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what is Wanda Vision about?
@DojaCat 🤍🤍? @sapphicyxnce nothing happened, i guess she’s just venting. but ppl usually do clown her a lot.if “she ain’t funny”, then let her be not funny by herself? nobody has y’all at gun point to be in her comments or quotes😭your personality is obviously not for everybody but nobody is even forced to check up on what you do. why do y’all… @DojaCat we’re totally fine with you not posting on tik tok if that affects you mentally. just take care of yourselfamala...🙁 all the chemistry is GONE @shannonkordei coming over for a piecerosé during bet you wanna on the show different shades from top to bottom @enctrI it’s disrespectful at this pointThey shot this on Photo Booth? @shannonkordei watched a whole season cause i got queer baitedstop calling Beyoncé a pop girl lolyeah streets and good days the songs of the moment, that’s all twt been tweeting about all week😭 @sixinchbeys stinking btch! @tiktok_ushave we known them for even 5 years Hot 100 Early Prediction: #37. (+54) Streets, @DojaCat [98 pts]
Retweeted by melvKELLY ROWLAND HAS BLOOD ON HER HANDS! @ungodlyjordan_ wow @BEYMANll he’ll do it againAnd if he stole, he stole‼️
Retweeted by melv @parisnights__ like even if you join at a grown age, this app seems very brutal at first idk😭 @TEXASTITTIE oh babyYes we should which is why the tweet says talk dirty @hallucydn8ing uh ohi for sure wouldn’t be able to handle twitter at no 11 years old, how are y’all joining social media before the 6th grade @Nard_CockyAf no?now how to get talk dirty charting next....we need to schedule an emergency meeting song released in november 2019 and absolutely no promotion....not a lot of girls can do it! @nayaisannoyed you read my mind
Retweeted by melvALL THE WHILE’all writing body paragraphs on a chart position before brushing your teeththe chemistry was just there im sawriand i was definitely shipping am so blessed. i made this happen. all of this hard work since i was a kid. this is JUST THE START. grateful to h…
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i said Elana🗣📱EXACTLY AND I TOLD HER @sighstopp nothing but i know she plotting sumn y’all do way too much @DojaCat you name is doja cat @unwantedntm j’ai l’impression chui avec eux😭😭 @sapphicyxnce when i had to convince people she could readDon’t take it personal ✨
Retweeted by melv @shannonkordei glowing the empressive channel 2021 black post your cashapp under this and retweet! Nonblacks it’s MLK day so you should give us money…
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She saw a microphone and chose violence every single time DIS GUCCI DATbeing fine? y’all gonna leave that man alone. they going at it djsksksm @jenniesolana you welcome😉i dont see her purposely taking N off the song @rapperBYAS just saying shit sksksjoh people were cruel, why would they make her watch this😭😭😭 this is the problem stans getting so unfed by ariana on twitter that they moved to doja’s replieslike the performance is very much a concept itself, y’all better dance to this old shit’s nothing wrong with tiktok helping to promote an artist’s songs. y’all are annoying.
Retweeted by melvwe’ll never make it out this era y’allfuck they’re pushing streets @DojaCat alright you just saying shit @DojaCat auto-caps off, we going somewhere! @DojaCat @needydamien release a video for streets and i got something for your ass. we’re moving on to the lead. @nopolices exactlyNot Streets beating Say So’s ass in a alley way 🤣🤣😂
Retweeted by melvtalk dirty, rules and like that definitely the street fighters. beating everybody ass on sight. @DojaCat @raindropsddl OH YOU BEEN ON THIS APP TOO LONG @DojaCat say so limping away with a black was real bad for herLmaooooooo
Retweeted by melvsharpay evans after posting troy bolton’s nudes to the wildcats blog and tagging gabriella
Retweeted by melv @changedrealife WHATa pen the
Retweeted by melvobserving. gazing. her eyes like she at a sold-out arena @wityagirlfriend and we agreethis is the most 2000s song ever skdjek Hot 100 — Final Predictions (via. @talkofthecharts): #36. “Best Friend” (NEW) #82. “Streets” (NEW)
Retweeted by melv @voidmanii 😭😭throw Jake in there, Blaine and Brittany were the best glee performers in that order @makkbrezzy go look up how writing credits work i’m begging @makkbrezzy her name is Amala....when will y’all realize how scary this girl’s pen is the comment section was gassing her up so hard for that @Elanacaceres so truepostal service by queenie @queenievillaluz @Elanacaceres @lilliankaymusic @Makhylis @oliviaaruby @wotvibes I’m so mad the whole thing wasn’t saved