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Marah Eakin @marahe Los Angeles, CA

Heiress to the largest collection of bedpans and urinals in the world. Executive Producer, podcasts and video, @TheAVClub. Co-Host, @DialMForMaple.

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@GenevieveKoski @mskelseymiller What is the Netflix show where people died???
2020 @imLeor DID YOU SEE THE KARATE NEWS @robertloerzel This year, no. We deserve joy where we can get it @revrrlewis It matters in the sense that we should try and get things right lest we be discounted whole cloth. What…
@ezwrites He’s so good! I agree!I’m not saying pregnant people don’t barf a lot, but JFC find another move, TV shows!!!!!!!! You can also start inc…
Retweeted by Marah Eakin @AWolfeful It was the Sunday paper cover story @imLeor @AWolfeful Did you read the LA Times story about how little we know about prolonged wildfire smoke exposure? So scary
@mollylambert What does she get out of it, other than babies that look like himAnd you’re not much better @TheBoysTV. You guys are going wild with this talk! has gone nuts. I blame @kalpenn
@wyntermitchell I hated those. They felt so cast. ‘No, lets find a cute teacher...’Hey! I talked to @Miranda_July about her amazing new movie @kajillionaire! It's one of the best days of the year, courtesy of @electrolemon
@doree @OutofPrintTees @UniqloUSA I try to buy a lot of things my B-G twins can both wear, which is a whole thing.… @doree And sayings. So many sayings. Fwiw I get a lot of our stuff from @OutofPrintTees, and then various picks from @UniqloUSA and Zara.
@TaylorLorenz I have twiiiiins and you know most places don’t offer discounts! So imagine paying 2x the money every month.I wonder what happens to a person in their 50s or 60s that triggers the wearing of tiny glasses
Retweeted by Marah EakinUS Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg stood for justice & equality. She stood for what Sesame Street stands…
Retweeted by Marah Eakin @abigailclem If you throw some museum wax under the corners they’ll stay in place @inlandemperor What a ghoul. It’s her dying wish and he couldn’t wait until tomorrow to say it doesn’t matter. Like…
A suggestion: If you've watched and enjoyed the Fast Times live read video today, why not donate a buck or two to t… pitt went to his hair stylist and said "give me the bosworth" and slammed down the poster from blue crush
Retweeted by Marah Eakin @oneunderscore__ @daveweigel It's actually short for Antifae. They're opposed the oppressive regimes of the Winter and Summer Courts!
Retweeted by Marah EakinWhy would antifa set forest fires anyway, are they trying to overthrow the forest
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@mirmironlewall @YouTube Hi! I'm working on an oral history of Cheaters for @TheAVClub and I'd love to talk. Would… @_MeSpknoENGLISH Hi! I'm working on an oral history of Cheaters for @TheAVClub and I'd love to talk. Would you be d… @ReelBigB1sh Is this really you? If so, I'm working on an oral history of MTV's Next for @TheAVClub . Would you hav… @TombstoneStint Hi! I'm working on an oral history of MTV's Next for @TheAVClub . Would you have 15 minutes to talk… @JBeezYBabY_AvaB Hi! I'm working on an oral history of MTV's Next for @TheAVClub . Would you have 15 minutes to tal… @earthtoveda Hi! I'm working on an oral history of MTV's Next for @TheAVClub . Would you have 15 minutes to talk ab… @wumother Hi! I'm working on an oral history of MTV's Next for @TheAVClub . Would you have 15 minutes to talk about… @Janie16 @ThatEricAlper Janie, hi! I'm working on an oral history of MTV's Remote Control for @TheAVClub . Would yo… @mgweissman @ThatEricAlper Marc, hi! I'm working on an oral history of MTV's Remote Control for @TheAVClub . Would… @JonathanEzor @TeckieGirl @daveweigel Jonathan, hi! I'm working on an oral history of MTV's Remote Control for… @KathyOrrFOX29 @MTV @FOX29philly Hi Kathy! I'm working on an oral history of Remote Control for The AV Club. Would… @BillyNillesDUH You were the first person I thought of when I saw this.They both chose the rose infused water and Eugene wanted the facial rollerThe kids’ new favorite thing is opening swag packages and claiming stuff. Thanks for today’s big thrill @LAsFinestTV
Is this what OnlyFans is like?
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@GenevieveKoski ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @barkflight So helpful. Thank you @guybranum @DEADLINE Adding this to my season pass now.Trying to decide if now’s the time to take the chance and go see my parents in Ohio. Obviously not ideal. But 2 mon… @barkflight we’re in SE Pasadena and have been heavily affected by the smoke. Have twin toddlers and can’t imagine… @kasperka Hi Jana! I'm working on a video piece for @theavclub about why we're so obsessed w/ holiday movies in the…
@alicialutes @PrueLeith @Channel4 *how much pull, rather. @alicialutes @PrueLeith @Channel4 Not sure how much Prue has anymore, sadly... @kariwuhrer Hi Kari! I'm working on an oral history of Remote Control for @TheAVClub and was wondering if you had t… @NosyCrow Hello! Have emailed you a couple times, no response. Trying to find out an update on an order I placed in… @CarolineSiede Maybe it made sense in the ‘50s and they never stopped? Like why would 20 somethings live with 40somethings willingly @CarolineSiede I can actually explain this. If they started at 16 or whatever they could stay in town until they we… @KjellRules Also very true! With middling reviews!
I just think there are a lot more reasons than ‘theaters are scary,’ even though they certainly are.What about parents who may have hired a sitter for a night out, but now can’t, either because they can’t have stran… think #Tenet’s iffy box office numbers can’t solely be attributed to people being afraid to go to the theaters. T… @davidgross_man And does this factor in the miles and wear he’s putting on his car? @harvilla And so it begins, the feeling of watching browns first halves on Sunday and then being depressed for the rest of the day
@Memles @mrandrewmorgan Selfishly, also my family, since that’s his industry @Memles @mrandrewmorgan just said this doesn’t really bode well for concerts coming back, even in limited capacity @Memles I guess if you’re going to potentially get sick going to a movie, you at least want it to be imaxThe answer is nine. More than half are/were empty. #Tenet
Retweeted by Marah Eakin @danjperlman @MaraWilson I have twin 2 year olds, and I gotta say... I don’t feel very weak. They can make my brain… always wear a mask when I go outside. But something about it was leaving me anxious and unsettled. I thought abou…
Retweeted by Marah EakinI knew it was bad, but this investigation is a little mind blowing. kid drew a comic about the characters of remote school
Retweeted by Marah EakinA lot of folks acting as if 2020 has just been a string of bewildering bad luck, rather than what it truly is: a co…
Retweeted by Marah Eakin @styleethic @PierceBrosnan Keely Shaye Smith! From Huey Lewis’ ‘Stuck With You’ video @wyntermitchell I saw Cat Marnell comment on one of RHONY Leah’s photos the other day like they knew each other and…
What we see normally out our front door versus what we’ve been seeing this last week with the #BobcatFire @CraigHlavaty Secondly, do you know anyone who was ON Cheaters, or could you put out a call for me? I know it was s… @CraigHlavaty Hey, Random Q. I'm working on a piece on the show Cheaters, and I know Houston Press did a big expose… @BethElderkin so 63 minus 48...#MandyAnniversary lunch is on Nicolas Cage and @LegionMOfficial. I'mma put these tats on my mug, Face/Off style!'m a big, big, big @hgtv dork, so it was a joy as always to talk to @MrDrewScott and @JonathanScott for @TheAVClub some facebook from friends who live close to the hills. Upper monrovia is overrun with [expletive deleted]…
Retweeted by Marah EakinThere is a LOT of wildfire tourism on the #BobCatFire this evening in Monrovia. I typed up a quick document on wha…
Retweeted by Marah Eakin"Also, I don't know what 'freelance' means." @yoboseiyo @Snza78 @LADefenders2020 The article says "His bio also lists pro wresting star “Stone Cold” Steve Austi…
Eugene and Zella are pretty excited about the return of #wipeout, with new hosts @JohnCena and @nicolebyer. They al… @BigBoyler This is lovely. @hyla @tonybarboza @AIRNow @SouthCoastAQMD Wondering the same thingIn 2018 there were EIGHT reported sexual assaults in Ubers a day ( They and Lyft have left…
Retweeted by Marah Eakin @dodaistewart A lot of quilts like this are pretty much worthless if they’re in antique shops. If they have no fami… Coharski totally rolled with this joke in Wayne’s World. Very funny, Campbell. @TVandDinners Hello I need to watch this. Where can I do that @HelloCullen This is literally a bit in Wayne’s World and the cop is totally cool with it
@kpfallon I noticed the same thing. ‘Well it’s not like he’s your REAL grandfather.’ I hope their child was conceived via IVFA few more photos. I imagine this place was bustling throughout the mid- to late-90s.
Retweeted by Marah EakinEntrance to the abandoned American Girl call center distribution hub in Wilmot, Wisconsin
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I wrote about one of the most sensational scenes in the new season of The Boys. @eloyvseloy Damn, look at you, Sandler influencer! @BethElderkin I have heard the craziest stories about this place. Supposedly they do one take of everything and he… reveal parties are like Kiss they both know they suck so they added pyro
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@jennypfafflin We’re stuck inside in Pasadena for another fire, probably because someone was like ‘well I know they… @imLeor @Chicago_Reader Call @numerogroup @imLeor @Chicago_Reader I mean, Southern has relationships with labels. I don’t understand it. You’d think those Di… @imLeor @Chicago_Reader There was a part of me that wanted to do it myself a few years ago, like, fuck it. Let’s ca…