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Marc Deering @Marc_Deering Newport News, VA

Inker for Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, and every other comic book publisher. Also, professional Smart-Ass.

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Unapologetic Wilma Deering tweet. #the77
Retweeted by Marc Deering @EnglishmanSDCC Gundam Day. Added some booster rockets. #gundam #makestuff
When you’ve been snacking and watching tv all weekend and you realize you haven’t even started that project that’s…
Retweeted by Marc Deering @ed_mcguinness Spectacular!Spiderman cover from finish to start. #spiderman #marvel
Retweeted by Marc DeeringDinotopia's canyon is a good place for to get away from it all—plenty of food and books and games. At sunset, light…
Retweeted by Marc Deering @Kevin_Cuffe @TheOtherMarioC @DrivingCreators @TonyGregori @CindyBunn @comics_unknown @rdouek @bfrantz19 @drew_moss @CullyHamner @CullyHamner Oh. So you’re scared. 😉 @CullyHamner So go cut it. @OKatrinaFox 😜🤣😂Hey @OKatrinaFox should I try and get this inked up? @RobertKirkman There is nothing wrong with that. @kharyrandolph @theblerdgurl I like shitty movies, but you and @themikenorton have me beat by miles.⚫️
Retweeted by Marc Deering @PatrickZircher Doesn’t get much better than Chaim Topol. @Danmora_c So good! Shades of Breyfogle in there. @brian_level and Robin
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Bolland Dredds you may have missed
Retweeted by Marc DeeringBEST COMICS VILLAIN 2019 (1/2): T: Moira MacTaggert - HOX/POX, by @JHickman @PepeLarraz @martegracia @RB_Silva &…
Retweeted by Marc Deering @CullyHamner @sequenceart Really like it man. Great job.#theARTS 👍🏼 ✒️✏️🎨🖍🖌 Like to add #COMICBOOKS on that list 🖋👁🤙🏼
Retweeted by Marc Deering"Red Sun" full art #Bronson #Ursula #Mifune
Retweeted by Marc DeeringFully revised original of "Once Upon A Time in the West" #Bronson
Retweeted by Marc Deering @ReberVision @CianTormey Davis, Jr drawing in marker.
Retweeted by Marc DeeringApache Chief WIP. As I worked on him I did a composition w/lesser characters to let the piece breathe. I Iike the c…
Retweeted by Marc Deering @brian_level What I would give to JackDavis that hand.... 😉 @tomfeister @ReberVision @Hasbro I found one. He’s the only one I’m getting. I have enough hobbies/vices. @Demonpuppy @scifijapan Iknowright?BRAVESTORM — Japanese Giant Robots Explode Onto DVD and VOD April 7
Retweeted by Marc Deering @martin_alex_d @monkey__marc @MrRiktus and EVERYONE ELSE LOOK!!!
Retweeted by Marc DeeringClaudio is one of my absolute favorites. @StazJohnson Yes.
Retweeted by Marc DeeringPreview : "Les Chroniques de l'Univers", de Marazano & @IngoRoemling, à paraître (on l'espère), en juin,…
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Jane Foster Thor ⚡⚡⚡ Copic and Pastel on Winsor & Newton Paper.
Retweeted by Marc Deering @DannyMiki_ @artofmmignola These have all been really amazing sir.The BBC is now running this as a public information film between some of its programmes.
Retweeted by Marc Deering @paddysbooks @mackchater @alisdair_wood @WarwickJC @Will_Tempest @Jonahlobe @OKatrinaFox @abigbat @Raid71 @mackchater @alisdair_wood @WarwickJC @Will_Tempest @Jonahlobe @OKatrinaFox @Marc_Deering @abigbat @Raid71
Retweeted by Marc Deering @mark_morales11 Can't wait to see this thing finished. :)Electro. Pencils by Joe Jusko and inks by me.
Retweeted by Marc Deering @monkey__marc @alex_segura @martin_alex_d @CalumAWatt @cavanscott @NicKlein @niK_IT @UglyGoblinFeet @Ben_Abernathy's Friday - #ff these fine folks! @alex_segura @martin_alex_d @CalumAWatt @cavanscott @NicKlein @niK_IT
Retweeted by Marc Deering @SienkiewiczArt @sinKEVitch @thealexrossart 😯😀 preview of page 1 for an upcoming MARVELS anniversary story @sinKEVitch @thealexrossart #MARVELS
Retweeted by Marc Deering @ReberVision @Hasbro Hmmm... @ReberVision @Hasbro I think I missed the boat on ordering one of those. He looks awesome. @GailSimone John Byrne/George Perez. @CullyHamner Oh Cully.... @TimTdog10000 @kevhulk73 #comics #buycomics #ReadComics #publishers @CastermanBD @leshumanos @GlenatBD @EditionsDargaud #comics #buycomics #ReadComics @CamKennedyArt @RalphMeyer_BD @bdangouleme @Robwilliams71 @marissadraws #comics #buycomics #ReadComics @malissifent @arioanin @jpalmiotti @TomRaney_art @laufman @VaGentlenerd #comics #buycomics #ReadComics @sara_pichelli @duncanfegredo @EliotRahal @BartSears @GregTocchini #comics #buycomics #ReadComics @HamillHimself @rafaalbuquerque @MrHowardPorter @_CarbonNeutral @ChrisSamnee #comics #buycomics #ReadComics @mariejavins @SBianchiArt @pascalblanche @timorodriguez @hificolor #comics #buycomics #ReadComics @manulupac @PaulGori @kimjunggidirect @zander_cannon @AMartinezBueno #comics #buycomics #ReadComics @ShadeX6 @Scott_Ian @MikeHawthorne @carlaharvey @scharf_jonas @TheRealSibsy #comics #buycomics #ReadComics @Davcuriel @charliekirchoff @jt_cr @TheKyleStarks @Philjimeneznyc @sinKEVitch #comics #buycomics #ReadComics @NicolaScottArt @thunderduck360 @SienkiewiczArt @Jacen_art @OhLeahDarling #comics #buycomics #ReadComics @DeathWishCoffee @DMCMakesComics @CullyHamner @toiletmonsters @chasexclamation #comics #buycomics #ReadComics @DarrowGeof @BeltranFred @_STAGGSART @CalumAWatt @elrevel @biggunn01 #comics #buycomics #ReadComics @Doncates @kierongillen @rycady @TheOddGentlemen @ErikJLarsen @HeatherAntos #buycomics #ReadComics @RyanStegman @mightyfineline @thatpetewoods @AndyBelanger @SaraJBenincasa #comics #buycomics #ReadComics @cutesexyrobutts @tomnguyenart @RonGarney @comicsbykim @gregpak @FelixComicArt #comics #buycomics #ReadComics @LeeMFerguson @JAKeDetonator @drew_moss @rickeypurdin @Kevin_Cuffe #comics #buycomics #patreon @HoytSilva @mgcurves @drew_moss @MeghanHetrick @Demonpuppy @PITerotic #comics #ILOVEINKERS @jayleisten @jonathanglapion @mark_morales11 @DannyMiki_ @BATTinks @TimTdog10000 #comics #ILOVEINKERS @inkermick @JPMayer_ @NormRapmund @inkmonkeyhope @ScottW_inks @ArtThibert @DHenriquesInks @kevhulk73 I nominate @TimTdog10000 to knock those the eff out. Yessir!Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. That's right it's #FF time! @mingdoyle Say hello to my little friend! #FridayThoughts #FridayVibes @sinKEVitch
Retweeted by Marc Deering.Starting a @Patreon page on April 1st! Here's a preview of tiers. Please LMK what you think, if you're interested…
Retweeted by Marc Deering @thatpetewoods Well now.
Oh yeah! It’s on!!! @Ssnyder1835 He’s fired. @monkey__marc Can't hit the ♥️ on this one. Too many sucky people out there.Rogue - Pencil bust
Retweeted by Marc Deering @GWillowWilson @greglockard Thank you. book cover of the day: Ravencroft #3 by @KyleHotz via @Marvel
Retweeted by Marc DeeringI absolutely love this page from @AMartinezBueno .This is COMICS! How good is this guy? ( Justice League Dark #21)
Retweeted by Marc Deering💢🦅💢
Retweeted by Marc Deering#hulk #marvel #comics boom
Retweeted by Marc DeeringLast time i'll post this guy til he's inked but i got a nice scan of Venom penciled out
Retweeted by Marc DeeringSeconded. #ImmortalHulk #33. I just got to the HOLY SH$*%! page of the book. @Marvel has an all time classic in this…
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Private Commission - Backlash and Taboo! I love drawing these Wildstorm characters. If your interested in getting…
Retweeted by Marc Deering @DrewMcWeeny @Electrokev @erikolsen1 @BrianDuffield @DayanBallweg @TheJoeLynch Most Anticipated Comics (3/24): - Immortal Hulk#33 @Al_Ewing Joe Bennett @NickPitarra Ruy Jose @mark_morales11 B…
Retweeted by Marc DeeringEVA 01 #evangelion #wip had lunch and wanted to knock the pencils out on this. Loved this show…
Retweeted by Marc DeeringGreen Goblin. Pencils by Humberto Ramos and inks by me.
Retweeted by Marc Deering @NickPitarra LOVED your pages in this. :)Here’s a page from Immortal Hulk 33 & a few Easter Eggs! Good luck finding them all. Corben’s Hulk & ‘Corben’ hidde…
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