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@kotzendekrabbe @io_matched Ugh. @willcode4food Because flexbox creates flexible containers you can set things up to respond when it needs to not at arbitrary breakpoints.Who needs breakpoints anymore!?! Not this girl, she’s got grid and flex box 😎 @jlengstorf @Netlify I'm Dev Number 80,086 😄 Frankly it's lower than I was expecting!Wowowow!!! So cool! @Una @ladyleet You might be right! I definitely save, but saving for retirement is a different category for me! @ladyleet The people clicking more than 50%! Wow, how!?
@DivZero_ I am glad to have helped! 🥳☺️ @DivZero_ @SaraSoueidan That isn’t what Sara wants unfortunately A unit would be way better! I want that to Sara! @matthamm @idriselba I don’t think he is too oldI still want @idriselba as James Bond. @flangerhanger @CodePen Amazing!!! @arggrande
@notdetails These look like the perfect cookies! @usefulDesign Aww thanks! 😊 @seldo LolI just had a super fun geeky exchange and it put me in a great mood! It’s nice to find people who share your love and interest for things ☺️
@AnimeEyedGirl 😄 @priority_q Yea you need the immortality where you can’t age and stuff. Otherwise you got bigger problems than your period 😬 @jtango18 I always just assumed immortality would have to come with some kind of regeneration, negating the ability… @meliss_houghton Uggh yes! I feel that pain @jtango18 Not if your body is stuck at a certain age? Unless you become immortal after menopause @DarylAntony Hard pass @priority_q I just assumed immortality would negate any operations like that. Because your body would just fix itself 🤔 @annie_parker Saaaame!Even worse problem with immortality. Imagine having your period for 1000 years. Ugggh, Fuck that.Whichever I think about I hear. (Including combinations). Fun @JessTelford could never be immortal. Just the thought of having to remember embarrassing mistakes I made 1000 years ago would kill me. @lynnandtonic Yes! Me too 🥳 @MichelePlayfair @3dfordesigners I felt the same ❤️
@3dfordesigners Impossible not to smile @JessTelford Where is the part about matching your outfit to your slides ?! @KateKirwin @hayleyavw Magnificent!Creating 3D layouts with CSS Grid and Transforms (and a little bit of clip path for funzies)
@yglf_lt @HenriHelvetica @borislit @hj_chen @phenomnominal Woop, a good group! 🥳This variable fonts talk will feature variable fonts I’ve made - you’ll have to watch to find out if that’s a good…
Just to be super clear...I don’t want to buy your tupperware, candles, lingerie, soaps, supplements, protein drinks… @arggrande Thank you for gifting me the special abilities of Batsignal and Otaku. I accept, I will be unstoppable @Una Adorable!!!!!!!!!
@meacod @GlennSarti @MichelePlayfair LOL I got a good chcuckle from this @GlennSarti Hunting a snowboarder is going to be a tough one in Perth.
@DevLoop01 I don't need to fake a bevel in css? border-style has a value that does it for me. Or do you mean in des… @MeSomeBunny I love the way you draw Evan! He's adorableYou know what was annoying about get a beveled border like this in the design tool, I had to make fricken…'m creating a bunch of new Codepen experiments - feast your eyes on this beauty. I'm hoping to make bevels cool ag…
@SofterthanSatan Quality recommendation! That was fun! @Caiwrote They are very beautiful!! @Caiwrote Looks awesome the the bases too!Asking Jello for his right paw for treats. He kept giving me the wrong one....then I realised I was wrong 😅😂 Jello is a good boy. @sarah_federman @ParissAthena That’s a clever use of space! @slace @JessTelford @evanderkoogh 🙊 @evanderkoogh @JessTelford Once you get the form submitted you have to answer a series of riddles. @kristysachse I totally thought this was advertising a video game until the end 😂 @AITA_reddit You are so beyond an Asshole I don’t even know what to call you.
@sarah_edo Wow these are beautiful!I had to update an illustration about relative and absolute positioning. It's such a fundamental concept, especiall…
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All these new fandangled design tools, they are going to be kicking themselves when beveled borders make a come backWhy did it become so hard to make bevels in design tools? @simonswiss @tailwindlabs @tailwindcss You should do a post and provide links 😄 Like affiliate links! hahaha @simonswiss @tailwindlabs @tailwindcss Oh, that is super cool, where can i buy that? @Amys_Kapers @philnash it's basically meant to be😭 Why is it quicker for me to make gradient text in code than it is in design tools....
@pixelflips I tried this, that is how I got it to give me the option, but it still says "unavailable" when I try to… @Amys_Kapers @philnash Ahaha that is cool, i want some with Jello's face on it.Can you access SF Pro in Figma? It lets me set it but then says the font is unavailable and needs to be replaced?… is the BIG DAY. We're 15 years young! 🥳 From humble beginnings, rising out of the ashes of Netscape DevEdge,…
Retweeted by Mandy Michael #BlackLivesMatter @Abhas_tweeter @LeaVerou @Nekdev @gitlens @GitHubDesktop Oh I didn’t know you could do that in VSCode! Nice! @madpilot 🤔 why does that not happen for me? @madpilot What do you mean? Does it like poorly uppercase uppercase text? Do you have an example, I couldn't replic… forgot not everyone understands why this is a problem, so I wrote up the reasons that it bothers me. Any other re…
@blainekasten @mxstbr Lol! @NorthofRapture If you are interested why Jen Simmons responses to my tweet pretty much outline all the reasons @jensimmons You always put things so well 🙌 @michaelpumo @hankchizljaw Well in my case it was a dev in the code 😄 @JakePT I feel that pain my friend, I am so sorry. @damienpbuckley So this particular grumble was triggered by text in code...not from a user. I’m more forgiving of users. @cliener @SazzarJ I want it that way... Chris @taybenlor EXACTLY 😩 @cat_a_flame 😭 WHY?!Does anyone else get irrationally annoyed when people write webpage content in uppercase when you already have CSS… @AndyDavies Definitely Backstreet for me. KTBSPA 4 EVA ✨ @zachleat *live But to be honest Love works too @zachleat I love for this kinds of things! ✨I dunno why but this is funnier the more you read it. @kylietimpani hahaha! @kylietimpani You're right, that is better. 😄 Even better though... not wearing a bra at all and just wearing clot… cannot express how useful this technique for separators has been, it comes up so often at work and it's sooo much…
@MatchuSaysHi @tesseralis ATM mine are the Haikyuu openings, but the BNA ones are on my playlist too! @tesseralis @TatianaTMac Same to anime songs! 😄 they have such good build up! @jensimmons But only when the ads are over th e content and in the way... Same goes for pop ups etc I don’t mind a… @jensimmons Bah, I hit chrome by accident but I meant to hit safari. I use it on my phone mostly, and typically on… @gyfchong Oh, yea I’d say you work together on it. Get a loose idea from mockups and then work together for the final implementation! @gyfchong It’s mostly just grid and flex box and a few tricks tbh. All the tools are there. @hj_chen Nope 😂 he just thought it would be funny 🤷‍♀️When I’d see one of my teachers in the hallway he would stop, gasp 😱and then run away saying “ahhhh” things responsively without media queries is my favourite thing to do. @malchata Totally agree
@malchata Same. I don’t care if ppl think it’s a programming language or not. It’s still awesome and I love it eith… is so cool