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amanda 🧢 @mandelion_ Virginia, USA

🇺🇸⚓️Retired Chief USCG ⚓️🇺🇸 INTJ. Stubborn optimist. Truth seeker.

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“If revolution there is to be, let us rather undertake it not undergo it.” - Bismarck
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Art by Karla on Facebook Had to share this beautiful art dedicated to healthcare workers #coronavirus #COVID2019
Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary
#Intel received tonight from a source I trust with known government and Law Enforcement connections regarding…
Retweeted by amanda 🧢 @wuhan_flu Do we have a back up to this account if it gets banned before we know where to go on riot? @wuhan_flu Jesus. Wtf are the people so afraid of informed private conversations
@nerdsforyang I’ll see if I can find the article. I saw we’d have to flatten the peak over 10 years to cover everyo…
@esaagar @AndrewYang 🤦🏼‍♀️ @Zach_Graumann @AndrewYang Sign me up to start workin on the 2024 campaign!! I’m ready
@DMSocialite @mandelion_
. @AndrewYang unless you suggest another candidate to put my vote behind- I’ll be voting for you in Virginia tomorr…
@ETN_HODL @BNODesk It comforts those to whom ignorance is bliss @cjar31415 @BNODesk Yes. Self isolation is the safest action if you are able to take it. You need to isolate 3-4 we…
If we are heading towards a brokered convention, which seems like a definite possibility, then I want @AndrewYang t…
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I refuse to take down my @AndrewYang yard signs. There is NO OTHER candidate I can in good consciousness vote FOR… reflecting on things over the past few days - I've decided I will still be voting for @AndrewYang in the CA p…
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@tpzElf Confirm 💯
#CoronaVirus "The Lancet published a study demonstrating that of the original 40 cases, 14 of them had no contact…
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@johncusack Oops the app broke
Retweeted by amanda 🧢 @AZHomeStyle @jboat1992 @WittySmitty19 So confusing, another few tweets said 270 =1 state. So I don’t know. @korgy80 @ThatGuyMervin @thebookofbobbi From tweets I’m tracking - yes!1-St Paul Satellite 1-Oskaloosa 1-Cedar Rapids Satelitte 3-Henry 2-Philips Hall2- Pottawattamie 1-Sanborn 1-Carter Lake 2-Clinton 1-Forest City 2 5- Adair County 1-Sioux City 1-Jasper 2-U of IDelegate thread. 36 needed for 1 national. All unofficial- condensed from tweets. Send updates. Current 35 deleg… WTF?
Retweeted by amanda 🧢THE ABSOLUTE PAIN IN HIS VOICE AHAHA "uh.. yang is representing better than an 8 year vice president..."
Retweeted by amanda 🧢📢 IAVA's next #StormTheHill is right around the corner! Join our staff and IAVA members from March 2-6 to advocate…
Retweeted by amanda 🧢 @EttaKiser One precinct Yang got 6 delegates!
Retweeted by amanda 🧢WE GOT SCREWED IN MUSCATINE PRECINCT 08!!! They didn't even tell us that the first alignment happened No speech a…
Retweeted by amanda 🧢I am at my first caucus ever and the fact that this is how we do our politics is genuinely laughable. I had no idea…
Retweeted by amanda 🧢I decided today that I'm all in for @AndrewYang for President tonight at the #IowaCaucuses
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Tonight will be my first time Caucusing and I am nervous as I don’t do well with new things or crowds due to my anx…
Retweeted by amanda 🧢The momentum to #CaucusForYang is so strong, we have surpassed #IowaCaucuses 😂 Keep pushing and sustain #1 all da…
Retweeted by amanda 🧢🚨Caucus For Bernie hashtag is gaining ground and could soon surpass #CaucusForYang🚨 WE CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN! KEEP…
Retweeted by amanda 🧢#CaucusForYang🚨TO GET #CaucusForYang TO THE TOP, UPVOTE & RETWEET THIS 🚨
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Damn it feels good to be a Yangster.
Retweeted by amanda 🧢Just grabbed this snapshot since the app keeps quiting as soon as it loads. So, @AndrewYang secured the bag 💰? ??… @WIRED Ok- that headline popped up when I shared the link. I have no affiliation. I think the atomic clock is ridiculous @WIRED We set the Doomsday Clock as members of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. Ask Us Anything! @See_V_Lee @gang4610 @TIME How do you report it?
I’m going to order business cards and post-it’s to spread before Super Tuesday. Which @AndrewYang design is your… @JoeyGDNBoss Yes. He gives me a horribly creepy untrustworthy vibe. Worse than trump even because he is intelligent @Okiedokie02 Oh Idk anything about that. Had to take a twitter break. But if I had to step aside for the cause till… @Okiedokie02 You are mentioned in this NY times article. (Not by name) @AlisonMorrisNOW There is no way to prove intent but science can prove that different peop…
Mitch McConnell’s younger smarter sibling. Pic from reddit
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Part of me needs @AndrewYang to win so that I can feel like a human again in the eyes of society. So I can stop be…
Retweeted by amanda 🧢I will be voting for Yang in the VA primary !
Well #YangGang it looks like we’ll be back on the debate stage Feb 7th in New Hampshire! Let’s get it.
Retweeted by amanda 🧢 @me_longworth @FieryGift @derek_why @Sifill_LDF @Amtrak @thehenryford I sat in it!! And brought my children who hav…
Just #yanged the Taco Bell cashier! There are still SO MANY hardworking people who have yet to even consider pa…
Joe, we already know... 🙄
Retweeted by amanda 🧢#Wisconsin @MULawPoll (1/8-12): Biden 23% Sanders 19% Buttigieg 15% Warren 14% Bloomberg 6% Yang 6%
Retweeted by amanda 🧢Ok it’s official. I am now joining the #YangGang! I’ve probably known for a while but not having him on the debat…
Retweeted by amanda 🧢Better ideas. @AndrewYang. That's it. That's the tweet.
Retweeted by amanda 🧢 @christianz12344 @2020yanggangg Yang 💯Anyone else pull UNO reverse cards on textbankers from other campaigns? 🔁🔁🔁🔁🔁🔁🔁🔁🔁🔁🔁🔂 #yanggang
@acrats1 I can’t really speak for dems. I’m only dem to vote for Andrew yang. But I’ve read up on the papers and w… fucking crazy would it be if Lev Parnas is the guy who saves America and seals the fate of Trump and corrupt GO… @maddow
Retweeted by amanda 🧢 @maddow Holy shit. This is can’t miss tvSo any chance people are held accountable for the conspiracy of assassinating a diplomat? @Politics_Polls Yang @marchandsteve @AndrewYang Your place in history will be SET when your help gets @AndrewYang to win the NH primary 🥇Wait... @msmbc is being good to yang? I’m intrigued 🤔 maybe I’ll watch again Yang won last night's primary debate without attending it #YangGang
Retweeted by amanda 🧢This is all I saw last night. of Russian PM Medvedev resigns, hours after President Putin announced plans to change the constitution
Retweeted by amanda 🧢 @shrugo @KyleKulinski She’s desperate @cameron_kasky The DNC needs to learn to accept the will of the people. Stop rigging accepted polls and polling cri… @__Mythra__ My thoughts exactly. @Laranara8 @ZachandMattShow @realDonaldTrump Narrator: They didn’tAfter last nights #DemDebate without @AndrewYang this message is overwhelmingly clear- even if @TheDemocrats @DNC @eoisn @DavidPh32074764 @AmakaUbakaTV @AndrewYang She has very low polling. Lower than @AndrewYang from the nov deb… @AndrewYang They were unfair to you because they fear you will give power back to the people.Heading on @colbertlateshow with @StephenAtHome later today and looking forward to it. 😀👍
Retweeted by amanda 🧢For the record, if Bernie won his 1990 election in November, then it was 29 years and 2 months ago.
Retweeted by amanda 🧢Van Jones: debate “dispiriting, “nothing I saw tonight” that could beat President Trump
Retweeted by amanda 🧢There’s really no one from the Democratic Party that will beat @realDonaldTrump. And everyone knows that.…
Retweeted by amanda 🧢 @anshelsag @AndrewYang @Sophi23 @rahartwell @FShnerb @AndrewYang Just like when the @dnc tries to force feed us a candidate we don’t want and then trump winsAndrew Yang is on Colbert's show Tomorrow, 11:35 PM PST · S05 E72 on CBS (KCBS) #AmericaNeedsYang
Retweeted by amanda 🧢#AmericaNeedsYang trended to #2 worldwide! Maybe next time we should do #OurWorldNeedsYang 😏#YangGang
Retweeted by amanda 🧢 @rahartwell @FShnerb @AndrewYang At least cold oatmeal can still technically be usefulHi ⁦@Oprah⁩...I have been watching you since I was a little girl & I’m also a huge fan. It would mean the world to…
Retweeted by amanda 🧢The debate is like It’s a Wonderful Life, showing us what America would be like without @AndrewYang #AmericaNeedsYang
Retweeted by amanda 🧢 @Revine89 @YangFan4Life @jennyzivkovich @AndrewYang Yep I watched videos all night. I was so excited. I felt home f… miss Andrew Yang...
Retweeted by amanda 🧢 @nixsallee @cameron_kasky NahYang and Tulsi should be on stage because I wouldn't want to break my TV when everybody except Bernie speaks. #DemDebate
Retweeted by amanda 🧢Comedy legend Dave Chappelle has announced a show at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center on Thursday, Jan.…
Retweeted by amanda 🧢Turned on debate, and turned it off when I realized @AndrewYang wasn’t it in. Not that I’m all-in on Yang, but he’…
Retweeted by amanda 🧢Really missing @AndrewYang’s off-the-cuff, plain-spoken remarks in this debate. Without him everyone seems so much more rehearsed.
Retweeted by amanda 🧢Also who else is missing @AndrewYang ? #DemDebate #math
Retweeted by amanda 🧢I really miss @AndrewYang tonight. Especially because I’d love to hear him talk about @DaveChappelle. Having…
Retweeted by amanda 🧢This is the point in the debate where @AndrewYang needs to tweet "Miss me yet?" #DemDebate
Retweeted by amanda 🧢I need what I want to be happy, but if I am happy, my needs and wants disappear. #AmericaNeedsYang taking center…
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