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Marc McDonald @MarcMcD New York City

Living my best life, and very depressed about it.

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@realbryanmiller It’s a garbage place. @RoBeastRollie @RAWisROLLIE Should we say his name backwards now? @RoBeastRollie @RAWisROLLIE Exciting. @SkepticalBelg Can’t trade parents, man. Especially since mine are currently housing me (epic loser). @SkepticalBelg Fair point.
The capacity of my parents to have faith that the GOP will come around once they see the evidence and vote in good…"After receiving a fair trial in the Senate, POTUS will be acquitted forever." Because a "fair trial" always start…
Retweeted by Marc McDonaldTrump 2020 - You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Shovel @DoctorAtlantis @SJGames Oh okay. Not familiar with it. GURPS is peak nerd, though. So congrats on that! @DoctorAtlantis @SJGames U mean Deathrace 2000? @DoctorAtlantis @SJGames Auto Duel? Is that like a Transformers module, or like Mad Max? @pattonoswalt @kirkhowle @RoBeastRollie OMG U 2! OU812! @asarahlarson I can't say it without doing an Arte Johnson german accent. @SmarmyJerkface But maybe not. Who knows. @SmarmyJerkface My prediction: Remember This: The TV Show @pulmyears Apologies again. Didn't intent a was more stream of consciousness and I didn't think. @jough yeah, I listened to that one (saw it listed online somewhere) and it doesn't have a sigh. Some sharp intakes… @FrankConniff He's good for their bottom line. He's a killer headline generator.“We LOOOOVE using this information to make your account better! We SWEAR!!! No, REALLY!” - Twitter, just seconds af…
Retweeted by Marc McDonald @PINNLAND_EMPIRE Which I also think is funny, because everyone decries trolls, and yet it's the trolls who they amp… @PINNLAND_EMPIRE Fair. Although, I do think celebs creatives are often hyper-focused on their critics. Often in a w… @PINNLAND_EMPIRE Haha. I mean, I'm not defending the article this dude wrote. It's weird enough for someone in the… @PINNLAND_EMPIRE But dorks can say whatever they want. I and a million other people I know and follow a… @kirkhowle Haven't watched SNL in probably 20 years. Even then, it was tiny moments of gold in an hour and a half o…
@HeyheyDRA Something something Lufthansa? I can’t be bothered to actually work this joke out.Schiff keeps saying “if this conduct isn’t impeachable, then nothing is.” Nah. It’ll just mean everything is either… Planters, somebody needs a time out. @warrenhelprin @MKupperman You know...if it would save us a year and a half of presidential campaigning....I _might_ be okay with this! @TimLamb518 YepIs it just me or are all the cool people dying while all the fucking shitheads are running our governments? *sigh*… @jough @pulmyears Got that. Mother by Pink Floyd. Headshots by Suzanne vega. Every Rose Has Its Thorns by Poison. That's all I got. @pulmyears You mentioned making lists and reminded me of it, and I know you know a lot about music. Sorry. Bit of a non-sequitur, I guess. @kirkhowle Cool. Cool. @kirkhowle What are you? One of them commie socialists? @DoctorAtlantis I recommend: @DoctorAtlantis Put a duvet cover on there, you philistine! @JeroldBlock Funny how you don’t need references to craft bullshit. @Caissie A VCR? Oh shit...wait, no. @kirkhowle Or like this appeared to be a sale between private owners. No oversight, no background checks, no checki…
@kirkhowle Yep. Was literally sitting there, watching it happen. @VerinEmpire I like how the guy’s solution is to stop the escalator instead of, you know, confronting Six Flags guy. @Coup_Critique @quill18 5. Block? Why? Oh shit...what happened? I guess we got unlucky on the map! know....just a couple of dudes in a parking lot pulling assault rifles out of duffel bags, nbd. #murica’re STUCK here!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!! #ripjoe @_katiestebbins_ @thepinksmoke Two words: Space Herpes. @kirkhowle Side benefit is that it sets the veep up for another presidential run. Seems like a no brainer. @PFTompkins *fewer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Breaking news: privileged group who threatens state with violence and receives no pushback, and has negligible poli… @grahamclark I don’t know about you, but each one worse than the last, seems like.Would've been kinda neat if the MLK monument zapped Trump with laser eyes like those statues in The Neverending Story.
Retweeted by Marc McDonald @TheThomason Hahahahaha @PFTompkins If he’s right that everyday people are what we need in washington, then one might counter that relative… @KenPlume Manos: The Hands of Fate? @KenPlume Freddy Got Fingered? @pulmyears I’m trying to compile a playlist of songs that start with the performer sighing and having a time of it (only have 4 so far).
@RS3Feed happens when unarmed black people protest, versus when heavily armed white people protest: @litzinger @carnojoe Weird. If I had to guess I would have said Mountain Dew.If bernie gets the nom he’d better pick warren as vp. And vice versa. They need to consolidate their bases. @PFTompkins Man...Geoff Peterson hasn’t found a gig after Craig Ferguson, and you’re shaming him for feeding his family?! Not a good look. @FrankConniff @danieldennett @TimLamb518 Humbug, I say.Up at 3:30am reading LOTR mythology and character histories, because my life is heading in meaningful and positive directions. @MoviusC Regardless, it’s a wonderful name for a position in a sporting match. I approve! @KenPlume Okay, then...adjusting my strategy and going with something you’re likely to be watching... The Incredible Mr. Limpet? @MoviusC I haven’t heard this talk, and I have no idea who shane warner is or what cricket is all about. I do, howe… @KenPlume The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover? @MoviusC Our opposition isn’t identical by any stretch, but they’re so weak-sauce and middling that nobody much get… @MoviusC Yeah. The difference here is they’d never put something like this on the news thanks to folks like your co… @MoviusC *gotten @MoviusC Maybe your politicians have hotten a good dose of climate change. (Not if they’re as stupid as ours, but one can always hope.) @MoviusC Yeah, ironically hail would be welcome to people fighting wildfires. Wind/drought = bad. Precipitation = good. @MoviusC We have a lot wildfires here in utah in the summer, but y’all are just utterly dwarfing the stuff that we see. @MoviusC Jaysus! @MoviusC @MoviusC Oh okay. Didn’t know there was a storm. Thought this was wildfire related. @MoviusC This needs unpacking.Hard to pick just one. I love rock instrumentals so much I built an entire playlist. A recent favorite is Coffee in… @donttrythis I just watched Hisaishi's concert at Budokan, where he did all the Miyazaki stuff, and it was really g… @SmarmyJerkface Lol! Uh....the games never looked good. I recall when I last hooked it up I played combat (I think… @SmarmyJerkface I think my parents still have my old 2600 somewhere, but I think all my cartridges are long gone. I… @WiscHumanist @RoryScholl @FrankConniff @TyleKurner One of the most memorable works of art I saw at the MoMA was a… @TyleKurner I challenge anyone to watch Samurai Cop and not have fun. I also challenge them to argue that it’s a we… @MKupperman I don’t think a UBI is as utterly bonkers as some make it. But I also don’t think it’s the policy solut… @Maggiemayehaha @PFTompkins This is a peeve of mine, and I got roasted when I went after it. Better luck to you in…
@TimLamb518 Nice one, english. @pnunez48 Yeah someone else commented. They said it was rampant sexual abuse. @pnunez48 See other commenters. @deavantgardener @csonsini Oh. Rampant sexual abuse in a cloistered fundamentalist religious group? Shocker. This… hate clickbait, but I’m not gonna lie: this took every ounce of my willpower to not click on it. @ditzkoff @PFTompkins @SmarmyJerkface Haha. Oh okay!! *calls off the men in white jackets* @SmarmyJerkface Why would you sell the muppet show?Saw an ad for Bloomberg here yesterday, and he’s selling himself as a billionaire and saying that makes him unable… @paxtonholley @nerdlunch It’s like a Judge Harold T. Stone magic trick! @paxtonholley @nerdlunch Oh man...the bot-net has taken notice! @paxtonholley @nerdlunch Haha! I was literally thinking of this song, but I went with a Night Court quote instead, because it was nerdier. @paxtonholley @nerdlunch “It’s hard to say goodbye, so let’s just say au gratin.”