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Marcy Sutton @marcysutton Bellingham, WA

Head of Learning @gatsbyjs, accessibility advocate. @a11ySea @NWTechWomen organizer. Mountain explorer, cyclist, music junkie. She/her.

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@jlengstorf I miss you two and we’ll really need to have a dinner party/cook off in person at some point 🍖Boring code: - is consistent - is not clever - is easily understandable - makes locating features easy - adheres to…
Retweeted by Marcy Sutton @AysSomething @OSX_10_4_11 @jhooks @jlengstorf @eggheadio @JOEL Yes that article! I have a 10” FotoDioX light on a stand. It’s awesome. @hashim_warren @gatsbyjs What database? Lol @OSX_10_4_11 @jhooks @jlengstorf @eggheadio Using HDMI out from the camera through a Magewell USB Capture device, b… by @jhooks and @jlengstorf to finally get a better recording setup going with an SLR and fancy @eggheadio @EmilyKager Ouch! I've had those same injuries separately as both a kid and an adult, and they are no fun. Hope you…
@erinfoox Virtual hugs and support to you 💜Online learning is another critical area for accessibility. Without it, you’re leaving people with disabilities beh… you working on any kind of platform that people use on the web, particularly tools for work, like project manag… @davidbrunelle I wore a proper shirt and cat ears today 😸, not Bill Withers! 😢 One of the best musical artists of all time. 2020 sucks.'s Intro to CSS day at #GatsbyWebCreators, starting in a few minutes! This should be fun 😺 some states shelter in place while others are still free to roam is like having a peeing section in a swimming pool.
Retweeted by Marcy Sutton @vavroom You know me, I’m a sucker for dramatic sparkle! ✨Changes are coming to my role at Gatsby that I'm so excited about, and I can't wait to share it all with you.
@eggheadio Yes! And I'm really pumped to have more content coming soon. @fardarter I don't see it that way–there's data to support websites built with JS frameworks being _less_ accessibl… next installment of #GatsbyWebCreators is tomorrow, when we'll go through a live Intro to CSS session with… @fardarter There are too many variables for me to agree, as I've seen a lot of inaccessible design system implement… THIS! Especially the part about code frameworks. That's what I'm trying to address from the inside. @estellevw ha! @KimMaida That's been on my to-do list, too! Waiting for it to not be snowing/raining/hailing outside and then we'll do it for sure. 🚐 @racheleditullio @TatianaTMac ha ha, Rainier does kinda have that personality. So chill. Some random guy told me he… @EriPDev Willfully ignorant. It’s disgusting @TatianaTMac More of a person than a thing but this cheese face @jhooks whoa, cool!! @treshugart @maxlynch @SchauDustin It's all good, feedback is a gift! Thanks in advance :)Just saw yet another tweet mocking CSS centering that went viral. This meme will never die, will it? It's literall…
Retweeted by Marcy Sutton @sarah_edo I picked the winning answer, lol. No one can see my pants it’s fine @treshugart @maxlynch Would love to hear more as @SchauDustin said, including specific areas of docs if you remembe… suggested my wife should make a toilet paper cake. So she did.
Retweeted by Marcy SuttonCool @gatsbyjs developments! Of course, my feedback always includes accessibility of user interfaces, especially fo…
@jlengstorf @amber1ey Did someone say "bear enough"? Because that's what I heard. @jasonbahl @CaryyonDude lol and now the misspelling of her name is all over my timeline @LittleKope All the congratulations to you!Always good to catch up with @jlengstorf, Mr. Bear Hug himself! I appreciate you @4lpine Whoa, weird!
@Bobwise @FrontendMasters Woo! Glad you enjoyed it!I just completed "Accessibility in JavaScript Applications" by @marcysutton on @FrontendMasters!…
Retweeted by Marcy Sutton @TatianaTMac You are brilliant and I'm really excited to read what you put together. @jennschiffer You are a national treasure, lolSo @NikkitaFTW @gurlcode @_phzn and I got together with @miuki_miu to put together a cozy online conf featuring wom…
Retweeted by Marcy Sutton @seaotta Do you have BioBug near you? We get our house sprayed a few times a year and it helps a lot. They don't even need to come inside. @CascadiaJS We're hiring for multiple roles at @gatsbyjs including an Engineering Manager and technical Admin for O…
@davidbrunelle Seriously. And not that far from Bellingham. I'm glad we've stayed home since the beginning of the month for the most part.It's happening! Come with questions! And cool things you've done! And anyone you know who's interested in contribut…
Retweeted by Marcy SuttonCool remote tech job alert! Make an impact with open source: just want to remind you...In order for you to be “successful” it requires activation that is on the inside of you…
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I know of a really great front-end developer with #a11y expertise looking for their next role. Who's hiring _remote…
Retweeted by Marcy Sutton @elvenjen There’s something special about this one, and it fits with precedent in the industry. But that’s all I want to say right now 🤔 @grabbeh that’s....not it but I like where you’re going with this 😂When a serendipitous domain name (or multiple) is available. Something to plan for, and look forward to. 🤔 @kartar Apple upside-down cake @NicMakesStuff Oh no 😅
@KimMaida That sounds amazing! @sundress It can be so good though! @mattmay He's an egomaniac.Find a way to do what you love, even if it means making sacrifices. Be your best advocate—no one else knows where y…
I can't tell you how much I love this.
Retweeted by Marcy Sutton @zamith FE frameworks are a really broad surface area (where accessibility basics still apply!) but my Frontend Mas… accessibility central to learning web development with HTML is my jam 🍓margin: 6ft;
Retweeted by Marcy SuttonJoin us today for Twitch stream 2 of our beginner web development series! We're learning about creating HTML conten… @laurieontech Here's a weird doggo if you have a moment happy about this new @LittleDragon album @monteiro @NicMakesStuff Peace and virtual hugs to you! @tararobertson Current US leadership is fucking delusional. @jennschiffer Dang, huge missed opportunity to extend your jokes into image alt text format
@jessebeach Strategery @mattmay And yet, two tweets above yours in my timeline: @sundress Look at those toe beans!! 💕 @saltnburnem @vavroom This is a really unkind response for people who can only reach the button with their elbow. @ScribblingOn Same📣HIRING ALERT: @gatsbyjs is hiring a fully-remote Engineering Manager for our amazing Open Source team (that I'm a…
Retweeted by Marcy SuttonIt took a pandemic for me to finally clear out our freezer, not sure why I let perfectly good leftovers sit neglect… @madalynrose I’d also recommend reading literally everything out loud. What you’re typing, describing what’s on the screen, etc.Hello beautiful people! We are doing a LIVE STREAM CONCERT on YouTube this Friday March 27th to mark our album rele…
Retweeted by Marcy Sutton @ToriGlass It’s true and also why I’m so concerned about lives on our planet with climate change. This pandemic fee… @webinista I bet! Such beautiful areas on a clear day. @micahgodbolt No Xbox or PlayStation in our house unfortunately.I think 💡 our only CD players are in my car and our van. If we ever go anywhere...When you go digging for early influential music in your collection and uncover the Hackers soundtrack on CD. ...P… @maybealexraby @davidbrunelle Yay. I also get lightly-dried cilantro from the refrigerated section as it keeps long… @davidbrunelle This one is seriously so good. OMG.😂🤣😂
Retweeted by Marcy Sutton @TatianaTMac Those colors! I love them all
@bobbybrooksatx @gatsbyjs That’s so great, glad she could tune in! Let us know if she has any questions. @AishaBlake @ChloeCondon Wonderfully indulgent and AMAZING @HenriHelvetica @gatsbyjs @AishaBlake Yep, it was recorded and will live on YouTube in the long term. But it should… @chatsidhartha @danabrit This is so great it brought a tear to my eye. 💜 @madalynrose It’s beautiful. Hang in there!Actually, let's do one of these threads: if your company is hiring right now, please reply here with a job listing…
Retweeted by Marcy SuttonWith the help of some team members at @gatsbyjs, I've released a boilerplate for launching fast, zero-cost local di…
Retweeted by Marcy SuttonPLEASE let someone with Accessibility on top of Universal Design knowledge land this role 🙏🙏🙏
Retweeted by Marcy SuttonStarting soon! @AaronGustafson @resource11 @feather The ones on our careers page!
Picking image assets for tomorrow's stream like 🤔 Twitter friends! I've just been laid off and am seeking my next role. If you looking for someone skilled in ope…
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