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She/Her. Author, actor, singer, wife & mom. Roller Derby. SFWA. Disabled. Queer. I tweet about Princess Leia a lot. Rep by @draper_claire BOOK:

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@baroquebachmtn @tee_spoonie I had a meter maid pound on my car window to give me the third degree about my temp pl… @GeoffThorne This is going to be in my head now. For a *while* I do not know from whence I became aware of this so… love him. Best hugs on the planet.👇
Retweeted by Manda @ the Dragonstone Conspiracy @semirose @Wanderlustin For the record: I always want to see pet photos. Especially dogs, cats, & bunnies. But all…👇 I have found I do better eating fresh/minimally-processed foods, so I prefer home-or-restaurant-cooked food, but… in @snarkbat Who I know will have thoughts. @gwendamned @BenGalley I mean... I am. And airship crashes are rough @Feministnerd I lived overseas. I know that expat life and how there are certain itches you just can't scratch without the real thing @Feministnerd DM me an order and your address and I will send you some! @a_constant_wip Something something Road To Hell @Feministnerd Do I need to send you cookies? @gwendamned @BenGalley I have already killed the genial and competent engineer, his hard-working, dedicated staff,… would like to report a murder. they can't save themselves-- perhaps by pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps, then they really don't de… side-eye in the ADA queue at a con because I look "young and healthy" when my cane is folded up.… @ThatTallKiwiGuy @Feministnerd Thank you! Will listen while doing boat chores tomorrow!I believe you can cancel online using the chat function on their site. @cassylynneakle @ChristieGolden I do IF with keto but I do it for inflammation, not weight loss. I'm glad it works… @OfficeMonkey The kinds for me. Thin Mint Do-Si-Do Samoa Toffee Tastic @Feministnerd Imma havta google this one. @kelli_staci They're all online this year!! A derby sister posted her daughter's site on FBOops. I tripped and bought Girl Scout Cookies. @inkhaven @seananmcguire My favorite living feline is Seanan's big boy who wears medically necessary sweaters and I… @seananmcguire @sevenishmagpies @OfficeMonkey I'm just saying... It's probably for the best that our circle has dec… @OfficeMonkey @sevenishmagpies I... I do possess this knowledgeNot sitting up, no. Not on a plane or anywhere. But give me that good transatlantic lie-flat seat and yes I can. @ChristieGolden Chile rellenos! Or just blister them, fill them with cheeses, and bake until the cheese is gooey. @ethiedee I have had a couple of socially distanced friend-dates: two on my patio, one on my bestie's catio (comple… @whetstone @seananmcguire Thank you 💞10/10 would die for JoJo "it's *YOUR* normal" Siwa all my fellow medical abuse/trauma survivors dealing quietly with being triggered by the immunization info campa… @Annaleen @megelison You now have my attention 😁 @jmatwood @RutiRegan Hi! I'm a truly excellent cook who has spent time in professional kitchens and I am not afraid… @OfficeMonkey should we let the kiddo play this? He knows his way around Berlin.... @kuangrf Dialogue. Especially witty banter. *Especially* especially moving the story along through the exchange of witty banter.Oops. I looked at the interactive TV guide and ANH is on. My family has no choice but to watch it now
Hey! You!! My brilliant, creative AAPI friends: have a look need to be humble enough to admit that we don’t know the lived experience of others, respectful enough to learn…
Retweeted by Manda @ the Dragonstone Conspiracy @KrystinaArielle I spent some TIME yesterday reporting harassers and will be doing so again today. This is awful,… well is the best revenge @meenaharris @KamalaHarris @MichelleObama My husband works on the Simpsons and made this just now. He actually work…
Retweeted by Manda @ the Dragonstone Conspiracy @astridhobbit @cytherea Legs are evil and knees are the worst offenders. Topical CBD, Icy hot roll-on, salonpas (or… MISS MY SPORT and any Black creative who dares to speak openly about systemic racism. (I also stand with the…
Retweeted by Manda @ the Dragonstone ConspiracyGiant shout-out to my mutuals who make sure I know when an account is f***ing terrible and worth getting the report… @Joi_the_Artist My closet Sonic is Marysville (35-45 if traffic cooperates) but it used to be Ferndale or Puyallup-… @NataniaBarron When cons are a Thing again, can we please do a panel on this topic?? Because YES YES HOLY YES @OfficeMonkey Have you ever seen me unable to eat a chicken sandwich? Here's a hint: you haven't. @SskeerMadness Can you please DM me the account name of this person so I can be sure they're blocked (after I make sure I've reported them)?I need Popeyes to open a location in Bothell/Kenmore. It's a 20+ minute drive each way to the closest one and that'… @AshMJefferson @aDillonDev @jkcorellia @EMfys_Nest @defnotbrooklyn I mean... You should only include those people i… for a new #DragRace !! My early favorites are @gottmik @TheOliviaLux and @TamishaIman1 But I mostly love th… @heathdwilliams Air Supply Counting Crows Sarah MacLachlan Bruce Hornsby & The Range Jimmy BuffetI have been struggling for the past hour with sanding a 1/4" channel in a piece of metal (aluminum I think) with th… @heathdwilliams Is this to invite other people to, or suited 100% to my tastes? Because there are different answers.I saw this on Lawrence O’Donnell and as cheesy as it is it really got me
Retweeted by Manda @ the Dragonstone ConspiracyThere's like $40 worth of foraged mushrooms in this pot and it's all I can do to willingly share with my family.
@semirose I may have to un-mute a portmanteau if I want to participate in that discourse.... @OfficeMonkey YES LET'S SET FIRE TO SOME SUGAR!THIS IS DISGUSTING. The article is worth a read if it's not triggering for you. TW for body shaming of children a… for Donny to get some shiny new bracelets @kithrup YEP! And I am happy about it! If it has to be cold, and I'm stuck at home anyway, then HECK YEAH LET IT SN… antiracism is good. So is Star Wars. I hope Krystina Arielle never stops doing both.
Retweeted by Manda @ the Dragonstone ConspiracyThe temperature is dropping like crazy. I'm cold. Do not like.Friday afternoons are s peaceful because it's reading time instead of writing time for 2nd grade and my kid would r… wait to see what @KrystinaArielle bring to the Star Wars galaxy. No doubt it will be great. And if you com…
Retweeted by Manda @ the Dragonstone Conspiracy @ethiedee I definitely have to either hide the purchase or wait my turn. Mom-reader solidarity.HOLY SITH AND OH MY WORD JoJo Siwa came out. I am not her target demographic, and have never been a particular fa… @OfficeMonkey @Naquicious @NotSuperSwift I got it to launch. Your services are no longer required. It turns out I n… @Naquicious @NotSuperSwift It is now installed and I cannot make it launch. I shall get my in-house tech support on… @MichelV69 I tried Scrivener and Could Not. It was very very intimidating from a I standpoint and I'm so bad with t… @semirose There is a difference between "nice things" that middle class people can choose to save up for/splurge on… @Naquicious @NotSuperSwift Haha oops! My computer is now very frozen trying to get it installed. So that's neat. @Naquicious @NotSuperSwift There's a free trial! I am about to click the download button. If I don't love it, then… Wars friends, anti-racist friends, geek friends, and everyone else: Please, if you have the time and spoons, h… @NotSuperSwift This is the thing I need!! Celtx always takes me back to the first page which is a PITA. @wes_chu @KevinHearne @rabiasquared If you're up for another hour, I'm on board. @semirose What a perfect color for you!!! <3 @NotSuperSwift This is a good thing to know!! When you go away and come back (but don't close the document) is the…"from Missouri" Dude doesn't even live there. @OfficeMonkey Old versions of Celtx do not work anymore. You cannot make a PDF (the thing you actually need if you'…'s using Final Draft for screenwriting these days? Is the current version local on your machine? I am HATING Cel…'all, I'm wearing jeans and real shoes and an actual sweater and this is REALLY WEIRD.And plenty of middle-class Union actors, stunt performers, and other on-camera talent as well. I agree with my IATS…, August 1973: Charles Schulz uses Snoopy as a proxy for the hate that Hank Aaron got from "baseball fans"
Retweeted by Manda @ the Dragonstone Conspiracy“i don’t have a crush on Leia”
Retweeted by Manda @ the Dragonstone Conspiracy @ChristieGolden OMW "Tiger King" was my first Pandemic Binge! @LAGilman Please for a video when this happens. Much romp! @IjeomaOluo I absolutely had that outfit in 1988ish. @tspofnutmeg @ryorin Meg, you REALLY DO. @OfficeMonkey So my declaration of needing to tune the idle mix stands. But the engine runs! @OfficeMonkey I need you to DM me this beautiful video so I can share it. I am SO HAPPYI am going to sit here and listen to this on loop for a *while*. And, on Saturday, instead of working on the boat… STARTED!!! MY GIRL STARTS!!! Now we need to tune the idle mix so she keeps running. had already violated keto tonight by eating a little bit of the bun of that perfect cheeseburger and a small hand… @AbigailFair I can just use my Alexa to ask my spouse to bring me a Diet DrPepper, La Croix, fizzy water, etc. I don't even need a button!