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13th Century Venice-based explorer with a fondness for Chinese food & circular mints with holes in.

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@adrianmcmenamin @MaryWimbury @OwenWMichael I always thought it was either Jimmy Tarbuck or Stan Boardman so you've educated me at least. @DanielFooksArt @NeilHarding @GazNorris15 Oh well, never mind. You shuffle off back to the #SWP & the rest of us w… @DanielFooksArt @NeilHarding @GazNorris15 @miffythegamer Imagine that being the first thing you see when they whip the sack off your head. "Aw fuuuck...just shoot me now." @dwatchorn @SuneAuken That thing's an abomination. Chop it up. Then burn it. And bury the ashes. Deep. @SuperWhiteSmurf Top wordage as ever, mate. @PickardJE @FT Been saying this for months. He hates the entire Westminster system & especially the Tories so if t… @zelo_street The thick cunt only went and registered his (now defunct) company #RightNowMedia at his home address o… @alexanderrmatt @stephenkb The phrase "soft-right Tories" belongs nowhere near a comment which also includes those names. @JulianDelamain @MarinaHyde @caitlinmoran I suspect CM's daughter may be in charge of the account again. @JolyonMaugham @JAMXCORE @MattHancock You've interpreted the whole thing incorrectly. He was put on the spot by a… @msloobylou @TheMichaelMoran The Hon Member for Royston Vasey. @TonyH04368283 Cheers T. @PaulbernalUK Short shrift for Peston there. Matty's rattled. @stephenkb Currently we have "Govt by glib 3-word slogan" so I don't really think they're too clever when it comes… @WestminsterWAG @piersmorgan Bookmarking this tweet for when your slimy husband gleefully knifes Johnson in the bac… @WestminsterWAG @911Amelia You know when Old Rubber Face (by his own admission earlier today, live on national radi… @g_gosden Barely. @RealMattLucas And all done intentionally...Out of morbid fascination, I've just had a look at @darrengrimes_ website. Literally the first thing you see on th… @jacquep Is it the one about the media / press? @KalebLane12 @KenRader81 @TMP_320 @realDonaldTrump That's not how evolution works, Cletus. @RealOmarNavarro @realDonaldTrump See that over there, disappearing down that drain? That's your self-respect, mat… the #ToryBastards & telling us that if we all just "use our common sense" we'll be fine & won't die from… @LoosemoreMarie @rocket_the_racc I'm convinced I had in back in Feb (full symptoms, in bed for a week) but the dry… @LoosemoreMarie @rocket_the_racc I very nearly redecorated the inside of my car. Properly horrible. @buchanan17 @DPJHodges Here you go. @steve1head @DPJHodges Mind boggling, isn't it? @AnnaAnnaou @Lifelandlady Cheers. I'm convinced I had it back in Feb (when they weren't testing people) but as I'v… @SuperWhiteSmurf @PhilipShortland Cheers bud. @PompeyTim69 @MattHancock Absolute arseholes... @leepatrick0 Cheers. Precisely as suspected then. They never fail to disappoint, do they? @PhilipShortland Will find out in the next 48 to 120 hrs...Just got tested for #COVID__19 at a drive-thru centre & if anyone's interested, it involves shoving the same swab d… @bluefeathergirl @TeamMellor @JimMFelton Shit! I forgot to uncheck that...😉 @chantal_oiseau Before or after someone offered the failed fashion student with zero prospects or ability a shit lo… @TeamMellor @JimMFelton @DPJHodges Everybody knows who his mum is, right? @sjharley Can't believe she's his birth mother. Genuinely. @blisswords @JimMFelton @lorri29959 @JimMFelton @aaronxvad @annerosefernan1 @darrengrimes_ And, lest we forget, he was legally ruled to be "too stupid to fill a form in correctly." @peterbreda2000 Casual racism & ingrained xenophobia trumps being lied to by unelected advisers all day long, sadly…'s just struck me & I'm only half joking with this now: Given that this Govt classes a pair of gloves as…
Any proper footy fans out there fancy explaining to this bell-whiff what's wrong with his bio? Cheers. @heeney77 @Jamie_Hudson_ @piersmorgan If you were a proper football fan you wouldn't need me to explain it to you. @Jamie_Hudson_ @piersmorgan "Colchester United Season Ticket Holder and Arsenal supporter." Or in other words, massive bell-end. @RossMcCaff I get the impression that Grimes would do if for free. Which, given what we know about how crap he is… @_davelv @dontbrexitfixit Me too apparently. Just discovered that fact. @SuperWhiteSmurf Yup. Millionaire, milks every penny he can out of the business, won't invest anything, son in law… @SuperWhiteSmurf Had a massive ding dong via Skype with the silly old twat who owns our place over this 2 weeks ago… @NeilBandtock @EssexCanning If you couldn't see properly would you chuck her in the car & go for a quick spin in traffic? @EssexCanning Yeah...all of it. Every single bit. But that said, I'm not a psychopathic eugenicist with a God complex. @MatthewStadlen Again...Fat mess vox pop from Bewdley in Worcestershire on #SkyNews just now talking about Cummings: "I don't see how he's…
Retweeted by MarcO'Polo"Human capital stock." remix Parental Advisory explicit content. Strong language & scenes of a contextual nature.
Retweeted by MarcO'PoloWhere did this mythical notion that #BorisJohnson is some sort of great orator come from? He's fucking rubbish. A… @JohnGinsberg Yes. @willybowwow @adamboultonSKY Bollocks. @willybowwow @adamboultonSKY Yeah...*that* is obviously the main reason, isn't it? #knobThe wife (currently on furlough from her job with #BMW) has just shouted "You bastard!" at Johnson & stormed upstai… @jclanoe It was actually in response to something @Peston said to him. Wonder what it was?Wow... #ClassicDom @MattHancock Thought I'd get creative with my replies to Govt ministers so here's a picture of a cock. And for the… @redtail9211 @IsabelOakeshott You seem confused. If you're a UK citizen, where do you do all this hunting & "prepa… defending #DominicCummngs to bashing the forrins in one tweet. #Impressive @redtail9211 @IsabelOakeshott You need to pull your head out of your arse then b/c it's clearly affecting your hearing. @The_ChrisShaw Ah, so she's in that Whatsapp group too, is she? @Tony_Robinson Plausibly? You been on the Bank Holiday turnip wine? @darrengrimes_ Twat. @DominicRaab Ferk off. @LastBlairite And then when you're done, drive home to check if you're too pissed to drive or not. 👍 @mikeBinESP @marcogiann @DCBMEP Evening Sergei. @TheCourtCat @PCollinsTimes @michaelgove Bit of a knob then, aren't we? @michaelgove What, like getting rid of you lot, you mean? Yeah, I'm up for that. Crack on. @hachikoco @MitchBenn Sky. For some fucking unknown reason...FUCKING GRIMES ?!?!?!?! @mrjamesob Could this be a deliberate dead cat to head off "Dominic Cummings car crash interview" google searches l… @PaulbernalUK @peterbreda2000 @SpaJw Time for an eye test.
Retweeted by MarcO'Polo @RalfLittle @mrjamesob Or look a bit awkward whilst eating a bacon butty. @adamboultonSKY's face then as he delivered a withering "...b/c he said he was testing his eyesight" was sublime. Chapeau, sir. #Cummngs @piersmorgan @VicSchoen @PaulbernalUK I can't remember the specifics b/c I was cheering & shouting "Go on, get him!" but the gen… @mikeapollo Apparently you should b/c it's obviously perfectly reasonable behaviour.Fucking what? "My vision was a bit weird so my wife said I should jump in the car and see if I could drive ok & I… @RossMcCaff Groves is nailing Cummings' (beanie) hat on here. he works for the #DailyMail. That's it. #BorisJohnson is… @PaulbernalUK Spot on. A SPAD who doesn't feel the need to speak to the PM about a lot of the "work" he does. The mask slipped then. @Sarf_London shitshow would be more palatable if the journos were all given one of these & instructed to use them to rate… @TheMichaelMoran He's gone full Kevin Turvey. @ThatTimWalker "Don't worry if you've not got your copy of your question, Laura b/c I've got my original copy here from when I wrote it."This is like pretty much every essay I wrote during my first year at Uni. ie, I need 3000 words so "dog" is gettin… @YesitsmeDigby cigar.😜 @antartica81 Sits in clear plastic bubble for protection then picks fork up off table & inserts in mouth... @worldoftrash Or he's just doing his usual & fucking with everybody for the sake of it b/c he gets a kick out of it b/c he's a psychopath.