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Banned in & sanctioned by China,Follower of Christ,Husband,Father, Proud AMERICAN, US Senator for Florida, #GatorNation & #FinsUp.Official tweets @SenRubioPress

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The massive infrastructure bill is NOT, as its authors claim, “fully paid for” It adds $350 billion to the nationa… of the patients are unvaccinated Common sense is telling us the solution to the hospitalization surge is a vac… don’t have a hospital surge because vaccinated people stopped wearing masks We have a surge because not enough… want to help #Florida? Stop sparking fights over mask mandates & pushing contradictory courses of action Th… you rush a 2700 page bill through the Senate things slip through the cracks In the infrastructure bill the SM…
The long arm of #China reaching deep into American life isn’t some threat far off into the future It’s already he… don’t need mask mandates Nothing is stopping vaccinated people like me from CHOOSING to use one out of courte… with the mask fetish If you want to wear a mask as a courtesy to those around you or because you are in no m…“Have pity on me, Lord, Son of David!” Matthew 15:22
Thank you for clarifying.! parents of unvaccinated children to wear masks at home is not only completely unrealistic, it’s the kind… I warned before it happened it’s technology from #China that is used by the regime to shut off access to the int… an American tweeted Covid conspiracies like this @Twitter would take action immediately But I guess they have…
If at this time last year someone had told us there was a medicine that made Covid no worse than the flu we would h… I thrust them away to the hardness of their heart; ‘Let them walk in their own machinations.’ Psalms 81:13We have media hysteria over Covid “cases” because “bad news” sells But what matters isn’t how many people have Co……USA…USA! #GoldCupFinal
Treat Americans like adults Provide them facts not hysteria & informed choices not Covid theatre Data shows Covi…
This week the Biden Administration made it harder to convince the unvaccinated,worsened already bitter divisions &… coming week the Senate is supposed to pass a $1 trillion/ 3,000 page infrastructure bill and separately on thr…
If SecDef was just following local face shield mandate,a real news outlet would cover how our chargé & Filipino lea… guess the face shield mandate was lifted shortly after he landed
Nominating Frank Mora,an outspoken supporter of engagement with the regime in #Cuba, to be the US Amb to the OAS is… month I warned @POTUS that allowing Chinese app Didi to list on NYSE was a big risk for American retirees & sm… @WhiteHouse ignoró a los cubanoamericanos que llegaron a Washington el lunes exigiendo libertad para #Cuba Pero… @WhiteHouse ignored Cuban-Americans who came to Washington Monday demanding liberty for #Cuba But as the regim… Friday @CDCgov called #COVID19 “a pandemic of the unvaccinated" Four days later,they now want to force fully va… SHOULD encourage vaccination & make them available Government SHOULD NOT force anyone to get vaccinated… now the regime in #Cuba has refused international aid,including turning down vaccines They are now accepting… you spend months tying to cajole people into getting vaccinated by telling them they won’t have to wear a mask… @SecDef is vaccinated But he arrives in the Philippines wearing a mask AND a face shield Embarrassing COVID… want to force vaccinated Americans to wear masks But those crossing the border illegally…no questions asked…“I am the resurrection and the life; whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live” John 11:25
America made a safe and secure food supply a national priority. We need to do the same for other critical industrie… Silicon Valley-Democrat collusion before conservatives are silenced for good #FoxNews stand with the people of Cuba. Thank you to @RepMariaSalazar for continuing to shine a light on the Cuban…
Retweeted by Marco RubioThe regime in #Cuba are a bunch of sadists. This is what they did to a 17 year old girl Remembers Fallen Officer Cheryl Weiner Seiden EOW 7/28/1982 🙏 @ODMP @NLEOMF #NeverForget
Retweeted by Marco RubioAlerta al mundo: El activista Felix Navarro, presidente del Partido Por La Democracia Pedro Luis Boitel fue secues…
Retweeted by Marco RubioIt’s Great to be a Florida Gator!
Retweeted by Marco Rubio
If over 99% of Covid deaths are among the unvaccinated how does forcing the vaccinated to wear a mask make any sens… days 5 dead generals in #Cuba Very strange then there were 5 The fifth high ranking regime official in #Cuba to die in the last 9 days.… LORD, the LORD,a God gracious & merciful,slow to anger & abounding in love & fidelity Exodus 34:6High ranking military officials in #Cuba have had some incredibly bad luck lately 4 of them have suddenly died in…
July 26th represents the darkness of an evil socialist regime in #Cuba Years from now free Cubans will remember…
Biden sancionando a un funcionario del régimen cubano, que ya está sancionado,es el tipo de medida simbólica pero s… sanctioning an already sanctioned regime official in #Cuba is the kind of symbolic but meaningless measure we…
There are two ways to help the people of #Cuba get around the regimes internet blockade We can immediately fund ac… wants to keep people poor because poor people are easier to control #CubaLibre #CubaThank you @seanhannity for coming to Miami tonight to cover the struggle for a #CubaLibre #Cuba
Miriam Celaya met with @BarackObama when he visited #Cuba in 2016 to celebrate his “deal” with the regime Five yea… preliminary accounting of 584 people abducted by the regime in #Cuba by @CubalexDDHH indicates: - Only 91 of th… international community must stand with the Cuban people in their fight for freedom against the illegitimate co…
Retweeted by Marco RubioThe radical left is trying to bully Justice Breyer into retiring and President Biden into packing the Supreme Court… athletes on @TeamUSA have selected a first generation Cuban-American @eddyalvarez90 to carry the most recogniza… have heard the grumbling of the Israelites. Tell them: In the evening twilight you will eat meat, and in the morn… Cuban people are not out on the streets risking their lives for remittances…They’re risking it all for FREEDOM!…
Retweeted by Marco RubioThe only “blockade” is the one the regime has imposed on the people of #Cuba #AbajoLaDictadura
A “working group” to explore how people can send money to relatives in #Cuba is a lazy & meaningless response to a… luchamos?? Sencillo, para que un lavaplatos en EEUU no tenga que mandarle dinero a un doctor en CUBA. #PatriaYVida
Retweeted by Marco RubioPresident Biden listen to the people inside of #Cuba not the pro-regime people in your administration The Cubans… will sing to the LORD, for he is gloriously triumphant; horse and chariot he has cast into the sea. My strength a… recession was the shortest on record. In no small part due to the #PPP program for #SmallBusiness responsables de la política con #Cuba en la @JoeBiden @WhiteHouse son partidarios desde hace mucho tiempo del a…’s the regime, not the US that prevents remittances directly to Cubans. The people in charge of #Cuba policy in…
#CubaLibre #Cuba “negotiate with the regime” group in the Biden Admin aren’t walking into the regimes trap, they are helping th… its major cities and especially in Havana, #Cuba is now in a de facto state of martial law with security for…
I myself will gather the remnant of my flock from all the lands to which I have banished them & bring them back to…
In 2019, Cuban journalist @constantincuba visited @statedept. Mr. Constantin was professional and not afraid to as…
Retweeted by Marco RubioNo one knows if the Cuban vaccines are effective or safe But the Cuban regime prioritized giving the… are various reasons why the world has not yet seen the full scope of the atrocities being committed by the re… to show your support for the Freedom Fighters in Cuba! 🇨🇺🇺🇸
Retweeted by Marco RubioArtists crystallized the demands & gave voice to the people of #Cuba hip hop/reggaeton has played a major role He… the LORD, for he is good; for his mercy endures forever; Psalms 136:1The regime in #Cuba force people to attend rally’s by threatening to take away their job or university education. T… regime in Cuba mobilized young people, arming them with bats to attack their own people En #Cuba usan jóvenes…
"Ahora es el momento para que EEUU apoye al pueblo de Cuba" via @DLasAmericas is a memo a regime owned enterprise in #Cuba @LigeraG sent to supervisors It orders young employees to sprea… evil regime in #Cuba is still alive But it has been fatally woundedThe Lee-@SenRubioPress amendment would have ensured that the credit goes to taxpayers, and would have resulted in m…
Retweeted by Marco RubioHappy to see that this afternoon @potus said they are open to the idea I proposed on Monday of providing internet a…
The big picture on #Cuba is that the regime is still alive,but it has been fatally wounded An irreversible breach…… #Cuba had restrictions on importing food & medicine? How can that be? All week long the national media ha… U.S. is the largest provider of food to #Cuba & each year sends $275 million in medicine & $3 billion in remitt… oficina está lista para ayudar a los líderes de la organización Black Lives Matter a que emigren a #CubaMy office stands ready to help the leaders of the Black Lives Matter organization emigrate to #CubaOn Monday I asked @potus to make internet access in #Cuba a top & urgent priority On Tuesday we met with… extortionist ring known as the Black Lives Matter organization took a break today from shaking down corporation… song #PatriaYVida was the spark that set off what is now happening in #Cuba If you want to understand why this… people in #Cuba were chanting LIBERTAD but they say it was about food and COVID So many of these national med… pasos que el presidente Biden debería tomar para apoyar al pueblo cubano. Incluyendo cómo la administració… our meeting with @WhiteHouse yesterday we wrote a follow up to @Potus on 4 specific actions on #Cuba
#SOSCuba English
Retweeted by Marco RubioFreedom is everything. We support the Cuban people in their fight for freedom in Cuba. Libertad, Ya viene llegando.…
Retweeted by Marco RubioThere are real fractures within the regime in #Cuba between older hardliners & some younger officials The deputy… regime in #Cuba continues its violence against the Cuban people demanding #Libertad We are still receiving hor… en vez de pedirle a la  @UN que venga a EE.UU. y nos diga cuán “racista” es nuestro país, ¿por qué no…