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Marcy Sutton @marcysutton Bellingham, WA

Accessibility advocate. Freelance web developer, teacher, & writer. @a11ySea organizer. Mountain explorer, cyclist, music junkie. She/her.

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Today I had a fun time chatting with @erikkroes about accessibility on his livestream. You can catch the replay onl… @hankchizljaw Very helpful thread as I’m starting out. Thank you!
@vavroom @A11yAlicia Totally valid reason. I think my vagueness didn’t help here, as it was about something more specific. @vavroom Focus management target to try and replicate a page refresh? Seems unnecessary though. @SilvestriCodes Lol and then there’s a company who did _two_ perf reviews since the pandemic started and treated pe… Taylor was murdered in her own home by police. This isn’t justice or accountability. This is a broken syst…
Retweeted by Marcy Sutton @mattopsahl That’s a good point, I wasn’t thinking of that scenario. I’m talking more about people who stepped into… @hankchizljaw And then there's the people who keep quiet without a gag order. Something about trying to be professi… can @marcysutton teach you? Thursday she joins the stream for a Q&A/AMA. Ask her anything. I know I will! 8PM…
Retweeted by Marcy Sutton @rachelnabors I'm so glad that's working for you! Part of me wanted to do it. But I also want to work part time fro… @StuRobson Compared to the unnamed mess of a situation I experienced before, it's the most positive thing ever!Women often get pushed into management and out of engineering roles. It happened to me multiple times, and eventual… on automated accessibility test tooling for a client today and it's so nice to put my skills to use 🥳
I’ve just been thinking a lot about this post in regards to burnout and how every time I revisit this thought, all…
Retweeted by Marcy Sutton @makeitfable Thanks for the support! 💜
I'm speaking remotely at @a11ynyc on October 6 from 7-9pm EDT. Join to hear about what I've learned from 9 years in…
So grateful that the smoke cleared in the mountains. It’s a perfect day to get outside! @booshtukka Ugh I feel this.
@sarahebourne Her ears are extremely back and she stayed in that pose for quite a while. I laughed but I also have scratchesBagley wanted to hog the treadmill when I needed to press the buttons to make it go after my RBG workout. BRB, harn… @AaronGustafson Their racism is showing. @themarcba @denicmarko @WskyWednesday That's 9am for me, but I could still join! @KR1573N What a fucking asshole. Good grief.
No, not RBG. What a colossal loss. What a lioness. She taught us all how to fight, how to fight cancer, how to figh…
Retweeted by Marcy SuttonThis f'ing year, I swear. Americans: VOTE like your life depends on it, because it does. @Coburnicus Hi Jeff! I’m not offering audits at this time as part of my consulting services. I’m doing more design… @courtneynash @verica_io Congrats! Sounds like a really interesting gig! 🎊 @jina @asana Fantastic! Congrats Jina!web development in Canada isn't too much different from the US we just use "visibleEh" instead of "isVisible" and…
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@TaelurAlexis I was just thinking about you the other day. Glad to hear you’re doing well, Tae’lur!Every front-end dev should watch "Accessibility in JavaScript Applications" by @marcysutton on @FrontendMasters!
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quick someone play "The Final Countdown" #id24 is about to kick-off its 24-hour virtual #accessibility conference!…
Retweeted by Marcy Sutton @devdevcharlie That’s exciting!! So many hikes you can do here too! @RooRonks @NickColley @CraftCMS @WordPress @A11yLondon Yessss! That is so promising. @NickColley Netlify CMS might be worth checking out if you haven’t already...? But I totally agree and wish I didn’… to record a livestream trailer and take a new passport photo, so I guess that means I'm getting dolled up and… @EriPDev NICE! Because you're awesome, that's why.Your daily owl appearance 🦉 @vicki_langer @ceeoreo_ I’d bet on super toxic based on past interactions with that dude @stevefaulkner Haha I blocked that guy for cold emailing me constantly and now I’m blocked from his twitter 🤷🏻‍♀️Ha ha, my No Mouse Days package is mentioned in a couple of industry newsletters this week including Frontend Focus… @TatianaTMac @A11YProject Yesss! The best design wins, too!New #A11yWin: the @A11yProject redesign! The site relaunched in July, and it's still gorgeous. Kudos to…“In conclusion, to be a hacker u ask for tap water.” Amazing read, story, advice. Do yourself a favor and click!
Retweeted by Marcy Sutton @madalynrose Unblend the digital smoothie @ohhoe Stress and anxiety does that to me. @JeromeHardaway Yes, I could totally do that!
Kinda awesome to realize I already had a YouTube channel with 122 subscribers! I'll be publishing Twitch livestream… don't know who needs to hear this but able-bodied and nondisabled are not the same thing, so please stop saying a…
Retweeted by Marcy SuttonThis reminded me about estimated tax payments due today, in case that helps anyone else! You can pay them online. @NickColley So true! I also realized it's been over a year since I wrote to this company, and the interface is stil…’ve long thought about accessibility criticism and making an impact in the “right way”. I’ve even been tone police… @GSto I'm doing a talk for @A11yNYC in October, and will be talking partly about this topic!! @GSto It's something I've done for years, since about 2011. A11y eng. at Adobe and Deque on axe for a few. But my l… @EddyVinckk @getify Welcome to the accessibility club! I've got a bunch of resources listed here: to log back into an HR platform to see they haven't done squat with the detailed accessibility feedback I gave… @MCapoz Same! @MCapoz This all looks delicious! @tkadlec Thanks, Tim!So, I've gone freelance as an accessibility specialist. But there are the upsides and downsides to being an outside… @NickColley I believe you could always go back to a 9/5. I do agree that freelancing requires putting yourself out… @NickColley I grappled with this for a long time and life had a way of pushing me toward the right choice. And for… @ccbriant Yeah, I know 🤷‍♀️ @hankchizljaw 🤮 @NickColley Yess! I do. I was extremely burned out and it was a free time thing, but now that I'm a freelance acces…, you’ve reinvented a bicycle. a great talk, definitely some things I can apply to my career going forward as I also reflect on friction I’ve… @AishaBlake Here’s some vanilla ice cream with huckleberry sauce! is HERE but so is also this weird inverted smokey fog. I’ll take it? @OCombe @harvest @toggltrack Ooh, I’ll check that one out! Accessibility is important to me, so I’d like to use and…
@resource11 @imcatnoone Sorry 😬Protect Paul Rudd at all costs.
Retweeted by Marcy Sutton @KimMaida @freiksenet Where my head went: @SilvestriCodes Oh Jonathan, that's tough. Sorry to hear of the loss of your Dad, lots of love to you and your family. @anthony_codes No, they are professional network connections I’ve made through my career. @missmatsuko Rad!! Congrats! @anthony_codes They find me, which tells me I should have done this much sooner! @freiksenet Congrats on the new life direction! @iandevlin Thanks Ian!! @Dayhaysoos Thanks, Nick! @crtr0 Ooh, thanks Carter!But you know what this means....I'm back to time tracking. Luckily I get to choose my tools, so I went with @harvest!New day, new opportunities. So far I've gotten my first freelance client and joined the Party Corgi Discord! Lookin… @brianarn @indeed Niiice! Congrats Brian! @carmacleod Thanks, Carolyn! 💜
@TatianaTMac How I also feel about being rejected in dating. 😬“Make every day a good day.” Embraced the smoke today and watched Chef’s Table BBQ on Netflix. Some great tidbits o… @soMelanieSaid Yes, that would be great! I'll get in touch tomorrow 😀 @erikkroes Thanks! My goal is to work with dev teams to foster a sustainable accessibility culture. I’m consulting…
I’ve dreamed of working for myself, and it starts for real on Monday! Tagging up 💪 @samjulien I was hiking and biking, but with the smoke I’ve turned to indoor workouts and cooking! @knitcodemonkey Rough year indeed. Hope things improve for you 💜 @vavroom @ericwbailey Yikes! Glad you could get somewhere with better air. @ericwbailey Staying inside and my throat hurts, so definitely not going out in it! Poor doggo is so bored.This is the worst I’ve ever seen. Come on, rain. We need you @SilvestriCodes @elchefe The beauty of variety and choice! We can still have a toast! 🍻 @elchefe @SilvestriCodes (A hoppy pale, but same same) @SilvestriCodes @elchefe I’m an IPA fan, this is me virtually looking you both in the eye @Caleb__Lovell @FrontendMasters That is fabulous! Glad you found the course useful.Just built my first fully accessible menu after watching @marcysutton's course on @FrontendMasters & it was super f…
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