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Banned in & sanctioned by China,Follower of Christ,Husband,Father, Proud AMERICAN, US Senator for Florida, #GatorNation & #FinsUp.Official tweets @SenRubioPress

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.@Twitter has had over 36 hours to investigate & flag a tweet by Zhao Lijian,a deputy director of #China’s Ministry… you @realDonaldTrump for continuing to bring pressure on the #MaduroRegime, this time by putting sanctions on… far Democratic congressional leaders have blocked our multiple attempts to pass another round of #PPP but we are… Birthday to @SenRickScott He is working as hard as ever for #Florida and now as chairman of the NRSC #SayfieThe Communist Party of #China lied and as a result #COVID19 virus spread to the U.S. & the entire world.“Blessed are the eyes that see what you see. For I say to you, many prophets and kings desired to see what you see,… has no problem censoring conservatives in America but allows Chinese Communist Party hacks to post fake ima…
America will not be stronger or safer if its foreign policy & national security agencies are led by people who just…’s easy for those living far outside the range of Iran’s nuclear capable missiles to downplay or ignore the dange… word of God is tested; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him. Proverbs 30:5
Those protesting in #Cuba, not the criminal dictatorship brutalizing them, are the ones who deserve our support. the same company which is heavily lobbying against our bill to punish those benefiting from forced labor in… Please ask Senator Schumer & Speaker Pelosi to stop blocking the new round of #PPP we are trying to pass do you make us wander, LORD, from your ways,and harden our hearts so that we do not fear you? Isaiah 63:17
LORD of hosts,blessed the man who trusts in you! Proverbs 84:13
On Covid,media emphasized bad news even when we had positive developments & did more Trump/hydroxychloroquine stori…, you are not to prepare your defense beforehand, for I myself shall give you a wisdom in speaking that all…
Do not rejoice when your enemies fall,and when they stumble, do not let your heart exult,Lest the LORD see it, be d…’s cabinet picks went to Ivy League schools,have strong resumes,attend all the right conferences & will be pol…
.@joshuawongcf & his fellow #HongKong pro-democracy activists Ivan Lam & @chowtingagnes are an inspiration to us all your eyes look straight ahead and your gaze be focused forward. Proverbs 4:25
I myself will pasture my sheep; I myself will give them rest. The lost I will search out, the strays I will bring b…
Has this house which bears my name become in your eyes a den of thieves? Jeremiah 7:11
Must read. 100% correct. 2019 Warnock issued a joint statement comparing #Israel to apartheid South Africa & accusing the Jewish state of…’t want to be paranoid, but I think many in the media really don’t like Republicans.Their own folly leads people astray;in their hearts they rage against the LORD. Proverbs 19:3
@brianschatz .@brianschatz Jesus doesn’t deny our earthly needs(see Mt 6:32)but teaches dependence on the Father. M… from now #OperationWarpSpeed will be considered one of the greatest American achievements of the 21st century… shocked #Georgia Democrat Senate candidate Raphael Warnock said “You cannot serve God and the military” at the… for a quick recovery. Great Senator and even better man! the next 6 weeks thousands of #SmallBiz & the jobs they provide may be wiped out & yet top Democratic congress… you I can rush an armed band, with my God to help I can leap a wall. Psalms 18:30Congratulations to Florida’s 89th Senate President, @WiltonSimpson, who was just sworn in! We look forward to his l…
Retweeted by Marco RubioCongratulations to House Speaker @ChrisSprowls who was sworn in today. We look forward to his leadership and a succ…
Retweeted by Marco RubioFantastic choice by @MDCollege , the gateway to the American dream for thousands of students in South #Florida
I have reversed the ridiculous decision to cancel Wreaths Across America at Arlington National Cemetery. It will now go on!
Retweeted by Marco RubioThe Trump Admin has advanced policies to counter CCP threats & efforts to reshape global norms. Future U.S. policy… hope @ArlingtonNatl will reconsider the decision to cancel @WreathsAcross America. I am sure they can find a way… some counties let voters fix or “cure,” mail-in ballots while others in the same state didn’t is a legitimate…“Fact checking” requires someone to determine what the “facts” are. Once social media companies became censors or b… to @BurgessOwens Rev. Raphael Warnock won’t condemn Fidel Castro & dodges questions about him for the same reason many (not all)… the subject matter only the Presidents “close advisors” could have given this story to the media. And the l… @CNN’s Amanpour apologized for comparing Trump-era to Kristallnacht walks without blame, doing what is right, speaking truth from the heart; Who does not slander with his tong…
Any plan to reduce U.S. troop levels in #Afghanistan should meet two conditions: 1. Enough time to remove militar… Republic of Cabo Verde deserves great praise for rejecting the #MaduroRegime’s repeated efforts to corruptly ga… natural alliance has formed among the new members of Congress whose families fled socialism or communism to achie…
Retweeted by Marco Rubio#COVID19 numbers climbing again in #Florida. We have more options & better outcomes for treatment. The issue is tha… is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked, Nor stand in the way of sinners, nor sit in comp…
Well done, my good and faithful servant. Since you were faithful in small matters, I will give you great responsibi…
Light shines through the darkness for the upright Psalms 112:4
Rescue #SmallBiz now! to my new State Senator @IleanaGarciaUSA. She will do a great job for our district and #Florida. #SayfieA glimpse of what so many of the people who control large corporations,the media and Hollywood really think. That t… those who keep his testimonies, who seek him with all their heart. They do no wrong; they walk in his ways. Psalms 119:2-3
2020 #SmallBiz now! maker of heaven and earth,the seas and all that is in them,Who keeps faith forever,secures justice for the oppr… Must Show Appreciation to Our Veterans Every Day
+Don’t allow socialism to destroy our economy + Don’t accept that being for the “free market” means letting Chin… need to control the pandemic but we can’t keep punishing #smallbiz And if we don’t have another round of #PPP l… storm surge is one of the possibilities forecasters and disaster response professional most worry about e…’s Communist Party continues to tighten its grip on the government of #HongKong’s and destroyed the last smal… on our mind You can help ⬇️ Southwest #Florida & #TampaBay should be prepared for #Eta which is now showing signs of better organization… release unofficial results States keep counting legally cast votes States confirm accuracy & conduct recoun… you to all of our veterans. We can never repay you for your service to our nation.In 1995 Raphael Warnock was one of the pastors at a church in New York that hosted Fidel Castro for a speech where… should have passed additional help for #SmallBusiness months ago instead Democratic leaders decided to pla… and mercy will pursue me all the days of my life Psalms 23:6
Congratulations to @SenRickScott on his unanimous election as the next chairman of the @NRSC remember when Democrats & some in the media demanded the indictment of people in the incoming Trump administratio… Democrat efforts to unify the country are now underway for yourself, you must say what is consistent with sound doctrine, namely, that older men should be temperate, d…
Whoever corrects the arrogant earns insults; and whoever reproves the wicked incurs opprobrium. Proverbs 9:7
The #FloridaKeys are now under a #HurricaneWarning for #Eta And all of South #Florida should expect tropical stor…“Therefore, stay awake, for you know neither the day nor the hour.” Matthew 25:13Yes American democracy is loud, heated, sometimes messy but infinitely better than being ruled by a murderous cleri… have contested & gone to court after many elections. Like any candidate, President Trump is well within h… media can project an election winner, but they don’t get to decide if claims of broken election laws & irregula…
2020 is the firewall against the radical agenda of the far left suddenly people gathering in large crowds and not social distancing is no longer considered irresponsible by th…
Challenging ballots with no postmark verifying they were cast during the voting period set in state law is an effor… cast after the deadline in state law are not legally cast votes.Faith in our election is as important as the outcome Preserving it requires not allowing the outcome to be decide…, villains, are they who deal in crooked talk. Proverbs 6:12If a candidate believes a state is violating election laws they have a right to challenge it in court & produce evi… When Republicans file election lawsuits because a state won’t follow the law the media calls it “unfound…
This is great news! No one works harder than @SenatorCollins @FoxLiveBlogTeam & the Rio Grande Valley showed the future of the GOP A party built on a multi-ethnic multi-racial coaliti… Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Hebrews 13:8Taking days to count legally cast votes is NOT fraud And court challenges to votes cast after the legal voting deadline is NOT suppressionTrump lost #Miami by 30% in 16 A multi-ethnic working class coalition in #MiamiDade cut that margin to 7% in 20… a mi querida amiga @Jenniffer2012 en su gran reelección como Comisionada Residente. Desde Washington… #fl27
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