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Marcy Sutton @marcysutton Bellingham, WA

Lead Engineer, DevRel at @gatsbyjs; accessibility advocate. @a11ySea @NWTechWomen organizer. Mountain explorer, cyclist, music junkie. She/her.

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Wondering if I could fake my own death to get out of family time with my dad next weekend 🤔“Hi Apple Care? Yeah I’m trying to factory reset a year”
Retweeted by Marcy SuttonNature TV 🦅
Communicating with a mask on would be easier if we all learned sign language in school.
Retweeted by Marcy Sutton @mehdi_vasigh Hey there, I think Deque has one. I haven’t taken it, but you should be able to find it on their website!I hope they were just reading the book jacket.When you leave the book How to Be an Antiracist out for a family member to pick up when they arrive and someone els… @csswizardry Happy birthday man!
@Keah_Maria Such a cute picture!world bad dogs good
Retweeted by Marcy Sutton @AishaBlake Well, would you look at that! @jennschiffer I’m a fan"Black software developers lost more than 36,000 jobs, a decline of more than a third. Their white counterparts los…
Retweeted by Marcy Sutton @techgirl1908 That’s so great. Congratulations! @JeromeHardaway Ok dad! @FrontRowGreg @smashingconf That is fantastic news! So glad it was helpful 💜 @kentcdodds @kyleshevlin And it's got accessibility baked in! 💯 @BekahHW What a cutie pie 😍 Barley (!!!) Cedar Maple Quill Sienna Thistle
@resource11 hey Kathleen, i haven't seen that one before with MDX but I passed it along to the team! @potch Still so thrown off by there being two Clubhouses. We use the project management tool, which I’ll always think of first. @HarshitPurwar @adambsilver @SaraSoueidan @a11yclub Ahh, tooltips. Perhaps this post by @codingchaos could help?, updating/improving documentation counts as an open source contribution!!! To be honest, it's one of the most…
Retweeted by Marcy Sutton @knitcodemonkey 🤣It paid more than photojournalism @slinan That’s hot!Mask it or casket. It really is that simple. If not you, then someone you love.
Retweeted by Marcy Sutton @ericmikkelsen @jared_w_smith @Una That’s what I learned originally, too! 🤯Great, this terrible year is half over. @KR1573N At least he’ll look up at you from his phone?Remote job alert!
@revin that is so cool. glad to hear you're getting out there! 💜What's remarkable here isn't that @GatsbyJS is better for accessibility on a technical level. It's that they priori…
Retweeted by Marcy Sutton @PaulieScanlon Hey Paul, could you refer to an existing slider component to determine access requirements? It shoul… @BrianDeConinck They hired @madalynrose too, so accessibility is thought about deeply at the core level. Pretty awesome @clearlyTHUYDOAN @smashingmag Hi there! Some of the content was similar, but two of the days were almost entirely n… @AishaBlake Damn. Reported!
@TatianaTMac Listening to this right now! It’s such an important series.Did you know that @TestingLib getByText('foo') and getByLabelText('foo') match different elements? The Chrome Exte…
Retweeted by Marcy Sutton @thebillygregory You could put tots in there. 🥔 @manoj9788 @smashingmag Hehe, I absolutely will—being a bit overly dramatic. Glad to hear the experience has evolve… @RowdyRabouw Thanks so much for joining! @manoj9788 @smashingmag Promises galore. Poor docs. I find Cypress easier to use and prefer the syntax @manoj9788 @smashingmag Cypress! 💯 Selenium is dead to me. 💀The last day of my remote accessibility workshop for @smashingMag starts soon, excited to wrap things up talking ab… @IoannaTalasli @GatsbyJS @webaim Thanks, Ioanna! 💜From @jared_w_smith of @WebAIM: “We believe that @gatsbyjs can serve as a model for other frameworks, libraries, &… @gatsbyjs accessibility news: Gatsby sites corresponded with the fewest detectable errors of any common techno…
"I see a shift happening even in how some White graphic designers are thinking about race. I just want younger Blac…, and @kentcdodds with a very timely conundrum. @jhooks thanks! Getting that Bagley cat energy 😻Open source contributing tip: adding a ❤ or a 👍 to a GitHub issue or PR can help it increase in priority to maintai… @EmilyKager @KagerSophia Who did it better? 🚲🐴😬Adding to my reading list, and you should too! /* Headers out of order (i.e. h2 before h1, etc.) Result: dotted blue outline */ h2 ~ h1, h3…
Retweeted by Marcy SuttonYes!! Upgrade! transphobe, a racist, a homophobe and an anti-semite walk into a bar. The Bartender says "Hey, aren't you that l…
Retweeted by Marcy Sutton @robwormald Dope 💯
This summer blockbuster is available now!
Retweeted by Marcy Sutton @jackyalcine Not a huge fan of Twitter lists, but accessibility recommendations are so overwhelmingly white that I… @seaotta @AaronGustafson Happy birthday, Stephanie! @Mandy_Kerr That’s so Jello
@resource11 @DesignTokens Rad!! Congrats!Coming up in a few! Catch us on Twitch today for the last session of Gatsby Web Creators (for now). 🌻 @chatsidhartha Really sorry to hear that Sid 💜 take care of yourself @TaelurAlexis Thank god. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I hope you have a way better day now! @hashim_warren Ugh 🤬I’ve turned back into fitness Marcy and wow it’s fun to do wall ball tosses at 11pm. Living alone is rad @TimFullerton That is really shitty. @sundress @rob_dodson @samccone @samthor @briankardell If CSR announcements require live regions like they do now,… @sundress @rob_dodson @samccone @samthor @briankardell I mean what native page loads enable, we can't fully replica… @sundress @rob_dodson @samccone @samthor @briankardell A big problem right now is that even with the best (albeit f… @rob_dodson @samccone I’d love to participate in that! 🙌 @rob_dodson @samccone This came up recently, it would _really_ help to be a browser-level solution! @samccone nice (the extra look, not the bug). Way to dig into it! It could be a timing issue...I saw a similar thin… @SilvestriCodes There’s a video recording of @amber1ey and me cracking up, highlight of the day for sure.TIL that NVDA pronounces as "Gatsby geez dot com" and I'm still cracking up about it. @samccone @rob_dodson thanks, glad it was useful! I'd caution against basing your assumptions on screen reader heal… critiquing a user interface for accessibility on the ol' Twitter megaphone, it helps to have the right expecta… @rob_dodson @samccone I will also leave this here, my research on routing might help inform past and future advice… @samccone I don't have an account to log in, but I can say that <main> is not an interactive element so tabindex="-…
@samccone I don't follow. tabindex="-1" is used to remove an element from the tab order or enable it for scripting… need to buy some time. Anybody looking for a Javascript engineer for a short-term project? 1-3 months ideally. #BlackTechTwitter
Retweeted by Marcy Sutton @KatieFujihara Happy birthday Katie! 🌈Last session of Gatsby Web Creators Series 2, coming up on Friday! @lavie_encode Resilience and backwards compatibility, media queries and pseudo classes for responding to user prefe… @leovolving You were dealing with it the best you could. It sounds awful, and I’m glad you’re not in such a rough p… @ladyleet Lol, best captionSome days are just hard. Lately they all have a theme in my life, that should be resolved soon. I hope 🤞💔
@GrayBlue @drinkdistiller Still glad I got to work on it once upon a time! @lavie_encode aww, little sweetie 😻🐟 @fivetanley This! We talked about that in my workshop today. You can only polish an inaccessible turd so much in th… @jina God, I hope America can vote this piece of shit out of office. @TaelurAlexis Amaze @hankchizljaw I’d say something heavily interactive with many shared components that need APIs to be plumbed throug… but yall wanna keep pretending you can keep politics out of tech
Retweeted by Marcy Sutton @aweary @discord Cool! Congratulations!!I wouldn’t let Americans into other countries, either. @davecunningham @spacedawwwg @FredWabz Any member can invite by email! I can, too. @monteiro And "culture add" became more progressive @seldo *already left a big city because traffic felt like I was wasting my life