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mara @Mara_kitsune france / from usa

camgirl 💘 18+ only / ig: mara_kitsune

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My internet went out ~ they gave me a temp. box but no streaming 😭 @kaotic562 you are on twitter!!!!! 😻😭🤗 yay🥰🆘EIGHT precious cats, RIVER, VEGAS, HANSEL, SPIKE, JASSICA, PEACH, MUSHROOM and JULIAN need our immediate help🆘 Dea…
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Retweeted by maraShe is racist, homophobic and transphobic. She is trash. Stop saying that she is likable because she is not.
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🆘CODE RED🆘 Gorgeous senior sweetie SALUK @philafelines was found on the streets suffering from dental issues and wi…
Retweeted by maraSeals are the dogs of the sea😍
Retweeted by mara🤖👽👱‍♀️🐱🧠?Sometimes I just do not understand being a person or having a body. I don’t get it. Or what I’m supposed to do some… Animal Farm
Retweeted by maraI wanna be comfortable.
Retweeted by mara @leminpledge I need to come visit you 😭 I hope you are good bb❤️😻I have so much anxiety over brexit omg it is making me feel ill, but I know that whatever happens I’ll be okayhow’s everyone’s week so far? sorry I’ve been quiet ~ today I cleaned my house and have been painting.💕Grimes - Butterfly ✨🧚‍♀️💕 there is harmony in everything💫✨🦋 - Pretty Dark {Demo} 💘“For scientists, any form of Brexit is bad.” #PeoplesMarch
Retweeted by maraA phenomenon known as Undulus Asperatus
Retweeted by mara4days ⏳💣⏱😟If no deal brexit happens then I might have to go back to uk but at this point might just go back home to USA - my…
I am in love with @saracalixtocr seriously my fave. model/suicide girl ever!!!!😻😻😻Ready to be unapologetically me 💅✨🤗💕painting today💘 ~ Brakhage used to make fun of gossip girl but now I watch omg lol it’s embarrassingwas going to cam but alas ^-^ going to paint and edit videos💕I was super emotional and manic yesterday ~ no wonder! with the moon in Scorpio and my cycle started 🙃 hahakitten sucking its thumb
Retweeted by mara#SMscope 3.24.19 ♏️❤️✨ #Scorpio #Horoscope #Astrology 🦂 #TeamScorpio
Retweeted by maraif y'all knew how much we actually made off of our premium snapchats, you would lose your mind
Retweeted by maraMight move to Paris, can’t decide halp lololIf you hate me.. hate me alone, don’t be out here lying, trying to recruit ppl to hate me wit yo miserable ass😂
Retweeted by maragemini: hey scorpio: can u stop lying for 5 seconds??
Retweeted by mara“I’m Richard but u can call me Dick” oh ok big guy well I’m Gina but my mom calls me vagina
Retweeted by maraChildren often show us the way.🧒🏻🐦 We need MORE kind hearts, generous spirits, a modest delight in helping others,…
Retweeted by maraʚ♡⃛ɞ message me to buy my private snapchat ʚ♡⃛ɞ let me nurse you hehe
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To clarify, I made the new snapchat account a few months ago to use as my pvt sc but and never did use it, so I am… just kept shouting “SORRY” #PeoplesVoteMarch
Retweeted by maraAll 5 of my Scorpio placements are jumping out today with the moon in Scorp and sun in Aries ahh, that Mars energy❤️❤️❤️Sometimes I want a hot girl to dress me up in expensive lingerie - super decked out like garter belt and stilettos… I don’t remember if I posted this yet or not but here 💘 ✨⛅️ my grandmother on my dad’s side was pure blooded Cherokee. Her name meant “The Wind” She died with a full head of thick black hair.air force** ack. Seriously though, where do I look for military documents?? Maybe it’s because he was Romanian? Can… so I’m doing my family tree again! I have so much stuff going back to the 1600’s 😳 but then cannot find anything… are such goddesses!!!❤️❤️❤️ what did we ever do to deserve them??😍 true perfection 😭Moon is now in Scorpio. Emotional attention turns to what's hidden and secret. By diving deeper into your psyche ex…
Retweeted by maraI’m going to be streaming a lot more really soon and making lots of content ~ vids + pics 😻Kitsune=Fox 🦊😻I made a public snapchat 2+ years ago but forgot about it. I want to start using it again! Add me ~ desertfox7777cleaning my house today, here is a pic of me from 2nights ago💙❄️💙💙💙 shrimp aka crevette 🍤 💕❤️😻 moving into scorpio💕🦂🌝 get ready to be crazy lol peachy 🍑
Retweeted by marano one: libra, leo, aquarius, scorpio:
Retweeted by maraSometimes I literally want to die and then I make art and I feel better. Thank fucking god for my hands
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the thigh highs stay ON during sex
Retweeted by mara“No means no” doesn’t only apply to sex. It also applies when your friends say they don’t want to drink anymore, wh…
Retweeted by mara🌹🥀 tip 500tokens offline for my private snapchat 4 life + 10 videos ~ now only🌟back💜🖤💕Coming on mfc now#SMscope 3.22.19 ♏️❤️✨ #Scorpio #Horoscope #Astrology 🦂 #TeamScorpio
Retweeted by maraGetting on mfc in a half hourish?💘Cam in a bit?💕I’m so ready to make lots of new friends this year that are ladies 🥰👯‍♀️✨ let’s be friends and do cute things and make art together 💕💕🤗Maybe cam in a bit?💕I slept for 2 hours and now I’m wide awake so I am making a pot of coffee and starting my day lolI love nice girls. I love girls i can dm and ask a question about their post/story and they answer it with exciteme…
Retweeted by maraAs we enter #AriesSeason today I'm reminded of how Aries is the diurnal home of Mars while Scorpio is the nocturnal…
Retweeted by mara😫 give me a bit ~ it crashedI need to get my pc running ~ I hate camming on this Mac! It lags when I try to do anything while streaming and crashes sometimes ;(Hopping back online in a min 💕💕
Coming back on in a minute💕💕🤗Had to restart my computer what the heck coming back now 5 min💕💕Ugh give me another hour 😭So excited about tonight see you soon💕Okay see you in an hourJust had a shower and am about to eat a snack ~ sorry I am late doing last min tidying! See you soon ❤️ half hour? xoxYou would be surprised how much stuff nurses have to learn~ so much stuff!!I remember being a kid and seeing my mom… saw someone making fun of a girl for going to nursing school.. my mom was an Rn and not anybody can do it!Those p…
Cleaned my house today, went to the grocery store , here is the sunset tonight ⛅️ goodnight and see you tomorrow!😘😘 Article 50 🇪🇺💕🇪🇺💕🇪🇺💕Guys with feet like this have a 99,9% chance of stealing your heart! ❤️ #catsoftwitter
Retweeted by maraTomorrow I cam all day and night 🤗😈Keeping secrets is one of your sign’s superpowers, but you mig... More for Scorpio
Retweeted by maraJapanese man takes his giant pet tortoise for ‘slow’ walks in Tokyo.
Retweeted by maraGoodnight 🌙😘 super excited about camming all day~night on thursday🤗
Tip 100tokens offline and get a video 💝 ~ sent to your inbox to download rn today only💖Planning new videos I’m going to film thursday💕Just watched the fyre festival wow these people insane conmen
Today's card. So much of the pain that occurs in relationship stems from our inability to look deeply into the root…
Retweeted by maraWhile you spend hours of your time watching the Madeleine McCann documentary, please take 2 seconds to RT this. Lia…
Retweeted by maraeverything that I’ve been thinking about lately ~ 🤔✍️💙💫’ll be camming a lot thursday day + night and friday 🤗💕Everyday I wake up so grateful for my health, my life, my family and friends 💞🥰I often think about the time my ex thought I was cheating on him with a craft store
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