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Head of Physiology @ Aspire in Qatar. Former Head of Sports Science for TeamGB at Beijing/Vancouver/London Olympics. Honorary academic. My views only here.

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My week on Twitter 🎉: 3 Mentions, 7.33K Mention Reach, 7 Likes, 1 Retweet, 10.8K Retweet Reach. See yours with… studies to understand the negative impact of cold water immersion on muscle hypertrophy:…
Retweeted by Marco CardinaleGuy Martin in Japan. Here’s the bike park.....
Retweeted by Marco CardinaleThe latest Daily #Science! Thanks to @bhekukhumalo @Rue89Strasbourg #science #technology
The latest Daily #Science! Thanks to @ChrysosCorp @ICRscience @ird_fr #science #technology
New from our lab: cold water baths decrease muscle growth? Full breakdown: Study by @27CJ
Retweeted by Marco CardinaleCoaching is about making your own job obsolete. Good coaches foster independence. We should be working towards ha…
Retweeted by Marco Cardinalethe best in asia 🇶🇦💪🏼
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The latest Daily #Science! Thanks to @MokaConsult @BillMew @DannyVet #science #tech
" nearly two decades after the first predictions of dramatic success, we find no impact of the human genome project…
Retweeted by Marco CardinaleWilliam Sands is a true pioneer in sport science and has been doing this “monitoring” thing while some of us were s…
Retweeted by Marco CardinaleThe latest Daily #Science! Thanks to @FurorRises #science #technologyOur biggest fans this week: PfaffSC. Thank you! via“It concerns me when athletes get lazy and opt for non-evidence based modalities.” @DrRobinThorpe #ThorneACP
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@BontempsBastien @LJMUSportSci @univtoulon @SalomonRunning Looking forward to read itThe latest Daily #Science! Thanks to @justins_aptaker @BillMew #science #technology
NEW study on the difference between non functional over-reaching and full blown over-training. It all starts with f…
Retweeted by Marco Cardinale40m Sprint Performance ....step by step influences 👇 #SJ #CMJ #RJ #AJ #RSI
Retweeted by Marco CardinaleThe latest Daily #Science! Thanks to @pdesperrier @PanaceaInnov #science #technology
My week on Twitter 🎉: 5 Mentions, 53.6K Mention Reach, 16 Likes, 1 Retweet, 10.8K Retweet Reach. See yours with… Bosco test equipment already exists, their prices are often out of reach for high schoolers. That's why th…
Retweeted by Marco CardinaleThe latest Daily #Science! Thanks to @astroparticule @EggmanOrWalrus @atavist #science #technology
Good bye Elio, a great “maestro” of athletics @Aspire_Academy future generation watching some of the senior endurance group doing some tempo work under the g…
Retweeted by Marco CardinaleThe latest Daily #Science! Thanks to @ChrissyBaker19 @jayi_wang @PSWnano #science #technology
The latest Daily #Science! Thanks to @pdesperrier @EstherNgumbi @SanofiFR #science #technology
People ask me why I repeat myself a lot when it comes to gimmicks & bull 💩 in this industry This is why Labeled a…
Retweeted by Marco CardinaleThat quote is actually @Marco_Cardinale I stole it.
Retweeted by Marco CardinaleThe latest Daily #Science! #science #technologyTheres been some talk about sport specific training lately. For me close to 85-90% of what I do with various sports…
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The latest Daily #Science! #science #technologyOur biggest fans this week: sectest9, coachgambetta, PfaffSC. Thank you! via
The latest Daily #Science! Thanks to @AmandaDuncan12 @NavedJafri_BOO @wills_skye #science #technology
Ready for 3 days at the Norwegian Sports Medicine Congress with colleagues from @OSTRC1 Free oral presentation la…
Retweeted by Marco CardinaleAre we overscienceing it? in are we burdening our GAA players with too much science? Thanks to…
Retweeted by Marco CardinaleThe latest Daily #Science! Thanks to @CRESTAwards @mv_mvidal @ma_pma_france #science #technologyThis is ridiculous. I count over 50 grants that this person got. Why did it take so long to realize she falsified s…
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My week on Twitter 🎉: 16 Mentions, 303 Mention Reach, 61 Likes, 3 Retweets, 52.7K Retweet Reach. See yours with… @RodWhiteley @RoaldBahr @BJSM_BMJ @OSTRC1 @larsengebretsen What about acetates melting in bags before your presenta… @runnergirladams You have never met reviewer 3 clearly 🙈 it is a mythological figure abandoned in the desert sustai… latest Daily #Science! Thanks to @hereissimone @PiBenetti @domisylvain #science #technology
Attending @ACSMNews Annual Meeting (San Fran) 2020? Have a poster related to exercise in the heat (interdisciplinar…
Retweeted by Marco Cardinale👏👏👏👏 Legend latest Daily #Science! Thanks to @Upstreaming @lizette_neves #science #technology0/22 articles show benefit to early sport specialization@TheAMSSM systematic review just published in @BJSM_BMJ
Retweeted by Marco Cardinale @chrisshambrook Plenty of it in many speakers at some conferences these daysThose look awesome. Can you share the recipe?
Retweeted by Marco CardinaleCheck out this free video of a great lecture on the role of protein for weight loss by @mackinprof on mysportscienc…
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Another one bites the dust @ProfA_Jimenez Great place Alfonso @SamanthaQuek @onepeloton Sam look at watt bike Atom too and Zwift @DCGreyMattersUK Of course he would 😂👏 @DCGreyMattersUK Agree on that I still cannot get my head around critical periods. We have a paper coming up showin… @DCGreyMattersUK I think this is just active drag. Swimming speed still develops so clearly some technical improvem…'s hard to make lasting technique changes,especially after swimmers become teens -Dr. Havriluk's (swimmingworld)…
Retweeted by Marco CardinaleA great opportunity to come and join our S&C team at @Aspire_Academy working in a team of experienced practitioners…
Retweeted by Marco CardinaleThe latest Daily #Science! Thanks to @GreinerBioOneUK @WildResearch @AndinoMauro #science #technology
@CITracey86 Don’t turn into a “southern softie” 😂 good luck for the new roleSpeedometer: Measure the speed of swimming and analyze swimming technique instantaneously. The results are synchron…
Retweeted by Marco CardinaleThe latest Daily #Science! Thanks to @juwadikimiyaho2 @RenegadeShank @arasaucedo24 #science #technology
The latest Daily #Science! Thanks to @marcane56 @ASWTogo #science #technologyBuilding new toys @pjvazel @rwilly2003 @Forbes Maybe time for a well designed RCT?Time and money spent cupping takes away from therapies that actually work. Great to see @Forbes exposing the ridicu…
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@ground_guru @Lionesses @DawnScott06 @ussoccer @USWNT @hopesolo Fantastic news welcome back @DawnScott06The latest Daily #Science! Thanks to @ma_pma_france @AXECorg @mentaldaily_com #science #technology
4th Asia Conference in Aspire and others latest Daily #Science! Thanks to @JordanGonsalve1 @dogsciencesays @eliot4fois17 #science #technologyMy week on Twitter 🎉: 11 Mentions, 8.9K Mention Reach, 63 Likes, 8 Retweets, 51.3K Retweet Reach. See yours with…
Our biggest fans this week: Aspire_Academy, ChrisBrandner, tamimi__94. Thank you! via week on Twitter 🎉: 4 Mentions, 66.3K Mention Reach, 66 Likes, 7 Retweets, 95.4K Retweet Reach. See yours with… @EvanDunfee @Aspetar @TStellingwerff @IAAFDoha2019 @WorldAthletics Agree, more education may be needed for athletes… @EvanDunfee @Aspetar @TStellingwerff @IAAFDoha2019 @WorldAthletics Thanks for sharing Evan, this is why evidence al… @anthonyfjoshua @BulkPowders Great work AJ and amazing left hook Kate!Today is the last day of the ASIA YOUTH CAMP that started on 05 Nov. 62 swimmers from 31 countries were part of th…
Retweeted by Marco CardinaleThe latest Daily #Science! Thanks to @Science_Jobs @healutah #science #technologyWhen a #phd student doesn't answer Q's well at a conference & the supervisors need to comment to defend the study!
Retweeted by Marco CardinaleNew paper from my PhD! 'A systematic review of the accuracy of sleep wearable devices for estimating sleep onset.'…
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@RodWhiteley @ScholarOneNews @BJSM_BMJ @ElsevierConnect @researchwhisper @dsquintana @jamesheathers CTRL+Alt+DeleteThe latest Daily #Science! Thanks to @AuroraSpringer @Jan_Benada @AdamWallenta #science #technology
@ProfA_Jimenez @sheffhallamuni @DrRobCopeland Congratulations and good luck In the new roleتدريبات المعسكر الشبابي الآسيوي الآن بمجمع حمد للرياضات المائية ومشاركة لاعبي المعسكر تدريبات المنتخب القطري للسباح…
Retweeted by Marco Cardinale @CWagon75 Standing ovation hereThe latest Daily #Science! Thanks to @NewsKali @MariaDMayan @sabinomaggi #science #technology
@pjvazel Nice view @coach_SM @Aspire_Academy Looking great ShebabWhat a game. Your time will come @tamimi__94Finally sense of the seat game ⁦@tamimi__94⁩ @tamimi__94 latest Daily #Science! Thanks to @drseisenberg @MedTechpreneur #science #techتقوم اكاديمية اسباير بالتعاون مع الاتحاد القطري للسباحة واللجنة الأولمبية القطرية باجراء العديد من القياسات الانثر…
Retweeted by Marco CardinaleFINA's Coach Pierre Lafontaine talks about the Youth Asian Camp in Doha and the athletes dream to make the…
Retweeted by Marco CardinaleThank you @Aspire_Academy ( Asian Youth Camp 2019 )
Retweeted by Marco Cardinale @CompetetoCreate @michaelgervais Happy birthday Michael
The latest Daily #Science! Thanks to @TenaceMente_com @Shell_Nigeria @sci_art_matsudo #science #techSwimming OCA camp has done it again! @tamimi__94 becomes the first Qatari player to reach Round 3 of the Men's @PSAWorldChamps R…
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The narrative and explanations around MYOFASCIAL RELEASE are biologically implausible, reductionist, lacking eviden…
Retweeted by Marco CardinaleThe latest Daily #Science! Thanks to @ElishasOutcasts @scienceslam #science #technology