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@lnnocennts real @katie_missimerr no @KaedenVAL @wlyrrr @inaahxo vouch i was the 18 wheeler @surelynotblack @Zengaaab @drjumbus dsfjhasdvfhgjasf @valkcy i got like a lot of smoothies and cakes and healthy shit with a lot of protien in em if u want @BlingCakess i dont fake being psycho, i am normal i am just a teeny weeny toxicwhen did mental illness become quirky and a personality trait, people tryna be different so bad @777acid_ @cristopherijo @Iovealilmore own up to it sexc @sylvarts i am subtweeting @_blessxng fr like tf i do @avgnate cry. now.your happiness is gonna end sooner or later js 🤷🏻‍♂️ @TheJakeOff @nayruforestrachels are spitting rn
@kiwiya_ same @bunnyberrry is that a yes or a nodo girls like getting flowers @srrirachha @surelynotblack @surelynotblack @srrirachha omw. @srrirachha it was a honest mistake. @surelynotblack @srrirachha shut up pofa @bunnyberrry oh @buhblies priv saw it first @zmaxiie @hitaFPS u right 05* @zmaxiie @hitaFPS 04* @vhackersk8s didn't u @Gojo_FPS nah fam u are hotrepost to spread awarnesswanted criminal if seen pls do not hesitate to call the police, if approached make sure to whip and nae nae to conf… @mars_mood @dopegf agree respectfully but still he saved a life @mars_mood @dopegf i am finna. @mars_mood she gon love u for disany barkers?
Retweeted by noah @pohluhr @vhackersk8s gotchu fam @soizanami @irittate dawg @vhackersk8s @weluvjazzclub u sb everyone but the girlies doe @soizanami @irittate STOP SAYING FOOL, U ACTING LIKE A GRANDMA RN @irittate @soizanami ??????? WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT @soizanami @irittate i love bullying u <3 @soizanami @irittate ??????? @soizanami @irittate who the hell said i am attracted to sophie. @soizanami @cumcumboobs @irittate still what is it @irittate @soizanami @cumcumboobs WHAT DID I DO. @irittate @soizanami @cumcumboobs wonce? @cumcumboobs @irittate @soizanami tell em noah u got this @cumcumboobs @soizanami @irittate stfu @snhuz @LikeWhoFramedMe tht is the most innocent thing whoframedme ever said LMAO
@theintprincess ? @azelhazell @Teklinor69 nf, that boy depressed @itzvivxn @LaroFPS @lightsupIive he subtweeting fr fr @Ev3ly6 god so childish, how anout none of yall text each other @Ev3ly6 don’t respond lol give same energy @kissitdevora turkey. @deIilqh 😐👍🤸‍♂️ @deIilqh cus u dont say that to someone 😭 @deIilqh no one doubts that u whore @toxicthoughts69 🕺 @immidgaf a lil pattern @bunnyberrry no it didn’t @bunnyberrry no one @vamp0ds @1hruki do it @Pacotaco171 @hailewhy ??? @Teklinor69 no way. @Teklinor69 no way a arab hs the name edward bruh, tf ur real name @Teklinor69 ur arab? @zefiyy @duhloraa i literally woke up chill @duhloraa @zefiyy hi dehlora @serval6k wdym no. @ameialuv @serval6k i made it @serval6k u stealer.
@ameialuv no one knows how to reply anymore, thank u lia @1EDEN_ i wouldnt really shame him if she was older, but the fact she is litterally younger is funny to me @1EDEN_ i cant believe this guy is toxic, this guy roasts people. and he talks like that to someone 2 years younger than him LOL @sexygreekgal u are buddyROLL CALL @sexygreekgal want someone this obssessed“my feelings dont matter to mommy”? atleast some self respect browouldn’t catch me dead saying this shit @deIilqh bro i dont even know u @catboythomas @ssav1or @wlyrrr @1kotaaa @vhackersk8s @bIeeder @pohluhr @1EDEN_ @KawaiiBxby @ZCZCZCZC16 @ssav1or @wlyrrr @1kotaaa @vhackersk8s @bIeeder @catboythomas @pohluhr @1EDEN_ @KawaiiBxby @ZCZCZCZC16 @lIIlIIIIIllIllI @noxuqt saudi arabia @ssav1or @wlyrrr @1kotaaa @vhackersk8s @bIeeder @catboythomas @pohluhr @1EDEN_ @KawaiiBxby @ZCZCZCZC16 @ssav1or @bIeeder @vhackersk8s @catboythomas @1kotaaa @wlyrrr @pohluhr @1EDEN_ @KawaiiBxby @ZCZCZCZC16 @ssav1or @bIeeder @vhackersk8s @catboythomas @1kotaaa @wlyrrr @pohluhr @1EDEN_ @KawaiiBxby @ZCZCZCZC16 @bIeeder @ssav1or @ZCZCZCZC16 @vhackersk8s @catboythomas @1kotaaa @wlyrrr @pohluhr @1EDEN_ @KawaiiBxby @ZCZCZCZC16 @bIeeder @vhackersk8s @catboythomas @1kotaaa @ssav1or @wlyrrr @pohluhr @1EDEN_ @KawaiiBxby @lIIlIIIIIllIllI @noxuqt it is chaos @vhackersk8s @catboythomas @1kotaaa @bIeeder @ssav1or @wlyrrr @pohluhr @1EDEN_ @KawaiiBxby @ZCZCZCZC16 @soizanami u got pqrtd @vhackersk8s @pohluhr @1kotaaa @bIeeder @ssav1or @wlyrrr @1EDEN_ @KawaiiBxby @catboythomas @ZCZCZCZC16 @catboythomas @wlyrrr @deIilqh @1kotaaa @bIeeder @ssav1or @pohluhr @1EDEN_ @KawaiiBxby @ZCZCZCZC16 @lIIlIIIIIllIllI @noxuqt ok lil durk @vhackersk8s @mangosmxxthie @1kotaaa @bIeeder @ssav1or @wlyrrr @1EDEN_ @KawaiiBxby @catboythomas @ZCZCZCZC16
Retweeted by noah @wlyrrr @deIilqh @1kotaaa @bIeeder @ssav1or @pohluhr @1EDEN_ @KawaiiBxby @catboythomas @ZCZCZCZC16 @lIIlIIIIIllIllI @noxuqt no. @deIilqh @1kotaaa @bIeeder @ssav1or @wlyrrr @pohluhr @1EDEN_ @KawaiiBxby @catboythomas @ZCZCZCZC16 @lIIlIIIIIllIllI @bIeeder @ssav1or @pohluhr @nhuciferr @wlyrrr @1EDEN_ @1kotaaa @KawaiiBxby @catboythomas @ZCZCZCZC16 @deIilqh @1kotaaa @bIeeder @ssav1or @wlyrrr @pohluhr @1EDEN_ @KawaiiBxby @catboythomas @ZCZCZCZC16 @lIIlIIIIIllIllI @pohluhr @bIeeder @1kotaaa @ssav1or @wlyrrr @1EDEN_ @KawaiiBxby @catboythomas @ZCZCZCZC16 @lIIlIIIIIllIllI @noxuqt @reboundszn @pohluhr @1EDEN_ @1kotaaa @bIeeder @wlyrrr @KawaiiBxby @catboythomas @ZCZCZCZC16 @lIIlIIIIIllIllI @pohluhr @bIeeder @1kotaaa @ssav1or @wlyrrr @1EDEN_ @KawaiiBxby @catboythomas @ZCZCZCZC16 @lIIlIIIIIllIllI @noxuqt