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I hate capitalism but I love amenities. Deputy editor, @thegoods by @voxdotcom. Formerly @ racked. She/her.

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I blame the writing of this article tbh! But like, which social issues weren’t in line with which views?What does this... mean? a lifelong devoted maximalist who has never been able to hack it at minimalism, let me just say: it's about damn…
Retweeted by Meredith HaggertyEveryone arguing about Chrises when they answer is disengage from the whole fucking enterprise because of shit like… to impress her, Kayleigh McEnany hands Leslie Stahl a large book containing the Administration’s work on hea…
Retweeted by Meredith HaggertySome of the most vibrant writing I've gotten to help review lately was this most excellent story about antimicrobia…
Retweeted by Meredith Haggerty @DavidCovucci @fwbrantley Yes, Fritz sleeps in the park“In the film, @RudyGiuliani, a former New York mayor & current personal attorney to @realDonaldTrump, is seen reach…
Retweeted by Meredith HaggertyHow the helllllll will we travel this holiday season? "I’m much less concerned or cautious when it comes to famil… @thegoods, I wrote about whether Covid-19 "fighting" clothing—like jeans!—are all that cracked up to be.
Retweeted by Meredith Haggerty“I’m a very loud and a very vibrant person, and I didn’t see myself in minimalism. Minimalism is this idea that you… tell you that something's "too sweet for them" like you're supposed to be proud
Retweeted by Meredith HaggertyNEW: President Trump's tax records reveal a previously unknown bank account he has in China, where he's spent a dec…
Retweeted by Meredith Haggerty7pm to midnight should be like three hours longerThat Jacqueline simply BELIEVES the trial psychic when the woman says she gave Jacqueline the opposite advice to pu… showing up to the Hollywood Chris discourse @ejdickson @rach_greenspan You’re far from alone!
love this piece from @hilarygp on why everything is sold out online right now and the answer is: a total supply cha…
Retweeted by Meredith HaggertyApparently there was some drama while President Trump was taping his 60 Minutes interview today. He abruptly ended…
Retweeted by Meredith HaggertyGenuinely, are Patrolman Associations all just decentralized, inaccurate Yelps? I only ever see tweets from them wh… @rach_greenspan Also seems hmm, a little optimistic? Piglet more likeA real uptick in "hog" as a synonymChameleon is a good podcast and Nicole is a dead ringer, voicewise, for America Ferrera.Shortages! Backorders! Supply chain disruption! Here's why — 7+ months into the pandemic — you're still running int…
Retweeted by Meredith Haggerty @renan Loud and proud, all read all read all read! @byJenAMiller Overwhelming? Yes. Boring? Not these days, baby. @megsokay @fatgirlinohio I literally cannot engage with it, it makes me freak out lol @byJenAMiller Makes so much sense! Good piece!It's been easy to get toilet paper for months, but that doesn't mean the supply chain is fine. Here's what's still… silver-infused clothing fought your BO, now it’s aiming for the coronavirus. A gimmick, a palliative, probabl… @fullmetalblouse I’ve melded with the showWhat I’m learning from both The Bold Type and Emily in Paris is that pretty women are verily FORCED to be influence… @fwbrantley I love traditionnot since jay gatsby has a man been so undone by a green light
Retweeted by Meredith Haggerty @CAhernHodgson @bongomansam I was just like, how else would you pronounce even Billerica? and then read the word ag… the last season of The Bold Type and dying at Scarlet’s elderly founder saying that yes things are changin… @davidfucillo @ScottNover guy has driven away but I suspect this is not the last I will see of this fascinating interplayDoorway guy can best be characterized by this tweet: guy (still in a car) can last be seen in this tweet! guy said “you walked by and you ignored me like I wasn’t even there” to car guy and now I have so many more…“I’m not your bro” had been levied, as has “now I know I’m right”Two of my favorite “guy who yells outside my apartment”s are yelling at each other, this is a crossover event
We are aware of the President’s statement regarding a hypothetical call with our CEO…and just so we’re all clear, it never happened.
Retweeted by Meredith Haggerty @joliekerr Finance doesn’t count tbh, horny is a pretty-req for conqueringSome Aaron Sorkin-ass shit, seriouslyGenerational stereotyping is bad and wrong but it's extremely boomer to be horny at work. @joliekerr #NotAllMeredith @whyiamcrazy And you would be 1000% right! I did not know about — or at least remember — that until earlier today b… @joliekerr I'm basically fucking Pollyanna, seeing the good in the hearts of men out here @TravelingAnna VERY @TravelingAnna Jerkin it with J*ne M*yer on the line, men are unreal @TravelingAnna "This piece has been updated with more detail about the call and the headlin… can't believe I really thought Zoom Dick might have been innocent. No one can ever tell me I think the worst of p…* *the E was for Exxon and it's hidingGosh I wonder what Darren Woods, the CO and chairman of ExxonMobil, says about this.👀👀👀 the dek on this piece. "A Massachusetts state trooper confessed to running background checks for drug dealers.… Dick already on Jeffrey Toobin's Wikipedia page @special_boots Only the best! @special_boots I have read "I thought I had muted the Zoom video" 98 times while joylessly thinking about seeing versus hearingPresidents hate to look sick. Trump has never needed to appear strong more. Prof. Rose McDermott provides commentar…
Retweeted by Meredith Haggerty @joshgondelman My brain goes "priest and prophetess" at least once a day so I had to look it up!I think most people didn't miss this but I did: that's Bonnie singing The Vow theme song.I did some other research too, i.e. asking smarter people "really?" and reading minutes ago I had no opinion about shutting down nuclear plants and now I'm like, hey don't?“The best is when you’re in the elevator with somebody and then they just scream out of nowhere,” said an employee…
Retweeted by Meredith HaggertyBoston will never not Boston as hard as it can and I love it so much.
Retweeted by Meredith HaggertyThis is wild to me, a ferry die-hard (until they discontinue the entire service to fund other things, which will be…’s happening to the group fitness classes that moved outdoors, now that cold weather is upon us? @lapresmidi I’m a completist and enjoying it but if you’re over it... I don’t think this’ll change your mindOkay Keith Raniere is a next level evil troll sex cult monster.... but the way he makes rich people feel bad about…
(I realize there were other bylines just like, go with me, I’m almost there)Okay it’s like HEADLESS BODY IN TOPLESS BAR but it’s BYLINELESS BODY IN TOP HEADLINE, is that something?The pitch: it’s Abbie Hoffman, but he thinks the institutions of our government are “wonderful things”I hate to admit this but it WAS my job to go through the script and make sure Abbie Hoffman said “bar” and “park” a… Sorkin loves to have the revolutionaries check each other over not being adult enough in their clothes or monetary choicesI hope everyone is excited for me to do Jeremy Strong as Jerry Rubin voice constantlynot to get too political but i just think that if you work 40+ hours a week you should be able to afford a house, c…
Retweeted by Meredith HaggertySacha Baron Cohen really dining out on "pahk" and Abbie's Worcester roots @NishaChittal It's not not!I wish I loved anything as much as Aaron Sorkin loves the phrase "serve at the pleasure"Older men cosplaying as younger revolutionaries is really a whole aesthetic for Aaron Sorkin
@charlieherman This is a great fact I’m going to use to justify not getting out of bed to workJust dropping off this kind of unsettling picture of a young and shirtless Christopher Walken. Okay you kids have f… @dcsarahe Truly I AM a fanThe Renner Files is really doing it for me @rachie_claire Oh my god this is such a better search alreadyAt 9:00am I woke up and told myself to get out of bed and strip the bed and remake the bed and go about my day and… an amazing night @iluvbutts247 A true gownWe don’t talk enough about how SPARKLY the killer in Scream’s cloak is. @megsokay That guy KNEW
I would like to talk about the way the polygraph administrator in American Murder can’t totally hide her contempt w… @katsphilosophy It’s just like you’re worried about... her tests? And you think... the internet might have her scores?Historically, a president hiding illness isn't weird. But Trump can't hide — then we're not looking at him. So he's… @DavidSRudin Looking to statistics to find out why you didn't get into colleges; beautifully smooth-brained, answer…'m absolutely melting down at this question, burn society’m like dropping hints that I’m employed full time at Vox as a fellow at The Goods!
Retweeted by Meredith Haggerty @alanalevinson "Just... write... down... anything... no not in Twitter, damn it what are you doing" — me to you, me to me