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Steph @maplethistles Toronto, Ontario

Positivity, dogs, game industry stuff and occasional anime. Meme-team-alpha at @evolve_PR. Indie games are my passion. She/her. 한국어👌

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@AlolanBunny 💕 @JeanLeggett Probably similar for me. I keep things pretty PG online, but I swear like a sailor @shiroginko Love it @JeanLeggett You're going to make me cry 😭 You're so amazing Jean and I'm so glad I got to meet you. Once things s… @JeanLeggett Tagging folks in things like that make me so anxious too as I don't want to miss someone, but I almost always do. @JeanLeggett 👏👏👏 @BrydenKeks These are so good!
I think another point is to imagine that the person you’re tweeting about/to might just be at the end of their teth…
Retweeted by StephThe Doom/Animal Crossing subreddits keep making fanart/memes for each other and I'm here for it.
Retweeted by Steph @moriyoshijon When Jon suggested a screenshot, I saw this and knew it was THE ONE @Hundo_P_Games Oh, fantastic workaround, thank you! @JakatoXtra The recording is a great idea. Cheers! @TheCrazyCanuckJ I'll check it out tonight, thanks for the heads up! @VenomDeathNinja Omg, I'm so glad. Thank you for the good vibes 🙏 @ThatBShar be streaming for the first time with my new Elgato HD60 S tomorrow, any advice/tips from experienced streamer… @ACMcCumbers I'd have to ask and see! @michelle_does Honestly made me laugh. I needed that today 😂Sometimes I think @More_Synergy underestimates how many Yakuza screenshots I have on handThis is exactly why my parents don't understand my job what exactly did you install on my phone, Tom Nook?
Retweeted by Steph @NicolasVerge @UpgradedShields *We've @NicolasVerge @UpgradedShields Very been talking about Evolve brand masks for yearsAn underappreciated feature in Yakuza 5 Remastered: the detail in the clothes!
Retweeted by StephA new student joins the Phantom Thieves! Kasumi is here to steal some hearts and shake up your best girl list.…
Retweeted by StephZOMBIE ARMY 4 IS A GRAVEYARD SMASH HIT We’re proud to present a wicked accolades trailer for Zombie Army 4: Dead W…
Retweeted by StephChallenge your friends to puzzle-battling action in Puyo Puyo 2, or take Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles on an epic jour…
Retweeted by StephThe cicada noises in the Animal Crossing summer gave me some real flashbacks to living in Korea. Didn't like the no… @Sonickick2 I've been better, but I'm ok :) Thanks for asking2020: Operation Go See a TherapistThis is the clearest explanation of #ToxicFandom I’ve ever heard. Every industry professional should give this a li…
Retweeted by Steph @AmandaFarough Very cute!!!! Love the undercut!
@Lylli They haven't been until this next one! Good time to jump in since it's a new protagonist and story 😁 @Lylli Bloodroots is the only one on your list that I haven't heard much about, but my 4th would probably be Yakuza… @Lylli I share 3 of these. Much hype. @AlolanBunny has fancy banners for launch days now Links directly to the game's update posts
Retweeted by Steph @raidhyn I have never played an Animal Crossing game, but loved Stardew Valley. So I am very excited for this one.The Judgment one was so good 👌 @ThePhanSite 💯 @SVegvari I can't speak for everyone, but I'm also pretty bad at taking attacks on character on the brand account pretty personally.Hey there, Friendly reminder that the people behind brand accounts are often your biggest warriors internally in t…
Got 20 minutes? Have a read about how to approach your branding, how to tweak your pitches to communicate differe…
Retweeted by Steph @UpgradedShields Apparently you count the ones you didn't do. So 13 would be the opposite (I 100% read it wrong the… @zackreese Hell yeaaaaah! Love me some Cooking Mama @Supa954 Mine are all super boring like get a tattoo, get a piercing (have 4 in my ears), and zip lining lmaoooI scored a 10, which means I pass, right? friends When you (the players) Say nice things about us (the community managers) We notice We appreciate…
Retweeted by Steph @kylegaddo Minions for Millennials @ElegantSaria Sending you lots of love and warm hugs 💕These games are: -no longer redacted -verY good -coming soon
Retweeted by StephI played the first three so many times I have multiple starters, but red line is my first in each… @FernandoM76 The cycle that never ends 🎢 @Stealth40k Me post FE3H and now post this drama I finished @VenomDeathNinja Holy shit it's been 11 years. I AM ANCIENT @Stealth40k It's the worst and I do this every timeI have tried watching 3 or 4 different series after scrolling on Netflix for ages and I just...... Am not attaching… problem with binging a series or game that you're really into is the phase after where you're disappointed that… @leahjewer Bringing all my DN Angel dreams to life tbh
@TriggerRedd It's always a weird feeling to eat something like this and then not feel sick after???? Wild. Bless the vegans. @Octopimp @RGGStudio this for "Top 10 Most Unsatisfying Video Game Moments"
Retweeted by Steph @MenasheGamer I'd say comments. Takes a lot more effort and time for folks to do. Also tend to see less of them on content
Retweeted by Steph @adoredee WHEN THERE WERE 5 MEMBERS
@StarlightSkyes Any day of the week @GTM618 It's an oldie from their debut album @adoredee I AM DECEASEDLooking back at BTS' debut and remembering that tough concept they had, which was hilarious at the time cuz they we… @adoredee Imagine showing them Sorry, Sorry ⚰️ @adoredee Holy shit. Imagine trying to tell them about Tell Me ☠️ @KishiFishy MOODTruly the song of a generation are new gen Kpop Stan's doing me dirty like this? I feel ancient my latter Kpop years is considered "oldie Kpop" ☠️ Me, Kiryu-Chan! (part 1/3) #yakuza #ryugagotoku #majimagoro #kiryukazuma #majima #kiryu
Retweeted by StephHere's hoping no one double booked yesterday! 💔
Retweeted by StephFutaba is best girl is 100% watching a Korean drama for the plot, a starter guide: @JeanLeggett The custard tarts were out of this world! Nova Bakery if you're ever in the neighborhood! :DBelated vday with the bf
🎶 A tale as old as time 🎶 no, I've found another drama to watch for The Plot 👀 are red, And while I may be off base, Even though you're an extra, I want to see your cute face. That's…
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Roses are red Violets are blue This premise is cliche but we have games for you 🌹 Check out the latest Evolve Up…
Retweeted by Steph @moriyoshijon Oh!!! They grow these in Jeju, South Korea with the name "hallabong" (한라봉)!! They are suuuuper tasty… case you didn't know by all the Brands™ posting today, it's #ValentinesDay! What have been your favourite Brand…
Retweeted by Steph @TinyPixxels "Why the long face? I'm here to spend time with you"Valentine's Today Alone at karaoke Ah... dame da ne
Retweeted by Steph @ThePhanSite The people demanded it, so I made it beI said a lobster reference was coming, didn't I? 😂 @TheVTran Amazing as always. An inspiration 💕 @colinmcummings @KishiFishy There's one of those Snapchat-like cat selfie filters on the upcoming Yakuza game and m… @StarlightSkyes @KishiFishy Literally all I did yesterday was play Yakuza side quests, so you're bang on 😂 @kait_zilla I love herYakuza 5.jpeg
@Lylli Thank you for the tag 😘Hello I'm Star! Looking for a job as a CM & marketing or entry level PR/Bizdev. Currently been in the game industry…
Retweeted by Steph @KishiFishy Not really a mechanic, but SIDE QUESTS. Lord if a game has side quests I am not doing the main oneMe trying to write tweets for Valentine's, but knowing nothing will top last year's Kiryu one