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Ok this really made me smile ♥️ ⚽️💫
@CallMe2Dads 🥰Brilliant. Thank you @RealMattLucas
As a united fan, his words mean everything...I had the best conversation with Sir Alex today. I’m in awe of this man...♥️Thank you for spreading awareness @rustyrockets ♥️ @mayylavelle Thank you Year 2 for your lovely letters x @mayylavelle Hi Willow, thank you for your letter. I love reading, it’s one of my favourite things to do. It helps… @mayylavelle Morning Amelia, thank you for your letter. I like to help children because I think everybody should ha…’day to you. Amazing thank you ♥️
♥️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 @gerardneeson Thanks mate @pamsutherland5 Amazing x @NadOngPhotosUk Glad to hear it xHope everyone’s had a good Friday x @MarcusRashford We think reading is cool too! If you're ever in Cardiff & want to share book/story, let us know!😊
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👀 Instagram StoriesIs it technically bed time? Parents, carers, tell your little ones if they read a little bit before bed and share a… done Joshua, good man ♥️
@piersmorgan So I’ve heard! I’ll let you know as soon as I reach that part 👍🏾 @piersmorgan Nice little plug 🤣 it’s on my pile Piers xReading is cool. Books are cool. That’s it. That’s the tweet 📚 @fcbmessifc10 Mate, with respect, if I’m so average why do you make it your life’s work to tweet me the same thing… hair 🤣 I love this Joey thank you little man x @FareShareUK @KeithWU51 @KeynshamTownJFC @KPRfootballclub Superstar 🤩 @ExeterSchoolUK @FareShareUK Love this Joe x @MarcusRashford Thanks for reposting 😊💛🐾 Rashford is such a lovely boy, we hope he finds a home soon! 🏡😊
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MVP 👑 congrats Jof @JofraArcher👑🔥♥️ @DeAndreHopkins @MissAliLHS @HeadLHS @LHS_PPGGovernor @pandit_mrs Wow look at that handwriting 🤩 xIn May 2021 we will publish YOU ARE A CHAMPION: Unlock Your Potential, Find Your Voice and Be the BEST You Can Be b…
Retweeted by Marcus Rashford MBEPleasure is all mine. Really proud of this. Thank you @Ankaman616 @KatieWarriner @MacmillanKidsUK @Ankaman616 @KatieWarriner Let’s go! 💪🏾♥️A little bit more info 📚 Thank you for being on this journey with me @MacmillanKidsUK ♥️ when I said I was working on something...📚
I’m just a boy who’s dream came true.Imagine if all children were on an equal playing field. Imagine if we all started at the line equal instead of 20 y… @ManUtd @CasilleroDiablo 🐐👑♥️ @DeAndreHopkins Yes D!! 🔥👑
A reminder... @UtdAmin03 @UtdHazza Hi guys 👋🏾Brilliant, keep going boys 💪🏾 Full vid is still on my website x🦁🦁🦁 @England 💔 thoughts are with Ray’s family x @inirs @MuhammadAli part of the growth of our soul.’ The best thing you can do at 7 is be kind with your words, und… @inirs Ok on this particular topic I like to celebrate iconic black figures, people like @MuhammadAli. The greatest…, in nicer news, I’ve been working on a project for months now behind the scenes and I can’t wait to share it…, so let’s address this. I’m 23. I came from little. I need to protect not just my future but my family’s too. To… @inirs Of course I can, send me a question on here and I’ll answer it for him
@TimesSport @Kalvinphillips @henrywinter Love this KP, thank you for speaking truth x
@PEEK_project_ Just for the record, I think you guys are absolutely amazing. Thank you for everything you do ♥️ @Miss_Brook9 Special x @Nickytrott Bless him xTuning in to Children in Need 👀World Kindness Day 🌍♥️ Have a good weekend everyone! @AmberBenjay Happy Diwali to you brother! @tomrmc93 Good thanks bro @LennyDeGriffa Love that @Phorizia That’s great news mate, congrats! @_adamdooley 2 🤦🏾 trying to cut it out @dalevillage18 @_Jesscaaa Congrats! @monkhelz Ah stay safe and be patient. Enjoy your time together x @ChrisAndre04 Children in Need bro ✅ @willdesay Ah best of luck mate! @LPdee Bless him x @_RyMartinZ_ Said who? 😏 @shahalam789 Complete ✅Happy Friday everyone! Good day? @sezjayphil84 Keep smiling little man. You look better in that kit than me 😎 x @R_Taylor6 Happy birthday Ollie! Hope you’ve had a good day buddy! @TilWykes @NIHRMaudsleyBRC @Kingspsychol @KingsIoPPN Haha love mine! x @y2_mrscullen @TownPrimary Well done Year 2, these drawings are brilliant x @haf_meleri Yes little man 💪🏾 x @kayla_221 Love this! x♥️ @tomnoon89 Bless him, say hi for me x @HeadLHS Hi Team Birch 👋🏾 Hope you are having a good day at school x @cameron_dp Yes little man x @stelizabethsm22 @JDRFUK Haha love this! xWhen all we really need is a kind word or gesture... WE have the ability to make change and it starts right here ♥️… @katemcfarmer @BBCCiN @Llysfaenprm Love this Lucas x @BellinghamJude @England @BVB @BCFC Congrats Jude!! @deanhenderson @England Yes Deano!! Gutted I couldn’t have been a part of it with you ♥️I’ll be back 💪🏾 Good luck boys 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿♥️ @JonGrieves Haha love this Ollie, have a good day at school x
Good luck boys!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿♥️ you @McDonaldsUK 👏🏾 so much work to do... To all the selfless volunteers, thank you. We have to keep fighting to stabilise the ho…
Brilliant, thank you @talkSPORT 👏🏾
Ok I usually get embarrassed sharing these things because this journey was never really about me but I know this to… community and togetherness, to champion the voices of the future. Thank you @Burberry #burberryvoices
Love this, thank you Freddie ♥️ @annelongfield Anne, for the last couple weeks, I have watched you speak so brilliantly on this subject and champio… the campaigners, charity workers, volunteers, teachers, care workers, key workers, that have fought for this lev…"I thanked him on behalf of the families" @MarcusRashford tells #BBCBreakfast what he said to the Prime Minister af…
Retweeted by Marcus Rashford MBEAbsolutely delighted with the Government’s announcement today on children’s food poverty.
Retweeted by Marcus Rashford MBE☔️ The Covid Winter Grant Scheme is a new £170m #Coronavirus scheme to support children and families this winter.…
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