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Quality Craftsmanship Since 1968. Geospatial Swiss Army Knife at a Silicon Valley University. Opinions are likely correct, and entirely my own.

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@Kristydixie juggalos are immune to facial recognition tech, so far. #ChewOnThatOne #MaybeNotSoDumb #sympathetictothejuggalos @kgjenkins Oh, that's useful for zonal stats with overlapping buffers. That's been a pain in my rear more than once.
I'm going to be playing hookie from the @GoogleEarth #GeoForGood19 Summit, this afternoon, to do my @KZSU show! So,…
@Spatial_Punk I’m here for the long haul.
@mchris4duke That one was greater than the sum. Wouldn’t have worked without both of you being sharp as a tack. That’s a draw.
@MapPornTweet Talk to me about the Stanford Map Collection's Digital Philanthropy program? @BriscoeCain @texasquire Pot, meet kettle.
Myself, two months ago, cracking future me up... thread is everything I love about my colleagues, including the comments. @KQED @KQEDForum Forget about having a family, here. This area isn't for normal people, with normal incomes, anymore. @Kristydixie I’d like to think I have a good sense of the right amount of wrong.A man spent 36 years in prison for stealing $50 from a bakery. Felicity Huffman got 14 days. via @ABC
Retweeted by GrumpelstiltskinThis kid is just about everything, right now. Maybe the only argument for human cloning.… you, @KristyDixie. You've always "gotten" me.R.I.P. Eddie Money when are we going to have new @mrgnomemusic I can play on my @KZSU show?!?! @LincolnsBible @TheRickWilson @cm_harlow @BArmintor Sounds like we found a topic outside @BArmintor’s expertise. @cm_harlow @BArmintor #heresy you are part of the cancer that is destroying this country, Briscoe III. @jamesmfee @qotsa’s eponymous first album is the greatest of my generation. I still remember walking into a little record… yes. Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme to release the first new 'Desert Sessions' collection in ov… @codinghorror Your fantasy about the nature of tech and it’s workers is pretty facile. Bro. @cm_harlow So much awesomeness there. My hometown.Happy Friday the 13th! My favorite holiday! @cm_harlow I’ve got your Dallas and Palo Alto room hookups. @rachelwittmann Also, you should be building this into @alloftheplaces. Ask @thisisaaronland about it. Also, get on… @mapbliss!! @tonyquartararo There don’t seem to be any adults left in the @GOP. @xeni Burn them down, @xeni. We can grow new and better ones that are for everyone. @BriscoeCain this is exactly why hateful simpletons like you shouldn’t have the weapons of war at their disposal. @RadioFreeTom I’m 100% behind that. @ABC there are more people than Biden and Harris on that stage.
@rachelwittmann Conversion to WGS84 will save future users many headaches.Um. That's kinda not acceptable? @rachelwittmann Depends upon what you were doing. I consider raw WGS84 the archival standard. @rachelwittmann Did I miss a holiday on the calendar? Or is something horrible happening on the news? Crap, now I don't want to look.Current chicken status: group scratch. #MentalHealthBreaks for the day the sweetest song, ever written. you tiny giant. Rest easy, now., WTF!? Where’s my @vicenews Tonight? Not on @HBO?
@michalmigurski Great hack. @cm_harlow Good selling points. @cm_harlow Ditto. I’ve never been. Lemme look. Back atcha soon. @miriamkp I thought this was some weird fractal comment. @cm_harlow Yes
I just heard “Trumpist in a teapot” on @npr and I wish we wouldn’t trivialize his insanity. He’s not just a reality… @GhostCatLady @bitonalbean @ikani @costaggini The problem is that rail is not the scaffolding upon which all other… @ethelred_horse @costaggini @Vile_Teen_Club Not in this town.We’re born loving each other. Hate is learned. Stop teaching it. #ImLookingAtYouPOTUS Social media falls in love w… @GOPChairwoman @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump They’re lying. @lyzidiamond I have a cam on my chicken coop, I watch them while I work. @0mgould re-education? @spargonaut Yes, it’s definitely of questionable entertainment value. @tonyquartararo Ditto @kgdouglass That’s the thing though. I’m doing the work I’m meant to do, with the people I’m meant to do it with. W… @kgdouglass And, we've got it relatively good. That's the appalling part. No one who makes under seven figures thrives here.My 11yr old just started practicing his tuba, and I thought someone broke wind. I really thought we were going to h…'s the reality of housing in Silicon Valley.We currently budget across both paychecks for housing, which gets us slumlord level. And with the inhumane lack of…, I'd love to see it, but I can't find anything in "the plan" that addresses any of this in a real way.For "subsidized" housing. But the fact remains that the waiting list is impenetrable for regular staff with famili… is currently a single housing benefit for non-exec staff, and that is Stanford West. Faculty and Exec Staff g… @sundaramshrik @RickMitchellWX @TwitterSupport @TwitterAPI @Twitter @jack @TwitterSupport Crickets.Fucking.Chirping. @EconElan Shhhhhhhhhhh!!!! second I do see something real for professional staff, I’ll be your most vocal proponent. Believe that.Maybe I’m missing it, but my suspicion is that if it were there, it would be front and center. Non-professional sta… about the middle income staff? The ones who are commuting hours a day to work? The ones who can never hope to… want to believe there is something in here for professional staff, but I’m having trouble finding a single word a…
@tonyquartararo #TheStupidIsStrong @dmimno Hunt for the Wilderpeople is the new Princess Bride. @lyzidiamond Thanks. I was actually having a tiny little panic attack. At.That.Moment.Just checked my shirt pocket for sunglasses and found all 3 of these. #FML @jaheppler I'm loving my own @CARTO in #Docker on my laptop. new @EzraFurman album is killer. Gonna be hearing it on @KZSU for sure! @miriamkp A place in Dallas called Legal Grounds used to provide cheap legal advice.#TFW your boss knocks on your door and has gifts for you and these are them, and you love this place more than ever…
@EconElan Right? I mean, talk about universal appeal! @realDonaldTrump Liar @phips_deus @miriamkp @tressiemcphd The problem is greed as a value. Not a vice. @UNTUCKit needs to make me some pearl snap western shirts. I like red plaid.He’s probably lying. #LiarInChief Trump says he canceled secret Camp David meeting with Taliban leaders - CNNPoli…
@johnroderick The El Camino is the mullet of cars. @mousebirdc @MeghanMcCain @StanfordEng I'm interested if this is something that is explicitly discussed in curriculum? only did Mexico not pay for the wall, they will also walk away with full ownership the Rio Grande River. For fr…
Retweeted by GrumpelstiltskinEvery one of these is just gorgeous. #GISChat @CKThor @RepStevenSmith @realDonaldTrump @PhilipRucker @AshleyRParker @RepStevenSmith What are you? Fucking four years old?Let me assure you the hard working employees of the NWS had nothing to do with the utterly disgusting and disingenu…
Retweeted by Grumpelstiltskin @cathyaster @Caltrain Ugg. I hate those days. The train reeks of beer. And I like beer.Here are some examples of anti-homeless architecture
Retweeted by GrumpelstiltskinI’m in. @mouthofmorrison @InterDroneExpo @xeni @sapinker @Harvard @danieldennett @TuftsUniversity @Zagat Purge these fuckers. They have no business at an in… neither are those who encourage and tacitly endorse this behavior. #shame @MeghanMcCain, People who would murder others over their own twisted fetishization of the tools of war are, by def… someone explain to @MeghanMcCain what the word ‘responsible’ means? Meghan McCain, Husband Warn of 'Violence'… @PetersonGIS Absolutely the first thing I do after running Random Points and v.voronoi to test a new install.