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She/Her Author, actor, singer, wife, mom, sailboat owner. Roller Derby. SFWA. Disabled. Queer. Leia Organa stan. Rep by @draper_claire

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Also my dog agrees'all. I am SO solar powered. I have been on the boat, in the slip, in the sunshine for an hour and a half and I'm…
Lazy mutt on sailboat is my copilot. @BrianHezza Whatever it is, it's going to be epic @gwendamned @AliciaWanstallB @Angelaboord My debut has one F-bomb and other colorful language 😁Someone I don't know and have never met popped into a friend's fb thread today to tell me he read TDSC & loved it.… one's for you, @SeattleKraken
Retweeted by Manda @ Spring Break! @semirose @draper_claire I think since #QueerKidLit is such a young genre/category that your being a young agent makes you Extra Wise about it.Friends, have I mentioned lately the excellence that is a weighted heating pad? Because it's truly the best thing.Tonight on the bird app! Chat with my rad agent about #QueerKidLit and learn from their wisdom ❤️🧡💛💚💜💜 Boat chores in 20k winds yesterday= sore back today. What the heck, body? We're on vacation! Aleve & ibuprof… will probably CRY at the next Running of the Hoods. it turns out, DISASTERS AT SEA is an excellent program by which to write about an airship crash- even if it is a… sleep at home before sleeping *someplace else* for THREE NIGHTS. Very exciting stuff!! @see_starling That movie was one of the prints I trained on when I was learning to work in a projection booth. The… @KSeattleWeather My boat and I are READY.I would like for @UrsulaV to know that my child is heavily invested in the WIZARD'S GUIDE Hugo nomination and that… case anyone is wondering how seriously I take being on vacation, this is a bellini in a pilsner glass.
Ok. About to leave for chores/errands. I have 2500 words in the draft so far today. Should be able to get another 2… six lumpia was exactly the right number of lumpia. Back to work! have six lumpia in a bowl. Six lumpia looks like a lot of lumpia, but I think I can do it.About 1500 words into the day and I'm through the [first] hard part. Now I snack. #AmWriting @charliejane It was delivered to my Kindle late last night and I look forward to reading it!!Louder for the people in the back 👇👇👇
Retweeted by Manda @ Spring Break! @ek_johnston It's *amazing*Me: *wants to stream something for background noise*. Me: Going on a boat trip starting tomorrow, maybe something… @sarahmiyoko @megelison @_alexrowland @englishmace's starting wordcount is 46154. I have a lot of vacation prep to deal with today, so if I can top 50k by the e… happens when I tweet before coffee: Also congrats to beloveds @megelison @_alexrowland @englishmace and… again I'm thrilled to see friends nominated for Hugo Awards!! Looking at you @seananmcguire & @snarkbatA little over 9k today and I'm calling it. Because the next scene needs more work than I can reliably do well at mi… I found the @NanoSeattle 2020 DUCK! Blanket Duck is here to crack me up. I will be refining the description,… Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos. am absolutely about to eat something fried. I have no idea *what* exactly. But something. Fried. Absolutely. @ohcatrina CATRINA!! This is gorgeous. I knew you could ART but this is some next-level stuff. I am seriously impressed.hey does anyone know the ticker's @ we got them a bat @blaseball can you give this to the ticker
Retweeted by Manda @ Spring Break!Me: This is really verbose even for me. What the heck, chapter 13? Document: literally titled "NaNoWriMo 2020 Vers… I have maxed out my bet on the Crabs this season. Fingers crossed they make us both happy. @sam_aye_ahm I am definitely a writer because this has definitely happened to me. @AbigailFair Our Very Fancy dishwasher came with the (new construction) house and I will never again be able to liv… @thedorkydiva OMW Savanna I am in awe. Looking forward to the day I can ooh & ahh all over this costume in person.SIGNAL BOOST first-level word goal for the day was 5k and I've hit it! Now for the stretch goal of 5k more.... #AmWriting
@see_starling This one is weird since half or more is copy/paste from the previous draft (a few sentences at a time… to get 3500+ words in. Now I cook. More later. @ryorin I want to sail the inside passage, tie up in Anchorage, and spend a few weeks exploring before sailing back. @ryorin Maybe only when they're shooting a TV show. But I love GFTR and Alaska is a bucket list destination for me,… they did a season of Great Food Truck Race in Alaska and now I know what I'm doing today.MECFS: *on a good day* every hour I'm awake feels like four hours for a normal person. On a bad day I feel like you… @NerdyInNOLA @Tinu @alexhaagaard My normal temperature is 97.3 and I STG no MD has ever ever ever believed me when… waiting to buy Kraken merch-- there's free stuff on offer currently! do not mean to be awake at quarter til one in the morning but here we are, I guess. Decided to set a 20k wordcoun… have said before that I will never be a billionaire because the moment I have access to even tens of millions of… @clairewillett I have a whole diatribe about grumpy/grouchy women and how revolutionary that is as a concept. I am… @sarahmiyoko @albinokid @kithrup I literally just bought a pound of this: have seen cheesecake. But have you seen CHEESE cake? This is bananas. @kithrup Grand Cru Reserve gruyere sur choix.Hero level found my very favorite cheese (hasn't been in a store here in a long time) for sale online and I think I'm about… @Claribel_Ortega Because skating injuries mean that when someone asks you what happened, you get to tell the tale o… @ScottChicken This was by driving. Alexa says as the crow flies it's 2100 and change. My guess is that it's 700 mil… @Wishme 🎶 Everybody look around hear the sound-- somethin' special's gonna come your wa-ay. We've got somethin' tha… @Wishme I only wanted to be a cast member on Kids Incorporated. And a Mouseketeer.Happy #NationalPetDay from Sir Toggle of Waggle. @AnneWheaton Reported.2,873 miles @sevenishmagpies I literally just went to check your pronouns because we haven't seen each other in a whileRain and coffee @Bibliogato @zlikeinzorro I have a package of these in neon pink on their way to me now thanks to these posts.
@KristinBaver @ek_johnston @Loungefly Send Kate the Padme Backpack Challenge 2k21. Seriously. @thedorkydiva I mean... I knew you could sew-- but this is some NEXT LEVEL gorgeousness. Fingers crossed for seeing… @defnotbrooklyn I love how much he loves you. Remembering how shy he was at first.... You are such a good kitty mom!Once more, with the link: there, friends! In half an hour I'll be teaching my Pitching Workshop (a thing that usually costs dollars) for… @NateCrowder We put the peas and cucumbers in. The broccoli will go in today. The carrots and eggplant will go in n…'all, it was 34°F overnight. By the end of this week it's going to be 70. Go home, Seattle spring, you're drunk! @murderluna Crossing my fingers for you!Celebrating our Queen @Grudge_Cat on #NationalPetDay 👑 #StarTrek
Retweeted by Manda @ Spring Break! @R_A_Smith I definitely got a ticket in Germany and never saw the Politzei. @albinokid Please send along the word to your friends that Sir Toggle loves them and wants you all to be happy. #dragrace
Retweeted by Manda @ Spring Break!Hey @Jeopardy, this is one of those moments when doing what the internet is yelling at you to do happens to actuall…
Retweeted by Manda @ Spring Break!Update: what if I midnight lumpia? Would satisfy my salty-tooth AND make the CBD work better.#TransRightsAreHumanRights
Retweeted by Manda @ Spring Break!As a person shopping for an electric wheelchair, I feel this in the depths of my soul blue just dropped
Retweeted by Manda @ Spring Break! @kaludiasays Claire is very good, actually.even if you’re fully vaccinated the CDC still recommends finishing your current project before starting 12 new ones
Retweeted by Manda @ Spring Break! @kaludiasays Oh no!! Feel better! Lmk if there's anything I can do from out here. @runwithskizzers I ship itWe're planning a 3-4 day/2-3 night spring break *vacation* to the middle of the lake for the end of next week and I…
@lsirikul I recently bought a notebook specifically to stick stickers in so I could keep them nice forever and not… BOOST still yearn for the specific fun I used to have playing Ghostbusters for Atari.'all the windstorm happening in my neighborhood right now is gusting so hard that it sounds like things are explod… @mikechenwriter Can we please write a Star Trek book together? Because I think it would be a RIOT.