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maggs @margebertha in your heart 🥺

hottest girl in Delaware • 23 • she/her • 💖💜💙 • venmo/cash app: @/$muuuurrrk (4 u’s 3 r’s) • #BLM #ACAB

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Tomorrow we get to wake up with tr*mp as president and go to bed with biden and that isn’t much but it’s also everything and I can’t wait
@tsunami_mami420 she do 😳bad morning
@parrspective yes @cupssoftherose damn shawty ok!she doesn’t just fart she also pees
I will start a fight over Mario Party idgafGood morning to Mikey Reid only @ethanisdoomed :) @aust_inpain I hate u so much
Y’all can say I’m not funny y’all can even say I stole a well known meme but let’s stop the lying at trying to say… @cupssoftherose yes 😔 @Swampyhbu and what about itBout to wear a bathrobe to chipotle rn @willywillyum thank you willYUM @MyDadIsOld idk they just mad that sexy girls fart tooomfg losers keep tryna catch me “stealing this tweet” I KNOW it’s a meme I was just farting a lot this morning OKAYYYY @Balackay no I am the owner of every thought to exist @boltstroll yeah
@FatTony_txt yes u should @willywillyum pc ruined me I love outlook and I’m never going back @vonchillout RELEASE IT. NOW. @__gulag_ Hell yeah 😎 @br0gs_hub I would let them have my baby @joeamlolz :) @MyDadIsOld LMAO @br0gs_hub I LOVE YOU @ltpenguin_ Jake ❤️❤️ @br0gs_hub hiiiiifar left? far right? bitch im far ting @ltpenguin_ I love u 🥺🥺🥺💓 @Mro19Owens god I love u @ltpenguin_ 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
@OldMcKinley @joeamlolz Is this an English thing or a cocaine thingmy leaf piles vs my coworker’s @beckylaflor BECKY THIS @jfksafk yaaa @skate4official_ I am a MATHIEU STAN
I forgot that the people I went to college with were real and not figments of my imagination @SkinnyKingSahil my gender is reply girlfriend @SkinnyKingSahil interesting you do not mention reply girls @SkinnyKingSahil hmm. @SkinnyKingSahil you’re the good kind @RizE_TrIKz 😳 @SkinnyKingSahil I said what I said @RizE_TrIKz are you tho 🤨everyone saying “rip ur dms” but reply guys don’t shower so where they gonna get the soap ? @TwunkyToo ur rubber ducky 💛💓🥰 soapy dick pics 🥰💓 @pasta_niece MOLLY @skate4official_ I Stan Matty @Grendelsgrundle thank you 🥺 @yingdark 🥰❤️🥰 @baddieflora 🥺🥺🥺💓 @mediocremeatman yes 😼didn’t hear a word of the zoom meeting too busy staring at own video guys real invested in this oneIt’s explain the meaning behind Olivia Rodrigo‘a drivers license to my boyfriend hours @ariellingurname you get it you get it
my lasagna guy burned my lasagna I’ve never known betrayal worse than this @BoricuaAbogado you get it @jizzwbu omg demi I wouldI wanna be a cam girl but for a fetish site where men pay to watch me play solitaire on my computer at workI say the first one and I will not change but I like thisWhat’s the correct order @ohfuckingod I literally thought it was going viral years ago bc it was goodyall I gotta confess when everyone was making fun of that girl for her version of needed me by rihanna I never unde…
Retweeted by maggsregret to inform you that I never existed before this exact moment whoops! @tsunami_mami420 the fear never ends 🥰 @skate4official_ I love this content @IllegalFootwear ok!!!!! @CTCmTRS Oh honey yes big time LMAO @CTCmTRS what does this mean Chrismy roommate is watching something on Netflix without me that we said we’d watch together bout to cancel the WiFi bc I’m mad @HotGirlKisser I’m just happy to be here @shedontgo ah yes time to feel sadder @HotGirlKisser LMFAOOOOevery early sign of pregnancy also a symptom of your period coming and you just won’t know which until you bleed in…
@AyyyyyJay nice 👍🏼innocent & cute......who would have thought’all ever catch a glimpse of your body’s reflection and start crying lmaoanyone who voted Ted is the toxic one in relationships sorry I don’t make the rules pls seek help @pasta_niece ok hotMy ceo wrote in his Christmas card to me that my smile brings joy but that man has not seen the bottom half of my f… @ltpenguin_ GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!! 😈💯 @aust_inpain I’ll say it so you don’t have to he🗣 is🗣 6’4🗣 !!!!!!!! @ohfuckingod go back to bed ❤️good morning to employed twitter onlywho up watching ear wax removal videos
@aust_inpain LMFAOOOO SHUT UP @aust_inpain sorry ur eyes are weak grow upthe block button looks sexier and sexier every day @sillyg00sesav THESE ARE SO CUTE @stayathomehoe it’s seriously the kindest gift I’ve ever received omg @bahamenofficial omg I love u guys frthe first conversation I had with one of my roommates was abt how I love gazebos right ok so we celebrated Christm… @OldMcKinley MOM I love him @jfksafk THEY SPEND THE WHOLE SHOW BUILDING UP TO HERE JUST TO GIVE HER 5 MINS OF BACKSTORY AND THEN KILL HER