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I don’t understand how you bottoms take my thick dick 🤗Sit on my lap 😘 me on Instagram @ mannydiamond_
God dayum this made me tear 🥺 hate when i jerk off and i start to precum and it goes all over my briefs 😤Back seat sex >Do you think it’s mean to call someone beautiful if you don’t mean it? I think so.I love to fuck straight men.Tiger king’m so proud to be part of the lgbtq community 😊Tag someone who’d sit on my lap ☺️😋
Retweeted by manny diamondTag someone who’d sit on my lap ;)
Morning sexxx>Add my snap ;) @ mannydee07I need my dick sucked tonight hmu :)I am now horny & drunk
Let fuck you in the back seat ‘Follow me on Snapchat @ mannydee07 for some cock’s heavy
Let’s hang ;)
Mood don’t want a boyfriend because fuck these cheating menGirl sit down we know those green eyes aren’t yoursFollow my new twitter @kyngmannyy I’ll be following people back tonight 😋 @rambunctiousgus happy bday ❤️Something about women with wide hips 😋
I know a lot of you probably think I’m a man whore but I’m really not. I’m very selective on who gets this dick.Some of you all full of shit and you know it.Next person i fuck is going to get a couple loads. This quarantine has me hornnnayyyyyyTag someone who would like to hold it 👅 a man knows what a man needsSubscribe to my onlyfans below
Retweeted by manny diamondI haven’t had sex in so long I’m starting to think I’m a virgin again.
Subscribe to my onlyfans below DMs i get 😂It’s back heheAnyone’s WiFi go down?Who would like my dick in their mouth
Retweeted by manny diamond @gaythickman @anthonyluquin I love all gaysTinder be tryna hook me up with people 183737273 miles away.Hi baby 😋
@damiong042001 always felt ashamed ..I started screaming but no one could hear ... @damiong042001 Didn’t have to mentioned her she’s a regular she’s DA QUEENGoodnight to all the people who love Beyoncé lady Gaga Ariana grande & Lana del Rey ❤️I love when people that use to talk shot pop up on my Twitter tryna act like we cool 😂I miss it me some booty @ mannydee07 😋Some boy pussy would smack right now 😋If you buy Instagram followers i feel bad for you 😂 bro the people who follow you are blank pages 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Fuck shopping ! I felt like i was at Disney land smhhhh long as fucking lines.Who wants dick ?
Follow my new twitter @kyngmannyyGoodnight beautiful ladies and gentlemen 😚4 years later and I’ve kept it all off. I’m so proud of myself. I’m in disbelief every single day
Retweeted by manny diamondThe thing i hate most about being single is not getting my dick sucked every single morning 🙄I try to be nice to men. But always want more From me... i just want friends... nothing moreCatch my drip 💧I need my dick suckedEat it cookie monstahhhhShe’s a baddie 👅’m a top with a fat asssssssss
Omg daddy I wanna see that sexy smolder in your eyes while you pound me into oblivion 🤤
Retweeted by manny diamond @ededdneddie02 Cheer up ! I always get bummed out for a lot of reasons but then remember how blessed i am to be able to change it up.Make sure to subscribe to my onlyfans @ededdneddie02 Yes I’m okay. You ever have those days when things don’t go as planned ?Hi daddy 😘
Retweeted by manny diamondGood night don’t forget to be nice.Yes.
Retweeted by manny diamond😍
Retweeted by manny diamondFace 😍
Retweeted by manny diamondCindy this is a MAN!
Retweeted by manny diamondHi 👋🏼
Life’s to short! Enjoy it and do what makes you happy. @natashax625 🥺💕Venmo me thanks 👅 a fucked up world we live in. please.... Lamborghini keys @TacoTyce @thickatnite @loutishlover_ I noticed that too. He also unfollowed someone his followers went down by one
Who wants to hear a sex story? @twtselma People are so evil. You’re cute stop crying 😢If i could change the way that you see yourself 🥺Ride me till I’m about to cum..Get on your knees and start sucking ‘Good morning from and my plant
Retweeted by manny diamondA bottom who does everything i ask >I’ve been hella horny after the gym 😤#findalexreyes
My messages to Alex are currently going through, 20 mins ago they weren’t. Keep trying !!!! @typecozy
Retweeted by manny diamond @rambunctiousgus I love you 2 @24hourfitness more like OneHourFitness 🙄Good morning from and my plant @sharkpizza Lol noGood morning Twitter ! I would really love for you guys to keep an eye for this guy he’s been missing for a couple… head hurts ... @Devoured_Soul Thanks i had forgot about thatYo would be amazing if you guys can retweet this for me and if you have any information contact the person on the p…