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Marcos Cáceres @marcosc Melbourne, Australia

Bad influence @mozilla. Co-chair of @W3C's WICG and Web Applications WG. Performance varies according to mood. Immigrant.

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@jordaust @WebReflection @gregwhitworth Do you have specific hardware in mind? Be interesting to see how those thin… @dietrich @b_sted @RReverser @samccone Added a link to the Android article above to the bug. @dietrich @b_sted @RReverser @samccone Some of those, sure... but also, "we are using it to X!" (like the Android f… @b_sted @dietrich @RReverser @samccone That's ok, reopening is a click away. Doesn't prevent us from discussing thi… @CodingDive It's important not to get trapped into some kind of false equivalent conundrum. It's better to talk abo… @sendilkumarn Any of those in particular? What use case do you have? There might already be a way of doing what you want or... @hashseed We haven't rejected the technology or use cases, just the API. Seems everyone is conflating the two things :(
@satefan @deadsquid Could this be the return of the fart apps we’ve all been waiting for? @dietrich @RReverser @samccone It’s tough being smol, but we will continue to fight! 🥊🦊 @CodingDive That’s not a terrible thing either - browsers are themselves native apps, don’t forget. Native apps and… @samccone @dietrich @RReverser @reillyeon Thanks! even dropping that link above into the bug can serve as new data. @hashseed Not that weird. I’ve presented on Credential Management API in Chrome (as a way of showing WebAuthn) an… @dietrich @RReverser @samccone We should have a discussion about Web USB at - if there is n… @tazsingh @glennflanagan @barbaraneves 10,901 now, but who is counting @nelsonmenezes Not something I would go into here, tbh. @nelsonmenezes @krosylight They open source in as far as the contribute to Blink. It would be neat to see their UI stuff tho. @amyvdh Always happy to model. Will do! Now just need to set up a suitably hightech-tactical situation where I fi… @amyvdh Guess who just bought a swanky new jacket!!! 🙂🙃🙂🙃 @amyvdh I should, shouldn’t I. I mean, what choice do I have? @anmpog Tell me more!This jacket is very me. But I don’t need it. But I have to have it. 😬 @RReverser @justinfagnani @cmsj @slightlylate Agree. I’ll see about putting something together. @reillyeon @justinfagnani @cmsj @slightlylate I think that sounds reasonable. @RReverser @justinfagnani @cmsj @slightlylate Yeah, absolutely. We all have the same goal here: bringing the web to… @RReverser @justinfagnani @cmsj @slightlylate We have implemented most things (some even back in fxOS!), and they a… @RReverser @justinfagnani @cmsj @slightlylate You are preaching to the choir, Ingvar. Work to find a way of address… @reillyeon @justinfagnani @cmsj @slightlylate That’s awesome. I think we need the same for MIDI devices. @reillyeon @justinfagnani @cmsj @slightlylate I don’t think anyone is denying that. What changes have hardware manu… @RReverser @justinfagnani @cmsj @slightlylate The things receiving the updates themselves also need to change to ch…
@dietrich @satefan It's pretty funny. Would make a video, but then would have to TikTok and get famous and can't be bothered. @satefan There is always next time :) And oh god, the Meg was TERRIBLE! But sooo worth it. @satefan My wife and I often sit on the couch watching Netflix while swinging our arms wildly in random directions.…
@krosylight Generally, any Spanish word that ends with an “o” is masculine, while feminine words end with an “a”. G… @toggleModal He doesn’t like. That’s the sad part. Poor thing🐱Imagine the disappointment... @noel_mace @wicg_ @w3c Nothing closed as far as I know. At least not in WebAppsWG or any other browser relates WG.… @noel_mace @wicg_ @w3c Agree. We ditched mailing lists long ago tho and moved everything to GitHub too - and for gr… @rigow I think that's precisely what we are arguing for, Rigo. Finding alternative ways of implementing the use cases. @krosylight @janice_shiu Oh you too! stoooop it! you make me blush 🤗 @arielbogle That's a fun game to play... "if journalism is part of the market, and investigating private companies… @complexmath @paul_melero I think I found it... the one in the Harvard Business Review? I'll see if I can get a buy a copy of it. @palombo You make it sound so much cooler than it is... but I'll take it 😎 @soMelanieSaid 2018 ▲... 2019▲.... 2020 💥!!!!
@dveditz @mozhacks Beta channels, will clarify. @toggleModal I would like, comment, and subscribe. @toggleModal Wait! There is a Berrak Premium account? What do I get and where do I sign up? @satefan No. It’s a crime.Portuguese parliament has just approved a 50% pay bonus and extra holidays (presumably to be taken next year) for a…
Retweeted by Marcos Cáceres @ahopebailie See a bit of what I mean here: Happy to discuss the others more specifically… @ahopebailie I don’t disagree - in fact, we are in violent agreement on all this. But it’s all more nuanced than wh… @noel_mace @wicg_ @w3c Even if you find typos or things that don’t make sense while you are reading specs, that rea… @scottbw @brucel Yeah, basically for command line tools @slsoftworks Really going to miss our chats and hanging out. So sad about this, but excited at the same time about… @christianliebel Argh... I guess I should get my lazy ass up of this couch and do some exercise. My June was not su… @jefbinomed No problem, thanks for hearing me out - and yes, agree about BlueTooth. Same with MIDI and NFC. I’m hol… @jefbinomed Lastly, consider I co-wrote a good number of the APIs on that list, so I’m sympathetic to how hard this… @jefbinomed That’s not to say all the APIs are unreasonable. They just need to be better thought out in terms of wh… @jefbinomed Now consider battery. That was intended to help apps throttle behaviour. However, the OS, browser, and… @jefbinomed For ambient light, what we wanted to solve was using a different style sheet when it’s dark, for instan… @jefbinomed Try this: look at the list of APIs. Ask what problem do each set out to solve? Then ask: what is anothe… Secret footage leaked from Russell Hill Defence HQ.
Retweeted by Marcos Cáceres @noel_mace @wicg_ @w3c Others is whatever API you are interested in... all APIs are on GitHub and we welcome participation. @noel_mace @wicg_ @w3c Oh, it’s on a case by case basis, but DAS is a good place with great people: son, I almost got phished. @1Password just saved my bacon. That was close. Even though I was suspicious, I st…
Retweeted by Marcos CáceresSell soul, die, winner or whatever... but WHERE CAN I BUY THAT JACKET???😍 @jefbinomed We don’t want to be gatekeepers, as who decides who gets access? and assumes those with access won’t ab… @noel_mace @wicg_ @w3c It can be solved (or even have been!) and we are actively working on solving a bunch. Don’… @kumar303 @elegant_chaos Get out of my sight. We are no longer friends.
@toggleModal As a libra, that is how I will die. 10/10 accurate. @kumar303 @elegant_chaos Oh man! I wish I would’ve known when you were still at Moz. I grew up on .cfm. Would have… @krosylight We are so lucky to have you! 🤗 despite everything that’s happened, I’m hopeful this has been a fun experience so far. @triblondon Pretty good actually. I’m lifting significantly more and put on about ~5kg of muscle.So depressed. We almost had this thing beat in Melbourne. Now it’s back to full lockdowns in various suburbs. I fea… is the story of your future, told today.
Retweeted by Marcos CáceresI just keep thinking, “his and hers halloween costume for 2020”. @diekus Let’s do a business one, just to confused ’em @diekus We might need a support group. @jorydotcom Is ok, babies can code JavaScript. No download needed. @Mandy_Kerr Agree, but that's why I said there sometimes we have to make difficult compromises... sometimes why we… @WebReflection @gregwhitworth Right, Screen Wake Lock API is not on that list... it's actively being worked on:… @WebReflection @gregwhitworth We don't consider them useless. The web is a different platform, so we have the liber… @WebReflection @gregwhitworth What we are doing is trying to stop wasting resources on things that don't benefit an… @WebReflection @gregwhitworth Geolocation API got a bunch of privacy and security updates - thus we don't need a wh… @WebReflection @gregwhitworth There are great examples of this... like, battery: after we shipped battery API in br… @WebReflection @gregwhitworth The path forward is just to ask "what problem is API X _really_ trying to solve?". An… @jcsteh @stevefaulkner You are probably right, but I honestly don't know as I don't develop any native apps so don'… @tobiasbu Not at all, and I'm sorry that I didn't communicate clearly... funny what happens when you randomly tweet… @ahopebailie If the web dies, it will be because it didn't get that Battery API:) But seriously, you know how har… @pimterry @EroticaGood Definitely not mutually exclusive, and addressing the user cases is what all browser vendors… @jcsteh @stevefaulkner Can't ever know for sure... but having worked closely with Apple folks on standards for year… @Mandy_Kerr The ambient light sensor is great, as are all the usability, and accessibility benefits, but do we real… @flpvsk hopefully :) Working hard on that too. @paul_melero Most users don't understand the implications of what they are being asked to consent to. This then all… @dev__adi This doesn't mean we won't address the use cases in a different way or with a different API. There is lot… @drogersuk We need to it again, David. Are you ready to get the band back together!?!?! (Heh, can you imagine OMPT/Bondi again) @gregwhitworth @marcosc Apple's view is also that we're willing to address these use cases if the security + privac…
Retweeted by Marcos Cáceres @gregwhitworth This is Twitter! All hot takes are to be misconstrued 🥳😂😅 @gregwhitworth Doesn’t mean we won’t address the use cases some other way 🙂 if you look at the list, you quickly re…