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Mandy Michael @Mandy_Kerr Perth, Western Australia

AKA Batmandy, Tinkerer, Front End Dev, Speaker, Blogger, Dev Manager | Founder & Organiser @fendersperth | Prev @mixinconf |

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@hereinthehive Aww thanks!
@msandfor Haha 👋👋 @Caiwrote @ashleymcnamara Classic autocorrect getting stuff wrong again! @ashleymcnamara I’m not a guy or a girl I’m just so cute. 🤣 LOL @PixelAmbacht @jlengstorf @LWJShow @ArrowType Haha yea I noticed it was a bit off in Firefox! I feel like it’s a happy accident though 😁 @rogie Should I change my Twitter to just post pictures of Jello?Jello says hello! @ArrowType Recursive is such a great font! Thank you! @jlengstorf @LWJShow I realise now that I absolutely have a process for text effects and that I automatically follo… a lot of fun with @jlengstorf building a text effect on @LWJShow. We used the variable font Recursive by… @jlengstorf If you too want weird bouncy corgo text, you can find it here:
@VerityStothard You can totally coast for the rest of the year now. @elliz what a legendI am going to attempt to create a variable font text effect with @jlengstorf on @LWJShow tomorrow/tonight..(what ar… @Mahdlocd The ending of season 2 was so intense, but perfect. I'm almost afraid to watch season 3 incase it's not as good.
Just sad I missed 20:02 20 02 2020 😭It's 20:20 20 02 2020 Okay, I promise this is my last one 😅😂 @ollicle Yes i do @vedantkoditkar Dont worry, im already prepared. @vlh This seems very location specific.It's 02:20 20 02 2020 😄 This brings me joy. @kylietimpani A travesty. @RichardPastenes Oh dont worry, i have more tweets to come. @TatianaTMac @michaelharriot 😱😱😱 I’m woundedIt's 20 02 2020 today.Charlie makes the coolest things!
@hankchizljaw I have thought this before !A short summary of my “Creative Machine Learning” talk on #CodeIsColorful 🙃🎉 @s2engineers
Retweeted by Mandy MichaelI’ve never been so invested in a bicycle race as I have been with Yowamushi Pedal season 2 😂🙏💪✨ @elliz @Amys_Kapers Also how specificity, position and zindex works (which I did have in my talk but cut for timing purposes) @elliz @Amys_Kapers Basically this @twholman Wow, the horse one 😨Witches (the Royals Dahl adaption) still creeps me out. @jina Oh nooo that is so disappointing! :( @paul_yole Nah not SXSW, I have a conf there later in the year :) @davatron5000 I'll be there for Smashing Conf! @destroytoday Where does one get good tacos in Austin? Particularly after 29 hours of flying. @the_patima @CoreyGinnivan LOL @schachin i believe it's a h2 because it has a h1 for grouping the section, like "Latest news" or whatever. @reverentgeek ok that is way so sorry. :D @schachin This is exactly what I thought! @SlexAxton I appreciate your support haha @cport1 LOL yikes! @schachin Hiya! It's basically this example - this uses washington post which I don't work for but it's the same th… @cport1 😄 Perth to London would be 17hrs on it's long is it to Austin from London? 🤔 I had not considered that route. @cport1 Wouldnt that take way longer than perth - syd - dallas - austin!To get from Perth to Austin in the US, I'd have to take three flights and it takes somewhere between 24 and 29hours 😩
@chrisbiscardi @laurieontech @jlengstorf omg this gif! @battlepanda_au @MingJohanson ✨✨ do it! @whatsthatweasel according to the google folks in the thread it doesn’t make a difference ? @mbbillz The “r” often looks like an “s” to me and then I’m in trouble @mbbillz I don’t like cursive either! So hard to readHurry! 12 #ReactConfAU tickets left! Who will be our lucky last dozen? 🛹🐢
Retweeted by Mandy Michael @antonjb I think @FirefoxDevTools is stealing my heart. @ksylor Headings and SEO - The Truth Revealed Spoilers, it was the Illuminati all along 😱 DUN DUN DUUUN @austegard @manupasc Pretty sure firefox is the outdated spec that’s not longer supported. But bonus of the recent… @JacobMGEvans Alas I’m back home now but Hawaii was great! @g33konaut @alexstapleton @jaffathecake @TimVereecke @JohnMu This is always what I thought too, all the comms seem… @cassiecodes @JSConfHi This was my goal! 😂 @iPadisthin I agree - this is also my feels. @g16n Wowser. That feels worse than my situation! @mikeyc7m Lol hacks!! @NickSherman Ohhh in a header that is a good idea I like that! @amcasari @JSConfHi Yas! Thank you! ☺️ @HenriHelvetica @JSConfHi It is a tough gig that’s for sure!That’s super useful!
Retweeted by Mandy Michael @antonjb That is super useful!!!! @HenriHelvetica @JSConfHi Well I thought he did a fantastic job! I look awesome 😂🤣 @lachlanhardy @JSConfHi It was an accident but a happy one! 😄 @hankchizljaw @jongold +1 😁 Hi fellow row 4 cool 4 friend @benschwarz I’m also really excited at the same time. There is something wrong with me @alexstapleton @jaffathecake @g33konaut @TimVereecke @JohnMu This has been a journey. I must admit I’m excited abou… @benschwarz I’m pulling my hair out - this stuff shouldn’t be so hard @TimVereecke @jaffathecake @g33konaut @JohnMu This video is so good! Thanks so much!!!!!!!! @jaffathecake Thanks! @nikcorg I did a bunch of experiments with it for reader modes and reading mode apps. But I have no solid data on i… @TimVereecke Thanks so much! @nikcorg @chidakash @foobartel Schema was also my gut feel if I need to convey some kind of extra metadata! I’m not… @suburbanmist I’d never considered blockquote @chidakash @nikcorg @foobartel Why do you think it’s not normal text? Legit interested because it never crossed my… @TimVereecke @jaffathecake @g33konaut @JohnMu Ohh any link or thread I can read? @nikcorg @chidakash @foobartel That’s my feels, it’s just normal text associated with a heading @g33konaut @TimVereecke @jaffathecake @JohnMu So it makes no difference? Is there an alternative option ? @MingJohanson @JSConfHi RIGHT! They nailed it. It’s 100% the best conference aesthetic 🤩Why is this stuff black magic?! I have no idea how to move forward. 😫😩 @sailor_saturnus @JSConfHi it's a @BlackMilkTweets special. Sadly they don't sell them anymore though...they should totally bring them back! @marcysutton @JSConfHi It was a delightful happy accident! 😄 @philhawksworth @JSConfHi It's cool hey! So much sparkles!!! @heydonworks @JSConfHi Who is to say whether or not I themed my outfit to the little mermaid... 🤫It’s official @JSConfHi had the best backdrop of all conferences I’ve been to. 💖 #jsconfhi @SoniaCuff I find the way it groups messages really confusing, im always putting messages in the wrong spot... @cassiecodes @maddastic These are amazing @chidakash @foobartel To me that's definitely not a subheading? It's the summary of an article. Maybe my idea of a… @foobartel As an example from Washington Post the text "the dissatisfaction got so bad during..." would be changed… @svenwebdesign Yea, i'd like to know why! @foobartel My assumption is also that google is considering the h3 as more important, but I have no confirmation on…'ve been asked to change a teaser from a paragraph to a h3 to "improve seo" but this feels semantically incorrect…
@MinaMarkham I thought the bear was being shaved and was horrified, then I realised it was being cleaned and was also horrified. @TatianaTMac @phazelic Yea, love us 😁 @TatianaTMac 😎 Australia.