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Senior editor @foodandwine • • I wrote SOUTH TOWARD HOME • I will always order the thing on the menu that is served on fire

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@natlyjune Nah u right I’ll catch you in 2022 @natlyjune Just gonna Zoom into Mardi Gras this year lolBuying a teal sequin jumpsuit as an act of optimism @SheerJenius @kittenwithawhip Listen if it’s on fire then it’s a dinner and a show and that’s a bargain
@yrfatfriend If you like country music (even if you don’t) and want to hear someone working through what’s mytholog…
@modernistwitch I cannot help but applaud this minx
@mariayagoda @JustinChapple I hope thy compensate you in alternate snacks @mariayagoda @JustinChapple I mean!! It was a serious injury! Have you been able to eat a Dorito since? took a great and very memorable class with Mayor Dinkins in college and can tell you this with absolute certainty…
Last night I had a long and involved dream about trying to convince Gillian Anderson to switch to cardamom instead of cinnamon, wyd brain @valisbury @womensart1 So guess what I’ll be doing this week lol
@HelloCVH The galaxy brain-ing of "you must not mean the very clear message you are saying" is... wildDo not! Make this! Horrible time! Somehow about weight loss! @cabrasted Look for me I'll just be one giant spangle @cabrasted Yeah I love the neighborhood parades and the house parties and the warm spontaneous encounters the most… @cabrasted That's true and same! I guess it's just symbolic of like, yeah i'm not gonna be able to get down there t… @natlyjune No you right
@kittenwithawhip Matching capes, including the blevin @eileenybean Please! <3 @kittenwithawhip Can we figure out a safe and distant but still joyous Brooklyn Mardi Gras? I'll make the King CakeI know this is a teeny concern given the everything but dang. @jedportman Wait I want...all of these. @nikitarbk 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 @kingarthurflour <3 @sweetsnbitters It’s deeply horrible!May I offer a hearty fuck you to the governor this evening
Like technically correct but alsoToday’s mystery text from a parent cookies slap @pmgentry In the fight between me and bugs the bugs almost always win. But not this time! @imitationsun @_alexweinberg @wetwax I just want to have an "Ask the Mayor" segment significantly dedicated to why… @realbutcherbill So proud!!! @imjasondiamond I love a non-gender-prescriptive "dude" @imjasondiamond Can this be the anthem personal news: I am within striking distance of finishing the 50 pound bag of flour I bought earlier in quarantine @pmg Didn’t we go to both? Maybe I’m remembering wrong but there was definitely a pyramid field trip @KaeLaniSays Alas I did not @KaeLaniSays I took a field trip to that pyramid in high school @anniezillabeth I mean, the most maudlin one
@rodeokitten It is too much for so many reasonsOh my god not the neighbors playing I'll Be Home for Christmas at peak volume @AlyseWhitney @KhushAndOJ It's seth bogart/wacky wacko who I love love love
we're hiring at @foodandwine! do you have 3-4 years experience in digital editorial/social media and a strong inter…
Retweeted by Margaret Eby @nikitarbk YES! Cracking that last Creature Comforts tonight
NYC's covid hotline (212-COVID19) has an expanding menu of services: * Talk to a nurse if you are concerned you hav…
Retweeted by Margaret Eby
If anyone needs a break from politics, check out this terrific story (with recipes!) by ⁦@shericastle⁩ on Lost Cake…
Retweeted by Margaret Eby @baburoset mine is like, Margaret in the Targ(ar)etDemocrats in power love to tweet about what someone in power should do to help people, if only someone knew who was…
Retweeted by Margaret Eby @kittenwithawhip @abrowntable lol sameHere is a thing I hate: making something "fancy" by also making it austere and joyless @valisbury Yes please! @bfishbfish I naively thought that when we hit the indicators that we should shut down again, we would shut down again? @giuliapines Yeah, it is wildly wrong @valisbury Let's go get some tripe thoAlso raw sea urchins are a delicacy? Remember how sushi works? @NINJAkitas Right like, ah yes it is *check notes* deep-fried pizza that will most horrify Americans @HelloCVH It is extremely specious! @SMcPickles lol same also the idea that "deep-fried pizza" is horrifying and not just a common item at every street fair @_alexweinberg Black pudding is a real Irish thing, but yeah it does offend my Irish disposition to be lumped in wi… Every single one of these that I’ve tried is delicious and if you put common American dishes in the s… @imitationsun Never!! Flat biscuits happen to all of us! ❤️💜
@baburoset the subway you dreamer you!!!
Was trying to remember what the Four Seasons Total Landscaping debacle was and the answer finally came to me: the G… @bettinamak oh god thank you oh no @bettinamak uh oh where are they do i need them @Remember_Sarah Not sardines but if you are into fancy tinned fish in general, may I suggest Cantabrian anchovies?
@kittenwithawhip @trepsplusreal @imjasondiamond Yes I have legally changed my name to Moregrit in his honorYeah this is it @KylieLee83 I bet!! @natlyjune Miss you Natalie! ❤️💜❤️
It feels like Mardi Gras morning in Brooklyn right nowAll the champagne in both neighborhood wine store is sold outNew national mascot is Gritty sorry to the bald eagleI found out because of a giant wave of cheers down the block, then my neighbor blasting "Lose Yo Job" at peak volum… @IamLuksh wow the hottest tip @rebeccafirkser oh no not yet @AllieLalonde Has Aaron Sorkin once spoken to a woman and actually listened is a real question I have
@eileenybean Right there with you friend @thecitywanderer Oh yeah it is a LOT @millardfillbore It is QUITE bad The Newsroom for the first time as my own personal form of self-harm and as someone who worked in an actua…'s how you know it's winter in Crown HeightsMan, Shabbat alarm before 4:30.Yeah so I never want to see one of those maps where someone jokingly suggests combining blue states with Canada and… @mpnaron Wow that is the DREAM
@JuliaSirmons @Remember_Sarah OK ok ok ok I see it @Remember_Sarah Oh yeah I think that is true @Remember_Sarah Wrong era but I feel like the Jeremy is Princess Margaret, who is a good time but also like, a full nightmare to live withWho is the Super Hans??? (it's Andrew)So ever since @Remember_Sarah compared Princess Di & Charles' relationship to Mark and Sophie from Peep Show I am n… @gdanielagalarza come on over for a shortbread drop @amandamull It's always amazing to see the shitty potshots at Southerners in times like these! It's like my god thi… have been trying to get out from under the thumb of the state GOP with little national help or attention…
Retweeted by Margaret EbyThis thanks to @VermontCreamery who make some really excellent butter, I am in no way sad about this quantityThe only redeeming part of this week is that I just got 9 pounds of butter in the mail @szacharek Tonight was my first meal that was not pizza since Monday night so...yes
@msjennimiller Right there with youAh yes the hour approaches when I start tapering off stress texting my West Coast friends and start stress texting my European friends.