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marco @MarcoAjx Texas, USA

being happy is overrated | priv: @coochiegobler71

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@s1eezisdead @riphammyy Everybody hates you... @s1eezisdead @Certified4PF He passing you, stg @notdxnnys Since when did the bus get so damn big wtf @curry2k_ @s1eezisdead This is just disrespectful man LMFAOOO @LILUZIVERT Same bro fr fr 😔 @whosname_ @Certified4PF He really j bullying you like that? Ouch @JohnnyX1234 @Kiid10Da @xiasx Aired pretty damn bad then @Kiid10Da @xiasx Aired @packofffentanyl Hands are weird bro @marcusy_ Need hers @Senatorhagner 🥱 @packoffentanyl Love them @wxahgabby @Originalkiwwi Lmfaoo @wxahgabby @Originalkiwwi Likee @mynameisalliyah I need HER love @wxahgabby @Originalkiwwi Samee @itsnotapril For you to go to a better restaurant 😭 @wxahgabby @Originalkiwwi What do you normally listen to @wxahgabby @Originalkiwwi Tyyyy @wxahgabby @Originalkiwwi The weeknd @wxahgabby @Originalkiwwi Nothingg rlly, j vibing to music like always @wxahgabby @Originalkiwwi Wydd @Valkyrae @MrBeastYT Heyyy lol, fb? @s1eezisdead @Certified4PF @sforspookyosis This is just sad man, like, tf happened to you @lbzyy_ Boom @Originalkiwwi @wxahgabby uhhh, yeah about that @Froste Who got the thread that shows you how to deac, this guy needs it rn @sforspookyosis Can I see your pussy? Can you take all kinds of pics and angles of it? The back, the front, from un… @koordell Me too tho @koordell You talking straight to a wall bro bro @Valkyrae LETSS GOIOOI @jeshvs Proof??? @g7byy Do you wanna talk? @wxahgabby As in nothing @bil_cipher Didnt wanna talk to your weird ass anyways 🥶🤞 @Class YESSS GO LIVEEEE, actually idk if I should watch you or froste @wxahgabby Fuck all @bil_cipher Heyyyy @Cryoat Rip to 40k @g6byy Whenever she says it, I know she doesnt mean it like I do @Froste Wooooo @JhbTeam Wish she acknowledged me for once @Valkyrae Leak a follow to me lol @Cryoat Again? 😭😭😭 @KittenElise Defo a woman, hey lol @Froste @Freddychini @jakkuxd @CouRageJD Id let you throw those knives at me like a circus trick and we can make bank
@Froste @Avalanche100T It took a whole 2 years for all those promises I made to myself went away LMFAOOO @HarryButAverage @Yuhuuur @Leo__ffs Please explain @NoshinOcean Beautiful hair noshin 😃 @goon4brezzzy This was so ass wtf @lxttleladi Proud of you leila 🖤🖤 @Avalanche100T I had so many aspirations as soon as I started hs and as a senior most of those hopes have faded LOL @g7byy Please fb gaby! I’ve been your #1 fan for months please omg omg 🙏🙏 @snyyted The new system is so wack fr @Valkyrae @Valkyrae You look good rae 😃 @lbzyy_ Uh, waiting for you to deac lol @GRlNCHIE What’s tall @lyssiu Hey lol @wxahgabby @HyroNAE Wtf @mialovesbread NO IM REASSURING YOU RN @mialovesbread MF WE’RE TALKING ABOUT YOU RN NOT ME @mialovesbread Yeah I feel the same way alot of times, but literally no one ever thinks you’re annoying, in any way @Froste Bro is the grammatical grandfather @madisonbeer Follow back mate lol @mialovesbread It’s literally only you who finds it annoying (for no reason I should add) @JohnnyX1234 @xiasx @pastamanity Yeah, he k worded HIMSELF LFMAOOOAOAO @mialovesbread Literally everyone is awkward, plus its not stupid smh @mialovesbread But why do you think you’re dumb lol @g6byy She’s the only one I want @pastamanity @xiasx This is why you’re lonely asl, have 0 hoes, will amount to nothing in life, why your family doe… @pastamanity @xiasx Felt 😔 @mialovesbread Mhm @s1eezisdead @goon4brezzzy SHOW HIM HIS PLACE KJ @Froste You scaring everyone bro bro @g6byy She uses those, then ghosts for a week @g6byy @TheRakeshRajj My girl loves rakesh more than she loves me @Cryoat YOU’RE KIDDINY @s1eezisdead @goon4brezzzy Not at 20k AND he gon get sus’d? LMFOAOOOO @Mistyears @s1eezisdead The disrespect 😭😭 @Class LMFAOOOO GET HIS ASSS @VisionEfects @mialovesbread LMFOAOAOO @CrypticNoOnee @Dexerto LMFOAOOAOAOAOOOAOAO, you’re funny dawg 😭😭 @VisionEfects @mialovesbread Sure lol @mialovesbread @VisionEfects Now she’s saying that 5 inches is so small it can go into people’s nose’s. Wow @ballljeeet @mialovesbread I can cook a mean steak, hedgehog shouldnt be too hard @ballljeeet @mialovesbread We can eat it afterwards @ballljeeet @mialovesbread I’ll pyu and we’ll catch a plane to ireland fr fr @mialovesbread Fs, I got you @mialovesbread Mhm, for sure @megcp13 @mialovesbread Our* @mialovesbread First you call it small then say its so small it can go up someones nose? Ok @mialovesbread Nah I get it, fr, people have preferences, some of us just dont meet those requirements @mialovesbread Nah its ok, I needed an ego recheck anyways @mialovesbread Nah its ok, I wasnt confident anyways @mialovesbread Its not? Ok then @mialovesbread BRO, ITS LIKE 5 INCHES NO I AVMT @averoidjay @Mistyears THANKK YOUU @quaackmysack @35inchpp @mialovesbread CAUSE IM ABOUT TO GET A FUCKING Q TIP UP MY NOSE BRO @Froste Toast is the only person in my recommended rn fr fr 😭