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@SoundladInnit This is my favourite sort of humour @MaritimeLoyal "anti-china rhetoric" = racism @_HeatNextdraft1 @vonstrenginho Bugman @rtf_media @a_valc @CultureWarsMag Cope @BeyLoien Love it @BobBurnatt Wow, don't know if that's worse than my anarcho-communist high school teacher celebrating the mac paps @zachcantrad British Columbia, but the statue of Queen Victoria compliments ours very well.Still thinking about how a prof named Joe Clark as his favourite PM and I honestly still can't tell if he was joking or not @ArkadagEffendi Yeah I don't get how people can have their entire room decked out in bright blue LEDs, seems very c… is something out of half life. The real redpill is realizing that the combine are an analogy for modernist ar…
I catch myself doing it too often... man I'm a boomer. @PiusAnchisides Yes, almost forgot to add the universal amending procedure. Both things that trudeau the elder probably scoffed at though @PiusAnchisides I concede that the notwithstanding clause is good. @SomerledD @Franciscus858 @rtf_media @BVMConsolatrix Church attendance in both countries is ~5% these days. It's a… @BenWoodfinden Only about 15% of "trending in Canada" topics on the trending tab are ever about Canada sadly. @RedLeafCoffee48 @erinotoole I'm optimistic but I don't think he'll do too much to resist continentalism @SomerledD @Franciscus858 @rtf_media @BVMConsolatrix The popular catholic cathedrals in france have the exact same problem but alright @CarryStrategy At least the Canadian ones were inherited by a force still loyal to the King, who also flew the same white ensign! @EdmundSmirk Someone had to say it @CarryStrategy I didn't see "wwi" in your tweet at first... Biggest letdown ever @LedZep204 Try the multiplayer mods for both games btw @LedZep204 4 was such a letdown @garbutch_rights @LeeRoyIreland @jonah_hoff @rockiesVSconnor Cope, stan and canada remain loyal @Juche_Cav Amount of reddit in that thread @rockiesVSconnor Go back to reddit @british_north Renaming it was so pointless @JBFalke @lit65539723 @anglo_dengist Nooo not bible bill @anglo_dengist Bogeyman mentality @HisApostolic @ToryPapist Copeaphone @ToryPapist @HisApostolic I will still maintain that an anglo presence was in this part of north america before the… @HisApostolic @ToryPapist Wrong @SoundladInnit ManitobaI refuse to elaborate @ShadowEagleSix I was very tempted to include kipling, he did pretty much save canadaBut again, as Canadians we don't have to spend much time arguing over the U.S civil war and we should really apprec… have the privilege to NOT subscribe to that myth, as our forefathers were skeptical of the US experiment, and fo… to see Canadians talking about the U.S civil war adhering to the view that the union was on a moral crusade a… @bcpminuscontext So true! @AngloLaurentian I try to shop locally when I can but all stores have been selling essential items only lately.The absolute worst hill to die on @LedZep204 Adopt the traditional Canadian take: neutrality but with marginal sympathy for the south due to a common… @rievaulx_ Fun fact: the "patriote" rebels of Quebec (lower Canada) during the 1837-38 rebellions used what was bas… @CarryStrategy The uk is too friendly to France and Germany. Unrequited!2 years ago I was the guy playing sea shanties barely any of my fellow zoomers knew on harmonica and now it's the n… @BestVVirginian @JacOb1teJ0lly Wrong, we cannot give this up to reddit. @balterjohn1 I feel you! These people just now discovering stan rogers too smhPost your four heroes in history in a quote tweet. @JacOb1teJ0lly @supercocopuffs I would say a larger part of it was the growth of a welfare state, replacing many fu… @JacOb1teJ0lly There was a brief attempt at re establishing a lodge in regina a few years ago. Other than that yea…
@andrejstratton @Burton4Freedom @RedLeafCoffee48 I don't think it's wrong to recognize their achievements and place… @ArkadagEffendi That's as hot as it gets here in the summer 😮 @CarryStrategy @DiariesEmpire One of my favourite scenes in a historical film. Churchill looking on at the other gr… @CLICKSURGE @ToryAmerican @EdmundSmirk The Roman pontiff at the time certainly wasn't. @BeyLoien I was always a bit surprised that no one ever bothered to restore the boyne obeliskFor people that supposedly hate trump they sure are obsessed with him. @anglo_dengist The laziest form of journalism @apostolaich Parents: 🇺🇸✝️ Grandparents: 🇺🇸✝️ Great grandparents: 🇺🇸✝️ Him: ☸️🇦🇶🇰🇵 @Lad10fromSpace Many such cases here in the Canadian prairies! Used to be a paperboy in similar conditions @ToryPapist Brave! I just mute @Lad10fromSpace Will definitely pick it up. 7 was the first one that actually made me feel uneasy, since re4 maybe. @Lad10fromSpace Ooh, they're going back to RE7 style? @british_north @CPC_HQ I just think it's dangerous to accuse Canadian conservatives of being ""trumpists"" (not a real thing either). @DIorioNathaniel It took a bigger turn with trudeau the elder IMO. @ArkadagEffendi Then there's winter tires, snowstorms, luckily it's been kind to us this year though! @ArkadagEffendi are you ready to have the heating on in may though?Every Canadian politician with the Mackenzie surname has been a lib of some kind. @ToryPapist At least yours is still standing! Although last I heard they wanted to turn it into a shopping mall.
@DorchesterRev I will never get over the irony of Clearing the Plains being awarded the JAM prize.. @zachcantrad 😔 @bleppyman I always like to do small talk with neighbours if I see them outside, feels wrong not to @Loadsamoney1 Many such cases @zachcantrad You've brought back memories! Used to go to Captain Kennedy House all the time on road trips, the gard… @JBFalke I think this entire thread is the biggest heap of bs he has ever posted. @Acesolid @Elecks441 @DIorioNathaniel Slim chances, IMO. Many status indians still have very sore memories of the white paper @NewLabRolfaroo Did not expect you to have long hair! @ToryPapist January babies have it the worst. Turned 19 last week and I'm still coming to terms with itAlthough I really like God Defend New Zealand.Ideally we could've had a New Zealand-style anthem system where O Canada is the national anthem along with the Mapl… @HighRevival 👍Cool, Jesus died for the sins of billions of people.
@JefferyPetts This is my worst nightmare because I'm sure my keyboard would type something stupid or post a random photo @JefferyPetts Good tweet"here's how sephora plans to win back shoppers of colour" is the most first world lib elite thing I have ever read.If there was a way to just delete the "for you" tab I'd do it in a heartbeat at this point. First they prop up CCP… is just ridiculous now, how can they fit trump inside TWO peaches? @rievaulx_ Exaggerated swagger @SwaniteEli @Lad10fromSpace You're rooting for the Boers now? Hmm I wonder what they thought of the Zulu. @PiusAnchisides Just not a fan of unnatural borders, has to be Nova Scotia for me @ruinofbritain Yeah I've made similar comparisons before, a lot of trads here like to espouse it. @qjnik @JBFalke Wait... she?? @FarRightFruit Wha, where did Jesus say that you have to have Christian ancestors in order to be a Christian @zachcantrad Absolutely @zachcantrad Basically the guide talked about the tragic seven oaks massacre, (and of course he trivializes and bel… @zachcantrad Oops, I'm thinking of the Seven Oaks house which was completed in 1853 - still though! I joined my da… @zachcantrad They turn the first one into a haunted house attraction sometimes, it's very disgraceful imo @MaritimerNatio1 Aye not sure why they changed it, happened around the turn of the century @MaritimerNatio1 Something like this if I'm not mistaken. @JBFalke There was always that one girl at the talent show who would sing let it be and vocalize tf out of itTIL (according to my youtube recommendations), that Egypt has a military band that constantly humiliates itself whe… @JBFalke Laughed