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@riceeeytv top ten dumb nigga moments, featuring number 1 ricey
Retweeted by noahi heard this sentence before from @rizzolinho but we werent talking vouchers @lilixbby how bout i get all this without feelings involved @tracepsd @sylvarts bro i swear some mfs just need a reality check @SosuArts preach @mangosmxxthie Just be gay so u can talk to men
Retweeted by noah @artoflovve damn @JARMUYNE ud be surprised how many people need this advice @ThyHighway had one @pussyyfart good take pussyfart @ackermints love that is a drawing, ur simping over paint not even. is e paint @rizzolinho @sylvarts AGHAHA @sylvarts idk man i been seeing everyone down bad lately and i realize how annoying i was when i was at my peek twi… @rizzolinho hell yeeee @val_hiro @baobaeda 4 @BlingCakess @lnnocennts one more for the culture @retiredgxd @A2m4r @DudespostingWs BECAUSE BORDERS CAN'T CONTAIN THE AMERICAN SPIRIT. USA! USA!
Retweeted by noah @rizzolinho who would ever say thatYeeeeeeowch! my Bonar hurt4th step: talk to the person u find attractive ("i am scared to talk to women" ok then ? be single)guys guys i found out how u can get a gf. first step: stop being chronically online and don't advertise that you ar… @777acid_ u bringing archives back or is it no longer a thing @777acid_ bro think he an archive page or something 💀 @mangodomiss @riceeeytv @tsla2x the cat is getting violated by her rn and she still cant speak, he meowing loud asf rn @speafy @m4stiff speafy u spawned so many people @ZCZCZCZC16 i cant wait for my beard man @cynicalgirI CANADA? @theyluvdilara now where do i find a wife to twerk on @theyluvdilara I CAN COMPARE DICK SIZE WOTH HOMIES? @theyluvdilara THAT IS TWRKING NOT DICK SOZE @imhighasab @lilixbby @ltsPanda liked this w rizz momentshot my shot like a sniper🎯
Retweeted by noahThey animated the Bleach meme 😭
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Retweeted by noah @cwaudiia it is apparently, ur going to hell wit me @tsla2x @theyluvdilara TBF I DIDNT KNOW SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IT IS OK I THJINK I DK @theyluvdilara atleast i will die knowing my truth @lilixbby can u door dash me @theyluvdilara @tsla2x i stole the screenshot from a priv acc @momosFPS i will tag her for u @momosFPS @tsla2x IDK @theyluvdilara AND I AINT NUMBA 2 AHHHHHHHHHHH @theyluvdilara atleast i am top 3i am done for @Jonaaa6_VAL u can bring it back
if i seen it, yall gotta see it too
Retweeted by noah @RxezyAIM this pic is so real thobro got trolled what a shmuch @menace_val @mywavelody @babiizhongli @webbslie @Fixitfe11xx @NicoKitty3 he is so pretty @lilixbby u been down bad? havent seen ur tweets in a minif i see u down bad on the tl, just know i muted yo sad ass (no bad blood doe) @lilixbby sure lil buddy les go on a league adventure @lilixbby @_deaundreee W RIZZ MOMENTS @baobaeda @lynienicole @he4dpat coolwho told these mfs that i am a lol lady, bruh is my pinned and name not enough???? i am singlei give my girl all my attention (i have very little of it) @nitowoku nah bro u looking good now, just focus on nutrition and sleep wel and ur progress will quadruple soon @rizzolinho real shit doe i am proud of u king @rizzolinho oh hell nahhhh we never gon make it out of saudiماذا ؟؟؟!!! @gloomieval now why the shoes on the sink ya حمر
@lilixbby i wouldnt risk it infront of my family ngladdicted to me !!! @autismpilIed @Vsharpener
Retweeted by noah @lilixbby alia are u ok?
@Nighty10k @kuroromi__ how tall are yall
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Retweeted by noahNeed for Speed had enough
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Retweeted by noah @Cronus1xx @KSI you have no bitches
Retweeted by noahgood morning honest.
Retweeted by noahThese Saudi Arabia fans 😂
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proud owner of a penis. retweet if you also own a penis
Retweeted by noah @swtnhoax @tyler02020202 @lightsupIive @slvppy Me after going to the gym and still havent healed from all the trauma
Retweeted by noahawesome saucd a Qatari I’m proud of what happened. I don’t know when will the westerners realize that their values aren’t uni…
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CAN U NASTY MFS TAKE A SHOWER HOLY FUCK IT SMELL LIKE A STINK BOMB @Shitropolis ik the kafala system but the construction thing is what i wanna read @Shitropolis is an islamic country, being gay is againt the religion, they are raised that way, also women still ha… @Shitropolis where can i read about this @m0sstrx Reminds me of this
Retweeted by noah @fariwrld it is fucking boring how unfunny they are you just say a niqab is a garbage bag? go commit sewer slide u islamaphobe @sylvarts nah bro is just that qatar doesn’t support lgbtq+ and has a different culture. is not like people in qata… is up with the world roasting qatar, they just an islamic country, everyone still has rights. cant people just… @lilviivv dmsposting your hookup and claiming a relationship for impressions is crazy @riceeeytv @srrirachha @urjowaa i done roasted this one dude before i did doe @jaquaylaaa @97Vercetti @lightsupIivefortnite should be illegal and banned in every country