mean I end up living off pigeon carcasses for the rest of my days, but I have to say I'm… shiiiiiiiit. Me Me Me is turning 3. What the actual fyuckkk??? Listen to EVERYTHING we've ever done, here:… @Bartellow I’m conflicted, but deep down I realize that’s subjective thinking and the removal of gatekeepers is a g…
@CosminTRG I’m more queasy about whether I’ll be able to ever play anywhere else from that point onwards @mconion77 @SecretDJBook He also did Junker, which was the shittiest thing to read or look at In The comic during my time reading it @mconion77 @SecretDJBook I think the first one was great because of the twist ending. They got a bit too polite for… @mconion77 @SecretDJBook Summer Magic too! That first story was brilliant @SecretDJBook @beanerberlin Almost impossible isn’t impossible i guess. And I feel like we’re doing everything properly @posthuman The sheer fuckoffness of my statement also means that I'll choose to ignore any dissent from you too ;) @MellaDee_ (almost) Every track of my own I've done on MMM has been ones that nobody else wanted. (almost) Every tr… sheer fuckoffness of being able to release whatever you want on your own label whenever you want to without hav… @SecretDJBook Final book? You mean 4, the colour one... or is there another? @SecretDJBook Just re reading it. Up to 3, the best one, and mega excited to delve in now. I think for me its the best of all time.Zenith > Watchmen. Change my mind. #niche #dweeb“But all politicians lie” Only cos thick cunts keep voting the wrong ones in to power.
@alhandgun fully lol'dAlan Moore writing on W Blake in today's Guardian. "In the hallway of No 13 Hercules Buildings, Blake beheld both a… you do anything rash please just try to remember that all of your bold fashion statements will eventually go…
I’ve said “dafuq?” enough times today to justify its inclusion in the dictionary purely from my usage alone @DJHeidiLawden @ClashMagazine Well if true then fuck that cunt @DJHeidiLawden @ClashMagazine Straits? If true it hits harder than Rolfe, which was just tooooo fucked up already
Honestly, any of you sharing pure cack-talk, saying “what I think the game the queen is really is playing is” get i… cos its glorious and we could all do with a laugh
@posthuman @70sscifiart Interested to know how the board game works