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Marcos Càceres @marcosc Melbourne, Australia

Engineer of fine, soft, wares @mozilla👨🏽‍💻. Co-chair of @W3C's WICG and Web Applications WG. Performance varies according to mood. Immigrant.

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@toggleModal Agree so much. I’m refraining from buying games because I can’t invest the time 😢 just end up watching… @saschaplas No, but we have a list of everyday contributors:) @saschaplas Apple and Mozilla :) no problem.I love absolutely everything about this. @mPinoe
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@grorgwork @dauwhe @smfr These new values... Perhaps my actions were premature. We may need to rethink this. @mnot @tobie @stubbornella Hmm... 🤔 @tobie @stubbornella H/2 push was supposed to solve for this (never happened tho). The right person to talk to is @mnot.Got a BB. Broken, but I’m attached. @joshcarpenter @Typora @keyboardmaestro @zotero Need to, um, “borrow” all these for web specs 😍 @dauwhe Done. @dauwhe Ok, will shut that down. No stress. @dauwhe Where/what is this?
@jcdsvg @w3c We do *standards*; Not web *design*. 99% of people at the w3c couldn’t design a website to save their…’s sponsor @wilto! He makes the good softwares. is our new favorite @Github sponsors page.
Retweeted by Marcos Càceres @tobie @wicg_ @slightlylate Here are more details @tobie @wicg_ @slightlylate We don’t impose any working mode. We let people do what works best for them. Some build… @tobie @wicg_ @slightlylate Yes, pretty much. Tho most people just copy/paste other repos. @tobie @wicg_ @slightlylate Perhaps @kennethrohde @tomayac Web packaging would need to get more browser support first, right? It’s Chrome-only at the moment, iirc.Since no one ever implemented it, a PR by @marcosc now suggests the "serviceworker" member to be removed from the W…
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@lily_dart @github Thank you for taking a stand. I hope the other speakers do the same. @EmilyKager Is that a giant Jesus trapped inside that building?
@torgo I’m sure it’s delicious, though slightly metallic.*not. Whatever. Going back to sleep.There is “FOMO” and then there is actually not being #ChromeDevSummit 😢 Glad everyone is having fun. Totally bot jelly. @Carols10cents @JakeGoulding Looking forward to taking this! Been holding off learning Rust “for real” waiting for a good video course.FINALLY!! WE FINISHED!! @JakeGoulding's and my Rust in Motion video course is out of early access!!!! #rustlang
Retweeted by Marcos Càceres @MelissaKaulfuss I don’t have a kid, but the others are fine for me. @theRealDevgeeks I don’t know... we hardly got any of the benefits either (e.g., inability to own property, wage st…
WebKit Goals for 2020 came out, and I'm really excited for them! Some JS highlights: - Better debugging and perform…
Retweeted by Marcos Càceres @zachk browser coding tutorials now come with mental health warnings. Coding web features can be a real emotional drag… @zachk As a childless man-child, I'd like to apply these techniques to myself for after a big meal. You teach me, yeah?
@kennethrohde This is great for copy pasting @ericlaw @annevk It was funny in a Jerry Seinfeld kinda way. That joke would kill at the local JS Comedy Club. @annevk I actually IRL lol'ed.New article @ConversationEDU on #Robots & socioethical issues. Led by fab @CoghSimon & with wonderful @jlwaycott. C…
Retweeted by Marcos Càceres @ericlaw Well, he can... but shouldn’t:) he knows.
@bagder IS GOOGLE IS EVIL BOOOOO @aral @bagder Aral, you can’t make random accusations and imply wild conspiracies about an openly defined standard.…
@stshank @adambroach Heh @johnwilander @mikewest @annevk s/Problem/Probably... something something autocorrect @johnwilander @mikewest @annevk Problem worth discussing over on dev-platform. The intent to ship is here: @mikewest @johnwilander @annevk Yeah, I expect we will have to play whack-a-mole there too now. I don’t think we ha… @kennethrohde @patrick_h_lauke @danbri Interesting, I was primarily thinking on desktop. I use Safari on mobile, so never bothers me :) @johnwilander Don’t know, tbh. @annevk, do you know? @TedMielczarek Welcome to the club. It’s the best! @kennethrohde @patrick_h_lauke @danbri It depends on which events are triggered: @kennethrohde @patrick_h_lauke @danbri No. Absolutely not. @patrick_h_lauke @danbri It’s a bit of whack-a-mole, yes. But users don’t actually click anything... the scroll aro… @alexey_rodionov Interesting approach. Great to see progress in Chrome too. @kennethrohde @kylealden those double yellow example lines upset me. We should fix that. Hashtag priorities! @_alastair Heh, thanks. The Safari folks know what they are doing (even if it doesn’t match other’s expectations). @jyasskin Might be time to revisit that (and the whole spec, really... it’s a really important spec). @slightlylate @_alastair Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with. @_alastair Exactly :) hopefully this will help and especially if we can get Chrome and Edge to do the same. Might e… @patrick_h_lauke Yep @johnwilander @nicomen Exactly, I think it works off "triggered by user activation" as per HTML: @kylealden Is saw the postcard and thought... man! Now I kinda really want a limited edition copy of Edge 1.0 burn…💓💕💖💝 No more annoying permission prompts when pages load!!! Look how awesome this is!!!! 💓💕💖💝 now have proof: asking for API permission without user interaction is a terrible idea. "about 99% of notificati…
The WebKit team at Apple is hiring! Want to help define the future of layout and rendering in the engine that power…
Retweeted by Marcos Càceres @Kidcowboy2 @canpunt oh, it's an unemployment benefits place. Not nice to make fun of people without work :( They p… @Kidcowboy2 @canpunt wow, I don't know what Centrelink is either 😱 Feeling very uncultured. @Kidcowboy2 @canpunt what's a "flog"? @canpunt @Kidcowboy2 We'll keep trying tho :) Enjoy being on the wrong side of history fellas! @kierstenduke Which bit? where the horse snaps his leg? or where he gets shot in the head? @kierstenduke Really? I think these folks are waaaay more passionate! @TimWilsonMP Oh hai!!! You love animal cruelty? @Sandra_Sully I'm backing #NupToTheCup ! @YahooSportAu Wow! But I think this is better reporting: @adrianscig You can... but you be wrong. All winners right here @canpunt @Kidcowboy2 I'm thinking of the odd things too for the cup! @LiquidsWw I sure am! @hotbets365 Ever? Wrong: @LFC__George Nah! @SkyRacingAU @FlemingtonVRC @AndrewBensley @DufficyRon @defier1 @glennmunsieTAB Can't wait! @racingbase Tips right here baby: @quayappts Quick! don't miss out @the_pendulum_ I know that protester... he makes over $200,000 per year as a software engineer? @ruptified Heheh, they are hilarious! @alexelbourne42 Your tweet makes no sense... but, enjoy! @NevilBiscuits Well done Todd! Hope you are remembered as a Melbourne cup supporter! @SteveMcG23 Nah, let's protest on Monday! :) @RacingFanscomau Doesn't know what he is talking about @justhorseracing He is so wrong @heraldsunsport @LaurenHeraldSun @kleinyheraldsun They should have stayed home tho? @superracing @TheNoochHS Finding a winner is easy! @TonyClement @__WhiteBox__ They are the best! Can they predict how many horses will die? @MprUpdates @rhannonracing @Doyle_Racing @JPSPENCER1980 Go team animal cruelty! Yay! @bpowell13 Keep the dream alive, Brendan! @T_Denham @MelbourneCity Wow, but you've not really made it unless you get featured in @TheKouk It's gonna be a GREAT day! @Vinnycenzo_71 @godolphin @FlemingtonVRC Will he get it in the head too? Or maybe snap a leg? @Racing Wow! Better replay here tho: @tim_michell @RacingSC @superracing Nahhh!! Way off. Real winners right here, mate: @TheEducatedEel Way better stats right here: @WHR @JosephOBrien2 @santaanitapark @FlemingtonVRC I think he has a chance of being featured @bonaireblue Looks awesome! Hopefully we see all those people featured here next year