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Fan since 1962 @mares62J Illinois, USA

Married to Kim Trucker Marine Veteran 1 daughter 2 sons 5 grandkids 2 Dogs We are a White Sox Bears Blackhawks Bulls fans love what you have family and friends

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@North2North @Mtrubisky10 Those are garbage time stats @North2North @winstonchill29 @Mtrubisky10 Remember Lovie Smith got fired after a 10-6 season why are they waiting for ? @razoredge37 Fire Nagy Fire Pace @foxxu06 I can't see Robinson in a Bear's uniform next year @nancylasocki Seems like he is hiding his lol because that is Tom Selleck lol @Ecnerwal23 Greedy Bastards @cmmarysz @SandersLoriann Good for Chris
@JStirbu Really that's all we can do @MrDelicious13 That's crazy about his crazy as Clark Griswold in Vegas vacation talking to the dealer and the deale… filthy animals you wait for this #Bears game to start, check out this #WhiteSox blog post
Retweeted by Fan since 1962No Northwestern football game this week Minnesota has Covid issues @soxbearpayton I thought it was pretty funny myselfWow Ryan Clark of ESPN football show said the Chicago Bears have tested positive for SUCK !!!!!!The Chicago Bears are old and three after bye weeks with almost two weeks to practice for their next opponent after… @ChiSportUpdates Maybe if he installs a Time clock in the locker room that'll turn things around @dj_bobby_c He should have had that @dj_bobby_c Yeah I see I think the defense quit playing after the third quarter @dj_bobby_c Bobby I was just checking to see if you're still good bro wow hot garbage last night @usblues23 @_AlohaMrHand @ESPNChicago Bobby did you hear his interview I mean listening to the other station just s… @MailmanJack65 Yes I was about 7:20am 1st caller of the show please if you get a chance to listen to Matt Nagy Zoom… @usblues23 @_AlohaMrHand @ESPNChicago But to see Matt Nagy bent over yesterday with his hands on his knees looking… @usblues23 @_AlohaMrHand @ESPNChicago Coffee didn't kick in yet Bobby @BearsGrl80 Nagy is yelling about the defense and last night effort oh boyAnd the reason I say you better win next sunday's game against Detroit is because let's face it you lose to Detroit… @usblues23 @_AlohaMrHand @ESPNChicago Would you say I got my point across 😆 @the_noobgamer Nagy is stealingFire Nagy Fire Pace's fans here is a little ditty for you remember this Lovie Smith the 3rd best coach in Chicago Bears history wa… @JerrValtNews Been a fan a long time and Depaul will always has a place in my heart great memories Mark Aguirre and the boys @usblues23 @_AlohaMrHand @ESPNChicago Thanks Bobby I am a Score guy ! @_AlohaMrHand @ESPNChicago No @JerrValtNews Dibs @joeysox1952 Good morning Mr Joe it's always a good morning even a day after a bears loss I look at it as our feet… @SportsWithHarry Have a great dayJust listening to my boys @FulphilO @wasram watching Matt Nagy talk to the media last night!! @TTNLNetwork
Retweeted by Fan since 1962 @BearsGrl80 @North2North When a fan like this woman who is 100% I mean Bears drinking Kool-Aid loving Bears girl po…'s just telling it like it is no sugar coating here no this guy has a nice character this guy is a good guy you… @thekapman I believe I said better than David Kaplan a smile to your child's face download for your chance Chicago Bears fans if you didn't get enough of last night's game you can watch the replay on Marquee Sports Netw… @MrDelicious13 You sure love your McRib sandwiches @JimFitzgerald67 @MailmanJack65 Atta boy Jimmy @Mista_Epik Lol 🤣🤣😆🤣 @katelynnelener Nawww Katelyn I believe the Defense is tried of this B.S @zepkit @Moko1618 Buenos Dias @MailmanJack65 @JimFitzgerald67 Oh I think I got my point across @JimFitzgerald67 @MailmanJack65 Yep that's about right I stand behind everything I said ! @JimFitzgerald67 @MailmanJack65 Yep I said it ☺️ @MailmanJack65 I'm on hold now 670 The Score @brian_abettera Good morning Brian bear fans feel like like crap we feel like crap @OnmeDrinks good morning mofo @MailmanJack65 Good morning mailman Jack @MaryTfan You as well @Jason1Goff Wrong @MaryTfan Good Morning @Jason1Goff I don't think it's a matter of how we're feeling about the Chicago Bears it's about how long will they… @MailmanJack65 Just can't wait ! @MailmanJack65 Can't wait !!!Good morning everybody it's Monday have a safe day wear your mask and as much as you try and forget it the elephant… @Jon_Walkington You're absolutely right one thing I seen that I should have seen a long time ago is how bad Charles… @Chuckles152 Twas the night Pace and Nagy were fired and all through the house everyone was laughing even a mouse t… @JerrValtNews Never was on the Trubisky train @peyton976 @DavidHaugh Awesome @LodiDodi17 Atta boy Ritchie @DavidHaugh Go to sleep David @Terence_M_Young @paulengel68 Tough night I'd rather get kicked in the balls 12 times @MrDelicious13 On a Sunday night 9:20 p.m. and you post McRib sandwiches come back Wednesday OMGDon't believe what you are seeing #bananainthetailpipe @Smokey86950399 Still watching my Bears this was this morning @JStirbu Mrs.Halas your a wonderful women I won't ever say anything to disrespect you but please look at this espec… Ryan said this morning !!! Detroit can fire there Head Coach even the guys tonight Tony Dungy is looking to be kind @razoredge37 Naw Saul a fan doesn't jump team to team that's why I bitch when it's bad and cheer when it's good #Lifeofafan @FelicioBig @ChicagoCrux @RhammerAnnass @mario_arencibia @dabayrz @TheRealestCash @jrothmtg @FireHeadM80 @i_bigelow @BillVickers8 Bill you know all the host on The Score are dreading Bear's Monday lol 😂 @MCFCinMileHigh @GuyOnABuffaloCU Lol 😂OMG Nagy is in the Rickey Renteria position ! All 3 of these bums need to be history ! @SandersLoriann TD yesss Green Bay gave us a gift @MCFCinMileHigh @GuyOnABuffaloCU To the other team @SandersLoriann Very true they play 4 quarter'sOh My Gosh Make sure you cheer me up call and let's have a great Bears Monday on 670 The Score Chicago !!! fans don't give up our team had great practice this week !This game is Over !Thanks for sticking up Chicago's ass @_AlohaMrHand @ChicagoBears bay just doing what ever they want @_Bear_fan_ The question is is she awake or notMitch. Trubisky @JoeO670 We continue to shoot ourselves in the foot tomorrow the calls will be interesting and funny on 670 The Sco… @lbe1965 That looks delicious @FINALLEVEL Why are you watching the Bear's game too ? @North2North What's the over under for the 1st half ? @Jason1Goff Hey Jason remember Chicago Bears have great practices Per Matt Nagy !!! @Jason1Goff I feel like Nate Robinson right now @Jason1Goff Run this man Rush he has all the Time in the World to throw the ball forgive me but does the defense look like they'r… THIS PLAY it'll work I guarantee it didn't get the touchdown we refuse the score in the red zone but Cairo Santos man you've been money all year