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manny-blm @manny_oe Dallas, TX

Manny Edeko|He/Him | 🇳🇬 🏳️‍🌈| Vis Dev/Character design/ Promare stan email:| Not available for work

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@laveejay @SaiSaixChan Yeah I goofed. His name is Royce now loll @ericlide Ooooooo! @almo_andre fair! @Uvemvanefly 😂😂 tru @arvalis I have way too much naruto bullshit trivia in my head man @bielgv1 truuuuuBUTTTTT Lee might easily overpower him. I don't think he has to look at him even, so genjutsu might not work. idk m… is fucked. Shikamaru could read his moves and plan accordingly (granted he doesn't pass out from sharingan use… tweet only works if you're on dark mode, bye @nekoewen LMAOOOOOF. SCOTT FITZGERALD ____ _____ 👁️ 👁️… @hmccray137 YESSSThe plot to Bayonetta 2* whoops. Let’s just pretend that his surname is Rosario and call it a day lmao @umbersupreme Hdhshsjs thanks! @manny_oe's Himbo Prince Daisy 🌼 My new religion.
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Prince Rosario ✨ @stone_ac @BotanicSage 💖💖💖 @theyankeeartist hshsdhje thanksssMe posting background art @KChips2 Nono that’s great! Thanks for the note lol @StormYorha @TR2_Ghosts I just thought it looked cool loll @WaffleyDootDoot 👀👀👀👀 @BobcatRobin @HyveMynd OHHHHHH @yoshisquared Lolll truuuu @umbersupreme He’s a little @mbrleigh Tytytytyyyyy @Princess9star @Sean081799 @Its_Just_Eman Ooooo @Sean081799 @Its_Just_Eman i thought they could still be Peach and Daisy tbh 🤣 Prince Peach and Daisy @FlashingKnives Ooo that’s comingMaria and Louise + himbos @Photoshop 😅😅😅😅🙏🏽
@Hawk360100 Ooo truee @arvalis that means I witnessed meme culture in 2010“Lol” means this is light hearted but I didnt laugh “lmao“ can mean I’m passive aggressive or a side eye version of… @JSwayArt You have toooooo. It’s gonna break you @JSwayArt YUP @sunsetnuclear yupp @Rythayze yeah like its so customizable. I wouldn't have used it if not for my job but I'm glad I did lol @calebmealer pro mediumI’ve had an ipad for months but I still prefer drawing on my desktop tbh. I bust out procreate when it’s time to st… all that shit about Photoshop but now I love it
@bRakustar01 @manny 💖 @a_guy_draws @bRakustar01 😭😂 @Rigiliz @kartewnboi Vegan Peanut Butter Cups via @bonappetegan @connor_reemts HHAHAHshe looks like a TA who tells you it’s ok to turn in your paper a day late @javi_draws People will literally do anything but stay at home favorite ship dynamic
@bRakustar01 KewwwwlllWhat can I say- I like dis guy
Retweeted by manny-blm @Izogii You're SOOOO good at drawing sonic @shannondrewthis Happy birthday! @Radimudio 🤣 @mbrleigh Right! Queen!I can't believe there's an inauguration in the middle of a Gaga concert @bludgeonParagon I have no idea what that is 😂 @ThatKodo people not know that love isn't always romanticComedian: *puts on a 90 minute set* me: Random Twitter user: "boobs" me: @StormYorha thats a good idea wtf...
@Izogii im her in my head @Izogii hjzxhjzsdlsdzk @FlashingKnives oh i have a love/hate thing with summer but winter is typically trash for me loll @StormYorha yeah that 9s combat...eugh. Although I totally get it froma thematic point of view, but MAAAN I was so happy to play as A2 lmao @umbersupreme HHHHHH @courtneyjjigae WGSGHGHHGGG @NekoNyanTJ right wtf @stone_ac mooodddddOompalompas played by Noah CentineoTwinky Wonka @reinderstwan NOO LOLL @Beavs It would take every muscle in my body not to tell this person to fuck off @woodsea_ Valid! @DevByDaylight EXACTLYFor the record I’m Texan LOLI’m always happy when winter is over honestly. Trash ass season. Autumn never disappoints me @emilypearsonart All winter is good for is the holidays but everything else sucks LOL. especially early sunsets 😭Autumn >Summer >>>> Spring>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>....>>>> Winter @ELIOLIart WOAHHHH WHAT! CONGRATZ @bRakustar01 @manny Interesting! Haha
@ryuuseinow I remember watching videos where grown ups were really pressed lol. But nah youre right a lot of guys i… @ThePeachJane eugh....yeah @RengeTortillas same but i wasl like 12 and wanted to be cool too. Then I grew up and was like..."ehh hes fine" @GiraffesAreGods yeah being a child star looks scary as fuck @n3on_f0x_Art nah @stone_ac maybe tbh???? It felt a bit much tho seeing as how a lot of these girls were teens on tiktok being...well teens on tiktok 😂 @stone_ac that VSCO girl hate was outrageous too 😂 @YebegTibs All of our voices were annoying at 14 tbh 💀All the one direction hate too. Like yall really hate the shit teenage girls like frrrRemember when grown ass men on the internet has this visceral rage for Justin Bieber when he was a literal chlid.… @ThatSoThe0 @Zari_Wari i wish...
フィギュアコマ撮り【EVA弐号機体操選手とアスカコーチ】#StopMotion #新世紀エヴァンゲリオン 本編はこちら
Retweeted by manny-blm @Rythayze Ahhhh! That means a lot! It’s definitely a goal of mine to put out good African themed stuff. @Rythayze You’re too kind!! 😭 @mbrleigh LOLI forgot to draw the mask FUCKWalmart fit @kartewnboi I think Reese’s contain milk in the chocolate?? I just used dark chocolate that didn have milk/milk fa…