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He is on! dear dad used to say Godspeed to me. Love it. Speech? Get used to propaganda! It’s easier. I could’ve sold out and made so much more money. But instead I fi… NEVER give last shows to people like me. I have tried to be respectful. I’ve had a few outbursts I’m sure they… North you bastard!!! means a lot to me. Thank you so much. Be blessed. Happy Thanksgiving. us!’ll enjoy my last 10 minutes tomorrow between 8:50 AM and 9 AM. No bridge burning just giving thanks to those th… pal Alex Jones @PRISONPLANETGR has suggested it! never sold out! oh I did a bunch of commercials I loathed to pay the bills for the company but other than that- F… am heartbroken. And just broken up. But I believe in a God restores. @MancowMuller I'm 40 now and I've been listening to you since I was in high school (15 I think). You have been li…
Retweeted by MancowMullerGod‘s calling always has a birth, a death , and a resurrection. Tomorrow it’s death. The end of my beloved radio sh…
It really was my great honor to have so many friends join me every morning. of offers in that respect. hope so. Really during this plague I got so far away from what I ever wanted to be. A pressure valve in the morni… asked them to keep him on. He’s staying. For the time being. He’s fantastic. And I know he will make Ryan Cheveri… @Fab4lvr13 @wlsam890 @InsideRadio @RobertFeder @getfitbill @larrysoldinger @lascarola2 My name aint Joe bro.Right on! really JUST prayed And got that exact message. And this was the first tweet I saw after. Thank you Jill. Serendip… a beautiful antique world map. The kind that pulls down like a window shade. I handed my wife a dart and I told…
Love you! you are a champion. True! Absolutely no guests allowed. Endless rules. Because of this too hyped Wuhan Red Death . buddy! you so very much! you. I don’t have any intention at this moment of coming back but- have gobbled up radio and homogenized and demoralized... find out if it ends with me burning every bridge or I go out classy like next Wednesday.! being governor.Teaching English in Japan. @MancowMuller @wlsam890 @InsideRadio @RobertFeder @getfitbill @larrysoldinger @lascarola2 Hate to see the end. The…
Retweeted by MancowMullerOnly 5 more shows left for me! How will it end? Will I burn every bridge or will I go out classy like? @wlsam890 are trees like @jamesmacdonald ? They’re both shady. Get it?@HarvestBible1 @PamCapitanini @GregoryDickow might be some trepidation but don’t let hesitation deprive you of hope and try to replace it with fear.… from the preacher (@jamesmacdonald )that tries to draw you away from the light. In the final analysis it’s usel… but I think I undid him when I started to kid him. (@jamesmacdonald ) I said I roll with the flow wherever it g… was this didactic minister (@jamesmacdonald ) that told me of sinister things that would happen if I were to…
Sick! @AynRandInst Ayn Rand weeps. “Think like everybody else or get canceled!” China- endorsed Joe Biden (the trojan hor…
Uhhhh.... it’s a long list. rare moment of honesty from disgraced pastor @HarvestBible1 James Macdonald! Apropos. @Hesaidwhat7 @HarvestBible1 Stand in line! To know the REAL him (not that fa… Covid has slowed the freight train that’s headed for this chump punk! Court soon. Truth wins when Macdonald lo…’s very creepy. And I’m the alleged “shock jock?” Oh, irony of ironies! A scatological creep! And THAT is in the… now controls us. tried! found James Macdonald (disgraced @HarvestBible1 conjob) to have a sick twisted view of masculinity. He was scatal… connection. god is $! @reachjulieroys @HarvestBible1 @jamesmacdonald The god he serves ain’t of the bible. His god is your $!Very appropriately stated. Truth hurts Macdonald. To my shame I was fooled by him for a while. Fake-crying and all!… my opinion he suffers from megalomania, demonic oppression, or both. “That blobby fat boy ain’t right.” Still I…! I actually am upset that this Wuhan Red Death has slowed everything down in the courts. I’ve got so much abo… on! me prove he’s a liar!Disgraced oaf James McDonald @HarvestBible1 said he wants everything public. Wonderful.…
Thank you Julie! One of the final straws was when I realized how unfair demon Macdonald was w/ u. hosted a rally today in Winnetka. Open the schools! James Macdonald @HarvestBible1 claims in his frivolous loser of a lawsuit against me that I was eavesdroppi… MacDonald is attempting to rewrite history. Folks , the actor we saw behind the pulpit @HarvestBible1 was an… McDonald’s @HarvestBible1 pants on fire? It seems like this guy just can’t stop lying. That recording is EXACT… Macdonald @HarvestBible1 believes I was in league to defrock him? Macdonald reads like a Screwtape letter! Z… @HarvestBible1 James Macdonald’s newest storyline : he was a big lavish spender (that lived like the sultan of Brun… former pastor from @HarvestBible1 James Macdonald quotes the Bible? So does the devil. For a svelte-le… Macdonald unfathomably squeezed more money from @HarvestBible1 .All those non-disclosure’s are now moot. Hope… James McDonald doesn’t have a 2 foot long nose! James McDonald has signed a nondisclosure agreement with…
See you!
Ha so now a vaccine. 90% success rate! And they knew about it before the election! So another Trump victory!… pound for pound I thought you were the buffest Buffy!’ll support President Kamala just as much as the left supporting President Trump. Even.“Now is the time for healing?” Healing from ?!? That’s what I keep hearing on the left. A healing from you burning… PM Eastern @realDonaldTrump is asking us to pray for him and for the supreme court to do the right thing. I beli… Stone on ... WHOA!!! WLS 890
The next time I vote Democratic I won’t be alive to see it.
Sean Connery died. Met him once. Great!
@MancowMuller @RealRLimbaugh @KenWebsterII @RealJamesWoods @realDonaldTrump @PamCapitanini @PamelaGeller The Cow is now!
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@natpdotcom Natalie Portman has reimagined classic kids books to be more feminist now. For instance - “Tortoise and…
Chuck-let’s go loot! You know for “reparations” the Democrats win they’ll take your guns.’t that great everybody you get to pay for “a decade of decadence two?!?!” Try gain! It’s good to know Foley the legend isn’t a communist. your comedy is delicious. I heard you wore assless chaps. do you think of the new chef at Commanders?!! Ivanka got a legal trademark. Complain about that. All the while the Bidens have made billions by selling out A… is a 1 man frat house! lost soul.’ll CRUSH KILL DESTROY it kid! I thought I dug Kirstie as a hot Vulcan! Now a Trumpet? Vulcan yeah! -don’t tell me my brisket business boy. @RobSchneider @Facebook Rob had Allen Covert on today. Where have you been babe? He says your new Netflix special i… Trump is bringing Hunter Biden’s business associate to the debate tonight! Hilarious. @RealRLimbaugh
Biden said that we would have mandatory vaccinations. (Well,not exactly “mandatory” but you won’t be able to buy or… totally disappeared the Hunter Biden laptop story. This is mind-boggling.
Retweeted by MancowMullerLove the black lady behind Trump! She’s stealing the show! Haha! @DiamondandSilk @RealRLimbaugh @reachjulieroys
A bank has dropped its foreclosure vs @JamesMacDonald and reinstated the mortgage on his $1.5 million Elgin estate.…
Retweeted by MancowMullerMy lovely wife must feel old today. Her childhood crush is 50. Happy birthday Kirk Cameron. I think this is him: @FargoFX has been one of the greatest television series ever. I love everyone involved this time around but is it…
Yes, I knew Eddie Van Halen. He was cantankerous. “Van Hagar” was MY band. Broke much of their music. Sad news.… you’d like to be me? I have some guy that keeps sending me videos with his creepy puppet... all day. ...Every…