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@8MANSid fun fact. When he does his 360 swing, you can jump on him to avoid and parry him @Gilgemeth which chapter is she in4 eps in and Fruits basket so far for me a is a cute 7/10 @dumbeems @dumbeems gotta learn gestureinject it! @Gilgemeth Is this the returners Magic is special @LinkedHeroX5 @Gilgemeth i thnk she's saying that the display is so nasty she feels like she belongs in jail for looking at it秋葉原超同人祭で販売する予定のイシュタル抱き枕カバーです。 予約通販も開始しました。よろしくお願いします! 【BOOTH】
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Retweeted by Tungry @stebogameboy @liblvnc look at her competition smh @Gilgemeth "My moms ass been looking kinda juicy lately ngl" @KryptoDex @FatJalter @MunstaMasta shortstack brethren? @dumbeems do whichever you need @FatJalter @MunstaMasta her and her mother @swaggymiIkshake We’re here to bother you forever @zachissupreb1 Name? @brandinosworld What are the rates @SaintRevent Is this more shojo gas? @brandinosworld Do you pay for any
@Gilgemeth ?? @zachissupreb1 in those tight jeans too goddamn @zachissupreb1 damn touka got that firm caboose @SaintRevent because it simply isn't bad @SaintRevent @d4ggerfish @mangadoge Miyuki Sawashiro would be cool
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Retweeted by Tungry @313DEEZY I’ll catch up @brodidotexe im listening @unsweetenedboi @infinitejay i think if she did there's no reason to then use it to attack denji @KitanoKira just remember characters @unsweetenedboi @infinitejay i think it's the full one because of what america sacrificedWho do you want to voice Makima? @infinitejay chainsaw devil comes @NeoWokio it's all about how people market themselves. Just posting art on here isn't going to cut it. Also conside… @infinitejay she beat him. She put him inside aki @infinitejay i don't think she's even the final boss @infinitejay she does have an ulterior motive but she can just control them. So why doesn't she? @infinitejay I feel like they'd have known. Even then there's also some devils we have yet to see her use which she has in her possession.If Hybrids are full immortals then does that mean Reze and Quanxi are indeed still alive? is kobenis devil that allows her to take down the sword devil and snake contractor with ease? of the things that I want answers to in chainsaw man is why does makima even report to people if she's a devil…姫パイ  #チェンソーマン #chainsawman
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Retweeted by Tungry @MisterNasty_ @313DEEZY i think he's talking about todays release @313DEEZY @nikolaie59 @313DEEZY @nikolaie59 Maybe you’re confusing something with endeavor but mva had lots of praise @313DEEZY @nikolaie59 The most that happened with mva was some game company president saying that he was unsure abo… @oihaeyo
Retweeted by Tungrygonna write down the GoH complaints when people bring up MHA fans complain about anything in the the anime @SaintRevent i restarted at 24 if it gives you a reference on how much time you got to work things out. I have a pr… are fast artist: 谜之AJIN source:
Retweeted by Tungry @Gilgemeth i think tg:re anime did worse iircso i watched dorohedoro
Retweeted by Tungry @SaintRevent @SolKurosaki souma and and this guy just buncha weirdos
Retweeted by Tungry @SaintRevent @313DEEZY @toIgawastaken This is shoujo too?あぁぁぁきいぃぃ #チェンソーマン
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Retweeted by Tungry @Gunbusted the fabric looks hardthe gacha rates say it's a parody when it clearly stopped being one long ago’all watch black clover but won’t watch better animeY'all watch Land of the Lustrous but won't keep your land lustrous from urban expansion and pollution @MunstaMasta Y'all will watch Beastars but won't beastars in your own story @MunstaMasta stole what i wanted smh说你愿意献上一切 #チェンソーマン #マキマ
Retweeted by Tungry @oihaeyo hm?'all watch Beastars but wont-Wait? Ghost of Tsukishima is out now???? FUccccccccccccccck @MunstaMasta bangerOne For All training with Master! #志村菜奈 #ヒロアカ #nanashimura #toshinoriyagi #八木俊典 #オールマイト #hentai #nsfw
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Retweeted by TungryMy review of Fruits Basket so far @Gilgemeth “Oh brother” can't speak german and i know damn well neither can he @SaintRevent hmm @RideIsAfraid potential masterpiece @wiltshireluvr34 @RideIsAfraid kaguya sama @Kupiseco is it something you have to unlock?need them OUTTA HERE basket is still hilariously shojo from the past but it's still entertaining. I thank the animation and comed… @D_Kumii @D_Kumii @Seasonsicle this kind Overhaul is asking if you're cake
Retweeted by TungryPopular korean webtoon "Solo Leveling" by Chugong, Dubu (Redice Studio) has been confirmed to return for a 2nd seas…
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