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Marc McDonald @MarcMcD New York City

Living my best life, and very depressed about it.

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@CoryPchajek @MWSnacky @BriannaWu You sure you're not a libertarian, tho? First "we aren't a free-market" and then… I read my old reviews on Letterboxd and am impressed by my insight... @cherifromwv @CoryPchajek @BriannaWu Yep. We have noticed it more and more, usually on items like that (not yet on… @CoryPchajek @BriannaWu Haha! I was a little worried there for a sec. I have some libertarian friends and I find ar… @cherifromwv @CoryPchajek @BriannaWu The generic market in general is very interesting. I read recently that generi… @CoryPchajek @BriannaWu Well even fewer regulations wouldn’t prevent any of this behavior and would in fact exacerbate most of it. @CoryPchajek @BriannaWu Ironically, it seems like free-market capitalism is slowly leading to the death of consumer choice. @CoryPchajek @BriannaWu Yeah, I think it’s already coming to a head in the form of huge, megacorps with extreme ver… @indyfromspace This is funny, but also quite possibly the whitest thread I’ve seen today.
@BriannaWu This is the endless growth economy at work. Corps need to find new and increasingly despicable ways to g… have to laugh. In retiring one devisive symbol the people of Mississippi simply cannot see the irony of replaci… @pnunez48 @_recursively_ I was exaggerating for comedic effect. Ironically, you missed it!!!! @pnunez48 @_recursively_ Aggressively missing my very humorous point, AS USUAL! @pnunez48 @_recursively_ Not to get all Gen X and angsty on this thread, but the population will decide to go strai… @ChuckXL Conservative rule #1: Accuse the other side of doing what your side does. @_recursively_ @pnunez48 Warren was the best qualified candidate by far, imo, and I don’t doubt her mental ability… @shariv67 I’m actually a little relieved. It’s probably better this way.Because the lunatic rhetoric from the right will switch from anti-mask to anti-vaccine?
@ChuckXL Best Star Trek film. @WhosyourDadaist @JoelGHodgson @LawverSays Glen was 50 feet tall... @blainecapatch @boomslang_green Hahahahaha! You’re a prince.Then put on two, please.
Retweeted by Marc McDonald @BriannaWu Perfect solution: @TheThomason It’s the adult version of the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment. @kirkhowle Read the room, Kirk! Sheesh! #riiiipSammo is the GOAT.’s kind of crazy how much louder commercials are than the actual programming.
@pnunez48 Shocker. @johnny_slick It’s Dockers Savage! @hemantmehta My god, people have short memories about polling. @DarnHeather Some couple in St Louis who were menacing protesters going by their mcmansion. But I’m sure they weren’t arrested, @PINNLAND_EMPIRE "Wow...828k? Where in NYC?" -NYers Hahahaha! I'm kidding! Most New Yorkers will never be able to… @FrankConniff @CNN I'm sorry, but this only makes me think of this: 🎵I'm the crime bill BANG BANG!! 🎵… time I see the picture of these two I keep thinking of that part in Harlem Nights where Arsenio Hall is yelli…
@jeremyjsharp Ooooooooooh! I'm sorry. I thought you were referring to the late 90s early 2000 song, which I thought… @jeremyjsharp Ooooh! OKay. Cue Jack Palance! @jeremyjsharp I'm not sure what "biton" is. @jeremyjsharp Don't know about that! I like LC, I had his Tower of Song album or something along those lines back i… @jeremyjsharp I'm in a minority of my friends in that I think the mid-to late 90s was the death of both pop and "ha… @kirkhowle That too.Newest Thing: People who use the words "socially distanced" in their Instagram posts in order to make their irrespo… @jeremyjsharp Life Is A Highway was no Walkin’ In Memphis.Re-retweeting the best thing that happened today. @kirkhowle, you are a prince! @jeremyjsharp I can picture the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves clip-ridden music video on VH1 as we speak! @kirkhowle @RoBeastRollie That’s called “glowing,” Kirk! @jeremyjsharp Presenting the Rascal Flatts cover: even whiter!Utah radio station: we will play 80s music all damn day and then for no apparent reason toss in the 2006 Rascal Fla… usual, my timing is impeccable... @RoBeastRollie @kirkhowle Pretty close....i a way more “normal human proportions” sense. @BriannaWu I’m fine with leaving the facebook people to whatever they get. @RoBeastRollie @kirkhowle I’re no Kirk cosplaying Tilda Swinton, but you know...looks nice. @RoBeastRollie @kirkhowle I am wrestling clueless, but lookin’ well.
I think about this thread a lot. It haunts me. Like...I dunno...a sort of ghostly tweet and reply chain? Whatever.… @kirkhowle Oh. My. God! @ditzkoff “FoLLow mE to pArLeR!!” -ted cruz two days ago @kirkhowle It's probably long enough, rn. (wild guess) @kirkhowle DOOOEEEET!! @kirkhowle You should shoot for this hairstyle. Hella cool. @1jcmaxwell If only! @PINNLAND_EMPIRE @CFunderburg @TheThomason I’m normally really a non-supporter of talking during movies, but this was pretty organic and welcome… @TheThomason I saw the crappy remake of The Haunting in the theater and the part where the skeleton jumps out of th…
God grant me the ability to be as optimistic as people who think that conservative America will somehow allow DC to become a state. @ChuckXL I can’t say if it’s better or worse than that shamalayan devil elevator movie because I haven’t seen the s… @ChuckXL Apropos of nothing; have you seen The Lift? It’s from the under appreciated man-eating elevator genre of h… marriage has now been around longer than the Confederacy. Build statues for that you cowards.
Retweeted by Marc McDonaldLet's not go two steps forward, one step back in Mississippi. Read @hemantmehta's superb blog about not replacing c…
Retweeted by Marc McDonald @ChuckXL Using florida as a barometer for the country is probably somewhat flawed, methodologically speaking. I’m s… @maggieserota Me reading this tweet... @donttrythis @SYFYWIRE @SYFY This quiz is DEFINITELY not calibrated correctly:
@StephenScarlata @thepinksmoke Same energy: @Caissie This one.....I don’t think I recall ever managing to stay awake past it. So good! @Caissie I just listen to a playlist of tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, & 7 from the Blade Runner Soundtrack. The only downsi… @PaulyPeligroso Hey, don’t sell this time period short! You forgot the murder hornets and the 100°+ temps in the ar… @PINNLAND_EMPIRE The Fifth Cord would be a very run-of-the-mill, weirdly plotted, Italian mysetry/thriller if it we… @kirkhowle @DavidJHudsonJC @RoBeastRollie I think Doll Man is peak Full Moon. @kirkhowle @RoBeastRollie @DavidJHudsonJC You didn’t like The Dungeonmaster? Haha...I kid. He was good as the budge… @RoBeastRollie @DavidJHudsonJC @kirkhowle I mostly only remember the “ding dong you’re dead” tagline. I vaguely rec… @AndyRichter
@MerriamWebster Say something once...why say it again? @barvonblaq @Ernie_Hudson “Out loud to no one” is just basically a description of my twitter account. @pattonoswalt Wikipedia page for @MeredthSalenger saying she has a twin in 5...4...George Sanders, who would constantly express disappointment in how I was doing. @pnunez48 @ChuckXL A.k.a still shitty. @pnunez48 @RoBeastRollie @ChuckXL It’s just a theory. I don’t know if it’s really happening. But also...saying the plainly ob… @MikeDudikafka Ooh ooh! Better guess: trying is no longer profitable. @MikeDudikafka They gave up trying? @pnunez48 That’s exactly what a conspirator would say!!! @ChuckXL I just have a hard time believing that any of these people do anything for anything other than cynical self-interest. @ChuckXL My theory is that he’s gearing up for a 2024 run. He’s banking on trump losing and he’s positioning himse… rule #1: Always loudly accuse your opponent of doing the thing which you are doing. @pattonoswalt Comedy is partly shaped by its audience, and I can’t help but notice the over-abundance of dudebros h… @aftermoviediner It’s such a bonkers name, but yes I had to look on IMDb to make sure it wasn’t real!I just had a dream that I was watching a film trailer and there was an actor named Londo Fudge, and I laughed out loud and it woke me up.Dumbass white people crying about aunt jemima and I’m starting to think we need a rule where every fucking corp nee…
@thepinksmoke Unless you’re a critic. Then it’s fine. ;-)The most dangerous job in America
Retweeted by Marc McDonaldSometimes I mute people I follow on twitter for a bit to give them a break from my endless replies. Yes, I know I’m annoying. @HoneyIShrunkJG2 *Cabo Wabo Tequila Bar nods solemnly*