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@vohlii @ralfn_ noti @jittefy @tuiz1337 lol.nick eh 30 is losing it @sinaEstavi please check dms sir 🙏 @digittss @thoticall @yuhdremo @vohlii dude ill play rn @jittefy hurry up pls @jittefy i said i was gonna grind so ima play either way, dude the pump is so good i already one pumped like 4 kids @kneezs ITS SO BAD MAN @TlCommentator LOL
@JrMoneyGettin WHEN THE DAY GETS BETTER THE NIGHT GETS BRIGHTER I ALWAYS FEEL THIS WAY @JrMoneyGettin account balance: jr dad : not found @ryswtf @dragoniwnl2 nvm man @ryswtf @dragoniwnl2 lmfao this ratio @nevarmisses LETS GOOOOO @undefinedmacho @JrMoneyGettin LETS GOOO has surpassed kendrick lamar in all aspects @yoldy1x @trvisXX 🙏 @_frostedlol_ yea @trvisXX YOU KNOW WE HAD TO COME THRU @h8Iey check disc dms @kotafn yea @kneezs nah maaly and cannon and forza @waveyfn ea, pxbp, recent snippets @BrenBrenlol u r white 33 and married with 4 children @LILUZIVERT or f1lthy @LILUZIVERT work with pierre please @CrypticNoHoes @CorinnaKopf @CorinnaKopf whats ur cashapp queen @CrypticNoHoes @CorinnaKopf i got 100$ @ryswtf @StableRonaldo @angmaire anyway guys if ur seeing this follow me for more bangers @StableRonaldo @angmaire dude this is not fair i do NOT have fortnite followers @StableRonaldo @angmaire I BAITED YOU INTO THIS RATIOOO @StableRonaldo @angmaire LOL this ratio @angmaire angie from deep @mrcapsaveahoe1 what food? @mcph what. @EpicFishFan3 hot is a classic @mcph wym by this @Jamilxoxo TOO TOXIC OOH OOHHH @EpicFishFan3 its the trumpets man LMAOO @mcph ? @turntdais @sitro ? @trvisXX LETS GOOO TRAV @addisonclbszn this song deserved a grammy @JrMoneyGettin @Ter0me they got twitch prime subs on go @Ter0me those my people fr @Ter0me and money on ig a lot better @Ter0me so i can promote my twitch to a different audience @roqz thats why i dyed mine LOL @roqz IKKKanyway we vibin to iloveuihateu @tlop444 ya and pierre is a part of that so is f1lthy art dealer ken carson richie souf etc @4LRepaa DUDE LIKE idk how to explain to u, yea the production on SM2 is good but WLRs was just a lot more creative and earwormy @HodgesDuck piñata better @JayFNBR what @kotafn then what was @4LRepaa many men is quite literally 3 layers for most of the song if i picked any song off sm2 for production it w… @kotafn u may not like the album but the production work for every song was good @kotafn what kota @4LRepaa dude from a PRODUCERS perspective, NO! @imissroddy those all top 5-10 @yoldy1x name an album with better production lol @kneezs you know me mannn @therealHyperK WLR was more versatile but i love pierre @brndxq ight lets calm down nowWhole Lotta Red was the best produced album of 2020 btw @thoticall lemme get a 10 piece with ranch
@ashIyne dude join @raptvcom Megan thee Stallions cakewalk to a Mickey Mouse Best Rap Performance Snubbed Lil Baby and Polo G 🤡 Only… @angeIicuh LETS GOOOOlil baby has the highest selling album of 2020 to lose to meg rapping about her pussy i’m gonna pass out manhip hop twitter sick and throwin up rn @kotafn yea idek man @kotafn yea true idk i just felt awful for trav bc astroworld was incredible and he was so hyped for the grammys and didn’t win a single one @acehiding yea that was racist @fbgwayne nah the song just wasn’t as good as the other ones lmao so we feel like other artists got robbed. it’s no… @Sadcrib @fbgwayne shut up mani’m having flashbacks to when cardi won over travis, i’m crying and throwing upthat nas grammy is a mickey mouse ass grammy, it’s literally a sympathy grammy bc they didn’t give his good albums one in the past @brndxq gonna go make a tiktok dance to the bigger picture hold on @kotafn billie eilish goatsavage remix over the bigger picture feels racistmeg thee stallion consistently stealing awards from lil baby is so fucking annoying @CulturedMIKEY yea it’s so dumb bc freddie’s album was so good @magicaliscool not for that album lmao @mcph gibbs got robbed. fuck the grammys. @mcph same thing @mcph 4pm @mcph ? @bhronosFN anything is possible bhronosFNpierre winning a grammy should be motivation to all these young producers, anything is possible when you put the work in @pierrebourne LETS GO PIERREEEEE THE SYNTH WORK IS SO GOOD 😩 @kneezs @raptvcom u wouldn’t get it. @raptvcom the synth melodies on “on god” are insanewhat other artist can piss all over a grammy and win another the next year 😭 @raptvcom my goat moment @JeffHardyStan @4LRepaa @Sadcrib ?