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Continuously moving between insider/outsider status. Views my own etc.

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Many Indian crickets fans in London, wandering around in bewilderment at this weather. They were sold a summer in England!French media reports former UEFA president Michel Platini is in custody on suspicion of corruption for the award of…
Retweeted by Mani PillaiChimamanda Ngozi Adichie: "When we reject the single story, when we realise that there is never a single story abou… @IanCallaway352 @goodenough_fu Ten to three is a bit early to consider tea, let alone anything else! Morning. @superchiasmatic Hi Katherine, I am going to do this #30DayPaperChallenge in July so thanks for the inspiration. Ha…"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that can be counted matters." #WilliamCameron #QualitativeResearch #phdchat
@NicTrades No. This year’s is dull.Jordan: “When I finished uni, I went into financial services but I am a model now.” #ThisGuyShouldBeOurMentor #loveislandJohn Barnes, I can understand, but Ray Parlour?! #CarabaoCup3 hours on Research Integrity today and I have only done 20% of it. I haven’t been able to adhere to the “write ev… @ConnellyAL It's a very compelling account. I have always wondered why Singapore authorities have said next to noth… Airlines Flight 370 vanished into the Indian Ocean five years ago, and we still don’t know why. The explan…
Retweeted by Mani PillaiAfter yesterday’s marathon session, can’t afford to spend another day watching cricket, tempting though it is. Wish… launched his 2020 campaign in the nineties. He wanted #Malaysia to achieve a number of things to propel th…
@Vickyinvincible Congratulations. What a long day too.Rajinikanth should relinquish the #Thailavar title and hand it to #ViratKohli. #TeamIndia look unassailable. #CWC19 @Sapere_vivere I am surprised that JC hasn’t said something to support them but, perhaps, JC’s world only extends f… is doing the #TamilNation proud. #IndiaVsPakistan #CWC19 @royngerng My generation all studied Animal Farm. I was from Bukit Panjang SS.According to the latest statistics, the number of participants in the demonstrations in Hong Kong is currently 2.01…
Retweeted by Mani PillaiLove how every #IPL team is supporting #TeamIndia on Twitter. @ArsenalHQ19 Surprised Wenger doesn’t do self-service machines.Spotted Arsene Wenger in Totteridge Waitrose, such a humble man. Looking healthy since leaving Arsenal. 🧐🔴 #AFC
Retweeted by Mani PillaiProud of #香港人。#SolidarityI’ll find out this week how the #616protest is being played out in Malaysia and, most notably, in Singapore. #616黑衣大遊行 #香港加油 @BCCI In my little flat in London .Manchester looks like Mumbai 🇮🇳✌️ #TeamIndia #IndiaVsPakistan
Retweeted by Mani PillaiPakistan’s fielding is comical. #cwc19I used to wonder how much of his own background influenced his behaviour. His father was Tamil, from India.I find Naser Hussain rather irritating as a pundit. When he was captain of England, his behaviour towards India was… had an ambition to have a test cricket team by 2020 but they don’t talk about it now.Yes! Rohit Sharma gets his century and he should eat as many butter naans he wants! #INDvPAK #TeamIndia #CWC19 @manick62 An interview being cut to 1 min! I don’t know about the new adaptation. @rtalwar I am resting after a migraine attack in the early hours of the morning and have a craving for India carbs. @rtalwar You don’t share the same waist measurements, thankfully. Seriously, I look at him and ask why and how. But… @ashwinravi99 @JJSinghSTARR @LeoDiCaprio Thambi, with the greatest respect, it always rains in English summer seaso… @rtalwar I always think of you whenever I see his name!Rohit Sharma doesn’t really look like an athlete, does he? Every time I see him, I wonder how many butter naans he had the precious evening.#India forging ahead nicely. #Cwc19 @Sapere_vivere There will be more nervousness than usual when these two face each other. If they lose, they get sla… @Sapere_vivere You think so? This match is a matter of pride for both teams, though. @Sapere_vivere He’s made a similar mistake too.I made one observation on my day at #ZEEJLFatBL2019. No one on stage or in the audience tried to shoehorn any discu… @Sapere_vivere She is from China. His ex-girlfriend was Japanese.Goodness me! Edith Wharton foresaw this some 90 years ago! And @IanCallaway352 will be delighted to know that he is… @Sapere_vivere But it is an affectionate name in Chinese language. @manick62 It’s ridic, isn’t it? @IanCallaway352 Sadly, I had an Ulyssean evening which I am regretting deeply. Edith Wharton was right to think he… @Vickyinvincible Good luck! I will be rooting for #India but we will all be praying for no rain!I wonder if Jeremy Hunt’s nickname is 大米 or 大米饭。Either way, it is an affectionate nickname in Chinese language. @steve_hawkes It’s an affectionate nickname in Chinese but can also mean someone who provides. @Vickyinvincible Are you in Manchester? @HaseenahKoya The resourcefulness of people when the odds are stacked against them is a marvel. Thanks for sharing… @Vickyinvincible Manchester has rain forecast. Oh dear.Seeing Rory Stewart say “listen and listen again” after that fatal stabbing incident in Poplar makes me angry. We a…
@IanCallaway352 I quite like her. She used to live in E London and I used to frequent her studio and got to know he… @IanCallaway352 Is that artwork from Tracey Emin? @graemearcher That looks nice. I bemoan the state of tea that is served in London, outside of our homes. They are… @PennyGane1 This is crazy.#ShashiTharoor: “One day the voters may return me to the world of literature. I have read enough of Shakespeare to… : “Each MP in India represents some 2 million people.” #Tharoorisms #ZEEJLFatBL2019#ShashiTharoor relates a story to show that the phrase #cattleclass was seen as an insult in India. #Tharoorisms #ZEEJLFatBL2019#ShashiTharoor: “I very much poke fun at myself as I poke fun at others when I use unwielding language”. #ZEEJLFatBL2019#Tharoorisms #ZEEJLFatBL2019 : “If you don’t give freedom to thought or to challenge others, you can’t make progress in science.” #ZEEJLFatBL2019#SirVenkiRamakrishnan : “Every new technology has a huge amount of hype and people get disillusioned. Then there is… : “the problem with prizes is that they convert science into a sports metaphor. Science is a… work that led to the #NobelPrize for #SirVenkiRamakrishnan. #ZEEJLFatBL2019 : “In terms of number of genes we have, we are no more complex than a weed or a worm.” #GeneMachine #ZEEJLFatBL2019#SirVenkiRamakrishnan: My career in science wasn’t smooth. Science segregates and clusters. I wasn’t a fast-tracked… real reason why I am at the #ZEEJLFatBL2019: to listen to this brilliant man, #SirVenkiRanakrishnan.… was a very good session from @GylesB1 and #JeffreyArcher. #ZEEJLFatBL2019 “The Indian race are the most ambitious race I have ever met.” #ZEEJLFatBL2019#JeffreyArcher: “#RKNarayan should have got the Nobel Prize.” #HearHear #ZEEJLFatBL2019#JeffreyArcher: “If you have energy plus talent, you are a king. If you have energy but no talent, you can be a pri… “If I hadn’t faced bankruptcy, I would have ended up as under-secretary in the Dept of Transport.” #ZEEJLFatBL2019#JeffreyArcher: “There’s a generation of young Indian women who are going to STARTLE India.” [Emphasis is his.] #ZEEJLFatBL2019. @GylesB1 introduces #JeffreyArcher as “the world’s greatest storyteller.” #ZEEJLFatBL2019 sponsorship ads are as long as Bollywood films. 🤦🏾‍♀️Programme and wrist band. Ready for #ZEEJLFatBL2019 . #jaipurlitfest #britishlibrary @HaseenahKoya 谢谢 @HaseenahKoya I am dying to know how the HK protests have been covered within China. @corianderratic @BethcooperER @GuiltFemPod @EverydaySexism At one leadership training session in Europe, I was told… the #CWC19 organisers and the @ECB_cricket not considered reserve days for matches that have been affected by… @graemearcher Nice duvet. Have you got out the Beethoven phase? Mine lasted for a week and I was spent by the end of it. @HLTCO There are three things certain in life: 1. Death 2. Taxes 3. The inability of Chelsea fans to consider reason or logic @Sapere_vivere I have heard similar stories. Media organisations are snake pits. @logan_angie @thesiswhisperer Thank you v much.
There really is something special coming from Africa: pan-African fiction from female writers. They’re forging thei…“Even in NYC, in a place of many nations and cultures, men and women, young and old, rich and poor, preferred their… email arrives from @TheTimesBooks and I learn that #SimonRaven was the new #AnthonyPowell. @logan_angie @thesiswhisperer I have been looking for a book on #AcWri as I begin my doctoral research journey. Tha… @tunkuv I hate that term. It is wrong on many levels.Keeping fingers crossed for the #MenInMaroon although it is already looking like a tough day for them. #ENGvsWI #CWC19 @HarryScoffin 👏🏾 @IanCallaway352 Were people signing off with kisses in 1993? @ssgtstanleychia Banana leaf food in Malaysia is THE BEST food in the world! Maybe one day, your mother will get an… @HaseenahKoya Tidak lama lagi for her.“Home isn’t where you land; home is where you launch.” #AnAmericanMarriage by #TayariJones
@JackWilshere Very courageous of you to open up about the challenges you and your family faced, reminding everyone…