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Always be kind . Don’t be a snobby little bitch no matter what you look like. don’t do shit got free!When I’m fucking and the guy wants to try and record...’ve been told i have a thick dick 💦So many relationships i can ruin but i choose not to do so. Boys with boyfriends messaging me telling me how they w… wants to recreate this for my onlyfans 🍆💦. @lovesyou_69 Not you Patric star!Who would let me shoot my load on face?Some boy kept on starring at my cock in the sauna 🧖‍♀️Snapppp me @ mannydee07 👅 time I was fucking this guy & he said “ cum in me i want your kids”🤔Why is it every time I’m having sex and the guys legs around my waist they grab my ass and pull me towards them?Who ever tryna go on a cute day and be loyal to me hmuuu 😩Where’s my future baby at? @XTito86 Pay for it and I’ll get itOkay this makes me feel better about all the dumb shit i do. @Angel_ortega7 sending love ur way❤️Come lay on my chest 👅 want a boyfriend
Ok going back to sleepMen ain’t shit !PLEASE SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE BITCHES IN THE BACK 🗣🥵💯
Retweeted by kingSounds like a perfect night
Retweeted by kingShiiiitt I’m down! 🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️
Retweeted by kingblessing my feed with your cute ass
Retweeted by kingLet’s put face mask after making love 💕 @footguy97 HahaStay focused on what you’re going for you got this 💪🏼 feeling you get when you pee after busting a nut😩💦Another bomb ass work out :)
Onlyfans 😈
Retweeted by kingStop using my pictures!I love being gay. But one thing I’d want to change about the gays is the hate against other gays. Seems like even w… 😍 i try to bottom 🤔 my bottoms at 😋I need a pretty face to cum ok any takers lmk ;)’s super hot when I’m getting my dick sucked and the guy or girl sucking it spits on it 😩😩😩I love to fuck and make love just depends on who getting my cock.Getting big for my future boyfriend or girlfriend 😈❤️
Oh my❤️ morning 🤪 happy Monday everyone have a blessed day !Suck my dick you can make me come more than five times no you turn me on bitch!#NewProfilePic anyone know this man ? me @ mannydee07 😘 cock my Snapchat @ mannydee07 👅 want a drink or two what’s good!
But I won't waste my time tryin' to figure out why you playin' games What's this all about want you to suck my dick while you spit on it and jack me off with both hands 😈Great now i want some pussy or ass 👅😏Onlyfans 😈 ;)Hit me up on Snapchatt 👅 @ mannydee07I loose interest in people so fast.Good night cutie pies ❤️💤Everyone wants to be famous on Instagram or Twitter. Likes aren’t going to make you a better person. I believe to b… i go to sleep i want to remind you. That no matter who you are In social media don’t let a bunch followers o… want some boy pussy HMU (:Boyfriend application 🤪
No Grindr ! I don’t live I’m Texas ! new video upOmg be nice lol
Guess someone was mad for eating the last chicken sandwich Cupid like @Jaclynhill happy for you ‘🥺
About to jackk offff on Snapchattt @ mannydee07Let’s re-create this for my onlyfans ;)
Retweeted by kingGuys are trash ! I can name a few but i won’t !thinking i could actually find love photo on onlyfans enjoy 😉 ❤️🍆Can i go to the gym and not get hit on? remember being young wearing my boyfriend’s sweater just for an excuse to go later and visit him to give it to hi… if you’d Come lick the sweat off my body 💦
Family WWE 💀
Retweeted by king @imSadMane This is the leg breaker night showers 🚿
This is for my feet lovers 👅 🦶 #footfetish #feetpics
Retweeted by kingWe will all find love 💕I wish i had a chubby boyfriend to cuddle with thick men 💦If i ever suck you’re sick just know i really Fuck with you. 👅This is for my feet lovers 👅 🦶 #footfetish #feetpics 👅 you don’t like me and talk shit about me. Save it i really don’t care . I sleep good at night having the few fri… - manny you’re so handsome Me - okay let me fuck u Come watch me play with my cock cleaned up 😋’m ready to get the fuckk my onlyfans ;)
Comment below the reason you think drake got booed at Tyler The Creator show?Who are you are is not what you look like remember that!Is the Spotify google mini legit?He’s a snake that’s why this is how my Sunday is going ... Never called this man out his name never got angry with this man at all ! T…
Retweeted by kingLet’s re-create this for my onlyfans ;) lay with me 😘🌙