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✨Technical Artist. Illustrator. 💫 WORK: Apex Legends, Star Wars Squadrons, BFII SP, MEA, DAI 🌱 PERSONAL PROJECTS: Wanderer, Sidewalk Plants 🌸 She/They.

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Friday at last...
Retweeted by Mandy Jacek 🌱 HiatusThank god. I’m free via @inprnt!Happy Friday, everyone! Consider supporting this tiny artist by buying my work on INPRNT! @aurahack F-first time...? Cowboy Bebop is my favourite anime 😭 I’m glad you’re watching it! She looks amazing. ✨Whenever I see the term “crashing” when talking about “clipping”... @MitchyD I miss guide books. @cordiallycontgo Physically and mentally impossible @sfeertheorist SONG OF THE BULL RIDER coming out soon 📝 @sfeertheorist 🎨 @ArtOfChira +
Retweeted by Mandy Jacek 🌱 Hiatus @Justinoaksford My most popular piece, the peony I painted, got corrupted at one point and was completely unrecover…
@DeckNine_Phil Per follower, obvThe short of #gamedevpaidme is that every single QA deserves to be paid way, way more.He got a treat for putting up with this, don’t worry.Hot Boy Summer @sfeertheorist I hope they recognize how much I would pay to have Dad-Nier with 2B’s... all of 2B’s animations, actuallyBeneath the mask 🌸
Retweeted by Mandy Jacek 🌱 HiatusParadise Apple. This is part of a series of paintings about flowers, plants and weeds I see around the city I’m en…
Retweeted by Mandy Jacek 🌱 HiatusThe Thousand Petal Crown.
Retweeted by Mandy Jacek 🌱 HiatusSpinning in the cosmos
Retweeted by Mandy Jacek 🌱 HiatusDancing in the cosmos
Retweeted by Mandy Jacek 🌱 HiatusPink cosmo dreams
Retweeted by Mandy Jacek 🌱 HiatusCosmo collection.
Retweeted by Mandy Jacek 🌱 HiatusA Strange Quiet
Retweeted by Mandy Jacek 🌱 Hiatus @bengelinas Proud of you, bud. @eplerjc Oh okay, fair. That’s more along lines of the Playdium experience. @eplerjc Wow okay Mr Privileged!!
@leslee_annsh "I want to remind people we want CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK, not COMPLAINING" this physically and mentally wounded methis one caused psychic damage
Retweeted by Mandy Jacek 🌱 Hiatusthe only nfts i deal in are nerds in the Fucking trashcan. suck my Dick
Retweeted by Mandy Jacek 🌱 Hiatus @CCampbellArt Man, cannot say I saw this career move coming in any way. Congrats @xavierck3d Congrats, that’s awesome!!
@spacecoyotl Ring a ding ding, sir @Michael_Coles Since April! :) @Belgian_Boolean Happy birthday Ben!! @Belgian_Boolean What THE THIS PLACE IS SO COOL?! @CadeHiggins4 We’d sometimes get l’il treats like cupcakes. Otherwise, not really!At some point, all these games won’t fit in the bio. @BlairBroon Finally, one other person that does it the same way I do
I bought myself a super nice mechanical pencil... it feels so good to hold. (Heero likes it too) @Belgian_Boolean Aw yes! Have heard nothing but wonderful things! Congratulations, Ben!!
@angryspacebee OH MY GOD YAY!!!This became one of my favourite games of all time. Please play it! @AbKi I’m tempted to try the hand vac now... we have the Dyson animal one, but Heero screams if it even comes near him
Retweeted by Mandy Jacek 🌱 Hiatus @MariMartinis Happy birthday!
@BelgianBoolean Welcome back, Ben!! @Libaari @UnrealEngine Just beautiful!! @lowpolycurls AAAAHHH!! 😭😭 IT’S ALREADY PERFECT @itskoob CHANCE?! Take care of yourself!!
Here’s the thing about asking underrepresented people to leave their emotions at home: If you dull some emotions, you dull them all.
Retweeted by Mandy Jacek 🌱 Hiatus @lizaledwards hell YEAH
@StillNotSam 🤔... @axl99 I miss getting my hair done so bad. Knowing we won’t be double-vaxxed for months means we might be waiting e…
@VidrioCafe I luckily have one, and I regularly back up files (I’m organizing some photography folders but the rest… @wuffles Feel this one a lot, Sol. It took me a long time (and even now, with some recent news, turns out I’m not t…
@_mlktea She’s so cute!Always Returning; 2013
Retweeted by Mandy Jacek 🌱 Hiatus
@hexcats Happy birthday, Steff!!
@tibermoon This is nicer than a majority of the places I have lived in my life...
This is what I wake up to every morning.
@Wakkawoo101 @xavierck3d Yeah. Seems to be a pretty common trend for these dudesQuote retweet with your first digital art vs your most recent 2005 - 2021 @mx_redmond I remember going off about a poor work environment for like, 45 minutes of my session, and when I was d…
@LuckyGhost0 (I thought we were following each other what the hek) @eplerjc It’s Mother 3. Not sure if you knew that!Anyways my favourite game is Mother 3 Did you know that Did you all know my favourite video game is Mother 3Okay so who do I need to contact to work on this BECAUSE- @curiomatic Thank you for blessing us on Mother 3 15 day.Fine. We'll do it ourselves. #Mother3 #Mother3_15th
Retweeted by Mandy Jacek 🌱 HiatusFinally got around to playing The Last Campfire, after picking it up after launch but not really having time for it…
Peace and love to Floyd's family, and to everyone who is feeling it right now. Let's keep working for a world where…
Retweeted by Mandy Jacek 🌱 HiatusYou can pet the dog in Mother 3
Retweeted by Mandy Jacek 🌱 HiatusVIVA 15th MOTHER3 #MOTHER3 #mother3_15th #MOTHER123 #ドット絵 #pixelart
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@axl99 Sad to hear I'm gonna have to deal with this, even out in BC :( @chelseachan This is what I was going to ask!! Haha @HulkHoquinn You haven’t plugged your SoundCloud yet you ABSOLUTE FOOLOh I don’t care about what product we’re making. QAs are as involved in the process as every other developer becaus… OT is cancelled forever External HR companies for misconduct and unfair treatment investigations Unlimited sick days and vacationEveryone’s unionized now
@maryknews -casually saves as dream future house inspo- @itskoob 👀 I was planning on buying one of those once my relocation is done... it looks rad af @itskoob I bought a bunch of ear savers, which have helped with proper fits - less with the double-masking, though,… @itskoob man ME TOO my ears just fold and masks go flying off... or I have to compress using mask-extenders and it'… days. @bombsfall I’m so sorry.Smoky Quartz.
Retweeted by Mandy Jacek 🌱 HiatusAmethyst.
Retweeted by Mandy Jacek 🌱 HiatusStep by step for painting so you can see these lovely details and hi-res download over at my Ko-Fi. ☕️…
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@csdesbiens Gasp! Those last ones! 💕_💕 @DrKaliBarrett "We will help rebuild our economy. But when you are dead you are gone forever.”
Retweeted by Mandy Jacek 🌱 HiatusThis is a must-watch. @DrKaliBarrett on COVID-19 in Ontario.
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@Justinoaksford I just started playing it, it’s so cute and comfy! I’m enjoying it lots!Finished Littlewood. It was so cute! ...and a serious time sink.
@SamMaggs This is my worst nightmare, I’m so sorry Sam. If he’s in my area, let me know and I will crush him like a bug @HenriPrestes Your photos are magical. @axl99 Listen, if it took your food no problem, it can find more! @axl99 But you can train them to get MORE FOOD @axl99 Okay, but now this crow trusts you. It’s time to build your Murder.