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The photo is from a great tale from the 2014 World Cup involving beer, Brazilians, lucky hats and cold feet. you don’t need a DSLR or a fancy smartphone with portrait mode to get depth in a photo. @ConorMcNamaraIE took… @ConorMcNamaraIE it was pretty much just you, tbh! @ConorMcNamaraIE that’s a cracking tale! I’m also interested in the depth of field in this photo - Tadaa? @ilicco @NickGarnettBBC to be fair, I said it was *on* Amazon, not from! Here are the details of the seller: @NickGarnettBBC 0545 - a veritable lie in @mostlysocial @NickGarnettBBC it certainly has echoes of it, yesGood to see the science is settled on how useful a mask actually is. was initially quite sceptical about the benefits of wearing a mask but given how bad my hay fever has been the la… @Documentally possibly but it’s so long ago that I don’t remember how much it was and currency fluctuations might h… @Nonphotoblue1 Our evenings consist of slumping in front of a TV show for an hour before bed at 9.45. Not much of an evening.I’ve not bothered to mention their name as they’ve not tweeted for a year and I’ve redacted their name in the scree… gimbal that both @NickGarnettBBC and I backed on IndieGoGo many months ago and have yet to receive is available… @WytseVellinga seeing his surname, it’s good to know that someone from your part of the world knows how to use a smartphone properly
@Cameramal which model Insta is it?Simple #MOJO method to maintain social distancing. Using an @insta360 on a boom pole allows good movement and being…
Retweeted by Marc Blank-Settle @Cameramal @insta360 @GlenBMulcahy @MikeyBCameraman @Declanwilson @BBCNewsOps Yes, top stuff! I’ll add it to my lis…’s not even lunchtime & I’ve done 3/4 of my stand goal for the day. 😬😩😴 is no way I can see this new watch app being at all annoying. @mattcassinelli Right. Got you. @bitsofcookies it’ll get easier...and then harder again...and then easier...harder...easier! @bitsofcookies 6am...which might seem like a lie-in but she was up 1-2.30 in our bed. @RebeccaLCC yes it’s a phase, just a tough one - she was up 1-2.30 today but went back to sleep 3-6 @edent I actually remember watching that video at the time...! @LaurentClause @smartfilming @silasbang toi et moi aussi (the idiomatic phrase in English would be “you and me both”) @mattcassinelli this type of shortcut is great but it always strikes me that the user still has to interact with th… @YusufOmarSA @dermedientyp unless the cost of wireless mics comes down appreciably, that will be problematic for ma… @gwanaxymatt @dermedientyp @Apple how effective/reliable are lightning to USB-C adapters? @smartfilming @silasbang @LaurentClause very true! Wouldn’t filming someone with a Snapchat style mask on be much better to disguise them? @NickGarnettBBC @smartfilming @DavidMcClelland it is 2am, not 4.30
@smartfilming @LaurentClause that app will also involve a lot of trust: firstly, that the person doing the filming… @iFilmmakers I learned a LOT from it, back then! @smartfilming @LaurentClause does this seem new to you both? @jonathanfwells thanks for the offer! Out of interest, are they expensive or stupidly expensive? @GillianHargreav 1045 would be amazing. It’s got to the point that 0545 would feel like a lie-in! @jonathanfwells I hadn’t thought about a sleep coach...ta for the idea @bitsofcookies that’s a big problem too @maryvallis is a sugary marshamallow really a solution?! @ElizabethVerity yes - the GroClock is a firm favourite as a solution. @TheLifeOfMarcus the trouble with that theory is that there’s no way that *I* can sleep when I’m tired...! @annamdrew the GroClock seems very popular, thanks! @NickGarnettBBC @smartfilming @mythicStallion treble like this? @mythicStallion @KiloSBB I deliberately phrased it like that to leave that very interpretation open @mythicStallion that’s pretty much the case. Inevitably though, she’s on the iPad mini in bed with us at 5am - and… @mythicStallion i’m too tired to read thatA good, free app on Android to pixelate/blur parts of an image is "Annotate":
Retweeted by Marc Blank-Settle @corinne_podger i've got a decent collection of content squirrelled away. My suspicion is that most of the 1000 ite… @corinne_podger I'm going to blame yet another 0445 start thanks to my daughter but I don't quite get the point you're making @leguape both, I think - the info came from the PNG developer who has access to a huge dashboard of everything filed. @imPatrickT There's lots of interest in the new SE at the BBC and beyond: the guts of the iPhone 11 but MUCH cheape… @corinne_podger it's probably mostly news items which wouldn't merit much archiving unless the story itself is intrinsically of merit...!More than 1000 pieces of content were filed by BBC journalists last month using an iPhone 5s - a device launched in… @HeidelKarl git @Documentally so if you get really cold fingers, that’s now frospite. @gofilmit who were the other filmmakers in this project?THE WORLD FALLS SILENT - 5 filmmakers, 5 countries capture the silent streets and cities during #COVID19 . A projec…
Retweeted by Marc Blank-SettleWorking in the sunshine listening to Lush's DeLuxe makes this a good morning, even though it began at 0430. (Rela… @ConDoyle that's what I thought. Time for the WD40 and/or a wrench.I found this lens lurking at the bottom of a bag. Or is it two lenses combined? I can’t separate them into one angl… @NJConvery Hope it gets better for you too! @marymaryw @NickGarnettBBC That’s been the case since our wedding @DavidMcClelland @GlenBMulcahy I’m not spending money on an app 🙄 @marymaryw That’s what happens after a few years of marriage @GlenBMulcahy We’ve tried white/brown/pink noise - no difference, sadly. Chloë is a very light sleeper too - when I… @LorGMedia She used to be a great sleeper too - 6.45pm to 7am or so. We were happy with that! To make it worse, as… @chrishams I’m reluctant to set an alarm to get up at 3am or so, tbh! Lots are saying a sunshine clock... @DavidMcClelland @marshallTV Oh alright then @JakobSchjodt A few people are saying porridge/oatmeal... @GillianHargreav Thanks - Glo Clocks are getting lots of backing. It’d be a lot less effort than walking her around at 4.30am! @rosieniven She’s going to sleep at 7.30pm so we could do that at 11pm or so - although we rarely stay up that late as we’re so tired too! @chrishams “Regular wake up time” as in the time she used to wake up before this nightmarish period began or an hou… @ilicco At this point, we’re up for trying anything @marshallTV ta - she’s only just two so too young for that! @damiengayle our days are ending at 9pm these days anyway! @CLeddyOwen cosleeping has never worked for any of us, sadly :-( @hatsopotatso she had quite a bit yesterday - enough that she had a bit of a lie down when she came home. But equal… @chrishams what’s the partial waking thing - 11pm? @hatsopotatso but when she has a good daytime sleep - two hours or so, which she certainly needs after waking at 4.… @LorGMedia I thought that said “trial & terror” which sounds about right! @damiengayle her bedtime has slipped by an hour already but we’ll consider letting it go later...but that would eat… @amandaloviza no but I’ll look into that, ta @richardmcmeekin thanks - that goes against much of the other advice that we should keep her up later! @marymaryw I’m tempted to wake her up at 11pm, give her some calpol to make her drowsy and then see what happens... @KiloSBB it IS a good morning!Slightly off-brand but anyway. Any ideas to convince my two year old that the day doesn’t need to start at 4.30am?… @iFilmmakers great to see this video suggested today by YouTube ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @ilicco it’s not the year of sleep, sadly.
@NickGarnettBBC @smartfilming @AugensteinWTOP she hardy had a daytime sleep, went on a huge walk this afternoon and… @MattNavarra @NickGarnettBBC @smartfilming @AugensteinWTOP That seems a little unfair. On me, as well as her. @MattNavarra I wouldn’t like to say.... @NickGarnettBBC @smartfilming @AugensteinWTOP It was 0300 today! @AmigoMatias @Urbano1313 but you’re In Argentina - I thought it was meant to be for people in south east England! @AmigoMatias @Urbano1313 Really?! I’m surprised you were able to take part! @AmigoMatias @Urbano1313 was it you?! @smartfilming @AugensteinWTOP I’ve found it! How long will I keep hold of it before I mislay it again? @silasbang Photo or it didn’t happen @AugensteinWTOP @smartfilming You’re not far wrong! @smartfilming most of the things on garnett’s couch can be removed with a wet cloth and some bleach @Urbano1313 I did not know that you were a member of the RTS in England!