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i don't even remember what we were talking about but i remember it being out of nowherethinking about how in high school some girl in my class said that her brother went to africa (her words) and was d…
old taylor swift is better than the beatlesHey guys could you Venmo my friend and her daughter? I've been sending her what I've got for a few months but I'm a…
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There's this sentiment of getting "past" this moment as if Trump & his racist followers just popped up out of nowhe…
Retweeted by mariaThey’re asking for their money, Joe
Retweeted by maria @medhinis13 @goorgememeuli PLSSSHDNF😭 @goorgememeuli BAHASHHDHF PLSSSS im so 😳🤭 @goorgememeuli we're friends now tho 😼 @goorgememeuli OMG PLSSSJD IT ISNT BUT HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT SKJDVNKJthere’s a lot of happiness to be found... we just don’t find happiness in the continuation of oppression and this…
Retweeted by mariapls the chem department does not quit miss patricia the inauguration is happening no one is paying attentionbro i can't w these old ass people please @emilysayeghh i’ll defend them w my life @emilysayeghh PLSSDJFJF I FEEL SO BAD FOR THEMthey’re trying their mf best to animate a show during a pandemic yall are so meanwho gets on tik tok and bullies an animation studio pls explain 😐god hates mepls a guy i thought was cute in high school is in my class and now i’m h*t and we aren’t even in person
this is all so frustrating bc who codes the code 😐no one ever tells me 😐there wasn’t a single episode of skam that didn’t have me on the fucking FLOOR i miss it smpretty bitches shouldn’t need to learn how to code why is god doing this to meThe Fight for 15 has been going on so long that $15/hr is no longer a living wage anywhere in the US.
Retweeted by mariamf it is the first day how are these people thinking this hardvery excited for my lil physics class
@angienothanks i almost bought one of the reslly big ones today it took everything in methis is my best tik tok
exit 118 😌🖐🏽i ran into mr. simmons today, he lost his job and his health insurance 4 months ago. he’s currently working a temp…
Retweeted by mariai forget which one it was but i was in awe like he was so bland and a whole country of women were simping.....pls i begthe moment i saw the bachelor i knew some of y’all thought white and attractive were synonymsi consider a white man flicking the brim of his hat a THREAT
RIP Fuji Pro 400H :( In honor of my favorite night-time film stock 🎞❤️
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pls just saw someone comment “fbi≠police” baby what do you think they areimma post this and DIP
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pls my instagram stories from last year are just me freaking out about my outfits and make up i miss her
PLSSSS STOP MIDDLE SCHOOL ME CANT DONTHIS this is hilariousBREAKING: The House of Representatives has impeached Donald Trump, making him the first-ever US president to be imp…
Retweeted by mariastill don't have my license but its not my fault anymore thats the dmvs faultmy dad told me I'm finally getting a car and now i just want the cutest little car
if you are over the height of like 5’11 i am in awe of how god let you grow to such a heighti haven’t had short hair in about three years idk how to acti hate that i’m angry that i didn’t watch the stupid game on nickelodeon 😐There's just ONE DAY LEFT before I have to stop accepting contributions for the legislative session! So this reall…
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i want a smiley piercing so bad but my parents would kil me🔴 PLEASE STOP SCROLLING 🔴 A Black caregiver is in desperate need of $100 to get a room and food for his kids and h…
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this is how y’all sound talking about the office
liv is only 29 but she’s dying. she suffers from autoimmune pancreatitis, has pneumonia and needs help to afford a…
Retweeted by maria @brendaaromero22 man has a family why is he listening to hoe music 😐why did this woman get all in my sister and i’s space to touch a scrunchie....Read the details. The 140K jobs cut in December were *all* held by Black women and Latinas.
Retweeted by mariabro why does my dad have daddy yankee on his playlist.....
pls this is so funny on my godThis Black woman was fired from her job after defending herself from a mob attack at the Capitol on Wednesday. Her…
Retweeted by mariawhite people start calling the cops on your parents’m still homeless unfortunately so please keep boosting so i can eat and sleep well
Retweeted by marialong story short betsy devos me puede comer el culo entero! que se vaya a la mierda!the worst part is that shes gonna continue being a gross billionaire not caring about all the terrible things she d… betsy demos getting confirmed and sworn in was one of the most frustrating and disgusting things on the plan… don’t really believe in astrology but brenda telling me i’m a mess bc of my placements was comforting LOLOL
i wanna be dumb so bad i wanna be dumb so fucking badno i am absolutely in awe of i cannot believe i witnessed all thatSTOPPPPDDJDJDN a great look for a freshmen Congresswoman to be caught on tape at a rally in the Nation’s Capitol saying “Hitle…
Retweeted by mariastill bending over backwards to not hold white people accountable please lordwhat is the obsession w white liberals usin the word thugs.....just stop bro call them terrorists and be done
tw // bombing israel just bombed syria
Retweeted by mariawhere is the state violencechris pratt allegedly signing flags inside the building
Retweeted by maria*YOU* might not need an uber out of dc, but your moots might. thread of tweets offering ubers & places to stay:
Retweeted by maria @retiredhaley literally the name of the tall woman’s sword from game of thronesIf you’re a BBIPOC activist on grounds in DC, please dm for a safe house.
Retweeted by mariaI hope it’s no longer lost on anyone that white supremacy is *the* organizing principle of the US. From its incepti…
Retweeted by mariaanyway i’m hungry. white people my cash app is $dogluvr and my venmo is blcknqueer. if you are Black, put your paym…
Retweeted by mariasomeone needs to put a credible threat on this girls life i’m so tired of her she should @anyawithaya brain rotfascists stopped and asked for directions and capitol police gave them an escortbro are they gonna arrest people or they’re just gonna let them go 🥸Defense budget like eleventy trillion, and some dudes that look like this just ran up in our shit
Retweeted by mariaLmfao these mfs fighting the police while waving blue lives matter flags... all this just goes to show that this wa…
Retweeted by maria84% of cops voted for trump.
Retweeted by mariathere are literal nazis 🥸 in the capitol 🥸 and i just know no ones going to get hurtthey literally had the army out there this summer 🥸no this is unreal frstop this is insaneno fucking way they got into the capitol @brendaaromero22 BAHAHAHA MISS BRENDAA 🥺🙈
@okjoannawow AHAHAHAHAif you look closely you can see my bear lamp holding up my phone 🥸
i wanna see the stupid lil sunrise in the mountains 😔😔all i wanna do is go camping 😔😔😔
bro i just know we’re gonna die after the super bowlThere are now 47 people on hunger strike in ICE detention in Essex County Jail. The fight is growing. Take action i…
Retweeted by maria“it was like that back then” he is writing about a world w dragons magic and giants i promise you it wouldn’t have… no one can tell me george rr martin isn’t a pedophile like he’s writing about these CHILDREN?
every time i see this ugly man i can understand more and more why people are just undeniably in love and are in awe… shit there’s a publix in stafford