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currently peaking. ✨ she/her instagram: marenmorris

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America. 🇺🇸 The ballads are here to stay. 🙌🏼
Tonight! Chip in any amount to watch. 🇺🇸 you put your kid to bed, the close of the door IS a shot of tequila. 🤘🏼 @CatherinePowell @theryman @RyanHurd 1000 COVID tests later 😂 @OohhCourtney @effingnialI No just the ones that think, for instance, BLM is a “terrorist organization” which it is fucking not. 🥰
@effingnialI There is no excuse for racism or sexism, ESPECIALLY in 2020, but we can’t always erase the people in o… @effingnialI For me, it speaks to my inner critical self that wants to clock people for being ignorant. That includ… watch. is: TEXAS ZENON. 🚀🤠 @JasonIsbell @amandashires @ToddSnider This one hurts. 💔 Thinking of Django.That’s a wrap on the Ryman for this week! I am exhausted and feel a little out of show shape, but DAMN I loved gett…
☁️ seven magical months. ☁️ @notearsmaren BYE BITCHY’all, I have never been asked to speak at anything, only perform. This Sunday, I am speaking to my country. I’m… @TomiLahren Tomi, this is fucking cruel. Even for you. @book_bitchy Yes plz.The Canadians and Brits in my life have never dogged their socialized medicine. Don’t know if those are the buzz words that matter. @seconddwind Lol the sound you made when you saw i was calling in was adorable.
Only 2 shows left this week. Hayes got to see his first show ever and it was his mom at the empty Mother Church dur…🔥 @MarenMorris just gave us ALL the feels with a beautiful #CMTawards performance!
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1st virtual show down and it felt so good. I hope y’all don’t mind me flooding your feed this week with show photos… @ChrisWillman I just spit my water out. 😂
YEAH, yall did that. 🙌🏼😭 masked singer. 🖤 @amygrant hahaaaaa I’ve definitely accidentally shaved the edge of an eyebrow.
@cerboston It doesn’t grow back thicker, that’s a myth! Have been doing it for 5 years and don’t have a beard. 😂Polls aren’t real. Your vote is. 📮 are the shit, once a week., going a step further, I also shave my face. I learned it because Amy Grant said it once at a talk 5 years ago a… @ethansflavor I am a bad human and hate drinking water. @jengruber @marenmrris This is my brow game currently. @KelseaBallerini Us talking about our enemies. @marenmrris Hahahaaaaa mascara during the day is if I’m really trying. And eyelash extensions are garbage for your… @marenhurd No, I’m kind of in the camp of “if it’s burning, your body is saying NO.” @Kyra_Elle They do give you a topical numbing cream beforehand where I go do it helps! @marenmrris I literally only do my eyebrows now, some concealer where I need it and lipstick, perhaps less makeup is the thing @AshleyNicole_23 Ok when I was in the u.k. I found bioderma micellar (they now have it in the US at Walgreens) and… @megrmiddleton They numb you a bit beforehand. I’m weird and I actually like it? It feels like someone’s loofah-ing… @marenhurd I totally hear you. I will say all I do now is wash my face in the shower and put on moisturizer and SPF…, literally no one asked, but it’s Twitter, so fuck it. After years of stage makeup, the only thing that’s work…
DRAG HER UNREFINED SELF. Maybe @KelseaBallerini has been right all this time. 🍷🍷🍷 @ossoff It’s actually pronounced “Madam Vice President Harris.” 🙌🏼
@CatherinePowell Girllllll I can’t wait.LARRY SAID SO. Prettyyyyyyy, prettyyyyy good. 🙌🏼 am legit so happy & excited about these Verizon shows next week. Thank you in advance to those who will be tuning… @seconddwind They’re my roomy pair but it still counts @adamhambrick I mean, we can all go home now. 😭I wore my old blue jeans today for the first time since before my pregnancy and THEY FUCKING ZIPPED. @andrewmcohen I don’t know if I would recover. @willsmithaf AgreedGo listen to “I Still Believe In You,” “Whenever You Come Around” or “Go Rest High on That Mountain” and I dare you… I’ve saved every one. 🙌🏼✨Every so often, in the world’s darkest moments or even the highest high, Vince leaves me voicemails that are so enc… @RIDLEYSPTX He tried to eat the side mirror so? Results inconclusive.I got my kid a car looking walker and I unabashedly played 80s Mercedes.
The bones are good. 🙌🏼 Thank you, @billboard .
⏰ ⏰ ⏰ What time is it? POLLS ARE OPEN TIME! Happy first day of early voting, Tennessee. Polls are open now unti…
Retweeted by MAREN MORRISGo to bed, Tennessee Karen. If you overturn Roe, you won’t be outlawing abortion, you’ll just be outlawing SAFE abo…
✨how it started vs. how it’s going ✨ BTWFI Camp Tee up on the site. A portion of the proceeds will go to @blkwomenshealth 🙌🏼 ✨…
@mrBobbyBones Ya did good. ✨👏🏼
@DanWilsonMusic I need to see this one. 😂“SASHIMI!” 🍣 of my LGBTQ+ friends always and admiring your bravery. May your journey be respected, supported and on you… @KellyWRobison Just the movie poster creeps me out! @FiddleSabre I’m concerned. 😂 @TheRevSFA Cinemark 16 across from cheddars. 😂 @JasonIsbell This story reminds me of my Passion of The Christ viewing experience... @andybarron Haha def NOTBrilliant. Come sing with us. ✨ @rsvptour That movie is still scary @AR_JoeOverby I made Ryan watch that a few weeks ago and he said it was terrible. But granted, his first R movie was Hollow Man. 😂🙌🏼🙌🏼 @aubjobirk That movie is quintessentially British because you think you’re just getting an innocent Christmas movie and then BAM, boobs. 😂 @morganjcrase Okay, for fun: Hocus Pocus. For nostalgia: The Shining. For actual scares: The Strangers @SaintsNation7 I watched that the night before we went to Disney World. My parents thought I couldn’t sleep because… @emi1ycaro1ine @ericashea13 You’re my hero. @MMorrisBR @RyanHurd quit trying to make me cry! 😂🙌🏼 @lacelaya @JenniferAnnistn Okay, I haven’t watched it in years, but I LOVED that movie. Jen’s bangs. 🙌🏼 @emckfly614 Thirteen is my nightmare now that I’m a mom 😂 @robwethington91 We watched that last night! @lulubird05 The Shining. Still does @MarenAccess I sang a song for a movie she was in. Does that count? 😂 @MaryssaShattuck Watched it today. 🙌🏼 @joshmcd80 Ok that’s cooler than mine. @CJlovesJD I bind you, Nancy... @lostbetweenpgs Aaliyah. 🙌🏼 @skidazzle That’s one of my favorite movies! @mirrorsbaIls Wait is that Last House on the Left? Because I saw that as an adult and it traumatized me @MarenAccess That is still a yearly watch for us @amberjustine1 Oooooh I’m telling on you @SchleichKrista TRISTAN. 🙌🏼 @justblais_ Haha for a lot of people, I feel like their first was always a scary movie. I don’t know why!What was your first rated R movie to see/sneak into? I snuck in with my friend at the theater to see Vanilla Sky. O… @notearsmaren I was actually 8 when the movie came out I think but had to sneak watch Titanic when I was 9. I guess because of boobs? @RIDLEYSPTX The only other massive heartbreak I had was knowing I’d never be with Josh Hartnett circa Pearl Harbor.… think about how psychotic and hilarious it was to buy a Titanic photo catalogue, cut out the photos and pin them… @stephanie2286 @corbers Me. TOO. 😭 @folkloreshai @BTS_twt Mic Drop. @Mandyflu I wanted to add him but you found the best haircut pic. 😂