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Made in Mexico. Software @DigitalOcean. @Kubernetesio Release Team. Prev: Physics, @CoreOS (Red Hat). Shameless. Ashtangi. Buddhism student. *Spanglish*

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The fact that Covid-19 is deadlier for Black, Latino (and the afro-latino intersection!) communities is a direct re… quéeeeee todo mi TL en español está hablando sobre que Anonymous es mujer u hombre? Anonymous no es una sola persona ugh. @S_emaforo 🤣🤣🤣A message for my fellow Asians: I’m about to be VERY transparent with yall.
Retweeted by Verónica.So, it appears we have blown through our target... So far I have matched $7,520.00 in donations (not including tips…
Retweeted by Verónica.Oh my god these people really went from “making me stay home is tyranny” to “there’s a curfew, police can do what t…
Retweeted by Verónica.trump y hitler en bunkers y peña nieto en el baño de la ibero lol @old_sound define struggle lolSo we're gonna need y'all to be a tiny bit bolder this time 😉♥️And now I think of that a lot, because a lot of people share that energy, not because they're bad or racist. They k… ago, I spotted a maga hat at the office. It made a bunch of us (immigrants) uncomfortable. Then, a white wom… @nochaveznada 😂😂😂(temporarily changing my profile picture because someone suggested that it's easy to protest if I don't show my face. LOL. As if!)"enforce the values of humanity" 🖤 space for your Black coworkers and friends. Support Black owned businesses. Donate to bail funds. @AdriaCalahorra me muero jajajaja @CBSNews MORE: Trump tells governors: "You’ve got to arrest people, you have to track people, you have to put them…
Retweeted by Verónica.LOL, I am so mad that I was about to direct all my rage towards this person (and those who know me, know that could… ignorance too.I won't @ the person who I have to @, because I don't want to start a fight, and ignorance is bad, but among Latino… to see so many confederate monuments die of preexisting conditions 😢
Retweeted by Verónica. @inchelilia Mándame uno!!!!Practice self-care by protesting the racist establishment.
Retweeted by Verónica. @solsona Omgggggg. Send @ccamacho88 😂😂😂😂😂 puro pobre pendejo se siente rico por tener auto. @natfriedman Drop the ICE contract.
Retweeted by Verónica. @TheToriParadox Te amo jajajaA truck has plowed through a group of protesters on the highway here in Tulsa. His license plate number is 011-5FT.…
Retweeted by Verónica.The fact that MLK has to exist at all should be considered. A black man who probably had other aspirations spent hi…
Retweeted by Verónica.If your company is contracting with ICE / CBP, here's what you are now supporting:
Retweeted by Verónica. @andrewrynhard Tech people - if you quit Facebook, like now - today, I will help you find a new job. I will help h…
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@sra_costanza De la verga @federicca Mándamelas! JajajaWtf!!! #BlacklivesMaters #brooklynprotest
Retweeted by Verónica.“NY’s Finest”. Disgusting. #BlackLivesMatter #riots2020 #JusticeForGeorgeFlyod
Retweeted by Verónica.Donate. Protest. Show up however you can. No Justice. No Peace.
Retweeted by Verónica. @seppo0011 😂😂😂
@TirzahMonee This, this, thiiiis 🌟 @bryanl Impossible, because you inspired me @copyconstruct Same girl, and I literally love rocket science. It just feels weird. @taotetek I mean, EXACTLY, that is also my point. But it also sort of makes me angry because it makes me think tha… not being able to get a great new job, or have access to same salary or the same titles as other people wit… morning I saw a thread of white people with nice tech jobs very concerned about not being able to get a new jo… @natfriedman Drop the ICE contract."I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, t… don't know who needs to hear this but you can both have suffered immense amount of misfortune in some ways and be…
Retweeted by Verónica. @CHERdotdev Girl, last week someone made me define "struggle" (because we all struggle, and "it's not a contest") ffs 🙈And I put so much emphasis on "normalised" and "regular cops" because even though I am used to seeing horrible imag…'all know I grew up in a very violent place, but the *normalised* police brutality, and excessive force that I saw… @seppo0011 Jijiji @stephenaugustus Berlin! Or the jungle in Mexico
@maria_fibonacci My sister is out there, this might help some NYC folks!
Retweeted by Verónica.@ Barclays Center in Brooklyn Other accounts are reporting pepper spray being used against peaceful protesters. Fo… @divinetechygirl sending you a big, big hug!IDK if this automatically happens in my mind because I am a minority myself, and I also have to consider the crazy… of those times, I was the one in danger, but even under stress *I knew* better & asked for help elsewhere. The se… have been AT LEAST 2 times during my time in the US, where calling the cops would have been a reasonable -or…'m the most honest friend you will ever have. @jimmyzelinskie yes.Today I was planning to share a bit of the (tech) things that I've (we've) been working on during the past few week… llama mi papá: P: ¿Cómo van las cosas por allá? Yo: Pues... de la verga P: Sí, aquí también Yo: ánimo P: ánimo jaja 🖤 @IncrementMag @old_sound This is peak @old_sound behaviour ✨Lol they're terrified.To be clear: People have always resisted. I'm glad & grateful to see those who usually ignored these issues join the resistance.people be like "violence is not the answer" then support the military
Retweeted by Verónica. @javiershow Todo pendejoI cannot believe what is happening. But so, so, so glad people are resisting. #BlackLivesmatter @old_sound 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓 @SuperSerch @chochosmx ES BROMA, obvio también a mí me ha pasado de ambos lados. @solsona Conchas!
@chochosmx si llegó a producción, el pedo es de quien lo aprobó jajaj @chochosmx I know you know 🤣 Ilu. @federicca jajaj exacto, sí, me da la mezcla de gratitud infinita por sí tener trabajo... y a la vez ya tengo plan… @malamadremx @Pajaropolitico estoy segura que ya los están ayudando, pero tal vez @xiam y su equipo les puedan ayudar aún más :) @federicca +10000000000 (DigitalOcean se ha encargado de hacernos sentir seguros, pero aún así luego mi mente empi… for donations :)! Can someone match me? 🖤 @cmeik "Wrong answers only" haha @kinlane went through the same with my mom. Hugs! @old_sound LOL LOLRemember when my former landlady sent me an email because a former neighbour accused me of entering their gated com… @xiam GO! #CodeBEAMV has just begun! Let's enjoy two half-days of real-world, practical applications of…
Retweeted by Verónica.Any plans for the afternoon? Join our #BEAM community during the 1st edition of #CodeBEAMV! Accessed from anywhere…
Retweeted by Verónica.o sea, si diario se la pasan diciendo que el gobierno vale verga, que no sabe hacer nada, etc, entonces por qué esp… bueno, si usteden ven que repetir palabras como "sororidad", "amiga yo te creo", "ni una menos", etc sin ning… 3: si el discurso y perspectiva tradicional funcionaran, no estaríamos en este punto. Necesitamos empezar a b… 2: antes de que me manden a empatizar con víctimas y familiares, ahórrenselo, nadie me tiene que venir a cont… 1: les dije que no les iba a gustar, a mí tampoco me gusta, pero por eso me interesa *tantísimo* brindarle he… @lindamonty @AndresB ahí también se indica que llamen al 911. Si no tienes 10 segundos de claridad mental en medio… que sólo basta con que uno llegue a salvarla, mandar al agresor a la cárcel y ser felices. En la mayoría de lo… imagen me parece aún muy deficiente y difícil de captar si no tienes todo este contexto, pero sí quiero que enti… un factor de diferencia entre que una pelea escale, poniendo en riesgo su propia vida o que se quede en una pel… es la parte dolorosa y que no les va a gustar: en muchas ocasiones, las víctimas también violentan: a través d… de las víctimas contribuye en gran medida a las dinámicas que viven en sus propias casas. *No es su culpa*,pq l… varios años siguiendo de cerca crímenes violentos de todo tipo, incluyendo feminicidios (a través de las nota… voy a decir algo que no les va a gustar nada, nada... muy a propósito de la imagen esa de "cuenta hasta 10" :