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@NReguez @NReguez Open minded is such a wonderful way to be... 😊🌺 I try to remain open to the creative process...… @saferprint @ThalaBeratung @MexicanTalking @TabithaWomack_1 @TBGTNT @OttoSalaj @franriz3742 @CLA80607872… @brwneyedsoulman @brwneyedsoulman You bring me such joy! 😊🤪 @robin42024695 @robin42024695 I adore this gif. 🎨🤪😉 @TrailHare @TrailHare The "chas[ing] the trail where it takes you" motif is so profound... I love the concept of b… @Bryanauthor62 @Bryanauthor62 I love this. It comforts me to know that I don't have to conform, but simply remain my naïve self. 😊✨✍️🏾 @TcMaddison @TcMaddison Beautifully stated. 😊 @SearatNybbas @SearatNybbas So true! ✍️🏾🎨 @davbowhow @davbowhow I like the way in which you note that, oftentimes, it's important to be different things at d… @JonAaronSandler @JonAaronSandler Nice new profile pic. Your answer is so funny... As you can tell, I'm simply in… @SherryR17552573 @SherryR17552573 I love this response immensely. Even when things seem difficult, I still believe… @Horatio_Stema @Horatio_Stema The key word: "driven" is what makes this powerful. ✨ @bookofdreams_us @bookofdreams_us I think I will always lead with optimism... The others will make appearances, as… @writetoscare @writetoscare Beautiful! 😊✍️🏾✨ @SheaVentris @SheaVentris I so LOVE this! Creatively, I'm a little bit dreamer and a little bit schemer, myself... 😊✍️🏾 @jackkrusewriter @jackkrusewriter I'm going to apply this answer to my writing/creative journey. I so love how this sounds! 😊✍️🏾 @JanelleTRiley1 @JanelleTRiley1 You're correct. A sense of adventure IS a key component. ✍️🏾 @brwneyedsoulman @brwneyedsoulman I'm totally digging the breath and depth of this answer. 😊 @JohnRHinton2 @JohnRHinton2 Like this one! You always have such wonderfully unique answers. 😊 @BooksSuffolk @BooksSuffolk Thank you for sharing this. This is such wonderful advice! 😊 Thus far, I hope you're having a wonderful week. @JCMaine1 @JCMaine1 I've been there... and, OH, how I empathize! 😊In regards to art, there's something about the concept of the "inward significance" that moves me. ❤️ it comes to creativity, is it better to be a realistic, an optimist, or....?Good Morning and Happy December! 😊❤️ Currently, there's no snow here, but when it arrives... I'm pretty sure this…
@patwellstx So true. 😊🙏🏾❤️ @SheaVentris @SheaVentris I do often wonder about the information overload and how that affects artists and the abi… @therealbriandz1 @therealbriandz1 Profound... and true. @PulleyCd @PulleyCd I LOVE that energy! 😊🎉 @KalbMarple @jlrothstein1 @Fabatoms @AndreaWarrilow @mrwriterman79 @ALGarcix @cheesefries02 @Johnldeboer… @robin42024695 @robin42024695 That panda bear gif. is so sweet and sad! My heart is melting and I want to assist.… @EmilyNorris18 @EmilyNorris18 Yeah, the writing process has its ebb and flow... Yesterday was a good day, but there… @kathryninman9 @brwneyedsoulman @kathryninman9 @brwneyedsoulman Keep me on your prayer list! These last few weeks… @HuttBen @HuttBen Iced coffee sounds like fun! Curious: Have you ever had iced hot chocolate? Yum.... @robin42024695 Hang in there... ❤️🙏🏾 @robin42024695 @robin42024695 I adore this response! 😊 @TSEXTON013 @TSEXTON013 You've got this! This image was me on Sunday. 😊 Hang in there. @Mistress_Moira_ @Mistress_Moira_ I LOVE that energy and enthusiasm. Let's do it! 🎉 @davbowhow @davbowhow Great! Me, too. I'm a little bit more organized, so I feel more prepared and ready. 😊✍️🏾 @RayeDanny @RayeDanny LOVE that! We've got this... 😊✍️🏾❤️ @_mattfoster2010 @_mattfoster2010 yep, YEP! That's my motto... 🎉📯🥳 @EmilyNorris18 @EmilyNorris18 I LOVE Sponge Bob, so this gif. is truly amusing to me. 😁 I hope your week is starting off well! 🌺 @JohnRHinton2 @JohnRHinton2 You are too funny! 😊 Question: Do you have Twitter voice? If so, then... that would be… @KjerstinNyman @KjerstinNyman Your online business sounds fascinating. With this, you're serving two purposes. [Che… @Christo61244724 @Christo61244724 You keep being fabulous! P.S. I somehow get the feeling you... are ALWAYS ready. 😊 @JCMaine1 Precisely. That's my motto in life.... 🤓🧐😊I go back to old notes and wonder: who was that girl and would she have wanted to know what lies ahead? #amwritingOftentimes, artists are more valued long after their work is first produced. This begs the question: Why are arti… Morning! 🌞 Let's get amped-up for the week! 📯🥳📯 Who's ready? 😉 @JCMaine1 ❤️🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾 @MattCrossWrites @LuisHWrites @bayne_wendy @EricMalikyte @_RLMT @AtypicalTiff @giascribes @FrasierArmitage… @bayne_wendy @bayne_wendy You KNOW I think you're remarkable and constantly am so appreciative with how engaging an… @MattCrossWrites @hippietend @annikakparker @cathartliebe @Bellemoon99 @ShannonRohrer1 @Christo61244724 @RayeDanny… @FMKeaton @kathryninman9 @LanaCwrites @DwayneSmither @LisaThomasBooks @EvaAlton @EHollandAuthor @JWZam… @daddy_doughnut @daddy_doughnut Funny you should mention that, b/c that's how I was first introduced to deleted twe…
@AuthorWaugh @AuthorWaugh Too funny, and... I know, right? I didn't realize this until late in the game... 🥰 @LilyLuchesi @LilyLuchesi I agree w/ abolishing this mindset. Even some of my MCs, who attempt to be "good" can be… @DoesGizzy @DoesGizzy I completely understand. I love the way you said... "this phone and these nails...." So relatable! 🥰 @NatashaLink1 @NatashaLink1 Your answer is so wonderfully charming. Now I have all kinds of follow-up questions, in… @haileypodcast @haileypodcast Forgot to mention: That gif. sums up my look as I was editing today! 😅 @haileypodcast @haileypodcast An edit button would be simply lovely. I type so fast, that typos arise. I have to s… @JBvTheWorld @JBvTheWorld Now, you've got me pondering... 😊 @Jaybird_Walker @Jaybird_Walker I didn't know how to delete until recently... I'm not sure how I feel about the "fl… @Christo61244724 @Christo61244724 My goal is always to try to enrich the dialogue and, sincerely, I hope the messag… @Christo61244724 @Christo61244 Congrats on your 1,000 #Tweethearts milestone! 🥰 Keep inspiring, keeping writing, k… @JS_Eades @JS_Eades I miss typos ALL the time. It's always best for me to step away and then return... not somethin… @latifaagb14 @latifaagb14 This is such a beautiful sentiment. Continued blessing to your family and you. 🥰 @brwneyedsoulman @brwneyedsoulman I bid you continued success. 😊🙏🏾 @_mattfoster2010 @_mattfoster2010 I hope you have a beautiful week. ❤️🙏🏾 @laurelbrett11 @laurelbrett11 You are so wonderful. Keep inspiring. Keep believing.. keep pursuing... 😊❤️✍️🏾As a child, I never understood the concept of boredom. Give me a pencil, any type of scrap paper and a few minutes… keeps my soul young.How many times have you deleted a tweet in the past ten days?Good Morning, Sunday AND... Hello, beautiful Creatives!🙏🏾 When the world is a mess, to whom does it turn?… @kathryninman9 @LanaCwrites @DwayneSmither @LisaThomasBooks @EvaAlton @EHollandAuthor @JWZam @jlrothstein1…
@PamelaStaton5 @PamelaStaton5 I so appreciate you saying that... 🌺 @PamelaStaton5 @PamelaStaton5 Thank you, so much! I sincerely appreciate that! 😊🌺 I hope you've been having a beautiful weekend. 😊 @kathryninman9 @LanaCwrites @DwayneSmither @LisaThomasBooks @EvaAlton @EHollandAuthor @JWZam @jlrothstein1… @BeastofChase @BeastofChase Thank you for reminding me to not forget the [seemingly] small details. Because it's… @TheAnxiousPoet2 @saferprint @Dwarven_King_SH @ps_conway @ElanaMcdougall @EHollandAuthor @OpheliaShakesp4 @h_craggs… @TheAnxiousPoet2 @disneymom1126 @ps_conway @pskessell1 @NatashaLink1 @Dwarven_King_SH @KitKatPoetess @h_craggs… @browning_pw @browning_pw I would love some tea, thank you so much. I, currently, take mine with lemon and honey. 😉🫖 @heedwardspoetry @heedwardspoetry You know how I LOVE my gifs... That one was both endearing and made me chuckle. 😊 Keep inspiring! ✍️🏾🌺 @alioop326 @alioop326 I LOVE this gif. I need to learn to harness this enthusiasm in key moments. 🌺😊 @TagWritesBooks @TagWritesBooks First: I didn't know there was an "ax" emoji. This is good know. 😊 Second: I LOVE… @merelecroix @merelecroix In this scenario, my character would turn to yours and ask [with admiration]: "You've be… @NReguez @NReguez I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. It's so unseasonably warm here, that I'm a little conce… @SikuthaniMeg @SikuthaniMeg That is truly a beautiful and heartwarming answer. 😊🌺 I love that you include the gene… @LFrostWrites @LFrostWrites That's interesting... I've never thought to pose that question... other questions, yes:… @AuthorWaugh @AuthorWaugh The way you painted the scene is so relatable. There have been times in which I react i… @SerenaHassan4 @SerenaHassan4 I adore that you included the gif.! 😊 @CCGonzalez9 @CCGonzalez9 I'm liking this "wrecking ball" motif. All too often, I'm extremely polite when approac… @BStubbles @BStubbles I repeat a similar mantra, often... "Follow the plan/follow the outline..." Continued luck… @CassieCelis @CassieCelis Great. It's always great to clarify. 😊 @robin42024695 @robin42024695 Interesting... the plot thickens. 😊✍️🏾 @cbrotherswriter @cbrotherswriter I see you! Attack that door with fervor! 😊 @NoelleJeffreys @NoelleJeffreys What a creative answer! I'd never thought of "testing the door handle..." 😊🤔 @PamelaStaton5 @PamelaStaton5 What a charming answer! Be ready! 😊 @Rjrhotmailcom2 @Rjrhotmailcom2 Wow! It's the "hope I can handle it..." aspect that's so honest and raw and real... 🌺 @Beccolina @Beccolina Great point! For me... success is not defined by the traditional measures, but in somewhat… @KjerstinNyman @KjerstinNyman I LOVE your enthusiasm and everything about this response. You are reminding me of…