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Manish @ManishEarth Berkeley, CA

@ServoDev @ 🦊 Mozilla Research. 🦀 @rustlang core team. 🌐 WebXR @w3c. 💛 Open Source. 🗣️ Likes languages. ✈️ Repatriate/ABCD. 👨‍🔬 Formerly physics. he/him

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@TatianaTMac @hsivonen @tahonermann @SimonSapin feel free to open a PR to the rust RFCs repo changing that RFC to just disallow… @hsivonen @tahonermann @SimonSapin i don't remember, i just know that i've had problems with this before. it seems… @hsivonen @tahonermann @SimonSapin and i've definitely heard from people who have had their actual IMEs produce non… @hsivonen @tahonermann @SimonSapin i mean, sure, it not being an IME is splitting hairs, programmers attempting to… @hsivonen @tahonermann @SimonSapin "editing code in vim" @mcclure111 [rot13] omg
Retweeted by Manish @johnregehr @schemeprincess @Dev14e @danrkports oh yeah i think headcheese is okay. i think the concept is cool, th…'ve had a number of frustrating conversations over the past few weeks where someone tried to convince me of someth… feel like american politics has poisoned everyone into thinking that per-population is the only normalization mea… @Dev14e @johnregehr @schemeprincess @danrkports jello salad is perhaps the one dish from this family of foods that… @Dev14e @johnregehr @schemeprincess @danrkports in the 80s or something people used to put ANYTHING in jello like,… @schemeprincess @johnregehr @Dev14e @danrkports reminded of headcheese @johnregehr @Dev14e @schemeprincess i use this in almost everything! i have the trader joe's box my favorite is th… @schemeprincess @Dev14e can confirm, the instant pot works really well for Indian food, especially the saute mode f…, 2017-2019: We're switching from fingerprints to facial recognition for unlock. It's more convenient! 2020:
Retweeted by Manish @tahonermann @hsivonen @SimonSapin buggy tools mostly i totally do not expect vim's delete key to handle this corr… @tahonermann @hsivonen @SimonSapin imo this is a bad idea, not all input methods are good about producing NFC, espe… @hsivonen @SimonSapin i was pushing back hard against any requests to disallow identifiers… @hsivonen @SimonSapin the plan is basically UAX 31 plus normalization, plus lints for: - confusables checking -…
@fliume Putting the "pan" (Spanish) in pandemic
Retweeted by Manish @fliume @heidihoopes to be fair i'm still like this, i made a devastatingly bad marathi-english pun just this morni… @fliume @heidihoopes @__vlqc eat the burrito @__vlqc i think you need to download some monads @mycoliza @camfassett @mariaKhalusova finnteger overflow @mariaKhalusova possibilities: - "sorry, it wasn't covid after all, false alarm" - brought a covid patient back wi…
Retweeted by Manish @schemeprincess @Dev14e @palvaro eminently reasonable @fitzgen i also sometimes do a bit of an overbite so my breath goes downwards @fitzgen oh, no filter, gotcha uh, the glasses nose thing works well for me @fitzgen idk if this is true for viral transmission, but for smoke it's "if your glasses are fogging, you're wearin… @Dev14e @palvaro @schemeprincess NICE @FloraCatz (to be clear, i'm far from qualified to talk about this stuff, i've helped people having panic attacks but that's about it) @FloraCatz you also need to hold your breath for a bit longer i would not use this technique if someone else is ha… not waterboard your friends however, apparently this does work and is pretty cool @plaidfinch informed me that you can use the mammalian diving reflex to deal with panic attacks my main experie… @Dev14e this only works in marathi, but, "पीक performance" @schemeprincess @Dev14e @palvaro gotta make sure your students have openings in the industry after they graduate. i can respect that. @schemeprincess @Dev14e @palvaro oh wait no, he wasn't daring his grad students, just me @schemeprincess @Dev14e @palvaro we have written evidence of him daring his grad students to do just this 😉 vs. the guy she tells you not to worry about
Retweeted by Manish @Dev14e @schemeprincess just note: if you're going to eat anything from nature in california, make sure you know ex… @Dev14e @schemeprincess Anyway @Dev14e if you're still in Santa Cruz you should probably be able to find mustard pl… @Dev14e @schemeprincess i hear berkeley indian stores are doing fine but i haven't gone yet @schemeprincess @Dev14e oooh i have a decent stockpile of most indian spices and stuff but this is great! @Dev14e @schemeprincess what i've harvested there is white mustard, plus it's *wild* white mustard (so, not cultiva… @Dev14e @schemeprincess I have never used anything other than brown/black mustard seeds, i don't think the other ki… @arshia__ transcend physical reality, become a pure Brand @iximeow @mgattozzi strong agree @iximeow My (Fed, 1777) States (MA 1620, WA 1889, NY 1609, CA 1848) are unionizing
Retweeted by Manish @valarauca1 S N O W C R A S H but it's toilet paper instead of pizza @asajeffrey oh no who gave @pcwalton the keys to the billboard software @VZWSupport I was making a general comment about the SIM services app on phones, not directed to y'all. I don't use Verizonperiodic reminder that a very common bay area highway ad uses the SVG tiger, likely obliviously learned that "type I and type II errors" comes from a paper where those indexes refer to a bullet list of actu…
Retweeted by ManishAs an early user of an N95 + gloves going into my local grocery store, the security was watching me 300% more than…
Retweeted by Manish @chimeracoder Yeah so SIM cards usually come with an app that's basically some menus where some options communicate… @chimeracoder is your carrier Verizon? Because the "Foo Services" app is usually one that's installed on your SIM.…'s depiction of a running simulation that nobody can observe without obtaining an encryption key implies t…
Retweeted by Manish @jpbrammer egwhen this all started I was like "today I will make myself a honey dijon pork chop over risotto" and now I just wake up like "egg"
Retweeted by Manish @TatianaTMac too often have I made a shitpost as a two tweet thread with the second tweet having a caveat paranthetical 🙃🙃 @ryzokuken @kchoudhu yeah we use cumin as well for the beginning, but i always use mustard with optional cumin the… @kchoudhu yeah I like to joke that Indian food is easy: 1. oil in pan, add mustard seeds 2. wait for them to pop…
Retweeted by Manishtired: california secession wired: six californias inspired: united states of california fact: I very rarely buy carrots with greens, but I go hiking super often, so hemlock isn't "the plant that look… to scare the shit out of me when hiking in California: "hey Manish what's this plant that looks like carrot?"… @SawyerBlatz @JadenGeller I've been seeing so many kids out having fun on their bikes it's so nice with no cars Be… @2093bps I do habitat restoration with a local group and the folks who run that have taught me about a lot of plant… @2093bps there are regional foraging guides that can help but I've never seriously used one bc I don't forage much… @2093bps So when I started hiking here I quickly learned about the two dangerous plants: poison oak (just makes you… @2093bps I've only been harvesting radish and mustard , because there's a large field of them I know about. I also… The Stone Sky (Broken Earth #3) damn, that was a really good series. so much intrigue, such a good exploration… mustard pods! Excited to dry these and harvest like two spoons of mustard in a week or so, this was almost completely buried with the little metal bit poking out I'm imagining some stoner trying to g… @QuietMisdreavus imperialists are really big fans of boiling the ocean to achieve your goal, and gotta do something with the byproductsI'm pulling out non native plants in the hills and I just pulled a THC cartridge out of the soil truly, "weeding"
@Tojiro yeah those are so good!! @arshia__ random flavorful well-cooked veggies + eggs is one of my favorite cooking cheat codes @arshia__ Literally just used up a branch of these in my pasta @kchoudhu yeah I like to joke that Indian food is easy: 1. oil in pan, add mustard seeds 2. wait for them to pop… really do go brrrrrrrr (not Indian food, but I didn't think of this joke when cooking Indian food sadly) ancestors, probably: nooooo!!! you can't just put stuff in a pot and call it a day!! you're overriding centuries… civ(Il)ization civ(IlI)zation c(IV)ilization ci(V)ilization ci(VI)lization Ci(VIl)ization Ci(VIlI)zation Civilization 9
Retweeted by Manishif Britain wants to open up the door to international reparations payments, they're in for quite a surprise when th…
Retweeted by Manishoooh the really good piano instrumental Sweet Child Of Mine from the Westworld trailer is on spotify now @ my brain was looking up an idiom and found a meme format so I had to do this (cc @Gankra_)
Retweeted by Manish @Tojiro the "people standing next to each other" has been bothering me even with non-commercials don't HOLD HANDS… rude of @signalapp to slightly change its shade of blue DURING A PANDEMIC
Retweeted by Manish @kefimochi @kefimochi omg HONKperiodic reminder _plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose_ to characterize the usefulness of GADTsLondoners: we're sewing our own masks! New Yorkers: bandanas, we have so many bandanas Northern Californians: FULL…
Retweeted by Manishomg, rust's async/await now optimizes down to Fucking Nothing
Retweeted by Manish @nyanotech @ffledgling @kefimochi yeah that's what I was trying to say here @tef_ebooks cc @fasterthanlime @__vlqc (there are news articles, it's not just a rumor)