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@WytseVellinga cracking local story you’ve got! there any change from the €241m to buy a microphone?! #mojo
Retweeted by Marc Blank-Settle @philipbromwell that is hysterically bad. At least Irish mojo trainers have a new example of what not to do...🚨 GIVEAWAY 🚨 We are giving away a Pixel 4 case + a Wide Lens to 4 of you! All ya gotta do is RT me.
Retweeted by Marc Blank-Settle @silasbang really? That surprises me. @mattcassinelli try @iFilmmakers @TweeterStewart looks like parts of HaselmereSpot on with the point about video >>’s @NickGarnettBBC’s birthday today - and it’s a BIG one, but he’s a bit sensitive about that so shhhhhh. Say wh…
Retweeted by Marc Blank-SettleI don’t want to seem ungrateful, but is it really that much of an incentive to be offered in advance a beta of an a… could be big for #mojo >> @videojournalist yes, the capital S is egregious. @Rob_Layton Don’t be difficult 😛Using the “remove line” option in Touch Retouch works really well. You can barely see the lines in the second image… @NickGarnettBBC @mojofestival That’s quite funny, for you.It’s @NickGarnettBBC’s birthday today - and it’s a BIG one, but he’s a bit sensitive about that so shhhhhh. Say wh… @mojofestival it was.............. @NickGarnettBBC’s account (I’m 99% certain that this reference will be lost on y… follow a lot of people based in San Francisco, clearly.
@ilicco spot on! @anthonybrowne iOS 13.x.x has so many “quirks” 🙄 @HilzFuld that’s also a pretty impressive sukkah. I don’t think our shul’s is as big...but that might be the ultra-wide for you ;-) @WytseVellinga @GlenBMulcahy @ikmultimedia especially with the 11 pro ultra wide! @KiloSBB @smartfilming it’s that straight line between the land/sea and the skyMy Apple Watch on numerous occasions when I’ve been nowhere near water: I think I’ll randomly lock myself and forc… @photojoseph the reviews for the app agree with you on that! @amnewsboy apparently so! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯I wonder how many people actually do pay more than £400 a year for an app that colourises black and white photos. I… @amnewsboy Good to know, ta.How can such an annoying iMessage/SMS failure happen? An iMessage to my wife failed to send, so I changed it to SM… @marymaryw Perhaps.... @Documentally it’s certainly very good if you need to generate captions automatically but you pay for the clever tech!Here is the TV package version of my latest story about mushroom farms under Paris - a story I stumbled across whil…
Retweeted by Marc Blank-SettleI think this should make a good timelapse...
Retweeted by Marc Blank-Settle @GlenBMulcahy @Rob_Layton we had £30 of licence fee money left over so we got a landscape gardener in @Rob_Layton I literally just put it on a tripod and pointed it at the view. Even though the app has loads of settin…
@MicMacSuibh Do you mean “20 seconds of TimeLapse for every 10 minutes of recording”? @iFilmmakers that is increasingly a relevant question @iFilmmakers it’s a spectrum - when is too much gear too much? Do we all adhere to Dogme 95 and just use a phone...… @MicMacSuibh which video do you prefer? @euanwilliamson I drowned them in the poolOne photo every 30 seconds, taken in SkyFlow iOS app. 333 frames in total, in just under three hours. Here it is a… rendering this at 24fps *and* at 2.39:1, it’s got a truly cinematic look. (Nothing else of note happens during i… @lonelyrider not technically, no @lonelyrider that photo was Heathrow Airport ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @WytseVellinga @RichLackey does the jacuzzi of @lonelyrider only come into action after a very spicy curry? @RichLackey We just hope the council give us planning permission retrospectively, tbh.I think this should make a good timelapse... @hainsworth that could be good! @ShirishMM and yet the main Voice Memo app on the phone DOES have a level meter... 🤔 @smartfilming yes that would be ideal @fotopunctuation I will be honest with you, I might know about a number of things... but the location of vendors of… @ShirishMM but is there any point recording a voice memo if it’s so distorted you can’t then listen back to it? @smartfilming Wouldn’t you prefer levels? @karlhodge Oh yes.Perhaps I’m late to this as an idea, but a plug socket in a safe is a GENIUS innovation. means Voice Memos are finally working on an AppleWatch - yet there’s no level meter! 3rd party apps like V… anyone know how to make a system of pulleys and levers? Our hotel room seems to be directly above the free i… @mythicStallion @KiloSBB 我已经向有关部门举报了你
@KiloSBB phew. I was a little freaked out - had OS6 replaced Filmic with some crappy Chinese clone?! @KiloSBB after updating my Apple Watch to 6.0.1, I was surprised to learn only then about the takeover by Beijing o… @giffgaff Will do, ta. @markeganvideo stoke. @giffgaff I’m on holiday in Greece but you seem to think I’m in Albania. Beyond staying on WiFi, what can I do to e… (if I had no 4G, that would be easier) @ConorMcNamaraIE how carefully do you have to pronounce the city that the stadium is in? @fotopunctuation @photojack @GlenBMulcahy @jenoconnell @markeganvideo What happens if you plug in headphones and pr… you in ten days...or more likely in four hours, as soon as we land and I’ve connected to roaming data. @k_hol What was it edited on? Was the picture editor pleased it was at the right frame rate? @iphoneographyC @philipbromwell @eleanormmannion @GlenBMulcahy @MixCaptions Automatic subtitling is obviously resource intensive! @iphoneographyC @philipbromwell @eleanormmannion @GlenBMulcahy have you tried @mixcaptions yet? Automatic subtitles..... @dermedientyp @KiloSBB Oops. @silasbang @dermedientyp @splice_app People who had already downloaded Splice aren't affected, but it's pretty usel… @silasbang @dermedientyp @splice_app Curious that all the recent app updates “Splice is back, redesigned with new f… @silasbang @dermedientyp @splice_app it’s funny how the App Store listing promises different prices - which seem to… @dermedientyp @silasbang I just tried to use @splice_app on my “clean” iphone (a different Apple ID, so I see apps… @dermedientyp @silasbang I hadn’t spotted that! Wasn’t @splice_app always free? This changes things quite a bit! @KiloSBB is one of them that it’s available on Android?
@k_hol ha! What did the Look East editor make of it? Happy with the picture/sound etc? @k_hol It has some great shots in it....but how clean was your lens?! @k_hol Fantastic! How much did the training help you do this better than you might otherwise have done? @hendopolis will any backpage headline NOT be “reality Czech”?! @Stephen_Neal of course you can’t shoot 25/50 in the app! @MickWhite84 This just popped up on my twitter @MickWhite84 have a look at DreamGrip (I think they do all-in-one); iOgrapher; and Beastgrip. @MickWhite84 hiya. “Rig” is a bit broad - do you mean just the grip a phone goes into, or the entire rig of lights, mic, grip etc? @WytseVellinga works pretty WELL ;-) @DaveLeeBBC yup. Here’s what I wrote about it in my review of iOS 13 for journalists
@NickGarnettBBC iOS 13.2 has a new emoji which will have particular resonance for you. @MosheIsaacian Rules are rules. @MosheIsaacian I’ve never had a jailbroken iphone (BBC rules!) so I didn’t know that - but yes, it seems crazy it’s… second point is BIG in mojoland, for those using the native camera to film. @corinne_podger you’re obviously not on the tube right now. @philipbromwell @LumaTouch Oh yes. Good point. I was up at 0500 today and am even more stupid than usual, hard thou… @philipbromwell nice! How large is it? Cc @LumaTouch - any spare?! @Iudex_phil ok, but the fact he did it JUST AS EVERYONE WAS GETTING ON seemed particularly cussed of him @gillianartist but the fact he did it JUST AS EVERYONE WAS GETTING ON seemed particularly cussed of himSpecial shout out to the man on the train from Cambridge North southbound who deliberately moved from his seat by t… @dermedientyp @Documentally @jasonramasami try this those of you more on the audio end of smartphones (I’m looking at you @Documentally & @NickGarnettBBC in parti… @Popea50 He called you the popemeister!